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美图书馆“猫馆长”要被赶走 近千市民联署挽留 -- :: 来源: 美国怀特塞特尔门市图书馆里有一只喵星人,它在这里生活了6年,像家人一样守卫图书馆不受老鼠的破坏但是近日该市市政府却决定把它扫地出门,为此市长和数千名市民联署挽留 A cat that has been a loyal worker and family to a library six years is being taken away from the place he calls home.在美国的一座图书馆里,有只喵星人一直是那里的忠诚员工,像家人一样在那里工作,但是现在,它却面临不得不被赶出家门的危险Browser has been living at the Friends of the White Settlement Public Library six years. He’s done great to contribute to fixing the library’s rodent problem and is loved by everyone there. However, things took a different turn, when suddenly he was asked to move out of the place he calls home.布鲁瑟在过去的6年里一直住在“怀特塞特尔门友谊”公共图书馆里它对解决图书馆老鼠的问题做出了巨大贡献,那儿的每个人都非常喜欢它但是事情发生了变化,人们突然要将布鲁瑟扫地出门This friendly feline has been a fixture at the library and people from all ages adore him and his purrsonality.这么多年里,布鲁瑟成为了该图书馆的常客,大人小孩都非常喜爱它"I don’t have any animals. But this cat is so gentle and so lovable and he brings so much comt to so many people, it seems like a shame to take him away," Lillian Blackburn, president of the library, told Star Telegram.图书馆主席莉莲·布莱克本告诉《星报说:“我不养宠物但是这只喵星人脾气很好而且非常可爱,它给许多人都带来了安慰,把它扫地出门真是一个耻辱”It all happened after a city employee complained to the city council that they weren’t allowed to bring their puppy to work, but also pointed out the fact that Browser was allowed to stay at the library.这一切的起因是因为该市一名公务员向市政府进行了投诉,抱怨不允许带着自己的小一起去上班,但是布鲁瑟却被允许待在图书馆里Despite "an outpouring of support the cat", the White Settlement City Council voted to evict the cat.尽管“源源不断的人表示持这只喵星人”,但是怀特塞特尔门市政府还是投票决定将布鲁瑟从图书馆赶出去Ironically, it was the city council that voted to allow the library to have a cat to help them with pest control.讽刺的是,之前正是市政府投票决定允许这座图书馆养猫来抓老鼠Mayor Ron White, a nonvoting council moderator, also wants Browser to stay.市长罗恩·怀特是列席会议主持人,他也希望布鲁瑟能够继续留在图书管里"That cat doesn’t have anything to do with whether somebody can have their puppy at City Hall. That cat doesn’t hurt anybody," he said to Star-Telegram.罗恩对《星报说道:“某人是否能够把带进市政厅和布鲁瑟一点关系也没有布鲁瑟没有伤害任何人”Browser is a wonderful cat and always so helpful around the library.布鲁瑟是一只非常好的喵星人,在图书馆里它也经常很有帮助Not only does he keep the rodents at bay, he helps his humans with their work too.它不仅仅使得老鼠们不敢露头,还帮助了人们的工作Browser, the supercat, protecting the library from rodents.布鲁瑟,这只超级喵,保护图书馆不受老鼠的破坏What a hero!真是一个英雄!He helps kids and adults pick good s and brings a big smile to everyone that walks in.布鲁瑟帮助小孩和大人们选择好书,每个人看到它都开怀大笑Mayor White hopes they could reconsider its decision at the next council meeting on July , two days bee Browser has to move out.怀特市长希望市政府能够在7月日的会议上重新考虑这一决定,否则布鲁瑟就将在日那天被赶出图书馆"Browser is still at the library now," White Settlement Public Library told Love Meow.怀特塞特尔门图书馆对“爱喵网”说:“布鲁瑟目前仍然待在图书馆里”

