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新英语900句之生活篇 Lesson40:Fear恐惧586. Dogs terrifyu me. 我很害怕。587. I’m scared of heights. 我恐高。588. He’s too afraid of getting hurt. 他太害怕受伤了。589. Something has given him a bad frightv. 什么东西让他很害怕。590. That man’s eyes frightenw me. 那个男人的眼神吓着我了。591. That movie was terrifying. 那部电影真恐怖。592. I’m still afraid of the dark. 我还是很怕黑。593. Drowningx is one of my greatest fears. 溺水是我最恐惧的事情之一。594. I’m not afraid to say what I think. 我不怕说出我的想法。595. Don’t be frightened by the noises. 别被这声音吓着。596. If you turn off the lights, the monster will come out from underneath my bed. 如果你关灯的话,怪物就会从我床底下出来的。597. It will come out and eat me if you turn off the lights. 如果你关灯,它就会出来把我吃掉。598. I freaky out every time I see a bug. 我每次看到虫子都会吓得发疯。599. Have you ever tried to overcome your fear? 你有没有努力克你的恐惧?600. One day you will have to face your fear. 终有一天你必须面对你的恐惧。【生词解读】1. terrify [5terifai] v. 使害怕,使恐怖 2. fright [frait] n. 惊吓,恐怖3. frighten [5fraitEn] v. 使惊恐,使骇怕4. drowning [5drauniN] n. 溺水5. freak out [fri:k] v. 行动反常 /200812/19263

Hello Bill, my name is Alicia, what I would like to know is, do you think time is real?你好比尔! 我叫艾丽西娅 我想知道 你认为时间是真实的吗For example, sometimes an hour can feel very short and sometimes it can feel very long depending on your perception.比如 有时候我们会感觉一个小时很短 有时候我们会感觉一个小时很长So then is time subjective?所以那么时间是主观的吗If it#39;s a measurement of something what is it a measurement of?如果它是一个计量单位 那么它衡量的是什么东西I#39;d really like to know your thoughts about time. Thank you.我真的很想知道您对这个问题的看法 谢谢!Alicia, that is fantastic.艾丽西娅 这个问题很好Notice that in English we don#39;t have any other word for time except time. It#39;s unique.首先要注意 在英语里我们除了“time”没有别的词语来表达“时间” 这说明它很独特It#39;s this wild fourth dimension in nature.它是大自然中自由的第四维度This is one dimension, this is one dimension,this is one dimension and time is the fourth dimension.这是一个维度 这是另一个维度 这是第三个维度 而时间正是第四个维度And we call it the fourth dimension not just in theoretical physics but in engineering.我们不仅在理论物理学里称时间为第四维度 在工程学里也是如是称谓I worked on four dimensional auto pilots so you tell where you want to go我以前研究四维自动驾驶仪 你可以指挥去哪里and what altitude it is above sea level and then when you want to get there.海拔是多少 以及你什么时候想到达那里Like you can get there at any time.你想什么时候到都可以We have a whole bunch of other words. We have appointments.我们有一大堆词语可以形容某段时间 比如预约We have morning, afternoon, evening, noon time.我们有早晨 下午 晚上或中午时间We have a whole bunch of words describing periods of time,我们有这么多词形容时段but when it comes to actual time we just have this one word it#39;s a strange and surprising thing.但当我们要表达“时间”本身时 却独独这么一个词 那是很奇怪和令人惊讶的事实So along this line, in my opinion, which as you know is correct, I#39;m kidding, in my opinion time is both subjective and objective.所以在这个问题上 我的看法就是 你知道我肯定是对的 开个玩笑 我的看法是时间既主观又客观What we do in science and engineering and in life, astronomy, is measure time as carefully as we can我们在科学 工程学 生命科学 天文学里的做法是 尽量精确地计量时间because it#39;s so important to our every day world.这对我们日常生活太重要了You go to plant crops you want to know when to plant of them. You want to know when to harvest them.