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广州军区武汉总医院男科大夫武汉华夏门诊部地址SINGAPORE (AP) — Emerging Asian nations arefinding out what developed ones did years ago: Money — and the stuff it buys —brings happiness, or at least satisfaction.新加坡(美联社)——崛起中的亚洲国家发现了发达国家数年前就存在的迹象:金钱——以及靠金钱买来的东西——可以带来幸福感,至少可以由此获得满足感。Levels of self-reportedwell-being in fast-growing nations like Indonesia, Chinaand Malaysia now rival thosein the U.S., Germany and the ed Kingdom, rich nations that have long topped the happinesscharts, according to a Pew Research Centerglobal survey released Friday.据皮尤研究中心周五公布的全球调查,印尼、中国和马来西亚这些快速发展中国家自我报告的幸福感水平现已可与美国、德国和英国相匹敌,这些富有的国家长久以来占据幸福感排行榜的领衔位置。It says it shows how rises in nationalincome are closely linked to personal satisfaction.皮尤研究中心称,这表明国家收入增长与个人满足感密切相关。The pollsters asked people in 43 countriesto place themselves on a ;ladder of life,; with the top rungrepresenting the best possible life and the bottom the worst. Pew carried outthe same survey in 2002 and 2005 in most of those countries, enablingresearchers to look at trends over time.民意测验专家让43个国家的人给自己在;生活阶梯;上定位,最高梯级代表最好不过的生活状态,而最低梯级则代表最差的生活状态。2002年到2005年期间,皮尤研究中心已对这些国家中的绝大部分国家开展过同样的调查,研究人员得以观察随时间变动的趋势。But the data also suggested that there is alimit to how much happiness money can buy. For example, 56 percent ofMalaysians rated their life a ;seven; or higher on the ladder,significantly more than the 36 percent in Bangladesh, a poor country. Yet thepublic in Germany, which hasfar higher gross domestic product per capita than Malaysia,expressed a life satisfaction level of 60 percent, just 4 percentage pointsmore than Malaysia.但数据也表明金钱可以买来的幸福感是有限的。例如,56%的马来西亚人将自己的生活状态定位于;第7阶梯;或在其之上的位置,这远高于比例只有36%的贫穷国家孟加拉国。而德国民众表露的生活满意度是60%,只比马来西亚高出4个百分点,但德国的人均国内生产总值远高于马来西亚。While wealth appears to contribute tohappiness, other research has indicated it is far from the only factor. Womentend to be happier than man, for example, and unmarried and middle-aged peopletend to report lower levels of well-being than married and younger people,respectively.虽然财富看似可以带来幸福感,其他研究已经表明这远非唯一的因素。例如,女性的幸福感高于男性,而未婚人士和中年人的幸福感分别要低于已婚人士和年轻人。The Pew survey results, which were based on47,643 interviews in 43 countries with adults 18 and older between March andJune, also found that people in emerging and developing economies prioritize afew essentials in life, including their health, their children#39;s education andsafety from crime. Fewer people in those economies said Internet access, carownership, free time or the ability to travel is very important in their lives.皮尤研究中心的调查结果是基于3月份至6月份期间对43个国家47643名年龄在18岁以上的成年人进行的采访。研究还发现,新兴发展中国家的人们将几个要素列为优先级,这些要素包括健康、孩子的教育和远离犯罪侵害。这些经济体中较少有人说接触网络、拥有汽车、享受闲暇时光或能否旅行是生活中很重要的部分。 /201607/455979武汉医院网上预约系统 武汉治阳痿哪家医院最好

