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Xi Jinping, China’s president, defended his country’s role in Africa and promised increased investment during his first overseas trip as head of state, countering growing criticisms from African officials who say China’s role is “predatory” with echoes of colonialism.中国国家主席习近平在作为国家元首的首次出访期间,为中国在非洲扮演的角色进行了辩护,并承诺将加大对非洲的投资。习近平在演讲中回击了非洲官员日益高涨的批评声音。这些非洲官员表示,中国扮演着“掠夺性”的角色,让人想起昔日的殖民主义。Speaking at a Chinese-built conference centre in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, Mr Xi underscored China’s longstanding policy not to interfere in domestic politics, praised Africa’s economic growth and reaffirmed China’s pledge of bn in loans to Africa over the next three years. He also signed an agreement to build a large port and industrial zone in Tanzania, which officials say could cost up to bn.习近平是在坦桑尼亚首都达累斯萨拉姆由中国援建的会议中心发表演讲的,他强调了中国不干涉内政的长期政策,对非洲的经济增长表示赞赏,并再度确认中国承诺在未来3年里向非洲提供200亿美元贷款。他还签署了在坦桑尼亚建设一个大型港口及工业区的协议。官员们表示,这个项目的成本可能高达100亿美元。“The African lion is galloping faster and faster, while China also maintains a good development momentum,” said Mr Xi. “We each view the other’s development as our own opportunity.”“非洲雄狮正在加速奔跑,而中国也继续保持着良好发展势头。”习近平表示,“我们都把对方的发展视为自己的机遇。”Mr Xi will go to South Africa and the Republic of Congo on this trip, which also included a visit to Russia last Friday. But China’s growing trade ties with Africa – bilateral trade hit 8bn last year – have been met with a growing chorus of criticism from African officials who fear Chinese exports to Africa undermine the continent’s manufacturing sector.习近平此行还将访问南非和刚果共和国,他已在上周五访问了俄罗斯。不过,中国与非洲之间不断发展的经贸往来(去年双边贸易总额达到1980亿美元)遭遇非洲官员日益高涨的批评声浪,这些官员担心中国对非洲的出口打击了非洲的制造业。“China takes from us primary goods and sells us manufactured ones. This was also the essence of colonialism,” wrote Lamido Sanusi, Nigerian central bank governor, in the FinancialTimesthismonth.“中国从我们这里拿走初级商品,然后把制成品卖给我们。这正是当年殖民主义的实质,”尼日利亚央行行长拉米多萨努西(Lamido Sanusi)本月在英国《金融时报》撰文表示。Mr Xi, who framed the relationship with Africa in terms of self-interest, said: “China will continue to offer necessary assistance to Africa with no political strings attached.”习近平则用自身利益来框定中非关系。他表示:“中国将继续为非洲发展提供应有的、不附加任何政治条件的帮助。”Chinese diplomats routinely contrast China’s approach with that of western countries, whose armies and aid are entangled acrossthecontinent.“That’s what African leaders tend to love – somebody with the money who will not interfere in the business,” said a senior policy adviser who was in the audience.中国外交官经常把中国采取的方式与西方国家进行对比。西方军队和援助在非洲各地卷入当地事务。“非洲领导人往往青睐中国的方式——既拿钱给你,又不干涉你的内部事务,”听众席上的一名高级政策顾问表示。Much of China’s aid to Africa is used for massive infrastructure and resources projects – from airports to mines to highways – and China’s imports of African crude oil have been rising in recent years.从机场、矿山到高速公路,中国对非洲的援助有很大一部分用于庞大的基础设施和资源项目,而中国近些年来从非洲进口的原油也在不断增长。At the same time, China’s exports of manufactured goods to Africa have hurt local producers and critics argue that state backing for Chinese companies give them an advantage in competition for infrastructure contracts. Beijing counts a cumulative bn of investment in Africa to the end of June 2012, according to official statistics.与此同时,中国对非洲的制成品出口打击了当地的生产企业。批评人士指出,中国企业得到的政府持,这使得它们在角逐基础设施合同时具有优势。官方统计数据显示,截至2012年6月底,中国对非洲的投资累计达到450亿美元。 /201303/232063Here#39;s another reason to get serious about saving — it#39;s a new year. Although the occasion isn#39;t going to turn us into smart savers, it sure is a good reminder. We all have our own methods of dealing with money, but here are a couple of saving tricks that will grow your money:又有一个原因让你认真地考虑储蓄问题了,那就是新的一年开始了。即使不能利用这个机会变成聪明的储户,这也很好地提醒了我们存钱的重要性。我们都有自己处理金钱的方法,但这里有些省钱技巧可以让你“钱生钱”:The top-down view: Instead of skimping here and there, take the top-down approach to saving money. Basically what you need to do is figure out your biggest expenses, then brainstorm ways to save and tackle the biggest expenses first.