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教师在线授课时薪过万 收入堪比网红 -- ::6 来源: 物理、英语等科目的网络授课教师获得天价工资的现象受到了广泛关注同时也在全国范围内引起了有关网络教学的力量、中国教育现状、以及企业近日,微信朋友圈里晒出了一张某在线辅导老师的课程清单,6名学生购买了一节单价9元的高中物理在线直播课,扣除%的在线平台分成后,授课老师一小时实际收入高达188元,这个薪资甚至超过当下火热的网络女主播A physics teacher made 18,8 yuan ($,890) in an hour his online course, but educational authorities are calling ban on this teaching model, according to China National Radio.据中国国家广播电台报道,一位物理老师在线授课一小时收入高达188元(约90美元),不过,教育机构呼吁取缔这一教学模式A total of ,6 students have signed up Wang Yursquo;s tutoring course on high school physics, which is carried out online at a cost of 9 yuan each audience member. The seven-classes have attracted 9,79 students in total.一共有6名学生报名参加了王宇的单价9元的高中物理在线辅导课七节课共吸引了979名学生With an online portal hosting the course charging percent of Wangrsquo;s income, the teacher made an average of 18,8 yuan per hour.扣除某在线平台%的分成后,王宇每小时平均收入达188元A college English teacher also using an online teaching platm said she she earned about 50,000 yuan in two months, with the largest class attracting 1,700 online students.某大学英语教师也在一个在线教学平台授课,称她两个月赚了50000元,最多的一堂课有00名学生Online education services are mushrooming in China. One tutoring site offering eight middle and high school courses boasts million registered student users. Online teachers are generally happy with the extra income because the Internet has greatly reduced travel costs and allows more flexible instruction.目前,中国的在线教育平台如雨后春笋般涌现一个提供初中和高中课程的家教网站已经拥有00万注册用户在线教师普遍也都对这份额外收入感到满意,因为互联网大大降低了交通成本,并且可以有更弹性的选择;A computer with a camera will do, as long as the network is stable,; Wang said.王宇说,;只要保网络稳定,一台电脑加一个摄像头就可以开工了;Low costs and high efficiency of online classes have also attracted various parents.这种低成本、高效率的在线课程,也吸引了很多家长;Compared real classes that cost one or two hundred yuan, online equivalents are available less than yuan. I prefer this mode if it helps my child,; one parent explained.一位家长解释,;相比动辄一两百元的面授课程而言,在线的同等课程不到元就可享受只要它真的对孩子学习有帮助,我愿意上在线课程;But it has raised eyebrows among local educational authorities. An official from the Education Bureau in Nanjing, capital of east Chinarsquo;s Jiangsu Province, said the city bans teachers from offering paid tutoring to students including online services.但这个现象却让当地的教育机构侧目而视中国东部江苏省省会南京市教育局的一位官员表示,该市禁止教师向学生提供包括在线课程之内的有偿家教家创业精神的激烈讨论Zheng Anke, who earns up to 3.6 million yuan (,000) annually through her English classes on WeChat, Chinarsquo;s most popular instant messaging app, provides a case in point.郑安科(音)通过在微信上的英语教学,年收入达到了360万人民币(约合55000美元)她的事例给我们提供了一个了解网络教学的机会Zheng, in her early 30s, organized WeChat groups with 0 students each and charges each student 3,000 yuan () a year. She once worked New Oriental Education, Chinarsquo;s biggest English-training school, but now runs her own business.三十出头的郑安科在微信上组织了个网络教学班级,每个班0名学生她向每个学生收费,每年3000元人民币(约合60美元)她以前在中国最大的英语培训学校--新东方教育工作过,而现在她经营着自己的业务;I compile my own English learning materials, which I send to the students every week,; said Zheng, who has two assistants to help her keep in touch with all of the students as they also receive weekly feedback on their pronunciation.