武汉睾丸下端有凸起硬块武汉华夏性病医院 David Cameron cracked jokes today as he faced MPs for the first time since his humiliation in the EU referendum - but Boris Johnson was nowhere to be seen.自从脱欧公投令大卫·卡梅伦蒙羞之后他一直愁云满面,直到今天首次在面对一群议员时开起了玩笑——而鲍里斯·约翰逊不知到哪儿去了。Mr Cameron#39;s successor as Prime Minister will be appointed by September 2 at the latest.卡梅伦的首相继任人最迟将于9月2日被任命。The winner of the Conservative leadership contest will be announced on that date, with David Cameron potentially handing over the keys to Downing Street the same day.保守党领导人竞选的胜者也将在那一天宣布,与此同时卡梅伦也将交出唐宁街的钥匙。The favourite to win the top job, Boris Johnson, declared #39;thatProject Fearis over#39; this morning as he sought to reassure Britain that pensions were safe, the pound and markets were stable and told the nation: #39;That#39;s all very good news#39;.最有希望的赢得首相职位的鲍里斯·约翰逊今晨宣称“恐惧计划已经结束”,并力图向英国人民再次保养老金不会变、英镑和市场不会震荡,并向全国宣称:“脱欧真的是一个非常好的消息!”But he was nowhere to be seen in the Commons this afternoon, with SNP MPs shouting #39;Where#39;s Boris?#39; as the session began.但是今天下午却不见他在下议院,苏格兰国民党的议员们在会议开始时都大叫着“鲍里斯哪去了?”。The PM insisted pro EU ministers could not join the campaign for a second referendum or try to block Brexit.卡梅伦向持欧盟的官员表示将不会加入要求第二次公投的运动或驳回“脱欧”的决定。The PM reiterated his position that the Government must #39;accept the result#39; the British people had given and #39;get on and deliver it#39;.卡梅伦重申,政府必须“接受”英国人民的选择结果,并且“展开行动、执行命令”。Mr Cameron raised a laugh from MPs when he pointed out that Mr Johnson, MP for Uxbridge and South Ruislip, was not bound by the rules of collective responsibility.卡梅伦在议员们面前开起了玩笑,惹得大家不禁哈哈大笑。他说约翰逊——阿克斯布里奇和南赖斯利普的议员——并不受到集体责任规则的约束。When he was praised for his performances at the despatch box, Mr Cameron joked that he would miss the three-hour marathon Commons sessions after statements.当卡梅伦在首相问答环节因其在任时的表现受到表扬时,他幽默地说会怀念下议院三小时马拉松式的会议。#39;I wonder what I will do with my time,#39; he said wryly.“我在想我接下来该做什么来打发时间。”他面无表情地说道。Some Tories determined to block Mr Johnson think a crowded field is the best way of keeping him out of the final two names, with grassroots members choosing the winner.一些保守党决定阻碍鲍里斯竞选首相,认为最好的办法就是增加参选人以保他不会出现在最终的候选名单上——由草根民众决定二者谁将是首相的候选名单。 /201606/451947武汉华夏男子男科医院割包皮环切术

仙桃市第一人民医院看泌尿科怎么样 Japan is poised to hit its tourism target of 20m inbound visitors five years ahead of schedule, according to a leading industry figure, thanks mainly to the weakness of the yen, a boom in Asian cruises and a surge in Chinese shoppers.根据领先行业数据,日本将提前5年实现每年2000万入境游客的目标,主要原因是日元贬值、亚洲游轮旅游蓬勃发展以及中国游客激增。Hideo Sawada, chief executive of HIS, Japan’s largest low-cost package tour company, said Chinese travellers appeared to have shrugged off the effects of a domestic slowdown and would continue arriving in robust numbers, unless China’s economy suffered a more dramatic crash.日本最大低价旅行社HIS首席执行官Hideo Sawada表示,中国游客似乎没有理会国内经济放缓的影响,中国游客数量将继续稳健增长,除非中国经济遭遇更大规模冲击。Inbound visitor numbers have been rising rapidly, from 8.4m in 2012 to more than 13.4m in 2014 — and by September this year the total had exceeded 14.4m.日本入境游客数量一直迅速增长,从2012年的840万人增至2014年的逾1340万人,到今年9月,入境游客总量已超过1440万人。This inbound tourism boom has aly clogged the centres of major Japanese cities with tour buses and prompted hundreds of retailers to employ Chinese-speaking staff.入境游热潮造成旅游大巴堵塞日本主要城市的中心,并促使数零售商聘用会讲中文的员工。Mr Sawada,suggested cheaper travel had made Japan an attractive destination.Hideo Sawada表示,更为廉价的旅游费用让日本成为一个吸引人的旅游目的地。However, while waves of foreign visitors are discovering the delights of Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto, Japan’s once formidable globetrotters are reining in their ambitions as a weaker yen, ageing demographics and “destination anxiety” about the safety of other cities take their toll. In a historic turning point, 2015 is likely to be the first year since 1971 that Japanese outbound journeys are outnumbered by foreign arrivals.然而,尽管大量外国游客发现了东京、大阪和京都的美丽,但曾经不可一世的日本出境游客却在勒紧腰带,原因是日元贬值、人口老龄化以及对其他城市安全的担忧。2015年可能成为自1971年以来外国游客数量超过出境游客数量的第一年,这是一个具有历史意义的转折点。This trend is unlikely to be reversed. Under the “Abenomics” economic policies of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, the government relaxed its visitor visa rules to help reach a target of 20m annual visitors by 2020 — the year Tokyo is due to host the Olympic Games.这种趋势不太可能逆转。根据日本首相安倍晋三(Shinzo Abe)的“安倍经济学”,日本政府放松了旅游签规定,以帮助实现到2020年达到每年2000万游客的目标,届时,东京将承办奥运会。Although Mr Sawada is confident that HIS will continue to benefit from the inbound boom, he identified an urgent need for innovation as Japanese travelling tastes change. He has predicted that mundane hotel functions will be increasingly performed by robots, as at his hotel, and is considering a move into the cruise industry.尽管Hideo Sawada相信,HIS将继续受益于入境旅游热潮,但他指出,随着日本旅游品味的改变,亟需创新。他预测,机器人将越来越多地履行单调的酒店功能,就像在他的酒店那样,此外他正考虑进军游轮行业。 /201511/411337武汉睾丸疝气手术武汉最好的男科医院在哪里




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