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Tomalley may be harmful蟹黄有可能对人身体有害Tomalley of crabs, favored by Chinese Americans, may be harmful to health because of industrial contamination, according to New York State Department of Health.纽约州卫生部表示,受工业污染影响,华裔最爱的蟹黄可能损害健康。The department released a Blue Crab Cooking amp; Eating Guide, which advises crab lovers to remove the tomalley of crabs before eating, because this is where PCBs , dioxin and heavy metals concentrate. Do not reuse the cooking liquid for sauces, soups or stews; roughly 80% of the PCBs found in crabs move into the cooking liquid during steaming/boiling, said the guide.纽约州卫生部近日发布了一份;蓝蟹烹饪和食用指南;,其中建议爱吃蟹的人在吃之前要去掉蟹黄,因为蟹黄是氯联苯(PCB)、二恶英和重金属的富集处。该指南还指出,蟹子中约80%的PCB会在蒸煮过程中进入汤汁,所以不要再把这些汤汁重复用于酱汁调味、做汤或炖煮中。 /201506/379097

China’s trade surplus hit a fresh record high last month, as strong demand from the US lifted exports while sharp drops in commodity prices shrunk the value of imports.中国上月的贸易顺差再次创下新高,来自美国的强劲需求提升了中国的出口,而大宗商品价格急剧下降使进口货值缩水。The lunar new year holiday, which fell in late February this year, always distorts Chinese trade data, meaning that figures for the first two months give a better picture of the country’s economic performance. Exports rose 15 per cent in the first two months of the year, while the value of imports fell 20 per cent.农历新年假期(今年落在2月下半月)难免扭曲中国的贸易数据,这意味着年初两个月的合计数字可提供有关中国经济表现的更准确画面。今年头两个月出口同比增长15%,而进口货值下跌20%。“I don’t think 15 per cent export growth can be sustained. But on balance, it looks like a fairly decent performance,” said Tom Orlik, chief Asia economist for Bloomberg Intelligence.“我不认为15%的出口增长可以持续。但总的来说,这看起来像是相当不俗的表现,”彭研究机构(Bloomberg Intelligence)首席亚洲经济学家汤姆#8226;奥尔利克(Tom Orlik)表示。In renminbi terms, the trade balance rose to Rmb370.5bn (.1bn) from a previous record of Rmb366.9bn in January.按人民币计算,2月份的贸易顺差升至3705亿元人民币(合591亿美元),高于上一个纪录高点,即1月份的3669亿元人民币。While a surplus would normally translate into pressure for the Chinese currency to appreciate, in this case the market still sees China’s domestic economy as weak and expects monetary policy to remain loose, Mr Orlik said. “The pressure on the renminbi will remain downward.”奥尔利克表示,虽然贸易顺差在正常情况下会转化为人民币升值压力,但就目前而言,市场仍然认为中国国内经济偏于疲弱,并预计货币政策将保持宽松。“人民币所受的压力仍将是下行的。”Premier Li Keqiang set a lower GDP growth target of “around 7 per cent” in his speech to the annual legislative session, signaling that China expects an even sharper economic slowdown following the lowest growth in a quarter of a century last year.中国总理李克强在全国人大年会发表讲话时,设定了“7%左右”的较低国内生产总值(GDP)增长目标,表明继去年录得25年来最低增长率之后,中国预期将出现更大幅度的经济放缓。Exports for February alone surged 48 per cent, the Customs Administration said on Sunday, beating economists’ expectations.中国海关总署周日宣布,2月份出口激增48%。这个数字超出了经济学家的预期。“Demand from the advanced economies bodes well,” Li-Gang Liu, ANZ economist, wrote in a report. However, he expected the “weakening bias” towards the renminbi to remain.“发达经济体的需求是个好兆头,”澳新(ANZ)经济学家刘利刚在报告中写道。不过,他预计人民币的“走弱倾向”将继续存在。