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2019年05月26日 17:40:42 | 作者:百姓诊疗 | 来源:新华社
年(TOEFL)词汇分类辅导:艺术 --30 19:: 来源:qnr  gossip 闲谈  rumor 传闻,谣言  comic a.使人发笑的  a comic song b.喜剧的  a comic opera  poetic 诗意的,诗的  narrative 叙事的  irony 讽刺  vignette 小品文  sermon 训诫,说道  astute 精明的,狡黠的  observation 观察,观测  prospector 探矿者  beacon 烽火灯塔,灯标  prodigious 惊人的,奇妙的  protagonist 主人公  despise 鄙视  opera 歌剧  symphony 交响乐  chamber music 室内音乐  oratorio 清唱剧  soloist 独唱者  vogue 时尚,流行  choral society 合唱团  wane 变小,减少  libel 诽谤  pretentious 自命不凡的  contemporary artistic development 当代艺术发展  vibranay 活跃  metropolis 大都市  linger 徘徊  relic 遗迹,废墟  discern 看出,识别  mirage 海市蜃楼  prolific 多产  humanitarian 人道主义者  philanthropist 慈善家  repertoire 戏目  dialect 方言  mural 壁画  sanctuany 神殿  anthen 国歌  constellation 星座 词汇 词汇 艺术 TOEFL3. 中国民生有限公司考研英语 近五年考研英语出现过的650高频词汇(1) -- ::37 来源: 对考研英语的复习是一个非常好的向导,我们可以根据来了解考研英语的常考题型和高频词汇,复习的时候就不会盲目了但有些同学观察力和总结能力比较弱,不太会总结常考题型和高频词汇没关系,老师给大家总结了近五年考研英语出现过的650个高频词汇下面,爱语吧考研小编给大家分享一下:abide [ba?d]v.遵守capacity[kp?s?ti]n.容量;能力;接受力norm[n?:m] n.准则,规范,准则normal[?n?:ml] a.普通的;正规的,标准的establish[st?bl]v.建立;安置,使定居establishment[st?blm?nt]n.建立,设立,建立的机构stability[stb?l?ti] n.稳定,安定abound [ba?nd]a.丰富,大量存在abundant [b?nd?nt]a.丰富的,充裕的abroad [br?:d]adv.宽广;在国外abrupt [br?pt]a.唐突的disrupt[d?s?r?pt]vt.使混乱,使崩溃,使分裂absent [bs?nt]a.缺席的absence [bs?ns]n.缺席extract[?ekstr?kt]v.n.拔出;摘录 n.抽取物attract[tr?kt]v.吸引attractive[tr?kt?v]a.有吸引力的academic [kdem?k]a.学院的;学术的academy [k?d?mi]n.学院excel[?k?sel]vi.擅长 vt.胜过acceptance [?k?sept?ns]n.接受susceptible[ssept?bl] a.易受影响的;易受感动的;易受感染的access [kses]n.入口;享用权 v.接近excessive[?k?ses?v] a.过多的;过分的;额外predecessor[?pri:d?ses?(r)] n.前辈,前任process[?prses] n.过程v.加工,处理succession[s?k?se?n] n.连续,系列;继任proceed[prsi:d] v.进行,继续下去;发生succeed[s?k?si:d] vi.成功vt.接替precede[prsi:d] v.领先(于),在(;之前);优先accident [ks?d?nt]n.事故acclaim [kle?m]v.欢呼,喝claim[kle?m]v.要求n.要求;断言accompany [k?mp?ni]v.陪伴accomplish [k?mpl]v.完成,达到目的 accord [k?:d]v.一致,符合according to [k?:d t?]照 [ka?nt]n.账目 v.报账;解释accumulate [kju:mj?le?t]v.积累curious[?kjri?s]a.好奇的, 求知的, 古怪的secure[skj(r)] a.(from,against)安全的v.得到security[skjr?ti] n.安全(感),防御(物),保(人)accuse [kju:z]v.谴责以上就是;近五年考研英语出现过的650高频词汇(1);,接下来小编会持续给大家更新,希望各位考研的小伙伴们能在暑期强化复习阶段将这些词汇全部拿下最后,预祝各位考生考研英语获得高分,顺利通过硕士研究生入学考试年6月六级作文预测范文:Unhealthy Habits of College Students --9 :5:00 来源: 年6月六级作文预测范文:Unhealthy Habits of College StudentsDirection: this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay on the topic Unhealthy Habits of College Students. You should write at least 0 words following the outline given below in Chinese:  1.部分大学生有不健康的生活习惯,例如:晚睡、过度消费、沉溺游戏  .这种不健康生活习惯的危害  3.如何纠正  写作思路依然是反复强调的功能段落的写作思路:首段为负面现象描述(即提出问题),二段为问题分析(危害),尾段为建议措施  It can be noticed that there are some unhealthy living habits among young people, especially college students. Typical examples include staying up late, being addicted to games, consuming in an inappropriate way. Thus, due attention should be paid to students’ daily habits.  Apparently, these bad habits may generate negative impacts. To begin with, they may impair students’ physical health and psychological fitness. In addition, what worries many teachers is that they may also exert negative influences on students’ academic permance. To conclude, never can we turn a blind eye to these phenomena.  In view of the seriousness of this issue, it is time that we took effective measure. Firstly, it is suggested that universities or colleges should cultivate students’ awareness of healthy living. Secondly, students themselves are well-advised to learn to regulate and control their own life appropriately. Only by doing so, can we hope to see the ideal scenes in which students enjoy their colorful and healthy life in Ivory Tower.

