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The USS Conestoga departed San Francisco Bay for Pearl Harbor in March 1921 and vanished , the boat never made it to Hawaii, and the 56-man crew was declared lost.1921年3月,Conetoga号战船在离开旧金山湾前往夏威夷的途中消失,船只没有抵达夏威夷,56名船员宣布失踪。however it recently has been found by a team of government researchers off the San Francisco coast. 然而最近一组政府研究人员在旧金山海岸发现了它。The discovery process began in when a coastal survey documented a possible shipwreck near the islands. 发现过程始于年,一岸线测量在岛屿附近记录了可能失事船只。In October 2015, a joint NOAA and Navy mission confirmed the Conestogas identity.2015年十月,美国国家海洋大气局和海军代表团确认了Conestoga的身份。译文属。201603/433119Along with other predators,the parents search far offshore for dense shoals of fish.同其他捕食者,海鸟父母远离海岸,到鱼群密集的浅滩处寻找食物。Here, sharks, tuna, and seabirds are competing for a tight ball of fish thatll last just a few minutes.这里鲨鱼,金鱼,海鸟激烈争夺者,只会持续几分钟的紧紧的一团鱼。The birds rely on sharks and tuna to drive the smaller fish closer to the surface.海鸟依赖于鲨鱼和金鱼,把小鱼赶到靠近水面的地方。Their chicks very survival depends on their success.小鸟依靠它们的成功才得以存活下去。A hungry young booby waits patiently for its parents to return.一个饥饿的小鲣鸟耐心的等待它的父母返回。This time its lucky.这次它非常幸运。Theyve flown in with plenty of food.它们带回了非常多的食物。By late summer,Raine Island is the largest nursery on the Great Barrier Reef,with seabird chicks growing on top of the sand and turtle eggs developing underneath.到了夏末,雷恩岛是大堡礁上最大的托儿所,小海鸟在沙滩上生长,同时海龟蛋在沙滩下孵化。But Raine is not the only island with nesting seabirds,on Heron Island, shearwater parents return not at sunset,but after dark.但是雷恩岛并不是唯一的有海鸟筑巢的地方,在海龙岛上,剪水鹱父母并不在日落时返回,而是在天黑之后。 译文属201512/414521

I do the dance.All right.We are back with the first lady of the ed States.我要跳舞了 好的 欢迎回来 我们今天有幸请来了美国第一夫人I dont know if you created this dance.I did not. Ok, but you know it very well.我不确定是不是你创造了这舞蹈 才没有 好吧 但你对这舞很熟Youve rehearsed it, youve practiced it,你有排练过 有练习过and uh-its part of the.. ;Lets move; Campaign. Yes.而且它算是 ;动起来;运动 是的Its important to move, important to dance,so...运动和跳舞都很重要 所以I got the dance steps the same time you got the dance steps.我跟你同时拿到的舞步指导So dont even try it!All right. Dont try to set it up!All right.所以别想找借口 好吧 别想先找台阶下 好吧We brought in some help for this dance,我们为这舞找了一些帮手Please welcome mentors Twitch and Travis Wall.让我们欢迎导师特维奇和特维斯·沃尔Along with the ;So you think you can Dance; Dancers.还有;舞魅天下;的舞者们Ok, y? Yeah.Hit it.Wait wait wait.. I lost my mic pack.好的 准备好了没 好了 开始 等等 等下 我的麦掉了The microphone.I could taken you down. Oh wait!麦克风 我本来可以趁机拿下你的 -等一下You see, yeah.It was that hip thrust. It was that.你看吧 对吧 是因为甩臀的动作 就是那个Is it gonna stay? Cause there is some hip thrusting!能固定住吗 因为有好多甩臀的动作Yes!So, there is a lot of it.Hey, if my mic falls, I may stop it.好了 好吧 有好多这种动作 如果我的麦掉了 我可能就停下来了All right, lets try it again.好吧 我们再试一次 /201602/427162