The drop in value of Chinese commodity imports is a blow for Australia. Total imports from China’s top iron ore supplier dropped nearly 28 per cent by value, although volumes of iron ore imports held broadly steady. Low-cost Australian iron ore has gained market share as plunging prices make higher-cost mines uncompetitive, but a 45 per cent drop in Chinese coal imports has hurt miners in Australia.中国大宗商品进口货值下降,对澳大利亚是一个打击。中国从其主要铁矿石供应国进口货物的总值下降了近28%,尽管铁矿石进口量大致保持稳定。随着价格暴跌使得成本较高的铁矿失去竞争力,低成本的澳大利亚铁矿石扩大了市场份额,但中国煤炭进口下降45%打击了澳大利亚矿商。Crude oil imports have steadied after record volumes at the end of last year built expectations that China would see the steep drop in international crude oil prices as a chance to fill strategic reserves more cheaply. China imported about 6.7m barrels a day of crude oil in the first two months of the year, down from December’s record 7.15m b/d.去年底中国原油进口量达到创纪录水平,令人预期中国将国际原油价格暴跌视为一个廉价补充战略储备的良机。如今中国的原油进口量已经企稳。今年头两个月,中国平均每日进口大约670万桶,低于去年12月创纪录的每日715万桶。 /201503/363082

You probably don’t pay much attention to vending machines, except when you’re thirsty or want a quick snack. Usually you can only choose from a small selection of fizzy drinks and packed, processed snacks. In other words: boring and not very healthy.你或许只有在口渴或想吃点儿零食时才会注意到自动售货机。通常,售货机只出售汽水和独立包装的加工食品,可选余地较小。换句话说就是:品种单一且不利健康。But vending machines are evolving and some now offer a variety of foods that are freshly prepared, just for you. Whether it’s a cold, sweet treat, a hot meal, or even fresh cooking ingredients, there’s something to satisfy everyone’s desires.但是自动贩卖机正在进化,如今一些自动售货机可以专门为你提供新鲜烹饪的各式食品。无论是冷饮、甜点、热餐、甚至是新鲜食材,总有一款能令你满意。Hairy selection大闸蟹自动售货机Where: China国家:中国What: hairy crabs出售商品:大闸蟹How much: 10-45 yuan价格:10—45元人民币In Nanjing, consumers can buy fresh, live crabs from a vending machine. To keep them alive, the machine has an internal temperature of 5 C, which keeps the crabs in a state of hibernation. Five different varieties of crabs are available and according to an Associated Press report the machine sells up to 200 of them a day. If anyone receives a dead crab, the company compensates consumers with three live ones.在南京,消费者可以从自动售货机上买到鲜活的螃蟹。为保螃蟹长时间存活,售货机内部温度设定为5摄氏度,从而保持螃蟹处于冬眠状态。在这里,你可以买到五种不同的螃蟹,据美联社报道,该售货机一天可售出200只螃蟹。如果有消费者买到死蟹,商家会赔偿三只活螃蟹。Automatic meal自动点餐机Where: The Netherlands国家:荷兰What: automat restaurant出售商品:自动贩卖式餐馆How much: 1.60-6.50 euros (15-55 yuan)价格:1.6—6.5欧元(合15—55元人民币)In the Netherlands there is a restaurant chain that serves food exclusively out of vending machines, or automats. Open 24 hours a day, FEBO is popular among tourists and locals out late. It offers a Dutch including croquettes, frikandels (a deep-fried sausage) and kaassouffles (a melted-cheese snack). But rather than being prepared in the vending machines, the food is prepared by humans in a kitchen behind the machines.在荷兰有一家只在自动售货机上出售食物的连锁餐厅。FEBO是一家自动贩卖式餐馆,提供24小时全天候务,深受游客和当地夜猫族的欢迎。它提供的荷兰菜品包括炸肉丸、frikandels(一种油炸香肠)和kaassouffles(一种奶酪卷)。