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2019年09月19日 00:01:15

A Moscow court on Sunday charged two men with alleged involvement in the murder of opposition politician Boris Nemtsov and confirmed the arrest of three other suspects.周日,莫斯科一家法庭指控两名男子涉嫌参与谋杀俄罗斯反对派政治人物鲍里#8226;涅姆佐夫(Boris Nemtsov),并实还逮捕了另外三名嫌疑人。Zaur Dadayev, deputy commander of the “NorthBattalion, a unit of the Chechen security services under the patronage of the Caucasus republic’s leader Ramzan Kadyrov, had admitted his involvement in the crime, said Judge Natalia Mushnikova.法官纳塔利娅#8226;穆什尼科Natalia Mushnikova)表示,绍#8226;达达耶夫(Zaur Dadayev)已承认参与了这一犯罪活动。达达耶夫是“北”营(;North; Battalion)的副指挥官。“北”营是俄罗斯车臣共和国领导人拉姆#8226;卡德罗夫(Ramzan Kadyrov)持的车臣安全部门旗下的一个小分队。Anzor Gubashev, a cousin of Mr Dadayev, was also indicted but said he was not guilty.达达耶夫的表兄弟安佐#8226;古巴舍夫(Anzor Gubashev)也受到了指控,不过他声称自己无罪。The court said Mr Dadayev was to remain in custody until at least April 28. It also extended the detention of Mr Gubashev’s brother Shagit Gubashev, Khamzat Bakhayev and Tamerlan Eskerkhanov until early May. All three men said they were innocent.法庭表示,达达耶夫将至少被羁押8日。法庭还将沙吉特#8226;古巴舍夫(Shagit Gubashev)、哈姆扎#8226;巴哈耶夫(Khamzat Bakhayev)和塔梅尔#8226;埃斯克尔哈诺Tamerlan Eskerkhanov)三人的羁押期延长月初。这三人均声称自己无罪。沙吉特#8226;古巴舍夫是安佐尔#8226;古巴舍夫的兄弟。The rapid presentation of suspects, all apparently from the North Caucasus, and an alleged confession especially after police initially struggled to find even the getaway car stirred new debate among government critics.几名嫌疑人似乎都来自北高加索。鉴于警方最初连逃跑的汽车都很难找到,如今却这么快就揪出了嫌疑人、而且据传已有嫌疑人招认,这在俄罗斯政府的批评者中引发了新的争论。来 /201503/363056泉州地区复合彩光祛老年斑哪家医院好China has closed down nearly 70;illegal; golf courses, a government statement said, in what appearsto be the first sign of enforcement of a decade-old ban.中国关闭了将0座的;非法;高尔夫球场,一份政府声明中说道,这貌似是对十年之久的禁令进行首次执行。The announcement by Chinas ministry ofland and resources comes amid a high-profile anti-graft campaigr spear headed by President Xi Jinping, which has seen crackdowns on banquets, lavish gift-giving and other of ficial excesses.中国国土资源部的这份声明正值习近平主席高调的反腐败行动。宴会,奢侈的送礼以及其他官方过度开销都被打压。The ruling Communist Party has long had an ambivalent relationship with golf, which is both a lucrative o pportunity forlocal authorities and a favoured pastime of some officials, but closely associated with weal th and Western elites.中共一直以来都对高尔夫有矛盾看法,高尔夫对地方政府来说是个有利可图的机会,而对于一些官员来说是他们最喜欢的消但是又与财富和西方精英紧密相联;Presently, local governments have shut down a number of illegally-built golf courses, and preliminary resultshave been achieved in clean-up and rectification work,; the announcement on the ministrys website late Monday.“目前,地方政府已经关闭了好多非法建造的高尔夫球场,清理和矫正工作已经获得了初步的结果,”该部门网站上的这份声明中如此写到。Three of the 66 ;illegal; golf courses listed by the ministry are in Beijing. Eight are in the eastern province of Shandong, while the southern and southwestern provinces ofGuangdong and Yunnan are home to six each.其中3;非法;高尔夫球场位于北京,8座位于山东,广东和云南分别有6座。Even the tropical island province of Hainan-- considered the capital of the sport in China -- has not been spared, with three unsanctioned courses shut down, according to the statement.即使是作为中国体育之都的海南省也没能逃脱,有三座未经批准的高尔夫球场被关闭。It did not give a time period for theclosures.声明中没有说明关闭的时间是多长。Central authorities ordered a nationwide moratorium on new courses in 2004, but development continued #163; revenue-minded local officials went their own way, even offering tax breaks for operators of new courses in places such as Hainan.2004年中央政府要求在全国范围内停止建设新的高尔夫球场,但是并没有停下来,因为热衷收入的地方官员自行其,甚至给新球场的营运者提供税收减免,比如在海南。Government officials keen on joining golf clubs often do so under false names, wary of being perceived as corrupt or out-of-touch, according to author Dan Washburn, who has written a book on Chinas relationshi| with the sport.