郑安科说道:;我自己编写英语学习资料,每周都把它们发给学生们学习;每周她都可以通过微信语音收到学生们发来的教学反馈,而且她还雇佣了两名助理来协助她保持和学生们的联系The proliferation of Internet instruction has raised questions among Chinese netizens. First, the whopping sums some teachers make has led to criticism about compensation and fair salaries. Second, some online teachers are having to hide their identities, as they work in government schools and are barred from outside instruction.然而,网络教学的泛滥已经引起了中国网民的质疑第一,他们认为一些教师丰厚的收入引起了有关公平薪酬和补偿的批评第二,一些线上教师不得不隐瞒自己的身份,因为他们在公立学校任职,并且规定禁止在外教学After-school instruction has long been popular among parents with big hopes their childrenrsquo;s academic achievements, so the growing popularity of online teaching is not surprising.中国的父母们都期望他们的孩子能够取得好成绩,而且补习班一直以来都很受家长们的欢迎,所以网络教学受到追捧也就不那么令人意外了High earnings have caught the publicrsquo;s attention. One screenshot, which went viral on WeChat, drawing netizen criticism, showed a physics teacher who charged each of his ,6 students 9 yuan a single class. He earned 18,8 yuan an hourrsquo;s instruction after sharing percent of the tuition with an online educational agency.网络教师的高收入已经引起了公众了广泛关注在微信上被疯狂转发的一张截图引起了网民的批评,图片上的信息显示一名物理老师把他的一节课以9元人民币的价格出售给了6名在线学生除去在线教育平台%的提成后,他一小时的网络教学净赚188元Yang Jie, a government worker in Wuxi, Jiangsu province, said distance learning has many advantages compared with traditional educational agencies, including cheaper fees, repeated opporties to review the teachersrsquo; instruction and the ability to attend classes when itrsquo;s convenient.据江苏无锡的一名政府工作人员杨洁(音)指出,和传统教育形式相比,远程在线教学有很多优势在线教育的收费更加低廉,学生可以重复观看学习老师的教学视频,而且学生可以自己选择合适的时间来上课学习Yang also appreciates the ability to choose instructors.杨洁对远程教育能够让学生自己选择老师的做法也赞誉有加;I can choose the teachers I like freely on the Internet,; Yang said. ;Irsquo;ll continue to attend their classes if they turn out to be humorous and their classes are prepared well.;杨洁说道:;在网上,我能够自由地选择我喜欢的老师如果他很幽默、备课也很好的话,我就会继续上他的课;Those who work in government elementary and high schools have been barred from teaching online educational agencies since . Those teachers are only allowed to teach free online platms established by the schools to help the students with their studies, but some moonlight anyway, said Yang.规定,从年开始公立中小学的老师禁止从事网络教育平台的工作杨洁指出,这些学校的老师只允许在学校自己的网络平台上免费为学生辅导学习,但是还是有部分人在其他网络平台兼职教学Zheng is undeterred by the netizen criticism and intends to continue to build her business.郑安科并没有被网民们的批评吓住,她打算继续经营她的网络教学业务;Irsquo;m going to further my study of English teaching skills in Britain this year,; Zheng said. ;I believe I can recruit more students if I better my skills.;她说道:;今年我会去英国深造我的英语教学技能我相信如果我的教学能力更好的话,我可以招到更多的学生;。