例如你要种植谷物 你想知道什么时候开始播种 什么时候开始收获If you want to have a global positioning system that enables you to determine which side of the street you#39;re on from your phone如果你想用你手机上的全球定位系统来确定你在街道的哪个位置you need to take into account both the traditional passage of time that you might be familiar with watching a clock here on the earth#39;s surface你既需要考虑平常那种时间的推移就是我们在地球上看钟表得知的那个时间and the passage of time as it#39;s affected by the speed of the spacecraft and the passage of time还要考虑受航天器速度影响的时间 以及as it#39;s affected by the gravity of the earth itself, both special and general relativity. It#39;s astonishing.受地球引力影响的时间 无论是狭义相对论还是广义相对论意义上的 这太惊人了So, we work very hard to measure time with all sorts of extraordinary clocks,所以我们得用各种神奇的钟表来计量时间but there is no question with our brains, which are wet chemical computers, we lose track of time.但毫无疑问 对于人脑这种湿化学“电脑” 我们弄乱了时间Sometimes it feels short, sometimes it feels long and it#39;s just the nature I think of being constrained by measuring time with our brains.有时觉得很短暂 有时候很漫长 我觉得问题本质就在于用人脑衡量时间是受限的This is why we build instruments to measure time outside of ourselves externally. But it is a great question.这也是为什么我们人类要制造各种仪器来衡量处于我们身外的时间 但这真是个好问题And then the whole idea of science really started with this thing people used to call natural philosophy.整个科学的理念都起源于人们过去称之为自然哲学的东西And when you throw in the word philosophy for me you start asking this question like can you know anything,当你跟我用了“哲学”这个词 你其实就开始问这个问题:你能知道所有事情吗let alone what time it is or how long it#39;s been since something happened更不用说时间是什么 这东西存在多久了or when something will happen in the future or whether or not it will happen at all, these are philosophical questions.以后会发生什么 或者会不会发生 这些都是哲学问题I feel that you can get yourself pretty spungup in saying to yourself there#39;s no way to know anything.我觉得 当你对自己说“人无法知道所有事”就够让你自己纠结的了Philosophically you can#39;t know anything.从哲学上来讲 你不可能无所不知On the other hand, it seems to me we can know a great deal objectively about nature and that includes time and it#39;s passage.另一方面又似乎是 我们能很客观地了解大自然的很多事情包括时间以及它的变化推移One last thought Alicia, when I think about my grandfather he had no idea, no understanding of relativity.最后艾丽西娅我想到我爷爷 他不知道 也根本不懂相对论Not because he was a bad person, because no one had discovered it yet.并不是因为他是坏人 而是那时人们还未发现它And so I just wonder what else it is about the nature of time所以我在想 关于时间的本质or the nature of what physicists, astrophysicists like to call space time where you talk about these four dimensions at once或是物理学家 天文物理学家所谓的“时空”(X,Y, Z, T四维的合称)的本质 还有些什么其他发现X, Y, Z, and T. I cannot help but wonder there is something else undiscovered about time我不禁地想 关于时间也许有其他尚未发现的事实and perhaps you and I will be alive, not much more time will have passed before this discovery is made.也许用不了太久 这个发现就会被揭示而你我都还健在Carry on. Excellent question. Thank you.继续努力吧 很棒的问题 谢谢你 Article/201706/514969