从大处着手:与其从小处抠钱节省,不如从大的方面开始存钱。基本上你需要做的就是找出最大的开,然后想办法如何从这笔最大的开中省出钱来。Improve your memory: Studies have shown that training your memory can build up a desire to save since short-term memory is linked to planning for or envisioning the future. A couple of ways to improve your memory include attaching an image to something you want to remember and practicing memorizing it over and over again, and avoiding multitasking.提高你的:有研究表明,训练可以让你有存钱的欲望,因为短期记忆与规划展望未来有关。增强的一些方式包括:把想记的东西和图像联系并且反复记忆;不要同时处理多件事。Let technology aid you: Use web tools to make it easier to budget your money. There are free site that lets you to view all of your accounts in one place and provides budgeting tools that help determine where it would be easiest to cut spending. Consider downloading apps that#39;ll help you save. There are even apps that will save you money on gas and let you text for free.使用高科技:网络工具可以让你更方便做出预算。有些免费网站可以让你在一个地方查你所有的账号,并提供预算工具帮你确定最简单的削减开的方法。考虑下载应用程序帮你省钱。Automating: The best way to make sure you#39;re saving enough is to automatically put a chunk of your money into your savings and retirement accounts every month. It#39;s generally better than relying on your willpower. If you#39;re aly automating, try to increase the amount by five percent.自动存钱:确保你攒够钱的最好方式是每月自动往储蓄账户和退休帐户转一大笔钱。通常来说,这个方法好于依靠意志力来存钱的方式。如果你已经自动转账存钱了,试着增加百分之五的储蓄量。 /201302/225601

It seems like our favorite excuse: ;There just aren#39;t enough hours in the day.; It gets us out of workouts, concocting nutritious homemade meals, sleeping enough.“每天时间就是不够用啊!”,这简直是用烂了的借口了。因此我们疏于运动,不愿花时间做那些营养的食物,也无法保充足的睡眠。But does health have to be a trade-off with time? A new study examined the time American adults spend on beneficial behavior and found that many of us are sacrificing one health-promoting activity for another. Among health-minded folk, a 10-minute increase in meal prep time meant a 10-minute shorter workout, MyHealthNewsDaily reported.但健康真的必须以时间为交换条件吗?新的研究记录下了美国成年人在健康行为上花费的时间,结果发现很多人都是放弃一件对健康有益的事转去进行另一件事。根据健康网站MyHealthNewsDaily的报道,对于那些关注健康的人来说,多花十分钟吃饭似乎就意味着少花10分钟运动。;If we assume, for example, that adults have 45 minutes of free time to allocate to health-promoting behaviors, maybe we need to look at that holistically and determine the optimal way to use that time,; Rachel Tumin, lead author of the study and epidemiology student at The Ohio State University#39;s College of Public Health, said in a statement.Rachel Tumin,俄亥俄州州立大学公共健康专业的学生Rachel Tumin是这次研究结果的第一作者,她表示:“我们假设,成年人有45分钟自由配时间来做些对健康有益的事情,也许我们该整体的看看,再来决定如何更好的使用时间。”If we only have 45 proverbial minutes, we plan to make the most of them. Luckily, there are easy (and cheap) ways to be healthier in just minutes. Below, some of our favorite ways to improve our bodies and minds in 10 minutes or less. Let us know in the comments which quick-and-easy health-boosting methods you swear by.如果我们只有45分钟,那么我们需要尽可能的利用它。幸运的是,有很多很简单方便的方式能让你短短10分钟内更健康。下面就是一些能让我们在十分钟之内改善身体和头脑的方法哦。In One Minute: Laugh一分钟以内 :大笑A 60-second chuckle is all it takes to release stress-busting endorphins and relax the muscles. And if you make laughing a regular practice, you can look forward to more stable blood sugar, healthier blood flow and even a longer life.60秒的轻声笑能释放造成压力的内啡肽,放松肌肉。如果你把大笑当成一个规律练习,那么还能有效稳定血糖、血压,甚至能长寿。In Two Minutes: Say Thanks两分钟以内:说谢谢It doesn#39;t take long to say those two little words, but they can make a big difference. Not only will giving thanks make the person on the receiving end feel good, a little gratitude can boost your health, too.当然说这两个字不需要这么久,但它起到的作用可不容小觑哦。不仅听到的人会感到舒,一点感激之情也对你的健康有好处。Appreciation can protect the heart, according to a 1995 study, not to mention bolster the immune system and even lead to better sleep.1995年的研究显示,感激之情会保护心脏,更别说提高免疫系统、促进睡眠啦。