想加薪?多跳槽,就能多赚钱 --9 :35:19 来源:中国日报 Young workers are earning less because they don't switch jobs enough, experts are warning.专家称,近来年轻职工的收入越来越低,原因就是他们换工作不够频繁Despite record growth in employment, the number of times employees move roles has fallen over the past decade, the Resolution Foundation think tank says.决议基金会智囊团认为,在过去的十年中,虽然就业率创纪录地增长,但是从业人员更换工作的次数却减少了Hourly pay to 9-year-olds only recovered last year to its 00 level, according to its report.根据报告显示,去年岁至9岁从业人员的时薪只恢复到00年的水平Young workers' pay would be 3% higher if job mobility had not slowed, it adds.报告中还说,要是就业流动性没有下降的话,年轻从业人员的薪资就能提高3%The Foundation's senior policy analyst Laura Gardiner said: ;Frequent job moves are the main route to the rapid pay increases young people should experience as they begin their working lives, so it is a real concern that job switching slowed down all groups, and particularly young people, even bee the recession hit.该基金会的高级政策分析师劳拉;加德纳认为,;年轻人迅速加薪的主要途径就是频繁更换工作,这是他们初入职场的必经之路即使是在经济衰退之前,对所有群体来说,工作更换的速度放缓下来颇让人担忧,尤其是年轻人;Unpicking the reasons why young people are staying put in their jobs longer is crucial to understanding whether job switching can return to its previous level, or whether we are seeing a lsquo;new normal' of fewer job moves and subsequent slower pay growth generations to come.;;仔细分析年轻人在同个岗位待得时间更长,这对理解以下两点十分重要:一是更换工作的频率能否回到先前水平;二是随着更换工作次数减少,下一代人薪资增长速度越来越慢,这种情况是否会变成lsquo;新常态';Less frequent job moves among young people deepened their pay squeeze by a third during the downturn, the report says.该报告指出,在经济大萧条期间,由于更换工作次数的减少,年轻人的薪资比原来少了三分之一It could permanently slash their earnings potential in the labour market, experts fear.针对以上情况,专家担心这样会长久地削弱劳动力市场中年轻群体的收入潜力Job mobility ndash; the frequency at which people move from one job to another ndash; is a strong predictor of faster earnings growth.工作流动性,即人们更换工作的频率,可以很好地预测人们收入增长的速度And the ;switching premium; ndash; the pay boost from changing jobs compared to staying put ndash; is particularly strong young people.而;转换溢价;,即换工作比待在原岗位增加收入,这点在年轻群体中表现尤为突出Between and , pay growth among 18-9-year-olds who switched jobs was .7 times higher than those who stayed in their existing positions.年到年间,在18-9岁年龄层的群体中,跳槽的人薪资增长水平比留在原有岗位工作的人高了.7倍Ms Gardiner urged young workers - dubbed the ;Millennial generation; - to move to earn more.加德纳女士敦促被称为;新千年一代;的年轻职员,要多换工作来赚更多的钱She added: ;Unless we want to see a long term scarring effect on the wages of future generations, Millennials must regain confidence and increase the frequency with which they move jobs, and firms must be more willing to take them on.;她补充道:;我们都不愿看到下一代人在薪酬方面长期受到负面影响,所以年轻一代需要重拾信心,多换换工作,而且公司需要更乐于接纳这些年轻人;Vocabularydownturn: 衰退(经济方面)

研究表明 满月可能减少孩童睡眠时间 -- 18:: 来源: 一项研究表明,孩童在满月时可能会减少几分钟的睡眠时间这项研究对包括印度在内的个国家的孩童进行了调查 Children may sleep less when there is a full moon, but only by a few minutes, according to a new study conducted on kids from countries, including India.一项研究表明,孩童在满月时可能会减少几分钟的睡眠时间这项研究对包括印度在内的个国家的孩童进行了调查However, the study failed to find a link between the occurrence of the full moon and kids’ activity levels, debunking the myth that children are more hyper during a full moon.然而,该研究并没有找到满月和孩童活动水平的联系,这使得孩童在满月期间更亢奋的谜团浮出水面Researchers from the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario Research Institute in Canada analysed inmation from over 5,800 children, ages 9 to , from countries - India, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, Finland, Kenya, Portugal, South Africa, the UK and the US.加拿大东安大略儿童医院的研究人员分析了5800名儿童的数据这些儿童年龄在九岁到十二岁不等,分别来自印度、澳大利亚、巴西、加拿大、中国、哥伦比亚、芬兰、肯尼亚、波兰、南美、英国和美国The children wore accelerometers - devices similar to fitness trackers that record body movement and can be used to monitor sleep - hours a day, at least seven days.