The scree is looser than I thought,rocks of the size of my head flying pass me.这片山坡远没我想象中坚实 脑袋大的石块飞过I need to change direction to avoid being taken out.我必须不断变换方向 以免被石头击中I think by the end of it, even he realize that he was he was lucky this time,by missing those boulders.拍摄结束之后 就连贝尔本人都觉得 能躲过这一劫 实在是太幸运了Gee, big things,keep fly pass my head,I try to kinda of get out the way into the side,天呐 这些大石头 不断地朝我砸过来 我努力的想躲到一边去but the bottom line is really, I gotta be lucky then.但是说实话 我刚才实在是太幸运了I#39;m a great believer in working with and never against nature.我始终坚信想要生存就必须顺从自然 而不能反其道而行之But sometimes she does throw suprises in your way.但大自然经常会跟我们开点玩笑Steady here.It must be 50, 60 foot down there.稍等一下 这里至少有五六十英尺高In Norway, I needed a way down,and I thought nature had the answer.在挪威的摄制中 有一次需要下山 我以为大自然会帮我一把Hang on, there is a birch tree over there. I#39;ve got a idea.等一下 那里有棵桦树 我有办法了The skies are taken the quick way down.我先把滑雪板扔了下去And I hopeing a flexible birch tree will get me down just as fast.同时也希望柔韧的桦树 也能把我送下去The plan is tenuous,grab the top of the tree,and use my weight to bend it over.我的想法很简单 抓住桦树的顶端 然后利用我的体重将其压弯So far, so good.Sort of.目前为止一切都很顺利 勉强算是吧Birch tree is meant to be bending.But I#39;m all right.Snow took most of that.桦树应该很有弹性的呀 不过我并无大碍 积雪起到了很好的缓冲作用Survival terrain and eventually you should find a way out.险域求生终究要设法脱困When you do,It#39;s always a blast.而最佳的获救时间 往往转瞬即逝 Article/201606/449196

  In the last decades of the 13th century,在十三世纪的最后几十年里 the nations of Britain found their voices loud, confident and defiant and they were raised against England.不列颠各国的民族意识开始觉醒 民族独立的呼声一浪高过一浪 群起反抗英格兰的统治The people of Snowdon assert that even if their prince should give overlordship of them to the English King,斯诺登的人民坚决认为 即使他们的君王 向英格兰俯首称臣they would refuse to do homage to any foreigner of whose language, customs and law they were ignorant.他们也绝不会效忠外夷 毕竟 两个民族在语言 风俗和法律上都迥然相异On account of the endless perfidy of the English and to recover our native freedom,鉴于英格兰屡次背信弃义 为重获自由the Irish are compelled to enter a deadly war.爱尔兰不得不卷入一场血雨腥风For as long as but a hundred of us remain alive,We will yield in no least way to English dominion.吾之国民 倘一息尚存 誓不屈于英格兰之淫威We fight not for glory, nor riches, nor honour,but for freedom.吾之战斗 不求荣 不图利 不为誉 唯求自由We know these voices. They#39;ve been with us a long time now.这些话我们都耳熟能详 它们早已流传千古 All the same, it#39;s a shock to hear them this early,尽管如此 听到历史深处的古人to discover the politics of birthplace uttered with such passion and such pain.喊出捍卫故土的口号 爱国之情 伤国之痛 依然让人震惊Once said, they could not be unsaid.此言一出 势在必行 /201610/469272

  Most kids have no idea what their parents do at work.大多数小孩都不知道父母的工作是什么I didn#39;t really understand what my father did,我以前也不知道我爹干嘛的I didn#39;t really understand what my father did, until I was... I#39;m not joking.我以前也不知道我爹干嘛的 直到我 我没开玩笑啊I think I was like thirty when I finally said, hey,我好像三十岁的时候 才想起来问What are you... what are you up to and why...嘿 你是 你的工作是什么 而且为什么What do you like, I know where you were what...what#39;s going on there?你喜欢什么呢 我知道你在哪儿上班 在那儿做什么工作呢What do you and why you#39;re in a suit?Does anyone...