根据作家DanWashburn的看他写了一本有关中国与高尔夫球关系的书籍),由于不想被别人认为是腐败人士或者特权人,喜欢打高尔夫的官员一般都会以假名字加入俱乐部。No reason was given by the land resources ministry for the facilities closure, but water and environmental concerns were cited among the factors that drove the 2004 ban.国土资源部没有给出关闭这些高尔夫球场的理由,但是2004年禁止建造新球场时提到了水资源和环境破坏等因素。Nonetheless the number of courses in China has flourished, from fewer than 200 in 2004 to more than 600 at present, according to the official Xinhua news agency.中国的高尔夫球场的数量确实增加了很多,从2004年的不到200座到现在00多座,这是新华社提供的数据。来 /201503/367435泉州快速祛色素斑哪家医院好In a historic moment on June 26, the US Supreme Court ruled that same-sex marriage is a legal right across all 50 states. The Supreme Court justices ruled states cannot deny gay men and women the same marriage rights. The decision means the 13 states with bans on same-sex marriage are no longer able to enforce them.66日是一个历史性的时刻,美国最高法院裁决同性婚姻在全美50个州全部合法。美国最高法院大法官裁定任何一个州都不能剥夺同性男女获得平等婚姻权利。这也意味着之前美国13个州对同性婚姻的禁令失去效应。Same-sex couples “ask for equal dignity in the eyes of the law Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote in the majority opinion: “The Constitution grants them that right.”大法官安东#8226;肯尼迪在意见书中这样写到:同性情侣“寻求法律保障下的平等的尊严,而宪法也将赋予他们这份权利。”The decision came after decades of litigation and activism. It set off celebrations across the US. In affected states including Georgia, Michigan, Ohio and Texas, same-sex couples rushed to wed, while officials in Mississippi and Louisiana said marriages had to wait until procedural issues were addressed, reported the B.该裁决是几十年来不断的诉讼与行动的结果。庆祝的热潮正席卷全美。据B报道,在裁决生效的诸多州包括乔治亚州、密歇根州、俄亥俄州和德克萨斯州,大批同性情侣涌去登记结婚,而密西西比州和路易斯安那州的官员则表示还需等待一些程序问题的处理。According to “The New York Times the ruling came against the backdrop of fast-moving changes in public opinion in the US, with polls indicating that most Americans now approve of same-sex marriage.据《纽约时报》报道,通过这项裁决也能看出美国快速变化的公众舆论,民调显示现在大多数美国人都认同同性婚姻。US President Barack Obama welcomed the ruling, saying it “affirms what millions of Americans aly believe in their hearts.“Today,he said in a press release, “we can say, in no uncertain terms, that we have made our union a little more perfect.”美国总统奥巴马也持此项裁决,他表示“该裁决肯定了成千上万美国人内心已经相信的东西。”在新闻发布会上,他还说道:“今天,我们终于可以毫不含糊地说,我们让美利坚变得离完美更进一步。”Another win另一场胜利This was the second time the Supreme Court took up same-sex marriage, according to an article in “Business Insider The first time, in June 2013, the court made a decision that allowed the US federal government to recognize same-sex marriages in states where they were aly legal.据《商业内幕》的一篇文章所言,这其实是美国最高法院第二次受理同性婚姻合法化案件。第一次是013月,当时美国最高院裁定美国联邦政府承认已经允许同性婚姻的州同性婚姻合法。But at that time, the Supreme Court declined to rule on the broader question about gay marriage: Is there a constitutional right to same-sex marriage? The June 26 ruling gave a positive answer to that question.但当时,最高法院拒绝就更广泛的同性婚姻问题做出裁决—“同性婚姻是否享有宪法权利?”。不过今6日的裁决对这一问题给出了肯定的。Justice Kennedy wrote in the majority opinion that the Constitution should evolve with societal changes.肯尼迪大法官在意见书中写道:宪法应根据社会的变化而不断发展。“The nature of injustice is that we may not always see it in our own times,he wrote. “The generations that wrote and ratified the “Bill of Rightsand the “Fourteenth Amendmentdid not presume to know the extent of freedom in all of its dimensions, and so they entrusted to future generations a charter protecting the right of all persons to enjoy liberty as we learn its meaning.”他还写道:“公平的本质就是我们在有生之年也许总是难见。写出并批准《权利法案》与《第十四条修正案》的先贤们深知自己无法理解自由的全部方面,因此他们给后代委以重托,希望他们能保护所有人享受自由的权利,正如我们所了解的自由的含义。”