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  • US private equity firm KKR plans to sell SMCP to China’s Shandong Ruyi in a deal that values the French fashion group at 1.3bn including debt, according to people familiar with the matter. 知情人士称,美国私人股本公司KKR计划将SMCP出售给中国的山东如意,这笔交易对上述法国时尚集团估值13亿欧元(包括债务)。 The owner of the Sandro and Claudie Pierlot brands would become the latest European luxury target to fall into Chinese hands under an arrangement that would see the textile manufacturer buy KKR’s majority stake in SMCP. 拥有桑德罗(Sandro)和Claudie Pierlot等品牌的SMCP,将成为最新一个落入中资囊中的欧洲奢侈品目标。根据交易安排,身为纺织品制造商的山东如意将买下KKR在SMCP所持的多数股权。 The deal, expected to be announced today, would mark an abrupt reversal of plans for KKR. It said this month that it planned to list SMCP on the Paris stock exchange as early as this summer. 预计今日宣布的这笔交易,将标志着KKR的计划发生突变。它在3月早些时候曾表示,计划最早于今年夏天将SMCP在巴黎券交易所上市。 KKR declined to comment. The New York-based private equity group bought 65 per cent of SMCP three years ago from L Capital, the private-equity investing arm of French luxury group LVMH, and Florac, another buyout group, in a deal that valued SMCP at about 650m including debt. KKR拒绝置评。总部位于纽约的这家私人股本集团在三年前收购SMCP的65%股份,卖家是法国奢侈品集团路威酩轩(LVMH)的私人股本投资部门L Capital以及另一家收购集团Florac,那笔交易对SMCP估值6.5亿欧元(包括债务)。 The deal is the latest international foray by Shandong Ruyi, which in 2012 led an international consortium to buy Cubbie Station, an Australian cotton farm, for 2m. It had been in talks with SMCP before the flotation plans. 这笔交易是山东如意最新的境外收购行动。2012年,该公司曾牵头一个国际财团以2.32亿美元买下澳大利亚库比棉花农场(Cubbie Station)。该公司在SMCP上市计划出炉之前就开始与SMCP洽谈。 SMCP has enjoyed rapid growth in recent years as its labels tapped in to the accessible luxury market. SMCP近年享有快速增长,旗下品牌打入轻奢市场。 The group now has more than 1,100 stores worldwide including a recent expansion into Hong Kong and mainland China to cater to the region’s fast-growing middle classes. 该集团目前在世界各地拥有1100多家门店,包括最近扩张进入香港和中国内地,迎合该地区快速发展壮大的中产阶层。 The group was founded by Evelyne Chétrite and Judit Milgrom, two sisters. Ms Chétrite began Sandro, which dresses young executives, in the late 1980s. Mrs Milgrom founded Maje, which targets urban teenagers. The two acquired Claudie Pierlot in 2009. 该集团由埃弗利娜#8226;谢特里特(Evelyne Chétrite)和朱迪丝#8226;米尔格龙(Judith Milgrom)两创立。谢特里特在上世纪80年代后期创立桑德罗,推出面向年轻高管的女装。米尔格龙创立Maje,瞄准城市青少年。2009年,两收购Claudie Pierlot。 According to the registration statement SMCP filed ahead of its planned IPO, the two founders own a little more than 21 per cent of the group, and 14.6 per cent of the voting rights. KKR owns 69.8 per cent, and 78.8 per cent of voting rights. 根据SMCP在原计划的首次公开发行(IPO)之前提交的登记声明,两位创始人如今拥有集团略高于21%的股权,以及14.6%的投票权。KKR拥有69.8%的股权,以及78.8%的投票权。 Group earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortisation (ebitda) last year were 107m, 44 per cent up on a year earlier. Revenues were 675m, 33 per cent more than in 2014. 集团去年的息税折旧及摊销前利润(EBITDA)为1.07亿欧元,较上年增长44%。营收为6.75亿欧元,比2014年高出33%。 Daniel Lalonde, SMCP’s chief executive, said at the time of the IPO registration filing that the listing would include a capital increase of 150m — 175m. He also said that the money raised would help reduce its 290m debt. SMCP首席执行官丹尼尔#8226;拉隆德(Daniel Lalonde)在提交IPO登记声明时表示,上市将包括1.50亿至1.75亿欧元的增资。他还说,筹资所得将帮助减少该集团2.9亿欧元的债务。 The prior negotiations between KKR and Shandong Ruyi reportedly broke down over the price but also over the amount that the founding sisters would be prepared to sell of their stake. The people familiar with this week’s planned sale announcement said it will see the sisters retain a stake in the group. 据报道,KKR和山东如意之前进行的谈判曾经破裂,原因既涉及价码,也包括创始愿意出售多少股权。熟悉本周拟宣布的交易的人士称,两将保留一部分集团股份。 /201603/434376。
