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吉林省中妇保医院复查要钱吗吉大一院治疗妇科炎症多少钱公主岭妇幼保健院人流多少钱 Show a guest to the room客人入住A:Your room is facing the sea. It very beautiful. I hope you will like it.您的房间正好面对大海,非常美丽我希望您会喜欢B:Yes. I will. The room looks very nice.是的,非常喜欢这个房间看上去很不错A:Mr. White, here is the light switch, the wardrobe, and the mini-bar.怀特先生,这是灯具开关、衣柜和小冰柜B:Wonderful!太棒了!A:Here is the master switch. This is the temperature control. You may adjust it as you like. And the panel on the nightstand controls the different devices in the room. By the way, therere two sockets in thebathroom, 1V and V respectively, the voltage here is much lighter than that in the U.S.A..这是总开关这是温度控制器您可以照您的喜好进行调整控制板控制着房间里的各种电器装置另外说一下,浴室里有两个插座,一个1伏的,另一个伏的这里的电压比美国的高B:Oh, I can use my electric shaver. And I feel like taking a bath to fresh up after the international flight. And how can I make an outside call?噢,我能用电动剃须刀了经过跨洋飞行以后,我很想洗个澡来恢复一下精神如果有事情打电话到外边,我该怎么拨号呢?A:If you want to make an outside call, please dial ;0; first. There is a telephone directory on the writing desk. You may it.如果你想打出去,要先拨“0”号键写字台上有一个电话簿,可供您参考B:What about the TV?那电视呢?A:This is the remote control. There are sixteen channels including three English programs and a French program. Here is a program list. Well, is there anything I can do bee I leave the room?这是遥控器一共有个频道,包括三个英语频道和一个法语频道这是节目单在我离开之前您还有什么需要帮忙的吗?B:Youve made us feel very welcome. By the way, is the tap water drinkable?你使我有宾至如归的感觉顺便问一句,这儿的自来水能喝吗?A:Oh, Mr. White, please dont drink the tap water unless it is boiled. And there are two bottles of drinking water in the bathroom, free of charge. If you need anything else, please dial 8. Were always at your service.怀特先生,请不要喝自来水除非水是烧开的浴室有两瓶饮用水,都是免费的如果您有什么事,请拨“8”号键我们随时会为您务B:Thank you very much.谢谢A:Youre always welcome. I hope you will enjoy your stay with us.有事情随时叫我预祝您在我们这里度过愉快的时光 190交货 About DeliveryS: Salesclerk 售货职员 C: Customer 顾客实用句型 Pratical Key SentencesS: Please rest assured, were sure to make delivery on time.您放心,我们一定准时发货S3: I dont think well be able to deliver on time.我们恐怕没办法时交货了S: To tell you the truth, the delivery date has something to do with the material suppliers.实话告诉您,供货日期与原材料供货商有关S5: We deliver a bit later in order to make better.我们晚点交货是为了把质量做好些S6: Please let us know in what time you want to have it.请告知需要何时送货S7: Free of delivery within Guangzhou city. Outside, take fare.广州市内免费,市外收费S: We deliver aly, call me when you receive.已经过去了,收到货后请给我打电话S9: You only paid 30% deposit yesterday. Today, you must come to pay the balance. Or, we wont deliver.你们昨天只是付了30%的定金,今天过来全部付清否则,我们不会发货的S30: Terribly sorry, we dont make delivery late on purpose, because the factory is really very busy.实在对不起,我们不是故意推迟发货的,是因为工厂是在太忙S31: Do you want to take it with you or have it delivered?您是自己来取还是代为送货?S3: Please take out of your order list, let check the goods together.请拿出您的订货单,我们共同核实一下货物S33: I was counting the packages when you called me.你给我打电话时我正在清点包裹S: We can deliver anything to anywhere on request.我们可以要求将货送到任何地方S35: Were in the busy period. We cant make immediate delivery.