  • 母狮咀嚼相机镜头 画面超有爱~ -- :18: 来源:chinadaily Curious lions chew up a pound;1,300 camera 肯尼亚母狮突发好奇心 咀嚼万元相机镜头 近日,肯尼亚马赛马拉国家公园发生了有趣的一幕一头母狮在看到一架相机时突发好奇心,便将镜头咬入嘴中开始咀嚼 相机本来是摄影师设立在公园里用来拍摄狮子们日常生活景象的,没想到被这头充满好奇心的母狮一嘴击灭起先,这头母狮领着自己的宝宝在公园散步,在摄影师想要遥控相机近距离拍摄狮子和其身后的风景时,母狮发现了这架相机它走上前去,好奇的用鼻子闻了闻,接着又用舌头舔了舔镜头突然,它张开嘴巴将镜头整个含进了嘴里,并开始咀嚼 摄影师称,虽然自己很倒霉,损失了价值00英镑(约合人民币1.万元)的相机,但这一幕实在难得又十分好笑整个场面至少持续了一个多小时,直到母狮觉得无聊才结束 Leaving his camera just 0m away from an inquisitive(好奇的) pride of lions may not have been this photo-tourist's smartest move. But fellow photographer Thomas Selig certainly enjoyed getting some amazing shots of the curious cats, after they began chewing up the pound;1,300 camera. At the Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya? the unlucky tourist had set up his Canon DSLR on a tripod(三脚架) to take pictures using a remote control. With the tripod just 0m away the cluster of female lions and cubs(幼崽) came over to investigate(探究). At first it looked as though the mothers wanted to take some shots of their cute cubs walking in front of the lens. But unsure how to work the EOS 0D camera, worth about pound;1,300 including the lens, they resorted to trying to eat it instead. tunately the photographer got his possession back after the female lion had strutted(大摇大摆地) around with her spoils.。
  • 中国女留学生巴黎地铁上被打,无人伸出援手 -- :5:39 来源: 一名中国女留学生月8日在巴黎地铁上被三名年轻人口头侮辱并殴打,却并没有得到旁观者或者之后到来的警察的任何帮助A Chinese female student was verbally and later physically attacked by three young people in Paris Metro train on April 8, and received no immediate help from either onlookers or later the police, fawan.com, a Chinese newspaperrsquo;s website reported. The incident has got lots of attention on Chinese social media the victim claimed she was attacked by those strangers simply because shersquo;s Chinese.根据中国一家新闻网站法制晚报网报道,一名中国女留学生月8日在巴黎地铁上被三名年轻人口头侮辱并殴打,却并没有得到旁观者或者之后到来的警察的任何帮助这起事件已经在中国的社交媒体中引起了众多关注,受害者称自己被陌生人殴打仅仅因为自己是中国人The girl attacked, under the pseudonym of Fangfang, is a student attending college preparatory school in a public French university. She said she encountered one of the attackers a day bee the incident. When she was bypassing three young strangers outside a Metro station, she heard repeating whisper of ;Chinetoque;. The girl told fawan.com that she did reply ;you guys are rude, go away; in English at the time, but it didnrsquo;t work.被殴打的女孩,化名芳芳,她在一所法国公立大学就读预科她说她在遇袭前一天曾经遇见过其中一个施暴者当她在地铁站外经过那三个年轻的陌生人时,她听到他们不断在小声重复;中国佬;这名女孩告诉法制晚报网,她当时用英语回应了他们;你们很粗鲁,走开;,但是并没有什么用A day after the verbal insult, the girl met a group of young strangers on Paris Meacute;tro Line , one of which was the young woman verbally assaulted her a day bee. She was then physically attacked twice in the coach no reason, between Gare de Ch?telet - Les Halles Station and ?tienne Marcel Station. The girl said she tried to fight back and shouted ;help! I donrsquo;t know these people; and asked other passengers in the coach to call the police her. Only one elder lady responded to her outcry and tried to stop the fist and kick fell on her.在口头侮辱之后那天,这名女孩在巴黎地铁号线地铁里遇到了一群年轻陌生人,其中一个就是头一天辱骂她的那个人她在车厢里无缘由地被打了两次,就在夏特莱站,也就是Les Halles酒店站和艾蒂安马塞尔站之间女孩说她试图反击并大叫;救命!我不认识这些人;,还请求车厢里的其他乘客帮她报警但是只有一个老妇人对她的哭喊做出了回应并尝试阻止那些人的拳脚相向The victim described to fawan.com that she tried to snap a photo of the attackers but her phone was snatched by one of the attackers until a Chinese man helped her to retrieve it.受害人向法制晚报网讲道,她试图拍下打人者的照片但是她的手机被其中一个打人者抢走了,知道有一个中国男人帮她抢回来The police did provide a report to the victim after she walked to the police station to report the attack, on which it stated the victim got bruises all over her body, yet no follow-up on this case was provided by the police afterwards.她去警局报案之后警方给她开具了伤情报告,写着受害人浑身上下遍布淤青,但是之后警方就此案再也没有任何进展。
