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辽源治疗宫颈炎多少钱长春市妇幼保健医院有没有位置Fellow Compatriots, Dear Friends,同胞们,朋友们:Today, we gather here on a joyous occasion to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Hong Kong return to the motherland. First of all, I wish to extend, on behalf of the Central Government and people of all ethnic groups across the country, cordial greetings to all the people of Hong Kong. I wish to offer warm congratulations to Mr. Leung Chun-ying, the fourth chief executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR), his team and members of the Executive Council who have just been sworn in. I also wish to express my sincere appreciation to all the fellow Chinese both at home and abroad and foreign friends who have cared about Hong Kong and have contributed to its smooth return and to its continued prosperity and stability!今天,我们怀着喜悦的心情在这里隆重集会,庆祝香港回归祖5周年。首先,我代表中央政府和全国各族人民,向全体香港市民,致以诚挚的问候!向刚刚宣誓就职的香港特别行政区第四任行政长官梁振英先生和第四届政府主要官员、行政会议成员,表示热烈的祝贺!向所有关心香港、为香港顺利回归并保持繁荣稳定作出贡献的海内外同胞和国际友人,表示衷心的感谢!The return of Hong Kong to the motherland will go down as a great achievement in the annals of Chinese history; it will be remembered as a historic event at the end of the last century that has a major international significance. Since the very moment of its return, Hong Kong has entered a new era and begun a new journey. Over the past 15 years, the principles of ;one country, two systems;, ;Hong Kong people administering Hong Kong; and a high degree of autonomy have been fully implemented. Our compatriots in Hong Kong are now masters of their own fate and manage, on their own, affairs that fall within the autonomy of the SAR. Never before have Hong Kong residents enjoyed the range of democratic rights and freedoms as they do now. Despite the impact of the international financial crisis, Hong Kong has registered steady economic growth and has remained an international financial, trade and shipping center. It has all along been considered as the most free and open economy and one of the most competitive and dynamic regions of the world. Hong Kong has enjoyed all-round social development, continued high employment level and significantly improved social security. Its exchanges with the mainland have expanded across the board, with much stronger economic and trade ties and deepened cooperation in various areas. Hong Kong has continued to make unique contribution to the reform, opening-up and modernization drive in the mainland of China, and at the same time it has gained more and more opportunities and endless impetus for its development from the mainland. Our compatriots in Hong Kong enjoy a growing sense of identity and closeness with the country and the nation. In the face of serious disasters, our Hong Kong compatriots and people on the mainland have stood together and supported each other, fully demonstrating that we are kith and kin and blood is thicker than water. Also in these 15 years, Hong Kong has been more active in its external contacts and has seen its international influence further expanded.香港回归祖国是彪炳中华民族史册的伟大业绩,也是上个世纪末具有重大国际影响的历史事件。从回归祖国那一刻起,香港就进入了新的时代、开启了新的航程5年来,“一国两制”、“港人治港”、高度自治的方针得到全面贯彻落实。香港同胞当家作主,自行管理特别行政区自治范围内的事务。香港居民享有的民主权利和自由比历史上任何时候都更为广泛。在经历了国际金融危机等冲击后,香港经济平稳发展,继续保持国际金融、贸易、航运中心的地位,一直被公认为全球最自由开放、最具竞争力的经济体和最具发展活力的地区之一。香港社会事业全面进步,就业水平持续提高,社会保障明显改善。香港同祖国内地的交流全方位扩展,经贸关系更加紧密,各领域合作不断深化。香港继续为国家改革开放和现代化建设作出独特贡献,并从祖国内地获得越来越多的发展机遇和源源不断的发展动力。香港同胞对国家、民族的认同和感情与日俱增,在各种严重灾难面前与祖国内地人民同舟共济、守望相助,充分体现出血浓于水的同胞亲情。香港对外交往更为活跃,国际影响进一步扩大。来 /201207/188987松原妇幼保健医院在线 Complaint on Rude Maid抱怨务态度不好I have a complain to make.lve just boon badly treated by a rude maid.我有些不满一个无理的务员刚才对我很粗暴Well,we are sorry to hear that.May I havo your name and room number? We will deal with the matter right now.很抱歉能告诉我您的姓名和房间号吗?我们会立刻处理这件事情Ted.room .泰德,房间号是Mr. Ted,l have to apologize that and I assure you it wont happy again.泰德先生,我们对刚才的事情向您道歉,我向您保这样的事情不会再发生了 38辽源儿童医院能刷社保卡吗

吉林大学第三医院可以用医保卡磐石儿童医院做四维彩超检查 Key Sentences(重点句子)8.Ticket,please. A window or aisle seat, sir.请出示机票你是要靠窗的还是要靠通道的座位,先生85. Id like a seat in the smoking section.我想要吸烟间里靠窗的座位86. Put your bags on the scale.请把您的旅行包放在秤上87. What the weight limit?重量限制是多少?8. May I carry this satchel?我可以带着这个小提包吗?89. Your boarding pass,sir.这是您的登机,先生830. Have a good flight, sir.祝您飞行顺利,先生831. I have two pieces of baggage to check in.我有两件行李要办托运手续83. Do you have any hand baggage?您还有手提行李吗?833.These are your baggage checks.这是您的行李提单8. Which would you like to have, aisle seats or windows eats.您二位喜欢什么座位,靠通道的还是靠窗的835. Wed like to have one window seat definitely, in then on smoking section.我们一定要一个靠窗的座位,在不抽烟区836. Here are your boarding passes.给您登机牌 31松原中心医院怎么走

