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  • Prison can be an incredibly violent place and since the people who are locked up have plenty of time on their hands, they have come up with some pretty inventive ways to try to hurt each other and correction officers. All of these weapons were actually found in prisons throughout the world, and in some cases, they were even used.监狱可以充满暴力,里面的人空闲时间又多,于是发明了一些伤害狱友和狱警的法子下面这些武器其实都诞生于监狱,有些甚至真的被用上了.Shiv Hidden in Cross.十字架藏刀Shivs, which are handmade knives, are the most common type of weapon made in prison and they are most commonly made from toothbrushes. Toothbrushes are easy to get and they are either filed down to a point or something sharp, like a razor blade, is embedded in it.Shiv是一种手工制作的刀,也是监狱中最常见的武器,通常来自于牙刷获得牙刷很容易,然后要么磨尖它,要么加上剃刀片之类的尖锐物However, this shiv hidden in a cross is a whole different story. It was found in the city prison in Wolfenbüttel, Germany, in 199. At the time that it was found, making shivs concealed in crosses in the workshops was a bit of a cottage industry the inmates. Eventually, the guards caught on and thecross weapons were confiscated.不过这把十字架藏刀完全不是那回事它在199年被发现于德国沃尔芬比特尔市监狱当时,犯人在车间制作十字架藏刀几乎蔚然成风警卫最终发现了这件事,没收了这些十字武器9.Radio Bomb9.收音机炸弹One of the most inventive ways that someone thought of attacking a fellow inmate was dreamt up by South Carolinian serial killer Donald Henry ;Peewee; Gaskins. Between 1953 and 198, Gaskins killed at least eight people in South Carolina, but confessed to killing over 0 people. In May 1976, he was sentenced to death. However, later that year in November, the Supreme Court ruled that the death penalty was unconstitutional, so Gaskins sentence was commuted to life. However, Gaskins wouldnt stay off death row very long.美国南卡罗来纳州连环杀手小唐纳德·亨利·加斯金攻击狱友的点子空前绝后1953和198年间,加斯金在南卡罗来纳杀害了至少8人,但自称超过了0人1976年5月,他被判处死刑最高法院在月裁定此判决违宪,于是他被改判无期不过他的死期不会远了In 198, a man named Tony Cimo contacted Gaskins in prison. Cimo wanted Gaskins to kill another prisoner, Rudolph Tyner. Tyner had been convicted of killing Cimo mother and stepfather in a botched robbery.198年,监狱一个叫托尼·西蒙的人联系了加斯金,想让他去杀另一个犯人鲁道夫·特纳特纳曾供认在一次拙劣的抢劫中杀害了西蒙的母亲和继父Over the next several weeks, Gaskins attempted to kill Tyner in several different ways, like poisoning his food, but then he somehow got hold of some C. Gaskins put the C and a transmitter in a radio, and then he gave the radio to Tyner. He told Tyner that he had rigged the radio so that they could communicate through them, like Walkie-Talkies. Gaskins then told Tyner to put the radio close to his head at a specific time to talk. Tyner believed him, and Gaskins detonated the bomb from his cell, killing Tyner. Gaskins admitted to laughing so hard that it would have been the last thing that Tyner heard; well, besides the C detonating.后来的几周中,加斯金做了几次尝试,比如在食物中下毒然后,他得到了塑胶爆炸物C,把它和一个发射器藏在收音机中给了特纳他骗特纳说自己把这台收音机改装成了对讲机,要特纳在特定时刻把收音机放在耳边对话特纳相信了,然后加斯金就在自己的牢房引爆炸弹杀死了特纳加斯金承认自己笑得很大声,那也许是爆炸之外,特纳听到的最后声音了Gaskins was again found guilty of murder, and by this time the death penalty in South Carolina had been reinstated. Gaskins was sentenced to death again and ;the Meanest Man in America,; as he was called in the press, was executed on September 6, 1991, at the age of 58 via the electric chair.