Nuts, botanically speaking, are made up of both the seed itself and a hard outer layer that is the fruit, which does not split open when ripe.从植物学角度上讲,坚果是由坚硬果皮和内含种子组成的果实。成熟时外壳也不会开裂。Some examples of true nuts are acorns, hazelnuts and chestnuts.比如橡果,榛子和栗子等就是这样的坚果。Walnuts, pecans and almonds, in contrast, are edible seeds from a bigger fruit.相比之下,核桃、胡桃和杏仁则是种子可以食用更大一点的水果。Most of the inedible fruit is removed at harvest so when you buy walnuts and almonds in the shell, youre buying the seeds enclosed in woody endocarp, which is the remaining layer of the fruit wall.大多数不宜食用的水果会在收获时被剔除,因此当你购买到带壳的核桃和杏仁,你实际上买的是仍然在果皮层,封装在木质、坚硬内果皮里面的种子。Brazil nuts are also seeds.同样巴西坚果也是种子。They come from a capsule like fruit, in which several of the triangular seeds grow inside, arranged like the segments of an orange.巴西坚果有类似水果的荚,内部是三角形形状的种子,就像橙子瓣一样排列。Peanuts are the seeds of a legume, or member of the bean family.花生是豆类的种子,或者豆家族的成员。Pistachios, cashews, macadamias and pine nuts are all seeds rather than nuts.开心果、腰果、夏威夷果、松子都是种子,而非坚果。 201411/343414When we talk about immigrant communities in Detroit, the Hmong dont usually come up in that conversation.The ethnic group from Southeast Asia began settling in Northeast Detroits Osborn neighborhood in the years after the Vietnam War.More recently, many of Detroits Hmong families have left the city for Warren, Center Line and Sterling Heights. There are, however, still Hmong families living in Osborn, like the Changs.Richard Chang moved to the ed States from a refugee camp in Thailand in 1976. He and his family bounced from Minnesota to Washington, and then eventually to Detroit in 1981. ;Because the economy in Michigan was really good,; Chang remembers.At the time, he was a teenager, attending what was formerly known as Osborn High. After the first wave of Hmong families settled in Osborn, the Detroit Public High School had a student body that was, according to one former teacher, one-third Hmong. After high school, Richard Chang got married, found a job, and started a family. In 1996, they left Detroit for Warren. Better schools, better neighborhoods. Not an uncommon story.But then Chang lost his job with Ford in 2008 and couldnt keep up with Warrens property taxes. So the family moved back to Osborn and bought a house for ,000. By the time he returned to his old neighborhood, many of Richard Changs Hmong neighbors were gone.;Used to be this street,; he says as he walks me around his block, ;All the way to 7 Mile, a lot of Hmong people live here. Now they all sold.;Mika Chang (left) with her sisters Bea, Kallia, Shannon and her nephew, Vincent.Though there are still Hmong people living in Detroit, the numbers have significantly dwindled. From 2000 to 2010, the Hmong population in Osborn dropped from around 1,700 to 500. Today, Richard Changs daughter, Mika, is the only Hmong student in her 10th grade at Osborn Collegiate Academy of Mathematics, Science and Technology. Osborn MST is a DPS school that used to be part of the old Osborn High. In , the large high school was divided into three small schools: Osborn MST, Osborn Evergreen Academy and Osborn College Preparatory Academy.Talking about living in Detroit, 15 year-old Mika Chang is blunt.;This places sucks. I cant ride my bike anymore,; she says. ;The neighborhoods not safe enough. I like to ride my bike in a safe place.;She also misses her old school and classmates in Warren.;I feel dumb. We dont learn anything