英语专业四级 英语专业四级完形填空练习之animal collector --3 :: 来源: Most people have no idea of the hard work and worry that go into the collecting of those fascinating birds and animals that they pay to see in the zoo. One of the questions that is always asked of me is _31_ I become an animal collector in the first _3_. The answer is that I have always been interested in animals and zoos.According to my parents, the first word I was able to say with any _33_ was not the conventional "mamma" or "daddy", __ the word "zoo", which I would _35_ over and over again with a shrill _36_ until someone, in order to _37_ me up, would take me to the zoo. When I _38_ a little older, we lived in Greece and I had a great _39_ of pets, ranging from owls to seahorses, and I spent all my spare time _0_ the countryside in search of fresh specimens to _1_ to my collection of pets. __ on I went a year to the City Zoo, as a student _3_, to get experienced of the large animals, such as lions, bears, bison and ostriches, __ were not easy to keep a home. When I left, I _5_ had enough money of my own to be able to _6_ my first trip and I have been going _7_ ever since then. Though a collectors' job is not an easy one and is full of _8_ it is certainly a job which will appeal _9_ all those who love animals and _50_.31A. how B. where C. when D. whether3A. region B. field C. place D. case33A. clarity B. emotion C. sentiment D. affectionA. except B. but C. except D. but 35A. recite B. recognize C. D. repeat36A. volume B. noise C. voice D. pitch37A. close B. shut C. stop D. comt38A. grew B. was growing C. grow D. grown39A. many B. amounts C. number D. supply0A. living B. cultivating C. reclaiming D. exploring1A. increase B. include C. add D. enrichA. Later B. Further C. Then D. Subsequently3A. attendant B. keeper C. member D. aideA. who B. they C. of which D. which5A. Luckily B. gladly C. nearly D. successfully6A. pay B. provide C. allow D. finance7A. normally B. regularly C. usually D. ofen8A. expectations B. sorrows C. excitement D. disappointments9A. B. with C. to D. from50A. excursion B. travel C. journey D. trip:31-35 acabd 36-0 cbacd 1-5 caddd 6-50 dbdcb


读句子轻松学英语四级语法 第68节


考研英语 考研英语:必考核心词汇坚持练(第七十三天) -- :6:9 来源: 根据教育部的说法,考研是具有选拔功能的水平性考试由于要选拔优秀人才,自然要考到大纲以外的生词但是考研的学生也不用太担心,根据大纲规定,超纲词汇在历年考研英语中不超过3%,而且绝大部分是相对超纲词汇  subtractv.(from)减(去)He could add and subtract, but hadn’t learned to divide.他会做加减法,但还没有学会除法sub-(在下面)+tract(拉)→拉下来→减去subtraction n.减法 theoreticala.理论(上)的The discussion is based on theoretical considerations and is supplemented with pertinent experimental data.讨论是以理论探讨为基础,并附上了有关的实验数据theory n.理论,原理;学说,见解,看法 theoretically ad.理论上 gaugen.标准尺寸;规格;量规,量表v.测量The amount of money one makes is not the only gauge of one’s success.挣钱多少不是衡量一个人成功的唯一标准I tried to gauge the depth of her sleep by the rate of her respiration.我试图通过她的呼吸速率来测定她的睡眠深度measure, criterion, evaluate bracev.使防备;撑;使(手,足,肩等)绷紧n.托架British Prime Minister Tony Blair warned Parliament to brace a long fight.英国首相Tony Blair警告议会,要对此做长期战斗的准备He braced his foot against the wall and jumped.他一只脚抵着墙跳He faced the angry crowd, his arms folded, his legs braced.面对愤怒的人群,他抱紧双臂,绷紧双腿My daughter has to wear a brace on her teeth.我的女儿得戴牙箍以矫正牙齿preparebracing a.(尤指天气情况)令人振奋的,给人带来活力的 queera.奇怪的,古怪的Convention now permits short hair women, but it used to be thought queer.现代习俗允许妇女留短发,在以前这种情况却被认为是怪象odd, eccentricqueerish a.有点儿怪,有点儿不舒的 queerly ad.奇妙地,奇怪地 queerness n.奇妙,不快 assassinatev.暗杀,行刺;中伤A plot to assassinate the president was uncovered by government agents.刺杀总统的阴谋被政府特工人员发觉了kill, murderassassination n.暗杀,行刺卢森堡说过:“不管怎样的事情,都请安静地愉快吧!这是人生我们要依样地接受人生,勇敢地、大胆地,而且永远地微笑着”希望大家能微笑着面对考研英语当中的挑战,愉快地将成功收入囊中,相信未来会有更美好的一切在等着我们,加油吧各位

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