你做什么 为啥你穿着工作 你们跟我一样吗So, I thought it might be fun tonight to talk to some children所以我觉得今夜跟一些孩子们聊这个会很好玩So, I thought it might be fun tonight to talk to some children所以我觉得今夜跟一些孩子们聊这个会很好玩on our Hallowood boulevardbar which by the way顺便说一下 在我们好莱坞林荫大道这个地方is the best place to bring kids. You just...最适合带孩子了can drop them off in the morning and let them run around你早上把他们扔那儿 让他们自己玩until way after dark, Elmo and Spongebob will take care of them, so...天黑了再接回来 Elmo和Spongebob 会照顾他们 所以Anyway that migh be funny to ask kids what their parents#39; jobs are,不管咋样 问一下孩子关于父母的工作 应该很好玩and we have some children lined about side right now we found kids on the street.我们在街上找了一些小孩 他们现在在那边排着队呢And let#39;s go out there. And... Hi! What is your name?Anely Scarcia.让我们开始吧 嘿 你叫什么名字呢 安利·斯凯西娅Oh! Hello, How are you? Good. How old are you? Six.你还好吗 还不错哦 你几岁啦 六岁Six years old so you#39;re in school. What are you going into the first grade? Yes, sir.所以你现在是一年级生吗 是呀OK, great. And when does the school start, soon? Yes.嗯 很好 学校什么时候开学啊 是不是快了 是的It does. Are you excited about that? Kind of...你激动不 有点吧Kind of, but it is. It#39;s fun to have the summer, right? You do not have to do that kind of thing.有点 不过 有暑假还是很爽的对吧 你也不用上课Yes. OK. Now, did your Dad have a job? Yes.是的 好 你爸爸有工作吗 有OK. That#39;s good. That would be uncomfortable thing if the answer was no.嗯 很好 如果说没有那就不太和谐了What does Dad do for work?He is a truck driver.你爸爸是做什么工作的呢 他是货车司机Oh.OK. Well, that#39;s very simple. What kind of things does he drive in his truck?噢 嗯 不是很难的工作 你爹货车里都装什么东西Well, he, he delivers stuff. OK, and what about your Mom? She is a nurse.额 他 他运货 好的 你妈妈呢 她是个护士She is a nurse at a hospital? No...Yeah? I don#39;t quite get that.她在医院当护士吗 不是 嗯 这个我不是很清楚What#39;s that?I don#39;t quite get that. You don#39;t quite get that? She doesn#39;t work at a hospital? No.什么 我不清楚 你不清楚 她不是在医院工作吗 不是She#39;s just a freelance nurse walking around on the streets bungeeing people? No No.No? Ok.那她是个自由护士 在街上走 然后给人们提供治疗吗 不是 不是 不是吗 那好吧Alright, let#39;s check with, um, it#39;s your mom or dad. I#39;m not sure whose arm that is.好 我们来检验一下 你旁边的是你妈妈或者爸爸 我不是很清楚那是谁的胳膊Oh, your mom. Are you a nurse? Yes, I am. And... Are you working at a hospital?No, I don#39;t.啊 是你妈妈 你是个护士吗 是的 嗯 你在医院上班吗 不在Oh, you don#39;t.Ok. Well, I was right. And your husband, is he a truck driver?Yes, he is.噢 不是 没错 你丈夫是货车司机吗 嗯是的Oh, how about that? Oh, very nicely.I#39;m shocked by the way. I really am.怎么样 非常棒啊 我被惊到了 我真被惊到了I would love to know, by the way.顺便说一嘴 我想知道I#39;d love to know what your son Benjy thinks you do for a living.你儿子Benjy觉得你是做什么工作的Because you stand next to me and I still haven#39;t figure it out.因为你站在我旁边 我都还没搞清楚It doesn#39;t have more...Yeah, it#39;s no idea, yeah, alright.这个没有 嗯 不知道 好Let#39;s see who#39;s out there and next. Hi, what#39;s your name? Bryce.让我们看看那边的孩子 看看下一个是谁 嘿 你叫什么呢 布莱斯These kids all look like they stepped out of a, a catalogue or something.这些孩子看上去都像是从目录里出来似的How old are you, Bryce?Six. Six years old, very good.I like your hat. Thank you.你多大了 布莱斯 六岁了 六岁了 很好 我喜欢你的帽子 谢谢你Hahaha... So, Bryce, what is your, um, Dad do for a living? Does he have a job?嘿哈哈哈哈 所以 布莱斯 你爸爸是做什么的 他有工作吗Uh...I don#39;t know. You don#39;t know? Ok, what about your Mom?