在至少七天之内,这些孩童全天都佩戴加速器加速器和健身追踪器功能相似,能够记录身体活动和监控睡眠Results showed that children’s activity levels - including the amount of time they spent doing high- and low-intensity activity, and their sedentary time - were about the same during a full moon and new moon.结果显示,孩子们的活动水平在满月期间和新月期间的水平相同活动水平的数据包括他们进行高强度、低强度活动的时间以及久坐的时间However, children’s sleep time was about 5 minutes shorter on nights with a full moon, compared to nights with a new moon, ’Live Science’ reported.Live Science杂志报道称,但是儿童在满月夜的睡眠时间比新月夜少了大约五分钟This is about one per cent of children’s total sleep time, researchers said.研究人员表示,这大约是一名儿童总共睡眠时间的1%One possible reason could be that the brightness of the full moon interferes with children’s sleep, they said.他们表示,一个可能的原因是明亮的满月干扰了孩子们的睡眠The study was published in the journal Frontiers in Pediatrics.该研究在期刊《儿科前沿上出版

长征七号首飞成功 创多项纪录 -- 19:5:00 来源:chinadaily 长征七号运载火箭5日在海南文昌发射场首飞成功,中国载人航天工程空间实验室飞行任务的开局之战取得圆满胜利此次发射刷新了中国航天史上的多个纪录,掀开了中国运载火箭发展的新篇章6月5日晚,我国新一代运载火箭长征七号在海南文昌航天发射场点火升空 新华社记者李刚 摄请看相关报道:The Long March 7 carrier rocket took off on its maiden flight on Saturday night from the Wenchang Space Launch Center in Hainan province. It was the facility's debut launch.长征七号运载火箭5日晚在海南文昌发射场首飞成功此次发射也是该发射场的首个发射任务长征七号运载火箭(Long March 7 carrier rocket),是中国目前运载能力最大的火箭,其运载能力(payload)达到.5吨,是中国以往运载火箭的1.5倍此次发射创了多项纪录:首次在海洋环境发射(first time a Chinese carrier rocket is transported by sea)长征七号是中国首次在海洋环境下发射的火箭与内陆发射场(inland launch site)相比,海南文昌发射场湿热多雨和台风频繁的气候条件,对火箭上的精密仪器和设计带来了很大的挑战首个完全用数字设计技术研发的运载火箭(first Chinese carrier rocket developed completely with digital design technology)首次使用无污染燃料(first use of pollution-free fuel a Chinese carrier rocket)今年月日,我国在首个“中国航天日”发布了一系列太空计划,包括:中国首次火星探测任务(the Mars mission probe):火星探测器计划年前后择机实施发射,1年到达火星进行环绕和着陆巡视探测( orbit the Mars, land and deploy a rover all in one mission)新一代的长征五号运载火箭(the new-generation Long March-5 heavy-lift rocket)将是火星探测任务的理想发射载具中国空间站(space station)建设完成:中国计划在年完成建设空间站中国将完成民用空间基础设施建设(civil space infrastructure),包括导航(navigatio)、通信( telecommunication)及遥感系统(remote sensing systems)同时,中国空间站也会为国际空间任务和外国宇航员提供务,促进与其他国家的航空领域合作长征七号的首飞成功将提升中国航天综合实力,加速推进中国创建航天强国的步伐(中国日报网英语点津 Helen)

校园免费避套使怀率不降反增 -- :18:3 来源: 据美国两位经济学家的研究发现,在校园里提供免费避套非但不能降低怀率,反而大大增加了意外怀的人数 Giving out free condoms at school is not a surefire way to avoid teenage pregnancy - or it might not be enough.在学校里发放免费避套并不是一个防止青少年怀的完全之法--或者说单靠这一措施不足以达到想要的结果Access to condoms in schools increases teen fertility rates by about per cent, according to a new study by the University Of Notre Dame.圣母大学的一项最新研究表明,在学校里能够获得避套的情况下,青少年们的生育率提高了%However the increase happened in schools where no counseling was provided when condoms were given out - and giving out guidance as well as birth control could have the opposite effect, economists Kasey Buckles and Daniel Hungerman said in the study.在这份研究中,经济学家巴克尔斯和亨格曼表示说,生育率有所上升的学校在发放避套的时候没有提供咨询务,而在提供生育控制措施的同时提供指导会起到正面的效果Access to other kinds of birth control, such as the contraceptive pill, IUDs and implants, has been shown to lower teen fertility rates - but condoms might have opposite consequences due to their failure rate as well as the time and frequency at which they’re used.