长春大学第二医院妇科大夫The Royal Palace皇宫After waiting in line, Kathy and Evan finally enter the Swedish Royal Palace.排队后,凯西和艾凡终于进入瑞典皇宫K:Ooh! This is the most beautiful building Ive ever seen!凯西:哦!这是我所见过最漂亮的建筑物了!E:It is magnificent. It compares with other great buildings here in Europe.艾凡:真是宏伟壮丽,可以媲美欧洲其它伟大的建筑K:All the paintings and decorations! The royal family really knew how to live it up.凯西:有那么多绘画和装饰品!皇室的的人可真懂得享受E:Most royal families in Europe lived beyond our wildest dreams. Some still do.艾凡:以往大多数的欧洲皇室家族都过着超乎我们想象的奢侈生活有些至今仍然如此K:You mean like the House of Windsor?凯西:你的意思是像温莎王室过的生活吗?E:Yes. Queen Elizabeth II is the world richest woman, after all. 艾凡:是的毕竟,伊莉莎白二世是全世界最有钱的女人And I believe the Queen of the Netherlands is the world second richest.而我相信荷兰女王是世界上第二有钱的女人K:Imagine all that money!凯西:想象一下有那么多钱该有多爽!E:I prefer to imagine all that power.艾凡:我宁愿想象有那么大的权力该有多爽K:Typical man!凯西:典型的男人!E:Anyway, let go through some of the rooms here and pretend well be this rich some day.艾凡:不管怎样,咱们进去几个房间瞧瞧,假装将来有一天我们也会这么有钱吧K:Yeah, right! It fun to dream, though. 凯西: 没错!梦想不失为一大乐事I think in every girl heart, there a dream about being a princess.我认为在每个女孩心中都有个当公主的梦想E:And in every man heart there is a princess...艾凡:在每个男人心中也都有个公主…K:Oh, Evan! I didnt know you were so romantic!凯西:哦,艾凡!没想到你这么罗曼蒂克! 395 面试英语口语Lesson8: About Work Experience经典对话:9.Have you got any experience in advertising?你有广告方面的经验吗?0.Do you have any sales experience?你有销售经验吗?1.Do you have any practical experience as a secretary?你有秘书工作的实践经验吗?.Yes,I have been working in the Public Relations Section of a company in the past two years.是的,我在过去的两年中一直在公关部门工作3.Yes,I worked in a fashion shop last summer as part-time salesgirl.有,我曾在一家时装店任兼职售货员.Yes,sir.I have been a secretary in an insurance company.是的,先生,我一直在一家保险公司担任秘书工作5.Although I have no experience in this field, Im willing to learn.虽然在这方面我没有经验,但是我愿意学习6.I am sorry to say that I have no experience in this field.很抱歉,我在这方面毫无经验7.Would you tell me the essential qualities a secretary should maintain?你能告诉我,作为一个秘书须具备什么样的重要素质?8.Well,to begin with,Id say she needs to be diligent,and the second point is that she has to do a lot of things on her own initiative.Finally,she can make report writing,summary writing,keep minutes at meetings,and so on.Most important of all is that she seems to have a better memory than average.好的首先,我认为她必须勤奋其次,她必须主动做许多事情再就是,她应会速记和打字,并具有书写报告、提要以及控制和掌握会议时间的能力其中,最重要的是比常人更强的9.What have you learned from jobs you have held?你从以往的工作中学到什么?0.Above all,I have learned that what is good the company is good me.So I follow the instructions strictly and always keep my boss inmed.我明白做对公司有利的事等于对自己有利,所以我严格遵从指示并经常向我的主管汇报1.What work were you responsible at your previous work ?你在原来的单位负责什么工作?.I was responsible advertising designs.我负责广告设计3.How many employer have you worked ?你已经为多少个雇主工作过?1.Only one,since I have been graduated from the university just over a year.只有一个,因为我大学毕业才一年多情景案例:Dialogue A(I=Interviewer主试人 A=Applicant受试人)I: Have you got any experience in advertising?A: Yes,I have been working in the Public Relations Section of a company in the past two years.I plan the advertising campaign and cooperate the work of artists and typographers.Sometimes I have to do the work of a specialist when there something urgent.I: Do you have any practical experience as a secretary?A: Yes,sir.I acted as a secretary in an insurance company.I: Would you tell me the essential qualities a secretary should maintain?A: Well,to begin with.I would say she needs to be diligent,and the second Point is that she has to do a lot of things on has own initiative.Finally,she can make notes in shorthand and types and has the skills in report writing,summary writ-ing,keep minutes at meetings,and so on.Most important of all is that she seems to have a better memory than average.I: Have you had any experience with computers?A: Yes,I studied in a computer training program,and can pro-cess data through the computer.I: That fine.What abut operating the fax and duplicators?A: I can handle them without any trouble.I: What have you learned from jobs you have held?A: Above all,I have learned that what is good the company is good me.So I follow the instructions strictly and al-ways keep my boss inmed.I: How often do you work overtime?A: I worked overtime several times a month.Dialogue BI: Do you have any sales experience?A: Yes,I worked in a fashion shop as part-time salesgirl.I: What kind of work are you doing now?A: Im,working as an export sales staff member a eign trading company.I: Where are you working?A: I work at Lianfu eign Trade Company,Itd.I: How long have you been working there?A: I have been working there since I left my previous employer in 1996.I: How many employers have you worked ?A: Three.I: What work were you responsible at your previous work ?A: I was responsible advertising design. 66长春做人流哪家医院较好吉林长春市第三医院可以刷医疗卡吗



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