at all. I used to be as smart as my friend Alexis. Or maybe even smarter. And on the same par as my friend Amy whos a straight A student. Now when I see their work, Im like what is this!? I dont really blame the teacher. I dont blame the students either. I dont know who to blame.;There are some bright spots at Osborn MST, Chang explains, like her Spanish teacher, Mr. Peck.;He is the best Spanish teacher Ive ever had in my life. I know more Spanish probably than I do Hmong. Honestly I would make him teacher of the year.;Mika is thinking about leaving Mr. Peck and MST for Osborn Evergreen next year. Shes got the ACT test coming up. And she thinks Evergreens math teachers are better than Osborn MST – a school where ;math; is right in the name. But Mika says what she really wants it to feel like shes getting as good an education as her old friends in Warren are getting.201504/371816Kansas and Missouri肯萨斯和密苏苏里The new border war新边境之战Missouri calls for an economic truce with Kansas密苏苏里提出与肯萨斯达成经济休战协定I hear the tax breaks are good in Kansas听说肯萨斯州有好的税收减免政策MISSOURI and Kansas are old rivals. In the 1850s thousands of Missourians rode into Kansas, seized polling stations at gunpoint and fraudulently elected pro-slavery candidates. The efforts of these “border ruffians” were a prelude to the civil war.密苏苏里和肯萨斯是一对老冤家。在1850年代,千万密苏苏里人涌入肯萨斯州,抢占他们口下的投票站,公然欺骗地投选持奴隶制的候选人。这些边境恶棍的努力同样阻止了内战的爆发。Today the rivalry is less bloody. Both states offer tax incentives to lure in companies from elsewhere. Because they share a large metropolitan region, Kansas City, many firms qualify for such breaks simply by shifting a mile or two over the border.如今的对抗少了点血腥。双方都拿出税费刺激计划,吸引四面八方的公司。由于大都市肯萨斯城横跨两州,许多公司为了有资格拿到这样的税收减免,会通常把公司移一两英里跨过边界。Looking at the biggest type of sweetener, the Hall Family Foundation, a charity, estimates that over the past five years the two state governments have forgone 7m in taxes. Some 3,289 jobs have been tempted across the metropolitan border to Kansas; Missouri has won 2,824 jobs back. Kansas can therefore claim to be “winning”. But local reports suggest that CBIZ, a Kansan consulting firm, is considering moving to Missouri; that would erase this lead.霍尔家族基金会慈善组织推测,在过去的五年间,两州政府分别放弃了2亿1700万的税收。肯萨斯州吸引了大约3289个职位,密苏苏里州则抢到了2824个,因此肯萨斯可以说是胜利的一方。但当地媒体表示,肯萨咨询公司CBIZ有意移到密苏苏里州,如果一旦成功,领先将会不复存在。None of this border-ruffianry creates new jobs. Locals gripe that when, for example, AMC Theatre recently moved its headquarters out of downtown Kansas City, Missouri, its staff simply had a longer commute to work. Sly James, the mayor of Kansas City, Missouri, describes the new border war as “short-sighted”. Kevin Collison, a reporter for the Kansas City Star, calls it “cannibalistic”.边境恶棍们并没有创造新的就业机会。当地人抱怨称,最近AMC电影院从密苏苏里肯萨斯城市中心迁走时,只不过它的员工们花费在上下班的时间更长了些。该市市长斯莱·詹姆斯认为这是一场没有远见的边境之战。肯萨斯城星光的一名记者Kevin Collision称之为自相残杀。A few years ago local business leaders from 17 companies, including Sprint and Hallmark Cards, wrote to Jay Nixon, the governor of Missouri, and Sam Brownback, his counterpart in Kansas, to warn them that the rift was harming the area. In the past month, a truce has started to look likelier. Majorities in the Missouri House and Senate have approved versions of a bill that would bar incentives for businesses near the border to hop over it. The catch, though, is that this law will go into effect only if Kansas reciprocates. There is a two-year window for a deal to be done.