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What salary would you expect to get? 你希望拿多少薪水?I’m looking for 300 yuan a month. 我希望月薪是三千元。 What’s your monthly salary now? 你目前的月薪是多少?May I ask about the salary? 我能问一下薪水吗? I’d like to know whether there isn’t insurance or not. 我想知道是否有保险? There is a raise after 3 month probation period according to your performance. 三个月的试用期后将根据工作表现加薪。 The starting salary is not high but the French benefit is pretty good. 起薪不会太高,但福利很好。 You can get a bonus once a year. 一年有一次奖金 What are the benefits? 都有些什么福利待遇? Can I ask the vacation and sick leave? 我能问一下假期和病假的情况吗? Could you pls tell me sth about the wages? 您能不能跟我说下工资的情况? /201105/136221。

Asked to define his worst attribute ahead of a televised interview earlier this year, Moon Jae-in declared he was “no fun今年早些时候,当文在寅(Moon Jae-in)在接受一次电视采访时被问到自己最大的缺点是什么时,他郑重其事地说是“无趣”。The statement speaks volumes about South Korea’s likely new president that the taunt is about the worst even his political rivals can direct at him.这个词准确地描绘了这位韩国可能的新总统。即便是他的政治对手,可能也找不出什么比“无趣”更恶劣的字眼来嘲讽他。A former human rights lawyer and the son of impoverished North Korean refugees, the 64-year-old political veteran has long been known as a man of quiet principle a reputation earned in part due to his lack of obvious charisma.文在寅是贫穷朝鲜难民的儿子,曾经当过人权律师。这4岁的政坛老手一直以不爱出风头著称。他能赢得这个名声,部分是由于他缺乏显而易见的魅力。“It is hard to characterise him because he does not have a strong personality,says Shin Yul, a professor of politics at Myongji University.明知大学(Myongji University)政治学教授申Shin Yul)表示:“由于他个性不强,很难给出他的特点。”“Always very, very serious,is the pithy conclusion of an aide in his liberal-leaning Democratic party.文在寅隶属自由主义倾向的共同民主党(Democratic Party)。他在党内的一名助手给他的精辟评价是:“总是非常、非常一本正经。”Thankfully for Mr Moon, probity is the order of the day.对文在寅来说幸运的是,正直是当下最可贵的品质。Following a vast and at times lurid corruption scandal, former president Park Geun-hye sits in jail her impeachment and arrest this year reigniting concerns about graft and cronyism in the east Asian nation. She denies any wrongdoing.在卷入一桩牵扯甚广、有时听起来令人震惊的腐败丑闻后,前总统朴槿Park Geun-hye)被关进了监狱。对朴槿惠的弹劾及今年对她的逮捕,在这个东亚国家重新点燃了对腐败和裙带关系的担忧。朴槿惠否认自己有任何不当行为。When the saga spilled into the public realm in October, Mr Moon moved to burnish his pro-reform credentials, establishing himself as a fixture at anti-Park demonstrations and spearheading a parliamentary impeachment bid.去年10月,当这一离奇事件逐渐进入公众视野时,文在寅行动了起来,努力提升其改革持者的声望,在反朴示威中频频现身,引领国会发起弹劾。He has since pledged a host of economic, corporate and political reforms, including a promise to move the presidential office from the palatial and secretive Blue House to central government premises.自那以来,他已承诺要开展一系列经济、企业和政治改革,包括将总统办公室从像宫殿一样的、神秘的青瓦Blue House)迁至韩国中央政府办公大楼。He also looks set to change the course of the country’s North Korea policy and has outlined a twin-track approach of increasing pressure on Pyongyang while leaving the door open for engagement.他还决意改变韩国对朝政策路线,提出了一种双管齐下的方式,在对朝敞开接触大门的同时,加大对平壤方面的压力。“He sports a strong image as a reformist a trait people want having gone through the so-called Park Geun-hye gate,says Choi Jin-bong, a professor at Sungkonghoe University. “We need someone who can manage national affairs in a stable manner after months of political turmoil. Mr Moon seems the best candidate in that regard.”圣公会大学(Sungkonghoe University)教授Choi Jin-bong表示:“他展示出强烈的改革者形象,在经历了所谓的‘朴槿惠门’后,人们渴望这样的人。经历了数个月的政治动荡,我们需要能以稳定方式管理国家事务的人。从这方面来说,文在寅似乎是最佳人选。”Should he win the presidency, Mr Moon, whose father was a destitute sock salesman, will face a host of issues and a populace riven by the historic but divisive overthrow of Ms Park.