The Fourteenth Amendment addresses citizenship rights and equal protection of the law. In the June 26 ruling, the Supreme Court declared that the equal protection clause of the amendment requires marriage rights be extended to same-sex couples, too.《第十四条修正案》赋予公民以权利,让他们享受法律的平等保护。今6日,美国最高法院宣布该修正案平等保护条款也要求将婚姻权利赋予同性情侣。来 /201507/384164An unmanned submersible is making a third attempt to find the wreckage of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 on the seabed of the southern Indian Ocean after earlier sorties ran into technical difficulties, authorities said Wednesday.有关方面周三表示,在早些时候的搜寻行动遇到技术性问题后,一艘无人潜航器正第三次扫描南印度洋海床,试图找到马来西亚航Malaysia Airlines) 370航班的残骸。The U.S. Navys Bluefin-21 was forced to resurface to rectify a technical problem part of the way into its 20-hour mission, Australias Joint Agency Coordination Centre, which is leading the multinational search operation, said in a statement. While aboard the Australian naval vessel Ocean Shield, its data was downloaded and found nothing related to the plane. The vehicle was later deployed and is continuing its underwater search.澳大利亚联合机构协调中心(Joint Agency Coordination Centre)在一份声明中称,此前美国海军“蓝21Bluefin-21)潜航器在执行20小时搜寻任务的途中被迫浮上水面,纠正遇到的一个技术性问题。不过,“蓝21”上的数据已经被下载,未找到与失联客机相关的物体。该潜航器之后重新入水,继续海底搜寻工作。It was the second such setback in an underwater search that began Monday. After completing about six hours of its first underwater search Monday, the submersible reached its operating depth limit of about 3 miles, and its built-in safety feature returned it to the surface, underscoring just how difficult its mission is. That search also found no evidence of the missing jet.这已经是海底搜寻工作周一启动以来第二次受挫。在周一完成了约六个小时的首次海底搜寻行动之后,“蓝21”潜航器达到了约3英里(约.8公里)的最大下潜深度,其内置的安全设备启动使其浮出水面,这凸显了此次任务的艰难程度。周一的搜寻行动也未能发现与失联客机相关的据。The search efforts primary goal remains recovering the Boeing 777s black box flight-data and cockpit-voice recorders. However, authorities in change of the recovery operation decided earlier this week to move to the submersible as it seemed increasingly likely the batteries powering the emergency locaters were dead and devices looking for pings would be useless.此次搜寻行动的首要目标仍然是打捞这架失联波音(Boeing) 777客机的“黑匣子”飞行数据和驾驶舱语音记录器。不过,负责此次打捞行动的有关方面本周早些时候决定使用无人潜航器,因为黑匣子电池电量耗尽的可能性似乎越来越大,继续探测脉冲信号将无法起到任何作用。The submersible is targeting an area where a black box locator device last week picked up the strongest in a series of electronic signals that authorities believe may have come from the missing plane.该潜航器正锁定一个目标区域,上周黑匣子定位仪探测到的一系列有关方面认为可能来自失联飞机黑匣子的电子信号中,该区域的信号最强There are a couple of areas of interest but the one we are going to search first is the ones with the strongest indications, said U.S. Navy Capt. Mark Matthews, who is coordinating the underwater search from Perth, in Western Australia state.美国海军上尉马修Mark Matthews)说,有几个区域受到关注,但他们率先搜寻的是探测到最强信号的区域。马修斯在西澳大利亚州的珀斯协调水下搜寻。A separate air and sea search of the ocean surface for plane debris continued Wednesday, with 11 military aircraft, three civil aircraft and 11 ships visual searching about 21,000 square miles of ocean.另外,空中和海上对海面飞机残骸的搜寻周三继续进行1架军用飞机架民用飞机和11艘船舶肉眼搜索海面大1,000平方英里(约4,390平方公里)的面积。Air Chief Marshal Angus Houston, who is leading the multinational search, said Monday that within three days, search crews will complete the search for floating material. After that, he said that portion of the operation may be called off.负责牵头多国搜索行动的澳大利亚空军上将休斯敦(Angus Houston)周一表示,搜寻队员将在三天内完成对漂浮物的搜寻。他说,之后这部分行动可能会结束。Simon Boxall, an oceanographer at the University of Southampton in the U.K., said that strong currents in the search are could have taken surface debris more than 600 miles from the original impact site.英国南安普顿大学(University of Southampton)海洋学家克索尔(Simon Boxall)表示,搜寻过程中的强大洋流可能将海面残骸带至距原始撞击地点00英里(约66公里)的地方。来 /201404/288638福建泉州欧菲整形医院有没有微信咨询