而其他避措施,例如避药和植入宫内避器,在降低生育率方面确有其效--但是由于破损以及被使用的时间和次数的原因,避套有可能带来相反的结果Buckles and Hungerman looked at school districts located in different states, using data from the 1990s.巴克尔斯和亨格曼的研究对象是个州的个学区,使用了从世纪90年代以来的数据Times have changed aly and teenagers today are overall less likely to have sex and less likely to become pregnant, they wrote.他们写道,时代已经改变了,现在的青少年总体上更不可能发生性行为,也更加不可能怀Most of the free condoms programs in the study began in 199 or 1993 and about two thirds involved mandatory counseling.这项研究所关注的免费避套项目大多开始于199年和1993年,三分之二的项目还要提供强制性的咨询务The per cent increased occurred as a result of schools that gave out condoms without counseling, Buckles and Hungerman said.据巴克尔斯和亨格曼表示,由于有些学校在发放避套的时候没有提供咨询务,这些地方的生育率提高了%’These fertility effects may have been attenuated, or perhaps even reversed, when counseling was mandated as part of condom provision,’ they wrote.他们写道:“如果咨询务被作为避套提供项目的一部分而被强制执行的话,生育率的增长可能不会这么高,或者甚至会反向降低”Teenage girls were also more likely to develop gonorrhea when condoms were given free - and again, the increase happened as a result of schools giving out condoms without counseling.当避套是免费发放时,女孩更容易染上淋病--再次,患病率的提高是因为学校在发放避套的同时没有提供咨询务”Access to contraceptives in general has been shown to lower teen fertility, Buckles and Hungerman noted, or in some cases had no effect at all.巴克尔斯和亨格曼指出,一般来说,避措施降低了青少年的生育率,但是在某些情况下也有可能完全没有效果But condoms might have a different impact because of several factors, such as the fact that their failure rate is more important than that of other contraceptives.但是由于某些原因,避套可能起到不同的效果,例如使用避套的失败率要比其他避措施高得多Condoms also rely ’more heavily on the male partner’, which is an important factor given that an unplanned pregnancy will have different consequences each gender, Buckle and Hungerman wrote.巴克尔斯和亨格曼写道,避套的使用也“更加依靠男方”,男方的行为是意外怀的重要原因,取决于男方行为的不同,两性受结果的影响也将不同The time at which condoms are used could also explain why they have a different impact than other types of birth control. Condoms have to be used at the time of intercourse, whereas the pill, IUDs and implants are all taken in advance.避套使用的时机也能解释为什么它能够产生不同于其他避措施的效果避套必须在性交的时候使用,而避药和宫内避器植入都是在性交之前Using condoms also results from a short-term decision rather than long-term.使用避套是一个短期、而非长期考虑的结果Free condom programs in schools could have led to two additional births per 1,000 teenage women so far, Buckle and Hungerman found.巴克尔斯和亨格曼发现,到目前为止,学校里的免费避套项目能够使得每00名女孩额外多生育两次This could increase to 5 extra births per 1,000 teenage girls if the country’s entire high-school-aged population had access to condoms.如果全美所有高中适龄人群都能够得到免费避套的话,每千名女生额外生育的次数将上升到五次Condom distribution programs could promote the use of condoms over more efficient birth control methods, drive schools to use their resources condom distribution rather than more effective programs, or might encourage ’risky’ sexual behaviors, Buckle and Hungerman wrote.巴克尔斯和亨格曼写道,避套发放项目将使得人们使用更多的避套,而不是其他效率更高的避措施,从而驱使学校使用他们的资源来发放避套而不是其他更有效的措施,还会鼓励“有风险的”性行为But these findings should be used with caution when reflecting on policy proposals, they added.但是他们两人又补充说道,当被反映在政策中的时候,这些发现应该被小心谨慎地使用Health clinics based in schools that offered contraceptives were shown to significantly lower teen fertility in a study.年的一份研究指出,学校诊所通过提供避措施显著降低了生育率’If health clinics can effectively combine contraception access and counseling, this may lead to very different effects than access alone,’ Buckle and Hungerman said.巴克尔斯和亨格曼说道:“如果诊所能够将避和咨询有效地结合起来的话,起到的效果将和只提供避措施非常不同”