额 我不知道啊 你不知道吗 那好 你妈妈呢Yes. What is her job? Uh...She, she does a karate Singer.这个我知道 她的工作是什么 额 她是空手道歌手What? She#39;s a karate person? Yes. Oh, wow. She teaches people karate?什么 她会空手道?是的 哇哦 她教别人空手道吗No, she uh...she... She, like...does this stuff in the front...不 她 额 她 她 在做类似前台这样的事情She what?She does this stuff in the front desk.她啥 她在前台工作Oh, she works at the front desk at the karate center. Hahah...噢 她在空手道中心做前台是吗 哈哈哈哈Is that your Mom there with you right now? Yes. Alright. Hi, how are you?Hi.你妈妈现在是在你旁边吗 是的 好的 你好吗 嘿And so he was correct you work at the front desk at a crowdy center?他说的是对的吗 你在一个人很多的中心做前台 是吗Yes, we#39;re on a karate studio and my husband, he teaches classes and I run the front office.是的 我们在一个空手道工作室工作 我丈夫他给学生上课 我在前台工作Oh, I see. Alright.噢 我明白了 好So, he probably never just goes in the back that#39;s why he doesn#39;t know what his Dad#39;s doing.Alright. Hahaha...所以 他可能是从来没有进去过 所以他不知道他爸爸的工作是什么 好 哈哈哈Alright, thank you guys. Thank you. Very well done. That#39;s pretty good. I have to say it.好的 谢谢你们 谢谢 非常好 我不得不说 做得不错Oh... Who#39;s next? Hello, there. What#39;s your name? Shirleen.噢 下一个是谁 你好啊 你叫什么呢 舍琳Shirleen, where#39;re you from? Canada. Canada. Oh, that#39;s like a whole of a country, isn#39;t it?舍琳 你来自哪儿呢 加拿大 加拿大啊 噢 这好像是一整个国家 不是吗Yeah. Haha... Shirleen, does your Mom and Dad work? Yes.恩 哈哈哈 舍琳 你爸妈有工作吗 有What do they do for work? What#39;re their jobs? My Dad#39;s an electrician.他们是做什么的呢 他们的工作是什么 我爸爸是个电工Ok, well ,and where does he put elec...he puts electrical wire in that sort of thing?噢 好的 那他把电 他是把电线放到某些东西里面是吗Yes.Yes? And your Mom? My Mom does community corrections.是的 是吗 那你妈妈呢 我妈妈在社区矫正处工作Well, get a prison? Kind of. Yeah, kind of! Haha...啊 在监狱里?算是吧 嗯 算是吧 哈哈哈How long has your Mom been in prison? Haha... She#39;s never been in prison. Oh? She#39;s never been.你妈妈在监狱里多久了 哈哈哈 她没坐过牢 嗯 她没有坐过吗Because just a minute ago, you said she works in prison, right?Yes, but she...一分钟之前 你说她在监狱里工作是吧 是啊 但是Alright. Ok, well, remember you#39;re under oath here.This is the ed States. Haha...嗯 记住 头顶誓言 不能胡说 这里可是美利坚合众国 哈哈Alright, let#39;s check in with your, I think that must be your Dad there. Hey, there. How are you doing?好的 我们来检查一下 我想那一定是你爸爸 嘿 你好So, your wife#39;s in prison, uh? Well, off and on. Off and on, yeah?所以 你太太在监狱里是吗 额 时而在 时而不在吧 时而在 时而不在是吗And did she get both jobs correct?Uh, yeah. More or less.你闺女把你们俩的工作都说对了吗 额 差不太多吧Alright, very good. I#39;ll see that the Canadians nowhere. Alright, thank you guys.好 很棒啊 我觉着加拿大人真是无处不在 好的 谢谢你们Alright, so, let#39;s check in with one more.嗯 我们再来看最后一个孩子I think we have... Who do we have out there?我想我们有 那边还有谁呢We have one more, uh, ok...Hi, kids, you#39;re brother and sister? Yes.我们还有一个 额 嘿 孩子们 你们是哥哥和吗 是的What are your names?Rocal and Ael.你们叫什么名字呢 罗卡尔和阿埃尔Alllright...And what do you, what did your Dad do for a work for a living?好的 嗯 你 你们觉得你们爸爸靠什么谋生呢Poop in his underwear. Haha... He does what? Hahah...在内衣里拉粑粑 哈哈 啥 他做啥 哈哈哈What is? Is that, is that your Dad? What#39;s he, uh...Is your Dad with you there?