几年前,包括来自Sprint和Hallmark Cards在内的当地17家公司的总裁们向密苏苏里州长杰·尼克森联同肯萨斯州州长萨姆·布朗巴克写信警告这种裂痕正危害着这个地方。过去数月里,双方好像可以签署一份休战协定。多数密苏苏里议员同意签署一项法案旨在禁止边界贸易刺激方案。然而该方案有一缺陷,要想该法案有效,必须得到肯萨斯州同样的做法。在达成协议之前有两年的窗口期。Missouri Senator Ryan Silvey, a Republican who is sponsoring the Senate version of the bill, says he is confident the House will soon pick up and pass his version. Over in Kansas, Mr Brownback is guardedly optimistic. He says he has thought for some time that “ceasefire negotiations” were needed, and that this bill is a “necessary condition for us to negotiate”. Mr Brownback says that ceasefire discussions ought to consider all the tools used to encourage economic development on both sides of the border. These would include income and property taxes.密苏苏里州民主党议员莱恩·希尔威尔持这项法案,他表示对国会审议通过这样法案有信心。而肯萨斯州方面,布朗巴克对此保持着谨慎的乐观,他说停火谈判的必要性已经在他脑子里有一段时间了,这部法案为我们谈判提供了必要的条件。停火谈判应该考虑边界双方共同的经济发展刺激方式。这其中就包括财产和所得税。It is difficult to understand why either state would want to continue throwing money at a scheme that benefits only the companies that move. Mr Silvey explains: “When people feel like they are locked in competition they just want to win, even when the competition is stupid.” Since Missouris annual budget is billion to Kansass billion, some Missourians ask why their state does not simply outspend its neighbour to win the war. Mr Silvey says that if an agreement is not reached in the next few years, his colleagues will want to “go with both barrels” and steal more business from Kansas. Move quickly Kansas, or the border ruffians may yet ride again.我们仍然弄不清楚,为什么苏肯两州会继续撒钱来持只有迁移的企业才会受益的方案。希尔威尔解释道,当人们感觉到自己受困于竞争,他们总是很想赢,尽管这是一场傻傻的斗。相比140亿美元的年度预算,密苏苏里州每年有达260亿美元预算。一些密苏苏里人问,为什么就不能仅仅靠相对高的预算来赢得胜利。他指出,如果未来几年内仍达成协议,他的同僚们会带着,从肯萨斯州抢些生意。肯萨斯快快行动!边境恶棍又要来了!译者:邵玄 译文属译生译世 /201601/424504

Charter Schools特许学校Big, not easy大,但并不简单Revolution and innovation in some of Americas toughest neighbourhoods美国的一些“老大难”街区的改革和创新AS PUPILS file into their classroom at Kipp Renaissance, a high school in a battered corner of north-east New Orleans, each one stops to shake the hand of a history teacher. “Changes”, a rap song by Tupac about the struggles of being poor and black in America, plays quietly in the background. Within a minute or two, the dozen teenagers—all black—are busily filling in test papers. Soon afterwards, Mr Kullman, the teacher, begins rapping himself—hopping around the room demanding quick-fire answers to questions about the civil war. Pupils shout back answers in chorus.知力复兴(Kipp Renaissance)高中座落在新奥尔良东北角的一个破旧的角落里,那儿小学生们排队进入他们的教室,每个人还要停下来和历史老师握手。“改变”,是一首来自Tupac的饶舌歌曲,悄然地播放在校园中,讲述关于在美国穷困的黑人如何生存。几分钟内,那群黑人青少年就忙于填写测试答卷。很快,考尔曼老师开始开始唱起Rap,在教室里小幅跳动着,要求学生快速回答关于内战的问题。学生们则不整齐地回答出来。