世界上最难学的种语言 汉语排第一 -- :5:00 来源:chinadaily Learning a new language is a always a big challenge. The most difficult part in the learning of a new language is vocabulary and grammar. 学习一门新语言总是一个很大的挑战在一个新的语言学习中最困难的部分是词汇和语法 Are you y to challenge yourself? 你准备好挑战自己了吗? Good, then go ahead and check our list. Give the following languages a try. 好,继续前进,看一下我们的名单试一下下面的语言吧 What is the most difficult language to learn? 什么是最难学的语言? These are top ten hardest languages to learn the English Native Speakers. 以英语为母语的人来说这些就是十大最难学的语言 1. Mandarin (Chinese) 普通话(中文) Chinese is considered as the World’s Most Difficult Language. 中文被认为是世界上最难的语言 Mandarin has not only an enormously complex alphabet with over ,000 characters and each word having its own symbol, but it is not even phonetically. This means someone cannot infer the spoken language from its written m and vice versa. 汉语不仅具有超过,000个字符,每个字都有其自身的符号,而且有些不遵照发音这意味着一个人不能从它的书写形式,亦然推断他的发音 The accent is also Problematic. - different pitches decide on the meaning of a word. example “shi” has, depending on the tone and context, 3 different meanings. Furthermore many poeple find it difficult to cope up with the pronunciation. 口音也是个问题 个不同声调决定的单词的意思例如,“shi”,取决于音调和语境,有3不同的含义很多人觉得发音难以应付 “Hello, how are you” in Chinese: “Nǐ haǒ, nǐ haǒ ma” (你好!你好吗) “你好,你怎么样”,在中国:“Nǐhaǒ,Nǐhaǒma”(你好你好吗!) . Arabic 阿拉伯语 The biggest hurdle in learning Arabic is the ure. Letters have different shapes, depending on where in the word they are and vowels are left out in writing Arabic. The words are difficult to pronounce, there are verb and 3 different noun ms (instead of in European languages). Another problem are different dialects some of them differ from each other like French and Spanish or English and German. 在学习阿拉伯语的最大障碍就是圣经字有个不同的形状,发音取决于不同的地方元音在阿拉伯语书写忽略,词很难发音,有个动词和3种不同的名词形式(而不是在欧洲语言)另一个问题是不同的方言他们中的一些各不相同,就像法语和西班牙语或英语和德语也不一样 “Hello, how are you” in Arabic: “Marhabaan kayf halik” “你好,你怎么样”,阿拉伯语:“Marhabaan kayfhalik” 3. Japanese 日语 One of the reasons Japanese on third place in the “most difficult languages to learn list” is that spoken and written Japanese are completely different. Japanese writing is not phonetic, which means someone cannot learn Japanese by ing texts and vice versa. The 3000 signs have to be learned by heart. Even simple phrases like “How are you. Thank you, I’m well” are difficult to use, because they vary on the person someone is talking to. 对于日语在“最难的语言学习名单”中排第三的原因之一是日语口语和书面语完全不同日本人写的不是音标,这意味着别人不能读课文,反之亦然 3000个标志必须要用心记住即使是简单的短语,如“你怎么样谢谢你,我很好“也很难使用,因为他们对不同的人谈话有所不同 “Hello, how are you” in Japanese: “Kon’nichiwa, genkidesuka” (こんにちは、元気ですか) “你好,你怎么样”,日语:“Kon'nichiwa,genkidesuka”(こんにちは,元気ですか) . Hungarian 匈牙利语 With incredible 35 cases is Hungarian on place in the list. A lot of words are med in a very “special” way ( example orange means “not yellow”). Hungarian has a big number of vowels and the guttural pronunciation makes it very difficult people to learn. 