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Third, enhance competitiveness. Hong Kong must work hard to increase its competitiveness if it is to win in the increasingly intense regional and international competition. It must have better strategic planning for its long-term development and bring into better play the role of the government in promoting economic and social development. It must update its development concepts, encourage and support various innovation programs, enhance the services sector and foster new economic growth points. It must have a thorough understanding of the profound changes in the global economic landscape, make full use of its extensive international reach and its advantages in other areas and grasp critical opportunities for development. At the same time, it is all the more important for Hong Kong to take advantage of the vigorous economic development on the mainland to expand and deepen its exchanges and cooperation with the mainland in order to achieve mutually complementary, win-win and common development.第三,努力提升竞争力。香港要在日益激烈的国际和地区竞争中立于不败之地,必须在提升自身竞争力上下功夫。要加强香港长远发展的战略谋划,更好发挥政府促进经济社会发展作用。要更新发展理念,鼓励和持各类创新活动,不断提高务业水平,培育新的经济增长点。要把握世界经济格局的深刻变化,充分发挥香港国际联系广泛等方面优势,抢占发展先机。同时,更要善于借助祖国内地经济的蓬勃发展,拓展香港与祖国内地交流合作的广度和深度,促进优势互补、互利双赢、共同发展。Fourth, strengthen human resources development. Human resources are the most important strategic resources and lie at the heart of competition in todays world. It is essential to develop education, science and technology and culture with a view to turning out all types of high-caliber professionals at all levels required for the development of various sectors. Priority should be given to nurturing people of leadership quality who love the motherland and Hong Kong, outstanding young potential political leaders in particular, by providing opportunities and platforms for them to stand out and acquire capabilities so that they will carry on the tradition of loving the motherland and Hong Kong and the cause of ;one country, two systems;.第四,努力加强人才培养。人才是最重要的战略资源,当今世界的竞争最核心的是人才竞争。要大力发展教育、科技、文化事业,全方位、多层次培养造就各项事业发展所需要的大量高素质人才。要高度重视爱国爱港人才特别是优秀年轻政治人才培养,为他们增长才干、脱颖而出提供机会和平台,使爱国爱港传统薪火相传、“一国两制”事业后继有人。Fellow Compatriots, Dear Friends,同胞们、朋友们!The central Government will remain committed to implementing the principles of ;one country, two systems;, ;Hong Kong people administering Hong Kong; and a high degree of autonomy, to fully supporting the chief executive and the Hong Kong SAR government in carrying out administration according to law and to maintaining and promoting the long-term prosperity and stability of Hong Kong together with the people of all sectors in Hong Kong. We are confident that with the joint efforts of the Central Government, the Hong Kong SAR government and people of all sectors of Hong Kong, efforts to practice ;one country, two systems; will bear richer fruits and the road to common prosperity and development of both Hong Kong and the mainland will open broader prospects.中央政府实行“一国两制”、“港人治港”、高度自治方针将毫不动摇,全力持香港特别行政区行政长官和政府依法施政将毫不动摇,同香港各界人士一道维护和促进香港长期繁荣稳定将毫不动摇。我们坚信,在中央政府、香港特别行政区政府和社会各界人士共同努力下,“一国两制”实践一定会越来越丰富,香港与祖国内地共同繁荣发展的道路一定会越走越宽广! /201207/189294。

第一句:I got mugged.我半路被打劫了A: What up,maam? You look so upset.夫人,发生什么亊了?你看起来很不安B: I got mugged.我半路被打劫了A: Did you report to the police station?你报瞀了吗?B: Not yet.还没呢第二句:My handbag was snatched away.我的手提包被抢走了A: Help!救命啊!B: What the matter, maam?夫人,怎么了?A: My handbag was snatched away by a young man.我的手提包被一个年轻人抢走了 569。

Refund the ticket退票Excuse me.I have booked one ticket on BN8 tomorrow. But now Ive changed my plan.Can you help me refund the ticket?打扰一下,我预订了明天BN8航班的机票但是现在我改变了计划,你能帮我退掉这张票吗?Sure.当然Here is the ticket.给你机票OK.madam. I have refunded it. You have to pay $ it.好的,夫人我已经为您退了那张票您得为此付美元。