但是,这些食物并非是在自动贩卖机里制作的,而是在机器后面的厨房里人工烹饪的。Creative treat创意冰激凌Where: US国家:美国What: ice cream出售商品:冰激凌How much: (18 yuan)价格:3美元(合18元人民币)An ice-cream machine may not sound like anything special, but the MooBella Ice Creamery Machine certainly is!尽管冰激凌自动售货机可能听上去并无特别之处,但是MooBella冰激凌自动贩卖机的确与众不同。Using a touchscreen panel, customers can design their own ice cream in three easy steps. A total of 12 flavors are available, but a choice of special mix-ins, including chocolate chips and cookies, means 96 different combinations are possible. Each portion is freshly mixed in just 40 seconds.通过触屏界面,顾客只需三步,便可轻松定制自己的冰激凌。该机器上共有12种口味供你选择,还包括巧克力片和曲奇饼在内的多种特别搭配,也就是说顾客可以自行配制出96款冰激凌。只需40秒,就可品尝到新鲜制作的冰激凌。Lazy indulgence懒人的福音Where: Singapore国家:新加坡What: mashed potato出售商品:土豆泥How much: S (5 yuan)价格:1新元(合5元人民币)Making mashed potato is a long, laborious process. But thanks to Maggi, a Swiss food and condiment company, it can be as simple as just adding hot water to a packet of mashed potato powder. In Singapore, however, not even that is necessary anymore. Many 7-Eleven stores there now have Maggi mashed potato machines. All hungry customers need to do is place a cup under the machine’s nozzle, push a button and mashed potato comes pouring out. You can even add chicken gravy sauce if you like.做土豆泥本是费时又费力的事。但得益于瑞士Maggie食品调料公司,你只需要把热水倒入一包土豆泥粉中,土豆泥就可轻松制作完成了。然而在新加坡,就连这个工序都可以省了。如今很多新加坡的7-Eleven便利店都配备了Maggie土豆泥自动售货机。饥肠辘辘的顾客只要把杯子放在机器喷嘴下面,按下一个按钮,土豆泥就出来了!你喜欢的话,甚至还可以在其中加上鸡汁酱。High-tech chef高科技大厨Where: Italy国家:意大利What: pizza出售商品:披萨How much: 3-4.5 euros (25-35 yuan)价格:3—4.5欧元(合25—35元人民币)Italians invented the pizza, so it was only a matter of time until they invented a pizza-making machine. Let’s Pizza prepares fresh pizza in less then three minutes and allows the customer to watch the whole process through a window. It kneads the dough, sps the sauce on it, adds a choice of four toppings and then bakes the pizza. The machine can make up to 100 26-centimeter pizzas before it needs to be refilled.意大利人创造了披萨,所以,他们发明出披萨机也只是时间早晚的问题。这款Let’s Pizza自动售货机可以在三分钟内制作出新鲜的披萨,顾客可以通过一个窗口观看到整个烹饪过程。该机器先是揉面团、喷洒酱料,再加入可供顾客四选一的配料,然后烘焙披萨。填满一次材料,最多可以制作出100个直径26厘米的披萨。 /201403/278216


  Manufacturing in China contracted to an 11-month low this month, according to a preliminary ing of an influential index tracking the sector by HS.根据汇丰(HS)制造业采购经理人指数(PMI)的“预览版”读数,3月中国制造业活动已收缩至11个月内的最低点。Manufacturing in China was worse than expected, according to a closely-watched ;flash; index by HS and Markit. The preliminary ing for March was 49.2, against of a ing of 50.7 in February and versus expectations of 50.5. Any score less than 50 indicates contraction.这一受到密切关注的指数由汇丰和Markit共同编制,最新“预览版”读数显示中国制造业状况比预期更糟。本月这一读数为49.2,不仅低于2月份的50.7,也低于50.5的预期数值。该读数低于50表示相关产业处于收缩中。The sector has last contracted in January, with a ing of 49.7, according to the index.根据这一指数,中国制造业上次出现收缩是在今年1月,当时读数为49.7。