泉州市第一医院做整形多少钱福建省泉州市人民医院中医Security services have prevented seven attacks in the last six months, David Cameron said as he warned a Paris-style attack ;could happen here;.安保部门在过去的六个月中已经阻止了七起恐怖袭击,大卫.卡梅伦回应被警告巴黎那样的袭击“可能发生在英国”。The Prime Minister is meeting Vladimir Putin on the fringes of the G20 summit in Turkey as Western allies try to persuade the Russian president to co-operate in the international struggle against terror group Islamic State (IS) in the wake of attacks in Paris and Egypt.首相卡梅伦现正在土耳其举行的G20峰会上与普京会面,同时西方联盟正在努力说俄罗斯总统从巴黎和埃及的袭击中醒悟,参与到对抗IS恐怖集团的国际合作中。Mr. Cameron said he hoped the talks with the Russian president will be ;positive; and said there were hopeful signs that a political solution could be found but admitted there would be ;compromises;.卡梅伦现实说他希望和俄罗斯总统的对话将会带来积极的效果,还说很有可能找到政治上的解决方案,但是也承认可能会是折中方案。The terror spree in France ;was the sort of thing we warned about; in planning with the security services but such atrocities meant ;you have to go right back to the drawing board; to work out what more steps needed to be taken, he said.发生在法国的恐怖分子狂欢“正是我们警告的那一类事情”,我们正在和安保部门进行计划,但是做出这种暴行意味着“你们必须赶快回去想办法”怎么面对接下来的局面,他说。Asked if Britain was at war with IS, the premier said the UK stands in ;total solidarity; with France and would do ;everything we can; to defeat the jihadis.被问到英国是否会与IS交战时,总理说英国完全和法国站在同一战线,英国会做所有能做的事来打击圣战分子。The Prime Minister indicated he wanted to speed up plans for introducing new spying powers under the draft Investigatory Powers Bill, telling B Radio 4’s Today programme ;we should look at the timetable;.首相告诉B广播四台的今日栏目,他想要加快实施计划,将新间谍力量引入调查权利法案草案。He added: ;We have been aware of these cells operating in Syria that are radicalizing people in our own countries, potentially sending people back to carry out attacks.他补充道:“我们已经知道了”这些在叙利亚进行的组织把我们自己国家的人民变成激进分子然后再偷偷地把他们送回来让他们进行恐怖袭击;Our security and intelligence services have stopped something like seven attacks in the last six months, albeit attacks planned on a smaller scale.;“我们的安保和情报部门在过去的六个月里已经阻止了类似的七起袭击,虽然这些袭击规模比较小。”Mr. Cameron said he will not hold a vote on extending British military action into Syria until he knows he has the support to get it through because failing would be ;damaging; for Britain’s ;reputation in the world;.卡梅伦先生说除非他不会举行表决,将英国的军事行动扩展到叙利亚除非他知道他能得到持完成行动,因为一旦失败,会对英国在世界上的声望地位造成损害。He said: ;Isis doesn’t recognize a border between Iraq and Syria and neither should we. But I need to build the argument, I need to take it to Parliament, I need to convince more people.;他说:“ISIS不区分伊拉克和叙利亚的边界,那么我们也不应该区分。但是我需要建立共识,我需要把这个事拿到议会讨论,我需要说更多的人。”来 /201511/410159洛江区妇女医院专家挂号多少钱Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has fired the countrys highest ranking diplomat and replaced her with Indias ambassador to the ed States, a day after a successful visit to India by U.S. President Barack Obama.印度总理莫迪免去最高外交官史瓦拉吉的职务,并任命印度常驻联合国代表苏杰生接任。一天前,美国总统奥巴马对印度进行了一次成功的访问。Subrahmanyam Jaishankar took over as Indias foreign secretary Thursday.星期四,苏杰生就任印度外交国务秘书。Indian media reported that the appointment was Jaishankars reward for turning around Indias ties with Washington, including organizing Mr. Modis visit to Washington in September.印度媒体报道说,苏杰生改善了印美两国关系,包括安排莫迪于去年9月访问华盛顿。此次任命是对他的褒奖。India-U.S. ties suffered a set-back after New Delhis deputy consul general in New York, Devyanai Khobragade, was arrested in December 2013 on visa fraud charges. She left the ed States in January last year and now works in New Delhi.20132月,印度驻纽约副总领事柯布拉加德因被指伪造签而遭逮捕,此后美印关系出现倒退。柯布拉加德去年1月离开美国,目前在新德里就职。Jaishankar has previously served as Indias ambassador to China and Singapore.苏杰生曾担任印度驻华大使和驻新加坡大使。来 /201501/357186在泉州地区市第一医院祛痣

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