  • 关于拳王阿里:你不曾听说的5件事儿 -- :53: 来源:chinadaily Muhammad Ali is remembered his influence inside and outside of the boxing ring and standing up his principles in the face of fierce backlash.穆罕默德?阿里在拳击台上台下展现出他十足的影响力;在面临突如其来的人生变故时,他也能坚定自己的信念;这一切都让人们铭记在心Known his quick jab and a lightning-fast wit, Ali seemed to be able to adapt his skills to any situation, be it to get himself into trouble or right back out again.阿里擅长快速猛击且反应敏捷,无论是在赛况危急时刻,还是在力挽狂澜之时,他似乎都能够凭借自己的技能在赛场上应对自如The boxing legend died on Friday night at 7, after a long battle with Parkinson's disease.这位拳击界的传奇人物与帕金森综合症经过长期斗争后,于上周五晚(当地时间6月3日晚)去世,享年7岁You'll hear a lot of crazy stories about him over the next few days. He permed magic tricks like a champion. He had Irish roots and family ties to Katie Couric. He released a spoken word album titled, "I am the greatest." But here are some of our favorites:拳王去世后,这几天你可能会听说有关他的许多不可思议的故事例如,他像冠军似的表演魔术;他有爱尔兰血统,与凯蒂?柯丽克是亲戚;他发行过音乐说唱专辑《我是最强者等等然而,下面将讲述人们最感兴趣的五个故事1. The NSA wiretapped Ali's phone美国国家安全局曾监听过阿里的手机Declassified documents revealed in that the National Security Agency tapped overseas communications of Vietnam War critics, including Martin Luther King Jr. and Ali, The Washington Post reported at the time.据华盛顿邮报报道,年披露的美国政府解密文件显示,美国国家安全局曾监控反越战人士(包括马丁·路德·金和阿里)的海外通讯A brief of those government documents suggests that Ali was surveilled during his efts to avoid the draft. During 1966 and 1967, the heavyweight boxer appealed his draft status, saying, "I can fight in wars declared only by Allah himself." He was sentenced to five years in prison, though the Supreme Court ruled in 1971 that he was entitled to conscientious objector status.这些政府文件摘要表明,在阿里拒绝兵役期间,国家安全局一直监控阿里在1966和1967年期间,这名重量级拳击选手向法院申请不去兵役,他说,“我只有在真主的召唤下才会应征入伍”尽管最高法院于1971年裁定阿里为“因宗教信仰原因不肯兵役者”,但在那之前,阿里依旧被判处五年有期徒刑. He starred in a Broadway musical他在百老汇音乐剧中担任主角In 1969, during his suspension from boxing over his refusal to go to Vietnam, Ali was reportedly drowning in debt and still appealing his conviction. He made pocket change by touring colleges to discuss the war, and, as Playbill points out, he starred in the Broadway musical, "Buck White."阿里因拒绝加入越南战争而被吊销了拳击执照1969年,据说在被迫离开赛场的这段时间里,阿里债务缠身,但他仍然一直在为自己上诉他在大学做巡回演讲,与学生们讨论战争问题,通过这种方式挣点儿小钱人们从以前的百老汇海报中能看出,他还主演了音乐剧《巴克?怀特大时代Ali sang nearly every song in the musical, playing a militant black lecturer addressing a meeting organized by a black political group. But he would never return to the stage after his conviction was overturned.