But taken as an indicator about the Chinese economy as a whole the monthly survey should be treated with a degree of caution. The HS index is heavily skewed towards small, private companies and tends to be more volatile than China#39;s official PMI, which focuses more on state-backed companies. However the last ing for the official PMI, which came in at 49.9 in February, also pointed to a worsening economy.不过,要用该读数衡量中国经济总体状况还需谨慎。汇丰的PMI指数更为偏向小型民营企业,波动性往往大于更关注国有企业的中国官方PMI指数。不过,中国官方上次公布的2月份PMI指数也只有49.9,同样显示中国经济在恶化。Annabel Fiddes, economist at Markit said:“The HS Flash China Manufacturing PMI signalled a slight deterioration in the health of China#39;s manufacturing sector in March. A renewed fall in total new business contributed to a weaker expansion of output, while companies continued to trim their workforce numbers.Markit经济学家安娜贝尔#8226;菲德斯(Annabel Fiddes)表示:“汇丰预览版中国制造业PMI指数表明,3月份中国制造业的情况略有恶化。新增业务总量再次下滑,令产出增长势头继续减弱。同时,企业也在继续削减员工人数。“Meanwhile, manufacturing companies continued to benefit from falling input costs, stemming from the recent global oil price decline. However, relatively muted client demand has led firms to pass on savings in a bid to boost new work, and cut their selling prices at a similarly sharp rate.”“与此同时,近期全球油价下跌导致进口成本下滑,继续令制造业企业受益。然而,相对低迷的客户需求令企业以差不多同样大的幅度调降了销售价格,以便将节省下来的成本回馈客户,从而提升新增业务量。” /201503/366170。

  “I bet you think we’re crazy,” said Jean-Guillaume Prats ruefully. The CEO in charge of LVMH’s project to make the best wine in China was looking at the rudimentary building site – many a hairpin bend above the Mekong River and four hours’ white-knuckle drive from the nearest airport – that will be Mo#235;t Hennessy’s winery and guest lodge. Tibetan women were working with pulleys and wheelbarrows. The electricity supply was far from reliable. We were at an altitude about 20 times higher than the highest vineyard in Bordeaux. Prats then resumed his interrogation of Stephen Deng, the estate director, as to whether the buildings could really be y in time for the scheduled opening in September.“我敢说你们肯定觉得我们脑子进水了,”让-纪尧姆#8226;普拉(Jean-Guillaume Prats)苦笑着说。这位在中国负责为路威酩轩(LVMH)酿造顶级葡萄酒的CEO眺望着开工不久的建筑工地,那儿将成为酩悦轩尼诗(Mo#235;t Hennessy)的酿酒厂与客栈所在地。若要抵达那儿,得绕过澜沧江(Mekong River,出中国国境后叫湄公河)河谷上的诸多险弯,到最近的机场需要4个小时心惊肉跳的车程。藏族妇女正用滑轮与独轮手推车在工地上忙碌着。这儿时常停电,我们所处的海拔约是波尔多地势最高葡萄园的20倍之多。而后普拉继续问酒庄总经理邓思迪(Stephen Deng):所有建筑是否能赶在今年9月份酒庄正式开张前完工。If they are not, it is Deng who stands to lose most face. While Bordelais Maxence Dulou is in charge of the vines and wines, Deng has to keep local government and other relevant bodies, all 23 of them, happy. On the day of our visit he was suddenly called away to meet a representative of one of them to reassure him that the project would indeed bring great prestige to this remote corner of the Himalayan foothills in Deqin county in Diqing prefecture, at the western limit of the province of Yunnan, 35km from Tibet’s border.如若不能按期完工,届时大失颜面的将是邓思迪。尽管杜鲁(Bordelais Maxence Dulou)是酒庄总管,但邓思迪得负责协调好与当地政府及相关机构(总共有23家之多)之间的关系。就在我们参观工地的那天,他突然又被叫走,去会见政府机构的一位代表,旨在给对方吃定心丸:这个合作项目的确会大大提升喜马拉雅山麓(Himalayan)这个偏僻旮旯地区的知名度。