什么 那是你们的爹吗 他是 额 你们爸爸和你们在一起吗Oh, yeah, yeah, ok, yeah, that... That#39;s my boy. Johnny.噢 是 好 额 这才是我乖儿子 约翰尼He doesn#39;t know how clothes he wore. He really is. Haha...他连衣都不会穿 他真不会 哈哈哈Don#39;t believe my Dad. Don#39;t believe him? Why? Does he make up stories? Yeah...不要相信我爸爸 不能相信他 为什么呢 他编故事是吗 是的And how often does he poop in those underwear?So much, every single day. Hahaha...那么他多久会在内衣里拉一次粑粑 特别多 每一天吧 哈哈哈Alright, well, that#39;s Johnny Knoxvilke of course, and I really ...好的 那位当然是Jonny Knoxvilke 而且我真的It#39;s a little bit lying on.(What#39;s up guys?)这多少有点撒谎了(怎么了)I am Jimmy Kimmel, if you like that, subscribe to our YouTube channel我是吉米·坎莫尔 如果你喜欢这个视频 请在YouTube上订阅我们to get all our latest s before they die and go to YouTube to have it.在视频被毙掉之前 赶紧去看吧 请去YouTube观赏 Article/201706/515940。

  I#39;m in Guatemala,a country ravaged by natural disasters.I#39;ve just reached that ledge under me.我在危地马拉 一个被自然灾害严重损害的国家 我刚好抵达我脚下的壁沿I#39;m stuck 30 foot from the bottom of a waterfall.I need to find another way down.我被困在离瀑布水面30英尺的地方 我得另觅方法 爬下这个壁沿That was definitely quite hairy down there.We#39;re still probably about 30 foot up, though.下面的境况很惊险 我们离地面还有30英尺的距离Hang on. I know what we#39;ll do.I#39;m gonna jump.坚持住 我知道我们该怎么做了 我要跳下去But before I do, I want to check the water#39;s deep enough.但在跳之前 我想先测一下水是否够深I#39;m gonna make a depth gauge out of a rock and some thin vine.我要用石头和细藤 做一个测深仪The rock will make it sink.If the vine disappears completely,then I know it#39;s safe.石头会让它沉底 如果细藤完全浸没 我就知道那是安全的Ten to fifteen foot is enough for a thirty-foot jump.Come on!10到15英尺的深度 就够缓冲30英尺的冲击了 来吧Fiddly hands.More so when you#39;re nervous.Okay.Here we go.手太笨 当你紧张的时候就更笨了 好了 我们上You see that?Saw it go out, right?And saw it then just disappear.看见了吗 看见它被扔出去了吧 看见它被立刻淹没了吧Okay, that#39;s more than ten foot. Enough to jump.超过10英尺深 可以跳You#39;ll need to follow me down, okay?No hesitation. We just go for it.你得紧跟我下去 好吗 不要犹豫 勇往直前On a big jump like this,keep your feet together and your legs straight to avoid injury.像这样从高出跳落 要保持双脚并拢 双膝打直 避免受伤 Article/201609/464842

  Across the country, more than 90 people die every day of an opioid overdose, but the crisis might be even worse than we know.在全国范围内,每天有超过90人死于阿片类药物过量,但危机可能比我们知道的更糟。Researchers looked at unexplained death records from the Minnesota Department of Health. Specifically, they looked at toxicology screenings in deaths marked as pneumonia and other infectious diseases for traces of opioids.研究人员查阅了明尼苏达卫生部的死因不明记录。具体来说,他们研究了死于肺炎和其他感染性疾病的毒理学,寻找阿片类药物的踪迹。Between 2006 and 2015 they found 59 reports that showed evidence of opioid use in the deceased. Twenty-two deaths involved toxic levels.在2006年到2015年间,他们发现59份报告显示死者用阿片类药物的据。22人死亡涉及中毒水平。Problem is, the death records didn#39;t reflect that. Instead, they were filed under infectious diseases with no clear cause of death.问题是,死亡记录没有对此反映。相反,他们被感染传染病,没有明确的死亡原因。Opioids are sometimes used to relieve pain, but they can also weaken the immune system and complicate infections.阿片类药物有时被用来缓解疼痛,但也可以削弱免疫系统和复杂的感染。There#39;s no way to tell how many deaths with links to opioid use are sliding under the radar. Still, the researchers hope these findings will help inform people of risks and further prevention efforts.目前还无法确定有多少人的死亡与阿片类药物有关。尽管如此,研究人员希望这些发现将有助于告知人们存在的风险以及进一步的预防工作。译文属。 Article/201705/507888栏目简介:《趣味科普英语视频》有着浓厚的趣味性,能够增加英语学习爱好者对英语科普知识的兴趣,从而更加开心快乐地学习英语知识,建立起英语学习的基础,为以后学习更多的英语知识奠基,快来边看视频边涨姿势吧! Article/201605/443898TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201607/452241