  • The barbarians at the gate have claimed a victory in the battle for control over China Vanke, the country’s largest retail property developer, after the company called off a deal to take on a new majority shareholder.门口的野蛮人在一场围绕中国最大零售地产开发商中国万科(China Vanke)控制权的争夺战中取得了胜利,此前万科取消了一项引入一家新的大股东的交易。Shares in Vanke fell more than 6 per cent to HK.22 in Hong Kong on Monday morning after the home builder said on Sunday 周一上午,万科在香港的股价一度下跌近6%,至每股18.22港元。that it had dropped plans to sell some bn worth of shares to enlist Shenzhen Metro Group as a white knight in exchange for property assets.这家住房建筑商上周日表示,已取消向深圳地铁集团(Shenzhen Metro Group)发行价值约70亿美元的股票、让后者成为白马骑士并收购后者地产资产的计划。Vanke found itself the target of China’s first high-profile hostile takeover nearly a year ago after little-known Baoneng Insurance increased its holdings in the developer to about 24 per cent.将近一年前,当默默无名的宝能(Baoneng)增持万科股份至约24%时,万科发现自己成了中国最引人注目的敌意收购案的目标。The dispute has become China’s most-watched corporate battle, spilling onto the public stage with the chairmen of Vanke and Baoneng slinging insults at one another in domestic media. 这场争执已成为中国最令人瞩目的企业争夺战,随着万科和宝能的董事长在国内媒体上互相辱骂,这场争执还延伸到了公共舞台上。China Evergrande , the country’s second-largest property group, also joined the fray, boosting its stake in Vanke to a level that would permit it to nominate a board member.中国第二大地产集团恒大(Evergrande)也加入战斗,增持了万科的股份,以至于有资格向万科董事会提名一位董事。In an effort to bolster its defences, Vanke in June announced that it had agreed a deal for a stake in Shenzhen Metro that would install the urban transit company as its largest shareholder — 为了加强防御,万科在6月宣布,它已同意了一项收购深铁集团一定股份、使这家城市交通集团成为万科最大股东的计划。a plan attacked by Baoneng and state-run China Resources, another major shareholder, who opposed having their holdings diluted.该计划遭到宝能和另一个大股东——国有企业华润(China Resources)的抨击,它们反对自己的股权被稀释。In a stock exchange filing late on Sunday, Vanke said it had called off the deal with Shenzhen Metro after certain major shareholders of the company had publicly expressed their varying opinions on the transaction proposal.万科上周日晚在提交给交所的文件中称,在公司部分主要股东公开表示对本次交易方案存在不同意见后,万科取消了与深铁集团之间的这项交易。Ken He, an analyst at DBS Vickers in Shanghai, said the cancellation of the deal was clearly negative for Vanke but that it was unclear which shareholder would benefit the most from announcement. 星展唯高达(DBS Vickers)驻上海分析师何亮(Ken He)表示,交易的取消显然对万科有负面影响,但哪位股东从中受益最大是个未知数。There are too many key shareholders and all have different views on this transaction, he said.他说: 关键股东太多了,而且对这项交易各有各的看法。The fight for control has taken a toll on Vanke’s finances. 控制权之争影响到了万科的财务状况。In August, the company disclosed that the dispute had resulted in delay or cancellation of 31 projects this year as its management was called into question. 8月份,万科披露称,由于其管理层受到质疑,这场争执已导致今年有31个项目被推迟或取消。Banks have also curtailed Vanke’s access to loans, and global rating agencies have warned of an impact on the group’s corporate rating.方面也减少了对万科的贷款,全球评级机构已警告称,万科的企业评级会受到冲击。While privately held Baoneng has been the primary agitator, with Baoneng and China Resources remaining Vanke’s two largest shareholders, rival property developer Evergrande has also become a key stakeholder.虽然民营企业宝能一直是主要搅局者——宝能和华润仍是万科的两个最大股东——与万科存在竞争关系的房地产开发商恒大也成为了主要的利益相关者之一。As of late last month, Evergrande had bought Rmb36.8bn (.3bn) worth of Vanke shares, increasing its stake to 14 per cent. 截至上月末,恒大购买了价值368亿元人民币(合53亿美元)万科股份,将其对万科的持股比例增加至14%。However, at the weekend, a senior Evergrande executive told Chinese media the group had no intention of seizing control of Vanke.然而,上周末,一位恒大高管对中国国内媒体表示,恒大无意夺取万科的控制权。Anbang Insurance, another acquisitive Chinese group, also has a substantial holding in Vanke.另一个喜欢收购的中国集团安邦保险(Anbang Insurance)也在万科持有大量股份。However, Baoneng has faced some setbacks of its own in recent weeks. 不过,宝能在最近几周自身遇到了一些挫折。The China Insurance Regulatory Commission in early December barred Baoneng’s unit Foresea Life Insurance from issuing universal insurance policies — high-risk, high-return products often used to fund corporate deals.12月初,中国保监会(CIRC)禁止宝能旗下寿险公司前海人寿保险(Foresea Life Insurance)发行万能险保单——这是一种高风险、高回报的产品,常用来为公司并购筹措资金。The products come under regulatory scrutiny because they are essentially wealth management products rather than traditional protection-style insurance policies.这些产品受到监管审查,是因为它们实际上是理财产品,而不是传统的保障型保单。The country’s securities regulator has also denounced companies making highly leveraged takeovers as barbarians and robbers.中国券业监管人士也谴责了从事高杠杆收购的公司,称它们为野蛮人和强盗。 /201612/484749。
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