Kipp Renaissance is one of New Orleanss newer high schools. Since Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005, only six traditional public schools, directly run by the city, remain. Instead 94% of pupils now attend charter schools, which are publicly funded but run by independent non-profit organisations such as Kipp (in full, the “Knowledge is Power Programme”).知力复兴高中是新奥尔良市一所历史较短的高中。自从2005年卡特里娜飓风袭击后,直属市辖的高中仅剩下六所传统的公立学校。取而代之的是94%的小学生现在都报名特许学校,这些学校是由公众资助,但由独立非盈利性组织例如知力经营(全称是,“知识就是力量项目”)。Change began in 2003, when Louisiana created a Recovery School District (RSD) to take over and turn around failing schools across the state. Katrina dramatically accelerated the process: the RSD now controls most schools in New Orleans. Since 2008 alone, it has closed about 50 and presided over the opening of an equal number of charters. The district organises admissions and expulsions, and helps allocate school buildings. But staffing, teacher training, transport, catering and much else are left in the hands of schools and the charter chains which run them.改变从2003年开始了,那时路易斯安那州创办了一个叫复原学校街区(RSD)组织,目的是取代并扭转整个州立失败的教育。卡特里娜飓风戏剧性地加速了这一进程:RSD现在经营新奥尔良市大部分学校。从2008年一年来说,它关闭了将近50所学校并主持开班了同样数量的特许学校。街区制定了准入令和驱逐令,帮助分配学校建筑。但是员工雇佣,教师培训,交通,饮食提供和很多其他的事情都被下放到学校掌管,连锁的特许学校经营它们。A decade ago, teachers in New Orleans were demoralised. The citys school district had eight different superintendents in the decade to 2005, none of whom managed to curb corruption or control waste. Affluent whites had fled the system: before Katrina New Orleans was roughly 67% black and 28% white, yet only 6% of public-school pupils were not black.十年前,新奥尔良市的老师士气低沉。市里学校街区竟在2005年之前十年有八个主管,没有人遏制腐败或是控制浪费。富裕的白人则逃离这一系统:在卡特里娜飓风来临之前新奥尔良市有大概67%的黑人和28%的白人,然而只有6%的公公学校的学生不是黑人。Under the new regime, schools have sharply improved. In 2004 just 16.5% of pupils in New Orleanss schools beat Louisianas state performance score; by the end of the most recent school year, 31.1% did, according to the Cowen Institute at Tulane University. High-school graduation rates have risen from 55% before Katrina to 73% now; drop-out rates have fallen by half.在新策略下,学校则大幅改观。2004年,新奥尔良市只有16.5%的小学生达到了路易斯安那州成绩考核;在最新的学年里,根据杜兰大学科文中心数据,31.1%的学生做到了。高中毕业生比例从卡特里娜前的55%增至现在73%;辍学人数则下降了一半。After Katrina, most of New Orleanss 7,500 unionised teachers were, in effect, fired. Charter schools have hired some back—but they have also hired plenty of new, young ambitious teachers, often straight out of college, who work the long days and extra hours without complaint.在卡特里娜之后,新奥尔良市7,500名教师中大部分实际上被解雇。特许学校返聘了一部分回来——但他们也雇佣了很多新的、年轻有志的老师们,通常是刚从大学毕业,可以工作很久、加班没有怨言。The ability to choose a school matters less than you might expect. Autonomy and central scrutiny matter more. New Orleanss charter schools are probably more closely watched than public schools ever were, and those that fail to meet targets do not get their charters renewed. With academic targets set centrally, schools tend to agree on what works best.择校能力仅仅和你可能预想中的部分相关。自治权和中央审核关联更大。新奥尔良市的特许学校可能会比以前的公公学校受更紧的监察,那些无法达标的学校无法更新特许件。将完成学术目标设立为中心,学校倾向于许可工作最好的部分。The challenge now is whether improvement can be sustained. On national tests, Louisiana still comes last or nearly last on a range of measures. What the state deems “mastery” of a subject barely passes for acceptable in other states: by the standards of Massachusetts or Maine, schools in New Orleans remain terrible. Middle-class whites still mostly send their children to private schools.