  In the jungle, following rivers can give you a fast route through the thick underground.在丛林里 顺着河流 是探索茂密地表的一条捷径You see the path of the waters,really building up here.看见水流的路径了吧 这里的水势已经变大了Progress was good,then all of a sudden I stopped to my tracks.进程不错 突然我发现无路可走了Possibly about forty foot drop,straight down this.大概有四十英尺 从这里直落下去You see the huge amount of water going down there.你看大量的水流从上面落下It was too high too jump,so I made a harness and rope from rattan I found.从这里跳下去太高了 为此我用找到的藤条做了吊带和绳子As the crew and I went over the lip,we committed ourselves to following this river,but then heaven#39;s opened.当我和摄制组在崖边查看了之后 决定沿着这条河继续前进 但是这时下起了倾盆大雨The rain drench rope to make the climb a real challenge.大雨浸湿了绳子 加剧了攀爬的难度But what was waiting for us at the bottom was much more concerning.但是更让人担心的是 在下面等着我们的东西The river was starting to flood.It had been aggressively raining harder and harder and harder.河水开始泛滥了 雨越下越大As we were in the middle of this river,it was literally rising,by the minute.当我们到达河中央时 它开始真正的上涨了 就在几分钟之内A lot of sort of thousand mile stairs into the eyes,#39;cause we all realize what was happening.眼前困难重重 我们都意识到发生了什么And we knew that time gona be short it was how far we push that risk.时间紧急 我们冒了多大的险But we managed to...to get down there,and eventually we saw all of the crew out like drown rats.不过我们成功的下到了底部 最终见到所有的队员 像落汤鸡一样出来了Filming the show above the ground is tough,but when we went to deep into the earth,the states get even higher.在陆地上拍摄纪录片就很困难 然而当我们深入地下 难度变的更大 Article/201606/44736818 At the Barber#39;s Shop在理发店Offering service提供务How do you want it,sir?先生,您想做什么发式?What will it be?您要理什么发式?How shall I cut it,sir?先生,我该怎么剪法?Do you want a cold wave,ma#39;am?女士,您想冷烫头发吗?How would you like it set,ma#39;am?夫人,您想做什么样的发型?Would you like to look on the computer to see which one fits you best?你要不要看电脑,找出最适合您的发型?Here are the photos of the latest hair styles,ma#39;am?夫人,给您最新发式照片。You#39;ll look very smart with this hair-do,ma#39;am?夫人,给您最新发式照片。There!Will that do?理好了!这样行不行?What will you have,a perm or a set?你要电烫还是做发型?How do you like your hair done,sir?先生,您喜欢理什么发型?Saying how you#39;d like your hair cut/done说明你需要如何理(做)头发I#39;d like a set.我要做发型。I#39;d like a crew cut.我想理个平头。I#39;d like my hair bobbed.我要剪短发。Leave some bangs,please.请留一点刘海。Leave the back long,please.我想来个面部。I#39;d like to have a face massage.我想来个面部。Give me a facial,please.请给我做面部。I think maybe this one will suit me best,what do you think,miss?我看这个发型最适合我,,您觉得怎么样?I just want a few waves-big ones,and not curls at all.我只要烫几个波浪——浪,不是那种小卷的。Please show me the pictures.请给我看看最新发型的照片。Please dye my hair red.请把我的头发染成红色。Conversations会话 /200706/14696