Computer System计算机系统Dialogue 1句型1A: Hey,Bill. Can you tell what wrong with my computer?嘿,比尔你看看我的电脑出了什么问题吗?I cant move the mouse ,I cant use the keyboard. Nothing is working right.鼠标不动了,键盘也没办法打什么都不对劲B:Hmmm It like your hard drive crashed.嗯……看来好象是死机了A: That sounds bad.听起来很糟糕B: Well, if you didnt save your work,you might lose the most recent changes youve made .but it shouldnt be too bad.嗯,如果你没有存档,最近做的更改恐怕就会不见了,不过应该不会太糟You just need to reboot your computer.你只要重开机就好了Dilogue 句型A: Oh, no! I cant remember where I saved my file ,and there are too many directiories on my hard drive.哎,糟了!我记不得把文件存到哪里去了,硬盘里的目录又这么多Ill never find it!我永远也找不到了!B: Do you remember the name of your file?你还记得文件名吧?A: I named it Term Paper.我给它取名;学期论文;B: Just click on the Start button at the left bottom of your screen.你只要点一下屏幕左下角的;开始;钮Then youll see an item called Find.就会看到;查找;项Click on that and type in the name of your document.在它上面点一下然后把文件名打进去The computer will help you find it no time!电脑很快就会替你找出来了!Dialogue 3句型3A:What the best kind of printer to buy?打印机买哪一种最好?B: That depends on what you want to print.那要看打印什么A:I guess that makes sense.有道理I mostly print word documents and some Power Point files.我大半都打印Word文档和Power Point文档B: In that case I would suggest a color bubble-jet printer.如果那样,我建议买色喷墨打印机Theyre usually pretty cheap and compact ,but they produce sufficient graphic quality to print Power Point files.一般都很便宜而又精巧,用它打印图表的质量用来打印Power Point一点也不会差Dialogue 句型A: Ive decided to buy a CD writer.我决定买一台CD刻录机B: What are you going to do with that?做什么用呢?A: I enjoy photography ,and Ive decided to start storing my pictures on CD-ROM.我喜欢摄影,我决定开始把我的照片用CD-ROM储存起来 3650。

A: After youve thought it over, get back to me and we can go ahead.您仔细考虑过后,回来找我,我们就可以进行下去了B: Xiao Ping, if I do decide to go ahead, how will the interest if I exceed be counted?小平,如果我确实决定要办理的话,我超过的部分将如何计算利息呢?A: It is higher than the rate of interest Current Deposits and a little lower than the rate the 6-month time deposits.利息要高于活期存软的利息,但比6个月的定期存款利息稍微少一点儿B: So, if I do decide to go ahead, how can my company open a Corporate Agreement Savings Plan with you?那么,如果我确实决定办理的话,我的公司如何在你们这儿开一个单位协定存款账户呢?A: First of all, you need to sign a Corporate Agreement Savings Contract with us. This means we can go ahead and open an of agreement savings based on your settlement .首先,您需要与我们签订一份《单位协定存款合同这就是说我们可以办理了,在您的结算账户之上开立协定存款账户B: OK, let get the ball rolling on this.好吧,就让我们继续进行吧 6。

Key Sentences(重点句子)5. What a nice garden!多么漂亮的花园啊!5. Look at those beautiful flowers.瞧那些美丽的鲜花5. That will be a good shot.那会是个好镜头5. Jane, Id like to have my picture taken here.我就在这里拍张照5. Please take the flower-bed as the background.请把花坛作背景5. Will you stand close to the tulip flowers?你站在紧靠郁金香花的地方,好吗?5. Smile,please.Say ;Cheese;请笑一笑5. OK, got you.好,照好了518. Shall we have a picture taken together, Jane?我们合照一张好吗,简?519. Id love to .我当然乐意5. Excuse me,sir. Will you take a picture me please?对不起,先生请帮我们照张相好吗?51.That terrific.好极了5. Something seems wrong with the light meter in mycamera.我的照相机里的曝光表好像出毛病了53. It could be the battery.这可能是电池有问题 5。