In Three Minutes: Make A Three-Minute Egg三分钟之内:吃鸡蛋Eggs get a bad rap for being high in dietary cholesterol. But these easy-to-prepare eats actually have a number of properties that improve health. They#39;re loaded with choline, a B vitamin essential to brain function, and may stave off heart problems.因其过高的胆固醇,鸡蛋有点让人避之不及。但鸡蛋是简单易做的食物其中好处多多,且能促进健康。它们富含胆碱,维生素B对大脑功能不可或缺,还能减少很多心脏问题。An egg-centric breakfast has also been shown to aid weight loss and, as part of a high-protein breakfast, could help you stay away from the less nutritious snacks later on in the day.研究显示,以鸡蛋为主的早餐还能帮助减肥,这样高蛋白的早餐,能让你断了吃零食的念想。In Four Minutes: Take Some Deep Breaths四分钟之内:多做几次深呼吸You don#39;t have to be a seasoned yogi or master of meditation to reap the calming benefits of a deep breath. Wherever you are, you can take a few minutes to breathe in through the nose to a count of three, pause briefly, then exhale to a count of three or longer. Try thinking to yourself while you breathe: ;Breathing in, I am peace, breathing out, I am peace;.你不用持续做瑜伽,或是冥想来体验深呼吸带来的宁静。无论你在哪,花几分钟用鼻子呼吸,数到三,暂停,然后再呼出,数到三甚至更长。深呼吸的时候别忘了告诉自己:“吸进,平和,呼出,淡定”。In Five Minutes: Try A Mini-Circuit五分钟之内:小型运动It won#39;t make up for a 45-minute Spinning class or a long walk in the woods, but even just a five-minute workout is enough to rev your metabolism. Try this five-minute circuit:你不需要花45分钟来个速跑班,或是在森林里散步,短短五分钟的运动足够激活你的新陈代谢了。试试这个五分钟小运动吧。20 crunches20个仰卧起坐15 slow, controlled squats15个缓慢的下蹲10 slow, controlled pushups10个缓慢的俯卧撑10 burpees (squat-thrust-jumps)10个全身运动(蹲下-伸腿-跳起)In Six Minutes: Take The Stairs六分钟之内:爬楼梯Do you really need to get up to the office right now? With a few minutes to spare, take the stairs instead. Adding even just a little movement to your day can help fight the adverse effects sitting too much. And adding three to five sets of stairs a day instead of zooming up in that elevator can burn enough calories to negate the average adult#39;s yearly one to two-pound weight gain.你真的需要现在进办公室么?如果还有几分钟空闲,不如选择爬楼梯吧。活动一下,能有效改善长期坐着带来的坏影响。每天爬3-5层楼梯而不是坐电梯,能有效燃烧卡路里,并让成年人一年减少2磅的重量哦。In Seven Minutes: Read The Labels七分钟以内:看营养成分标签Turns out, even the health-minded among us claim we nutrition labels more than we actually do. Take a little time to peruse not just calories, but fat content, trans fat, sugar, serving size and maybe even fiber for everything you put in your cart.事实明,即使是很关注健康的人们,对营养成分的标签关注其实也并不多。花点时间,别只看卡路里啦,再看看脂肪含量、反式脂肪、糖分、食用分量,甚至纤维和其他的成分吧。In Eight Minutes: Schedule That Appointment八分钟之内:安排个约会Yes, you#39;re busy. But even if you factor in a few extra minutes to be on hold, making the call won#39;t take that long. And should you find yourself facing a true health problem, won#39;t you feel silly saying, ;I was just too busy to call the doctor!;是的,你是个大忙人。但即使你只有几分钟的空余时间,打个电话也花不了多久。当等到你真的面临健康问题,你就不会再想说这样的傻话:”我忙到连看医生的时间都没有了!“In Nine Minutes: Pack A Lunch九分钟之内:准备个午餐If you wait to think about lunch until you#39;re ravenous between meetings, you#39;ll be tempted to grab something packaged or processed to quell your midday hunger. With a little foresight, you can squash those lunch cravings the morning (or night) before with a nutritious, homemade meal. Not only will you have control over things like sodium and fat content, you#39;ll likely save some money, too.如果你等到各种会议忙得不可开交时再去想午饭吃什么,你可能就会随手抓一个打包好的东西来垫垫饥。如果你有点远见,不妨早上或头一天晚上准备一下午餐吧,动手做个营养丰富的午餐。这样你不仅能自己控制钠和脂肪含量,还能省钱哦。In 10 Minutes: Take A Nap十分钟之内:打个盹Feeling sleepy? There#39;s no shame in squeezing in a little shut-eye during the day, especially when you consider the benefits. Not only will you feel more awake and alert after a short nap, research suggests a siesta can improve memory, creativity and productivity. The best part of all? Just 10 minutes will do the trick. Too much more than that and you might just feel more sluggish when you wake up.困了?闭上眼睛休息休息打个盹又没啥不好意思,尤其是小睡可是好处多多。打个盹不仅能让你清醒起来,研究显示这还能提高、创造力和效率。最好的是什么?十分钟就够啦。睡得过多反而会让你醒的时候感觉更困。 /201305/238127

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