  Number 21 has to be Transilvania.It involves me, a length of rope and a helicopter.第21个经典时刻 要数特兰西瓦尼亚 故事名为 ;绳子 直升机和我;Guess the rest.Heli can pave you, mountain.还有什么呢 直升机肯定能越过你 高山Set for Romania,our drive will be the last straight wildness in Europe.目标罗马尼亚 我们将去往欧洲最后一片荒蛮之地We#39;re getting there,it#39;s not gonna be easy.我们即将出发 这活可不轻松The clouds are moving in.I mean, very tight weather window.阴云密布 天气状况很恶劣I would suddenly see that cord just moving.我突然发现 绳索在不断摆动The problem is you can#39;t land up there.so me...I can#39;t even fly.问题是飞机不能着落 而我 我也登不上去He goes like a dope on the rope.他像个傻瓜似的被绳拉上了天I#39;ll never forget being suspended underneath the helicopter,我永远忘不了自己被吊在直升机下面flying at a hundred miles an hour cross Transylvania wildness.Brilliant.Clear!以一百多公里每小时的速度 飞越特兰西瓦尼亚的荒蛮之地 感觉很棒 可以剪了Number 20 is my Tarzan moment in the jungles of Belize.第20位 我在伯利兹丛林里扮演人猿泰山Look, I#39;ll out for a drop-off.That#39;s why I called it a death drop.我要准备跳了 这就是我称之为死亡之跳的原因The really ending is over 30 foot,especially on the rocks like this.至少有30英尺宽 特别是在这种岩石上You just know that you don#39;t walk away from.你知道自己不能轻易通过And this must be at least 60, 70 feet down here.下面肯定至少有20米深There is only one way to get across this cascade,and I#39;d always want to try this.要跨过这条山涧只有一个办法 而我一直就想这么做Here is my chance.That#39;s all my weight on it, and it#39;s holding.OK, let#39;s give this a feild test.这次终于有机会了 我要完全 悬空了 绳子很牢靠 好了 让我们实地验一下Well, no one knows what this gonna happen.没人知道接下来会发生什么It takes a lot of courage,it does take a lot of.这需要很大的勇气 需要很大的 Article/201612/482025

  TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201610/470001。

  TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201610/467991

  TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201607/452210

  Just fifty years removed from the ashes of the Civil War, America has become a global super power.从南北战争的废墟中走出后 美国仅在五十年间已成为一个全球性的超级强国By April of nineteen seventeen, the country enters the war sending troops, supplies and weapons.一九一七年四月 美国加入战争 提供军队 物资及武器等资源Resources that will help bring peace to the world.帮助世界带来了和平But those resources would have never been possible without the contributions of a small group of visionary men.但是这些资源 离开了一小群有远见的人的贡献是不可能的Men who sparked a revolution that forever changed America.他们引发了一场革命 从而永远改变了美国America was transformed by the vision, the incredible hard work and determination, and the willingness to take big risks that these men display.美国的变化靠的是他们表现出的远见卓识 艰苦卓绝的努力 坚定的决心 以及承担巨大风险的意愿There is also no question that these men could not have done what they did anywhere else but America, because this place allows more people to dream than any other place in the world.同样毫无疑问 要不是在美国 这些人也不能取得如此成就 因为这里比世界上任何其他地方 允许更多的人去追求梦想All that matters is how big do you want to dream and how hard do you want to work关键的是你的梦想有多远大 以及愿意付出的努力From a broken country into the most powerful nation on Earth, they didn#39;t discover this modern America, they built it.从离破碎到世界最强 现代化的美国不是他们发现的 是他们建造的 Article/201608/457598

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