音乐剧中几乎每一首歌都是阿里演唱的,阿里在剧中扮演一名激进的黑人演说者,剧中这位演说者正在一个由黑人政治团体组织的会议上发言然而,在最高法院为他翻案之后,他再也没有登上音乐剧舞台3. He started training in boxing to beat up the kid who stole his bike为打败偷车小孩学习拳击Cassius Clay (Ali) was just years old in 195 when he got y to "whup" the boy who stole his bicycle in his hometown of Louisville, Ky.195年,年仅岁的卡修斯·克莱(穆罕默德·阿里)准备教训家乡路易斯维尔的一个偷了他的自行车的男孩But a local cop warned him that he'd need to learn to box first.但当地一名警察提醒他应该先学习拳击At just 89 pounds, Clay had his first fight — and his first win — just weeks later, according to Bleacher Report. By 196, he was the heavyweight champion of the world, after upsetting Sonny Liston.据“看台报告”报道,就在几周后,体重仅有89磅的克莱首战报捷到196年,他取代了桑尼·里斯顿,成为世界重量级拳击冠军No word on whether he got his bike back.然而他是否拿回了自己的单车,我们不得而知. Rumor has it that his Olympic gold medal is sitting at the bottom of a river传闻他的奥运金牌正躺在河底In 1960, the 18-year-old fighter traveled to Rome and won the light heavyweight gold medal in the Summer Olympics.1960年,18岁的拳击运动员克莱(阿里)来到罗马,赢得了夏季奥林匹克运动会轻重量级冠军The story goes that Clay(Ali) hurled his gold medal into the Ohio River. But Clay gave different s of that act, and according to Thomas Hauser, author of the oral history "Muhammad Ali: His Life and Times," Clay had simply lost the medal.传闻克莱将金牌扔进俄亥俄河而克莱给出了不同的解释,据据阿里口述传记《穆罕默德·阿里的一生的作者托马斯·豪泽的说法,“克莱只是弄丢了自己的奖牌”Luckily, he got a replacement medal — and ongoing support from his commy — in 1996.幸运的是,他在1996年补领了一枚奥运金牌,也赢得了黑人的持与尊重5. He secured the release of US prisoners in Iraq他在伊拉克解救了名美国人质In November 1990, Ali met with Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein in Baghdad on a "goodwill tour" in an attempt to negotiate the release of Americans held hostage in Iraq and Kuwait.1990年月,阿里对伊拉克进行友好访问,在巴格达拜访伊拉克独裁者萨达姆·侯赛因,试图说对方释放名被扣留在伊拉克和科威特的美国人质Ali was instantly criticized, taking flak from the likes of then-President George H.W. Bush and The New York Times, both of whom expressed concerns that he was fueling a propaganda machine.很快,批评声四起,时任美国总统的老布什和《纽约时报对他大加指责,担心阿里会助长一种舆论氛围Despite running out of medication his crippling disease and waiting more than a week to talk to Hussein, Ali was able to bring all of a group of captive American soldiers home.虽然因为随身携带的治疗帕金森症的药物耗尽,不得不多等一周才跟萨达姆·侯赛因见了面,阿里依然成功地将名被监禁的美国士兵带回了家Vocabularybacklash: 反冲;强烈对抗反应tap: 窃听flak: 抨击;谴责英文来源:赫芬顿邮报译者:杜馨乐审校#38;编辑:丹妮。
  • 年全球最有声望大学排行榜新鲜出炉:剑桥和牛津排名下滑 -- :: 来源:   年全球最有声望大学排行榜新鲜出炉,英国表现有所退步,剑桥和牛津名次下滑至第四和第五The UK has universities in the top 0 of the worldrsquo;s best when it comes to global reputation, but many have slipped down the rankings this year.  在世界顶级大学百强榜上,英国占了所然而今年,多所学校排名有所下滑  Cambridge and Oxd remain in the top five, at fourth and fifth place respectively, but both have moved down two places on their ranking.  剑桥和牛津仍然保持在前五名,分别位列第四和第五,但二者均比年排行下滑了个名次  The US dominates the Times Higher Education (THE) reputation rankings, with Harvard and MIT in top places.  美国包揽了泰晤士高等教育(THE)声望排行榜,哈佛和麻省理工学院名列前茅  Asia has universities in the top 0 - up from in last yearrsquo;s rankings.  亚洲有所大学进入百强-与去年的所相比有所增加  The highest rated Asian universities are the University of Tokyo in Japan in th place and Chinarsquo;s Tsinghua University in 18th place and Peking University in 1st place and the National University of Singapore in 6th place.  