这儿是云南省最西部的迪庆州德钦县(Deqin county in Diqing prefecture),距离西藏自治区地界只有35公里。The story begins with a conundrum. China has a burgeoning future as a wine producer and consumer but all Chinese wine regions have one major disadvantage. They are either, like Shandong on the east coast, so wet in summer that it is a struggle to harvest fully ripe, healthy grapes – or they are so cold in winter, like Ningxia, where Mo#235;t Hennessy recently established a sparkling wine operation, that the vines have to be laboriously buried every autumn to protect them from freezing to death. Quite apart from the damage it can do to vines, the continuing urbanisation of China suggests that eventually this may become rather expensive. It was the fact that Yunnan is free of both these disadvantages that led me to ask Mo#235;t if I could come and see for myself.双方的合作项目始于一个复杂难解的问题。中国正飞速成为葡萄酒生产与消费大国,但中国所有的葡萄酒产区都有一大劣势——不是夏天太过湿热就是冬天太过寒冷。前者如东部沿海的山东省(Shandong),每到夏天就必须争分夺秒地收获熟透的葡萄;后者则如宁夏(酩悦轩尼诗最近刚在此建起了起泡酒厂),每到秋天就得费尽周折地埋藤,以防冻死。除了气候对葡萄树造成的破坏外,中国如火如荼的城市化进程表明葡萄酒最终可能会成本昂贵。很显然,云南没有上述两大劣势,所以我请求酩悦集团:自己能否去实地考察。Mo#235;t Hennessy had bought a producer of the Chinese spirit baijiu in 2007 and went on to see China become their most lucrative market overall. Thus they learnt how to operate joint ventures there and were keen to deepen their involvement in China’s famous thirst for alcoholic drinks. Accordingly, they gave Dr Tony Jordan, a wine scientist who had just stepped back from full-time responsibility for their Australian and New Zealand operations, four years to find a place where they stood the best chance of making world-class red wine. Jordan was keen to avoid the winter freeze problem and recommended the low-latitude-plus-high-altitude combination that has proved so successful for them in Argentina, which he eventually found in these tiny villages with a few vineyards in the far west of Yunnan. He narrowed down his search to the southwest after talking to China’s top wine academics and painstaking climate analysis.酩悦轩尼诗集团于2007年买下了一家中国白酒厂,进而看到中国成为了公司最为赢利的市场。集团因而学会了如何创建合资葡萄酒厂,并且希望能不断深入开拓中国市场,满足其国民对于酒类产品的狂热需求。于是,集团给予刚从澳新市场全权负责人位置上退居二线的葡萄酒专家托尼#8226;乔丹士(Dr Tony Jordan) 4年时间,请他找寻一块能酿制出顶级红葡萄酒的地方。乔丹士希望能解决葡萄树冬天受冻的问题,于是推荐了低纬度与高海拔并举的办法(此法在阿根廷已大获成功),他最后找到了云南最西部种着少量葡萄树的这几个小村庄。他是与中国顶级的葡萄酒专家接洽、自己又做了艰苦仔细的气候分析后,才把搜寻目标缩小至中国的西南边陲。From 1999 the local government had encouraged the Tibetan farmers here to switch from barley to vines on the few terraces flat enough for cultivation in the narrow upper Mekong and Yangtse Valleys, as part of a programme to develop remote parts of China. According to Deng, “The Deqin government persuaded some local farmers to plant 150 hectares of Cabernet Sauvignon, using subsidies to farmers as an economic incentive.” A winery named after the old Tibetan town of Shangri-La, which had previously focused on the very different liquid that is Tibetan barley wine, was persuaded to process the grapes in exchange for being granted a monopoly on all Yunnan grapes. (There