加斯金又犯了杀人罪,而且此时南卡罗来纳已经恢复死刑加斯金再次被判死刑,这个58岁的“美国最卑鄙的人”在1991年9月6号被电椅处死8.Razor Whip8.剃刀鞭This nasty piece of work isnt so much clever as it is frightening. It was discovered in the Fuhlsbüttel Prison in Hamburg, Germany in 1996, in the cell of a drug addict. It was found after the inmate got into some trouble in the prison. He wanted more methadone and when he didnt get it, he grabbed a knife and threatened a nurse.这件讨厌的作品虽然巧妙,却很可怕它于1996年在德国汉堡Fuhlsbuettel区监狱一个吸毒者的牢房中被发现,此前该囚犯陷入了监狱里的一些麻烦他想要更多的美沙酮却没有得到,于是抓了一把刀威胁一个护士After threatening the nurse, the inmate cell was searched and inside they found the whip. We know, surprise, surprise, the drug addicted prison inmate didnt think things through. Had he threatened her with the whip, he might have been able to get more methadone, gotten high and then lost the whip. Instead, he got nothing, except a few days in solitary confinement.威胁护士后,囚犯的牢房被搜查,发现了鞭子我们惊奇地发现,吸毒者并没有深思熟虑如果他用鞭子威胁护士,可能会得到更多的美沙酮,过把瘾,然后失去了鞭子而现在,他什么都没有得到,还得被关几天禁闭7.Nunchucks7.双节棍On September 19, , Lorenzo Pollard, who was doing time theft and resisting arrest at a medium security prison in St. Louis, Missouri, showed that sometimes the simplest weapons can be the most effective. Were also guessing that if he had to pick a favorite Ninja Turtle, hed go with Michelangelo.年9月19日,因为盗窃和拒捕,洛伦佐·波拉德正在密苏里州圣路易斯的一个中度安全管理监狱刑,并发现有时最简单的武器可能最有效我们也猜测,如果他必须选一个最喜欢的忍者神龟,他会选“米开朗基罗”(译注:其武器是双节棍)In his cell, Pollard made a set of nunchucks out of a bed sheet and a chair. Then, using his makeshift nunchucks, he managed to fight off about a dozen guards, scaled a fence, and escaped. He lasted on the lam two days bee he was arrested again.在他的牢房里,波拉德用床单和椅子做了一套双节棍,并用它成功打倒十几个警卫,翻过栅栏逃跑了他在拉姆斯呆两天才被再次逮捕6.Jolly Rancher Shiv6. Jolly Ranchers刀Being able to eat candies is probably one of the few small luxuries that people in prison get to experience. However, some inmates have jeopardized this luxury by making candy into weapons. Amazingly, this is such a common route to create a weapon that it was implemented into the plot of Orange is the New Black.吃糖可能是坐牢时为数不多的小奢侈之一然而,一些囚犯利用这种奢侈,将糖果制成了武器令人惊讶的是,这种武器制作相当常见,都被拍进《女子监狱了One candy that has been used to make a weapon is Jolly Ranchers, which are made into shivs. To make the shiv, inmates place the candies in a single file on aluminum foil, and then wrap it up. Then they heat the tinfoil wrapped candies and this melts them together into one long stick. Once it a single stick, then it just a matter of sharpening one end of it. This leaves the inmate with a sharp and durable weapon, and it is also easy to dispose of. An inmate can simply bite off the sharp end and dissolve it in his or her mouth. So prisoners can either stab someone or get some candy; talk about versatility!一种用来制造武器的糖是Jolly Ranchers,它们被制成shiv刀囚犯将糖用一片铝箔包起来,然后加热,将糖融化成一根长棍全部融化后,就只用再把长棍一段压尖了这样囚犯就得到了一把锋利耐用的武器,而且很容易销毁囚犯只用咬断锋利的末端,让它在嘴里融化所以囚犯可以要么刺伤某人,要么得到一些糖:真是用途广泛! 5。
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