排名最前的亚洲大学是日本东京大学(名)、中国清华大学(18名)、北京大学(1名)及新加坡国立大学(6名)  These are rankings based on reputation and perceived status, based on the opinions of an international panel of academics.  这些排名依据学校的声誉、地位以及国际学术专家组的意见而定  These are separate from the university rankings based on research and teaching quality.  它与针对研究和教学质量的大学排名相互独立  Three London universities stay in the top third of the reputation table - Imperial College London at , University College London at and the London School of Economics and Political Science at - but each has fallen slightly on last yearrsquo;s ranking.  三所伦敦的大学位列排行榜前三分之一-伦敦帝国学院(名)、伦敦大学学院(名)以及伦敦政治经济学院(名)-但这三所学校相比去年,名次均有小幅下滑  University of Edinburgh (38th), Kingrsquo;s College London (3rd), University of Manchester (joint 9th), London Business School (between 81st and 90th) and University of Warwick (between 81st and 90th) also made the top 0 global reputation ranking.  爱丁堡大学(38名)、伦敦大学国王学院(3名)、曼彻斯特大学(并列9名)、伦敦商学院(81到90名之间)以及华威大学(81到90名之间)也进入全球声誉大学百强名单  The University of Bristol and Durham University have fallen out of the top 0, bringing the UKrsquo;s total number of universities in the rankings to - down from last year.  布里斯托大学和杜伦大学未能进入百强名单,因而英国进入百强榜单的大学为所-相比去年的所有所下降  The top institutions by reputation are:  声誉最佳大学前十强:  1.Harvard University, US  1.哈佛大学,美国  .Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US  .麻省理工学院,美国  3.Stand University, US  3.斯坦福大学,美国  .University of Cambridge, UK  .剑桥大学,英国  5.University of Oxd, UK  5.牛津大学,英国  6.University of Calinia, Berkeley, US  6.加州大学伯克利分校,美国  7.Princeton University, US  7.普林斯顿大学,美国  8.Yale University, US  8.耶鲁大学,美国  9.Columbia University, US  9.哥伦比亚大学,美国  .Calinia Institute of Technology, US  .加州理工学院,美国  Diminishing permancersquo;  表现退步  THE rankings editor Phil Baty said the UK had lost ground this year.  THE排名编辑费尔巴蒂说,英国今年有所退步  ;Even the countryrsquo;s most prestigious institutions have slipped, with the universities of Cambridge and Oxd each dropping two places to fourth and fifth place respectively,; he said.  ;全英最有声望的院校竟然也下滑了,剑桥和牛津都退步了两名,排到了第四和第五;他说  ;The UKrsquo;s diminishing permance occurs as institutions in Asia rapidly rise up the table - the continent has representatives, up from last year.;  ;英国表现退步,而亚洲学府却表现优异-亚洲有所高校入选,而去年只有所;  Mr Baty said cuts to higher education funding and a series of immigration measures affecting overseas students were ;starting to have an impact; on the UKrsquo;s global reputation.  巴蒂先生说,高等教育经费减少以及一系列影响海外学生的移民措施对英国的全球声誉;开始产生影响;  ;The UK will have to ensure that it can still draw in talent and investment from across the world and it does not lose its position at the heart of higher educationrsquo;s global elite,; he added.  ;英国必须确保这个国家还能继续吸引全球的人才及投资,而不会失去它在全球高等教育精英中心的地位;他补充  Asia snapping at heelsrsquo;  亚洲紧随其后  Dr Wendy Piatt, director general of the Russell Group of leading universities, said the UK had some of the very best universities in the world, but it was ;no time to rest on our laurels;.  