令人难以置信,匈牙利在35个的列表中排在第四他的很多词语用很特殊的方式来表达(例如橙色表示为“不黄”)匈牙利的元音很多,而且用喉咙发音使得人们很难学习匈牙利语 “Hello, how are you” in Hungarian: “Helloacute;, hogy vagy” “你好,你怎么样”,匈牙利:“Helloacute;,hogy vagy” 5. Korean 韩语 Korean is a very complex language. It is difficult to learn because of the sentence structure, different verb conjugations, complex grammar and syntactic structure. Furthermore most of the Korean vocabulary originates from Chinese ure, called“Hanja” in Korean. As each character has another meaning, is it only possible to learn them by heart. 70-80 % of all Korean newspapers use Hanja. 韩语是一个非常复杂的语言因为句子结构,不同的动词的变化,复杂的语法和句法结构,所以韩语很难学习而且大部分的韩国词汇来源于中国经文,叫“汉字”韩语由于每个角色都有另一层含义,只能通过用心背学会他们所有韩国70,80%报纸使用汉字 “Hello, how are you” in Korean: “Annyeonghaseyo bangbeob ibnida” (? ? ) “喂,你好吗”韩国:“Annyeonghaseyo bangbeob ibnida”() 6. Finnish 芬兰语 At least cases and a very complicated grammar makes Finnish to the number 6. Every location requires example another case. 至少有个事例表明芬兰语有非常复杂的语法,芬兰排在第六位芬兰的每一个单词都需要看是不是有其他的情况 “Hello, how are you” in Finnish: “Hei, kuinka voit” “你好,你怎么样”,芬兰语:“Hei, kuinka voit” 7. Basque 巴斯克语 cases and the heavy use of prefixes, suffixes and infixes make it very difficult to find any logic in Basque. Basque is most probably the oldest language in Europe and has no connection to any other language family (like example German, Dutch, English). 有例,巴斯克语要大量使用前缀,后缀和中缀,人们很难找到巴斯克语的逻辑巴斯克很有可能是欧洲最古老的语言,和任何其他语系都没有什么联系(例如像德语,荷兰语,英语) “Hello, how are you” in Basque: “Kaixo zer moduz zaude” “你好,你怎么样”,巴斯克语:“Kaixo zer moduz zaude” 8. Navajo 纳瓦霍语 The difficult handling with prefix-suffix coupled with a complicated construction of tenses make Navajo to one of the most difficult languages to learn in the world. 前缀后缀的复杂时态结构很难处理使纳瓦霍成为世界上最困难的语言之一 “Hello, how are you” in Navajo: “Yaacute;’aacute;t’eacute;eacute;h, ? ha?iacute;iacute; baa naninaacute;” “你好,你怎么样”,纳瓦霍语:“Yaacute;’aacute;t’eacute;eacute;h, ? ha?iacute;iacute; baa naninaacute;” 9. Icelandic 冰岛语 Icelandic has a highly complex, archaic grammar and is the oldest (still spoken) Indo-Germanic language. Furthermore the words in Icelandic are very difficult to pronounce and include mutations, that don’t exist in any other language. Theree, people can only learn Icelandic by listening to native speakers. The ure is also uncommon. ‘H’ is pronounced like ‘H’ and ‘V’ like ‘V’. The combination HV is pronounced like “K”. FN is LB and LL becomes a spoken TL. 冰岛拥有一个非常复杂的,过时的语法,是最古老的(还是口语)印度日耳曼语言此外,在冰岛是很难发音,即不以任何其他语言的存在,人们只能通过听母语学习冰岛语经文也屡见不鲜 '轰'的发音类似“H”和'v'类似'V'组合HV发音类似“K” FN是LB和LL成为口语TL “Hello, how are you” in Icelandic: “halloacute; hvernig ert tuacute;” “你好,你怎么样”,冰岛语:“halloacute; hvernig ert tuacute;” . Polish 波兰语 7 cases and more exceptions than rules make it so difficult to learn fluent Polish. Someone, who is still eager to talk in this language has to more or less learn every sentence by heart. 7例表明,波兰语有很多例外的规则,很难说一口流利的波兰语一个人如果想要学好波兰语,必须用心记好学到的每一句话 “Hello, how are you” in Polish: “cze, jak si? masz” “喂,你好吗”波兰语:“cze,JAK SIE MASZ”

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