我们这段时间是旺季,不能立即送货S36: Ill deliver to you after one hour. Please give me delivery address.一个小时候我送货给你,请给我收获地址S37: Such color deviation exists between the products and samples.在产品和样品之间存在着这样的色差S38: Well immediately arrange someone to deliver your goods to your appointed address.我们立即派人将您的货送到指定地址S39: Can you come to take your goods this afternoon?您今天下午来提货好吗?S0: Last week, you ordered some clothes. It y now. Please come to take.上周你在这里订了一些衣,现在货已经准备好了,请来拿S1: Such deviation between the products and the sample is normal and permissible.产品与样品之间的偏差是正常的,也是允许的S: We are successful in fulfilling your order ahead of time.我们成功地提前交付了你们的订货S3: Please keep in mind, this style will deliver a few days later.请记住,这种款式的要迟几天发货 99长春南关区疾病预防控制中心收费贵吗

梅河口妇女医院哪个医生比较厉害A: I’m new to the neighborhood.B: Have you been able to find everything Okay?A: Actually, could you help me with that?B: What can I help you with?A: I’m trying to find a nice restaurant to eat at.B: What kind of food do you want?A: I wouldn’t mind some good Chinese food.B: There’s a great Chinese restaurant right down the street.A: Could you tell me how to get there?B: It’s a few blocks down. You’ll find it on the right-hand side.A: Would you like to come eat lunch with me?B: I would love to. Thanks. 835长春市第三人民医院治疗子宫内膜炎多少钱 Authorities in Florida said a child who was attacked and dragged into the water by an alligator at a Disney resort was still missing.佛罗里达当局政府日前表示,一名儿童在迪士尼度假村遭到鳄鱼攻击并被拖下水,至今仍下落不明Orange County Sheriff Jerry Demings said in a news conference that police have been searching the -year-old boy, but had not found him.奥兰治县治安官杰瑞·德明斯在新闻发布会上声称,警方一直在搜寻这名两岁儿童,但至今仍未找到Demings said the boy family is from Nebraska and they were on vacation with their three children. The family was relaxing on the shoreline of Disney Grand Floridian Resort And Spa when the alligator attacked.德明斯表示,该男孩一家来自内布拉斯加州,父母带着三个孩子前来度假一家人当时正在迪士尼大佛罗里达温泉度假酒店的一处水边休息,就在这时鳄鱼袭击了男孩Demings said the father had entered the water and tried to grab the child from the reptile, but was unsuccessful. The parents quickly alerted a lifeguard that an alligator had attacked the boy.德明斯说,男孩的父亲跳入水中试图将孩子从鳄鱼嘴中救出,但没有成功这对夫妻立刻呼叫警卫,称鳄鱼袭击了他们的儿子The Orlando Sentinel reported that deputies were scouring the Seven Seas Lagoon and cordoned off the area. Reedy Creek Fire Rescue, Orange County and the Florida Fish and Wildlife authorities were searching both the child and the alligator. Fox News reported that two helicopters had joined ground and water efts to find the boy.据《奥兰多哨兵报报道,县副治安官已派人冲洗七海礁湖,并布置警戒线对该区域进行隔离芦苇河火灾救援队、奥兰治县以及佛罗里达鱼类野生动物共同展开了对该名儿童和鳄鱼的搜索工作此外,据福克斯新闻报道,两架直升机也已加入对该男孩的地面和水域搜索工作A.J. Jain, a guest at The Grand Floridian right outside Disney Magic Kingdom, told the Sentinel that he and his children were playing at the same beach earlier.A.J.杰恩是迪士尼奇幻王国外面的大佛罗里达温泉度假酒店的一名游客,他接受《奥兰多哨兵报采访表示,早些时候他曾和自己的孩子就是在同一片水边空地玩耍的;Im just here to say a prayer,; he said. ;I cant imagine what those parents are going through. It been one tough week in Orlando.;“我只能在这里祈祷了”他说,“难以想象孩子的父母经历了怎样的伤痛奥兰多真是多事之秋” 5磐石流产手术多少钱

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