罗素集团大学总经理温迪皮亚特士说,英国拥有一些世界顶尖的大学,但它;不能坐吃山空;  ;These rankings can be seen as a warning that the rest of the world is catching up with us and Asian universities, in particular, are snapping at our heels.  ;这些排名可以看作是一个警告,世界其他大学正紧紧跟随我们,尤其是亚洲大学,正紧随其后;  ;We risk losing out on further business and overseas funding unless there is greater investment in our world-class universities and a more risk-based, proportionate approach to regulation.  ;除非在我们的世界级大学上有更多投资,以及采取更加基于风险和更加均衡的管理方法,否则我们将面临着失去进一步商业和海外投资的机会  ;Our key international competitors recognise that world-class universities are central to their success.;  ;国际上我们的主要竞争对手也承认,世界一流大学对我们的成功是至关重要的;。
  • 友谊的巨轮:挪威送芬兰一座山当百岁生日礼物! --30 :59:31 来源: 友谊地久天长!芬兰即将迎来独立0周年纪念日,邻国挪威闻讯打算送给芬兰一座山峰! Thinking of giving a little summit to your neighbor a 0th birthday present? What about a mountain?你能想象送一座小山包给你的邻居当0岁生日礼物吗?一座山呢?Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg said this week her government was considering a proposal to move the country’s border 0 meters (about 0 feet) -- gifting Finland a mountain its 0 years of independence in .挪威首相厄纳·索尔伯格本周表示说,她的政府正在考虑一项议案,移动该国边界0米(约合0英尺)--从而在年的时候将一座山峰送给芬兰当做独立0周年的礼物"So far I have not made any decisions, but we are looking into this matter," Solberg told state broadcaster NRK.索尔伯格对挪威国家广播电台NRK说道:“到目前为止我还没有做出任何决定,但是我们正在考虑这件事”The proposal follows a public campaign on Facebook to give Finland the Halditcohkka peak of Halti Mountain. The mountain sits on the border between the two countries -- with its peak on the Norwegian side.这份议案来源于Facebook上的一项公开活动,将哈尔蒂亚山的Halditcohkka峰给与芬兰这座山位于挪威和芬兰两国的边界线上--峰顶在挪威一侧By shifting the border slightly, the summit, measuring 1,331 meters (,366 feet), would instead reside in Finland.通过移动些许边界,山顶(31米高,约合366英尺高)将会属于芬兰While Norway has many high mountains, its neighbor is a little more vertically challenged. Should the proposal go ahead, the Halditcohkka peak would become Finland’s highest point.虽然挪威拥有许多高山,但是其邻国芬兰却多为低地如果这份议案被通过,Halditcohkka峰将成为芬兰最高山"We have a lot of mountains, and this is just a small mountaintop," said Sondre Lund, a Norwegian student who set up the initial Facebook campaign.最初在Facebook上发起这项活动的是一位名叫桑德里·伦德的挪威学生,他说道:“我们拥有许多山,而这只不过是一个小山顶”"It’s such a small thing, but such a big thing also. All the Nordic countries have great relations; this is just a part of that."“这是一件非常小的事,也是一件非常大的事所有的北欧国家都有很好的关系;而这(个行为)只是这个关系的一部分”Lund was inspired by Bj?rn Geirr Harsson, a retired employee of the Norwegian Mapping Authority who suggested the idea while taking border measurements in 197.伦德之所以有此想法是因为受到了比约恩·盖尔·哈桑的启发,哈桑是挪威测绘局的一名退休员工,他曾在197年从事边界测量时提出这个想法"I was taken aback by why on earth (Finland) had not received this peak," Harsson told The Local, a Norwegian English-language newspaper.哈桑对挪威一份英语报纸《本地人说道:“我当时很吃惊,芬兰到底是为什么没有接管这个山峰呢?”"It would barely be noticeable ( Norway). And I’m sure the Finns would greatly appreciate getting it."“对于挪威来说,失去这座山峰的影响几乎察觉不到但是我肯定芬兰人会非常感激得到它”。
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