文在寅的父亲是一名贫困的袜子销售员。如果当选总统,文在寅将面临一系列问题和被朴槿惠倒台撕裂的韩国民众。朴槿惠的倒台不仅是历史性的,还引发了韩国社会的分裂。Much of his reform agenda will hinge on whether he can co-opt the country’s powerful conservative bloc, and some believe his principles-first approach to policy could undermine attempts to build a consensus.文在寅很大一部分改革议程的命运,将取决于他能否拉拢韩国强大的保守派集团。有人认为,他在政策上以原则优先的处理方式,可能会削弱他建立共识的努力。“Politics is all about making a consensus on contentious issues through compromises,says Hong Sung-geol, a professor at Kookmin University. “But his tendency to be less conciliatory towards opponents makes it unlikely he can draw bipartisan support for key policies.”韩国国民大Kookmin University)教授Hong Sung-gul表示:“政治的全部意义就在于通过妥协在有争议的问题上达成共识。但他往往缺少对对手的安抚,这让他不太可能在关键政策上赢得两党的持。”Born in an island refugee camp in January 1953, a few months before the end of the Korean war, Mr Moon found solace at an early age in the Catholic church, which provided meals for him and his four siblings.文在953月出生在一座岛屿的难民营中,当时距朝鲜战争停战还有几个月。小时候,天主教堂给了文在寅很大的安慰,为他和他的四个兄弟提供了餐食。After attending a prestigious high school in Busan, he studied law at Kyunghee university, where he organised protests against the regime of the country’s strongman leader Park Chung-hee the father of the recently-impeached president.在釜山一所著名高中毕业后,他在庆熙大学(Kyung Hee University)攻读法学。在庆熙大学,他组织过反对韩国强人领袖朴正熙(Park Chung-hee)政权的抗议。朴正熙是最近被弹劾的朴槿惠的父亲。He was later conscripted into the nation’s special forces and trained to parachute behind North Korean lines, plant explosives and fight his way out. A 40-year-old black-and-white photograph of a beret-clad Mr Moon surfaces occasionally whenever questions arise over his national security credentials.后来,文在寅被征召入韩国特种部队,接受过伞降至朝鲜后方、安放爆炸物再杀出一条血路撤出来的训练。每当他在国家安全方面的可信度受到质疑时,一张有40年历史的、他戴着贝雷帽的黑白照片就会不经意地冒出来。It was not until 2003 that he cut his teeth on presidential politics when he served as chief of staff for his former legal partner and then president Roh Moo-hyun.直到2003年,他才开始涉足总统政治。当时,他担任了前律所合伙人、时任韩国总统的卢武铉(Roh Moo-hyun)的幕僚长。Roh rose to power on a wave of nationalism that occasionally bordered on anti-Americanism the legacy of which is still felt today, with many US officials viewing Mr Moon with suspicion.卢武铉是借助一波民族主义浪潮一跃掌权的,这波民族主义有时候几乎是反美主义的同义词。今天人们仍能感受到这波民族主义的残留影响,许多美国官员以怀疑的眼光看待文在寅。South Koreans should “learn to say noto the US, Mr Moon wrote earlier this year.今年早些时候,文在寅写道,韩国人应该“学会(对美国)说不”。Prof Choi says there are expectations “for a more balanced diplomacy in his administration, away from the US-focused oneChoi Jin-bong教授表示,一些人预期“文在寅政府会采取更平衡的外交,不再盯着美国”。In , Roh committed suicide as a corruption investigation closed in. It was left to a tearful Mr Moon to deliver the news to the public an event that won him praise for his loyalty and dependability.年,在即将接受腐败调查时,卢武铉自杀身亡。将这一消息公之于众的,正是眼含热泪的文在寅——这件事为他赢得了忠诚和可靠的赞誉。Following a brief stint as a lawmaker, he declared his candidacy for the presidency in 2012, only to be narrowly beaten by Ms Park.经历了短暂的议员生涯后,他于2012年宣布竞选韩国总统,结果以微弱劣势败给了朴槿惠。“During his first attempt at the presidency, he did not show a clear vision. But he has gained some political confidence over the years and has formed better ideas,says Choi Jang-jip, a politics professor at Korea University.高丽大学(Korea University)政治学教授Choi Jang-jip表示:“在第一次竞选总统期间,他并未展示出清晰的愿景。不过,几年来他在政治上获得了一定的自信,形成了更好的想法。”For Jeong Jae-seong, a former colleague of Mr Moon, his reserved nature should not be misinterpreted as weakness.文在寅的前同事Jeong Jae-seong认为,文在寅内向的性格不应被错误解读为软弱。“He looks soft but he is tough inside.”“他是外柔内刚。”Additional reporting by Kang BuseongKang Buseong补充报道 /201705/508704。