现在面临的困难是进步能否被保持住。在国家性考试中,路易斯安那州仍然垫底或是在一定范围检测里将近垫底。这个州里被认为是高级学科的课程在其他州仅仅被认为是可以接受的课程:通过对比马萨诸塞州和缅因州,新奥尔良的学校仍然很渣。中产阶级白人们仍然可能将他们的孩子送往私立学校。One worry is money. Before Katrina, spending per pupil in New Orleans was 7,900 per year, about the same as in Louisiana at large. Last year the figure was 12,797—much more than the state average. Federal money, doled out to help rebuild after the hurricane, now pays for repairing almost all the citys school buildings. But it will not last for ever.另一担心则是钱的问题。卡特里娜之前,每个小学生身上每年花销7,900刀,路易斯安那州每个小学生基本相同。去年这个数字是12,797刀—远远超出其他州平均水准。用于救助灾后重建的联邦拨款现在正应付着修建城里的学校建筑。但是这不会持续到永远。At some point, the citys overworked teachers may begin to struggle. Some critics say reform has been imposed paternalistically by white reformers on black communities, and so has only limited support. Yet in a vote on December 6th a new tax for school maintenance was easily approved by the citys voters. They, and their children, seem to like what they are getting.某些观点上,城里过度劳累的老师们可能开始抗议。一些批评家认为改革是白人改革者家长式作风,强加于黑人社区,而且持效果有限。然而在11月6日的城市投票中,针对学校维修的新税法投票中被轻易审核批准。他们以及他们的子女看来是喜欢正享受的东西。By:彭威 译文属译生译世 /201412/349264Most of us are cautious eaters.大多数人对吃的东西都很谨慎。If youre munching grapes, youll probably skip one thats allshriveled and discolored in favor of the round, healthy ones.比如在吃葡萄时,你会选择圆圆的,健康的葡萄而不是那些枯萎变色的。Likewise, when you choose a can of food at the supermarket,youll likely choose one thats exactly can-shaped, not one thatsmisshapen and swollen.同样地,当你在超市挑选罐装食品时,会选择包装完好的罐头,而不是那些畸形或膨胀的。Theres a good reason for this.这样做是有原因的。A can of food can swell for two separate reasons.罐装食品膨胀有两种不同的原因。The first is what food scientists call “hydrogenswelling,” and it only happens to cans of acidic food such as tomatoes or citrus fruit.第一种就是食品科学家所说的“氢膨胀”,只有装有酸性食品的罐头才会发生这种现象,比如西红柿或柑橘类的水果。The acids in the food begin to attack and dissolve the metal lining of the can, and one of the by-products of this chemical reaction is hydrogen gas.食品中的酸性物质开始溶解罐的金属内层,这种化学反应会产生氢气。Because the can is sealed, the gas builds up,causing the can to swell.由于罐是密封的,气体逐渐积聚起来,使罐头膨胀。The second reason a can swells is the result of poorly processed food.第二种原因是糟糕加工的结果。Before its canned, foodneeds to be sterilized to remove all the potentially dangerous microorganisms-especially thosethat can live inside a can without oxygen.在装罐之前,食品需要消毒,消除所有潜在的不安全微生物,特别是那些能够在无氧条件下生存的微生物。If some of these organisms are left behind, they can thrive in the can, spoiling the food and givingoff carbon dioxide gas.如果这些生物留在罐头内,它们会大量繁殖,使食物变质产生二氧化碳气体。In this case, carbon dioxide causes the can to swell.在这种情况下,就会是罐头膨胀。Standing in the supermarket aisle, theres no way you can tell whether a can is swollen because of hydrogen or carbon dioxide gas, but that really shouldnt matter.站在超市的走道上,我们没有办法辨别罐头膨胀是由于氢气还是二氧化碳,但也没关系。Assume that the food has spoiled, inform the store manager, and choose a healthy, can-shapedcan instead.假如食品已经变质,告诉商店的经理,然后选择一罐好的就可以了。 201409/331017

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