Place an order with condition限定条件订货A: Im y to place an order with you,but only one condition that the goods are confined to Australia.Can you do that?A:我现在准备向你们订货,但是唯一的条件是货品只限卖给澳大利亚的敝公司,你们能办到吗?B: Well.I havent made such arrangements with the factory yet.So Id like to make sure if it is acceptable to the factory before making a commitment to you.B:哦,我还未曾跟工厂有过如此的约定,因此在我回答你之前,得先向工厂方面确认一下,这样是否可以接受。A: All right,but Im busy. How long will it be before you can finish the talk?A:好的,但我很忙,你和他们谈话需要多久?B: I wont be too long,I suppose. Just let me ring them , will you?B:我想不会耽搁很久的,请让我打个电话给他们,可以吗?A: Go ahead.A:请。B: Thank you.B:谢谢。 /201508/393628。

Arranging overtimeA: I hate to do this to you, Alice, but I’m going to have to ask you to put in some more overtime.B: Does it have to be this afternoon, Mr. Fairbanks? I’ve aly made plans.A: Well, I would have preferred to do it today, but if you’ve aly made plans, we can do it tomorrow.B: I’d appreciate that, sir. How long do you think you’ll need me to stay? 安排加班 A:我不愿对你如此,爱丽丝,可我不得不请你再加些班。B:非得在今天下午吗,费尔班克斯先生?我已经有安排了。A:嗯,我希望能在今天做,可是如果你已经做了安排,我们可以明天做。B:如能这样我很感激,先生。您考虑让我待多久? /200812/59529。

Im really upset我真的很心烦。Im really upset.我真的很心烦。Whats going on, girl?你怎么了,小女生?Im very confused now.我现在很烦。That really bothers me.那真的让我很烦。He always bored me.他总是让我很烦。What he said troubled me a lot.他说的话使我烦。It pains me to hear that.听到这些我很难过。It pains me to hear that.听到这些我很难过。Come on. Its not a big deal.行了,这没什么大不了的。Im really sorry about that, but I have no idea what to do.对此我很难过,但我真的不知道该怎么办。His denial hurts me.他的拒绝让我很难过。 /201502/359492。

第一句:Yes, speaking. 是的,我就是。 A: Can I speak to Mr. Green?甲:请找格林先生。B: Yes, speaking.乙:是的,我就是。第二句:Im sorry she is not in right now.对不起,她现在不在这儿。 A: May I have Ella?甲:我找艾拉。B: Im sorry she is not in right now.乙:对不起,她现在不在这儿。知识扩展: (1) This is Mike.我是迈克。Its him/he.我就是。(2) She is out of the office right now.她现在不在办公至。She is absent now.她现在不在。Shes not here at the moment.她现在不在这里。Shes not on duty now.她现在不上 /201405/295258。

Tina:Are you willing to work abroad?Du Yu:Why not? Its the very reason why Ive applied for this job. Its really exciting for me to experience business in an international environment.Tina:How about your family?Du Yu:They dont mind.蒂娜:你愿意到国外工作吗?杜玉:当然愿意。我之所以会应聘这份工作,就是想到国外工作。如果能再国际环境中工作的话,那就真的太棒了。蒂娜:你的家人怎么认为?杜玉:他们不介意。常用锦句:1. Are you willing to make business trips abroad?你愿意去国外出差吗?2. Are you often on business trips?你能经常出差吗?3. I’d rather not travel, but if it is required, and the trips are short, Id go.我不愿意出差,如果非去不可的话,而去路途不远,我也可以。4. Could you accept that you should often make business trips?你能接受经常出差这件事吗?5. Do you mind going on business trips frequently?你介意经常出差吗? /201108/147777。

Our product is lower priced than the competition 我们的产品价格低廉,具有竞争力。Our product is lower priced than the competition.我们的产品价格低廉,具有竞争力。What is the market share of each major product?各主要产品的市场份额是多少?The economical car is still popular in car market,这款经济型小汽车至今仍然很畅销。I think our products would sell well there.我认为我们的产品在那里会很畅销。WW has stolen our best client. WW公司抢走了我们最大的客户。WW has stolen our best client.WW公司抢走了我们最大的客户。How could this happen?怎么会发生这样的事?If we do not cut prices, others may take away our customers.如果我们不降价,别人就有可能抢走我们的客户。And once customers have signed up for a bundle of services, they are less likely to be lured away by a rival.客户一旦定了综合务,就不太可能被其它的竞争公司走。 /201508/394131。

Q:How do you normally handle criticism?(你通常如何处理別人的批评?)A:Silence is golden. Just dont say anything; otherwise the situation could become worse. I do, however, accept constructive criticism. (沈默是金。不必说什么,否则情况更糟,不过我会接受建设性的批评。)A:When we cool off, we will discuss it later. (我会等大家冷靜下来再讨论。) /200803/30696。