is one exception to the monopoly: the Sun Spirit estate run by a local mining magnate a few miles downriver of the Mo#235;t project, whose sweet red and white wines fetch quite high prices in Beijing.) As so often, it was missionaries, French in this case, who originally brought the vine to the region, here a non-vinifera variety called Rose Honey that is still made into distinctly odd sweet reds by the province’s only other winery, Yunnan Red.从1999年起,作为开发中国偏僻落后地区计划的一部分,当地政府就鼓励藏族农户在澜沧江与金沙江上游的狭窄河谷(Yangtse Valleys)中少量平坦坡地上改种葡萄(而非原先的大麦)。邓思迪说,“德钦县政府把农业补贴当作经济激励进行派发,成功说当地藏民种植了150公顷的赤霞珠(Cabernet Sauvignon)葡萄。”政府说香格里拉酒厂(Shangri-La,名字取自藏族古镇香格里拉,原先主要酿造截然不同的藏式大麦酒)改酿葡萄酒,条件是垄断云南境内全部葡萄的酿制权。(只有一个例外:顺着澜沧江河谷、距离酩悦合资酒庄几英里远的地方,当地矿业巨头经营的Sun Spirit酒庄,酿造的甜红与甜白葡萄酒在北京卖出了高价。)中国的葡萄酒酿制业通常由传教士传入,云南的葡萄种植最初则是由法国传教士引进来,如今这儿仍种着一种名为玫瑰蜜(Rose Honey)的非酿酒用葡萄,云南另外一家葡萄酒厂——云南红葡萄酒厂(Yunnan Red)——则把它酿制成了特甜红葡萄酒。Thanks to the mountainous terrain, the vineyards here are all small and dispersed. After leaving climate sensors in all the villages he thought had potential, and returning to taste grapes during the 2011 and 2012 harvests, Jordan identified four villages he thought stood the greatest chance of growing good-quality grapes. After much negotiation, Mo#235;t have taken a 50-year lease on the four villages and the relevant farmers’ input, making a total of 30 hectares of vines – in no fewer than 320 different blocks. Much of Maxence Dulou’s time is spent liaising with the dozens of farmers involved, persuading them to focus on wine quality rather than grape quantity. Dulou, who has worked in South Africa, Chile and Burgundy, told me: “Tibetans are very good farmers and sometimes find solutions to our practical viticultural problems themselves. They make a very good team and are extremely proficient.”正是由于地处山地,这儿的葡萄园规模小且较为分散。乔丹先把记录气候数据的传感器留在自认为有种植价值的村庄,然后在2011年与2012年葡萄收获季节再回来实地品尝,最终确定了有高品质葡萄种植价值的4座村庄。经过艰苦的谈判,酩悦集团签下了4座村庄土地以及相应劳力为期50年的租用期,葡萄总种植面积达30公顷土地(不少于320块地块)。杜鲁的多数时间都花在了与相关农户的联络上,努力说他们关注葡萄品质而非产量。曾在南非、智利以及法国勃艮第(Burgundy)工作过的杜鲁对我说:“藏族农民十分优秀,有时自己就能解决葡萄栽种的实际问题,他们配合默契,做事高效。”Needless to say, the grapes are virtually all Cabernet, Merlot with a little Chardonnay, as is the unimaginative Chinese norm. But being grown at such high altitudes, between 2,200m and 2,700m, they have skins that have proved usefully thick for the long journey south to the Shangri-La winery where the 2013 grapes were vinified. This year, with luck, they will travel only as far as Adong, the highest village, where the winery and lodge are being built.不用说,实际种植的葡萄品种除了少量霞多丽(Chardonnay)外,几乎都是解百纳(Cabernet)与美乐(Merlot),这往往就是循规蹈矩中国人的通常做法。但在2200米-2700米高海拔地区种出的葡萄皮很厚,完全经得起往南运至香格里拉酒厂(在此酿造2013年产的葡萄)的长途颠簸。幸运的是,今年的葡萄最远只需运至阿东村(Adong),它在4座村庄中海拔最高,如今这儿正在兴建酒厂与客栈。Because Adong and the other three villages are so inaccessible, the winery has been designed to be practical: no fancy computers that may need spare parts or engineers shipped in. To reach it from Shanghai you have to fly three hours to Yunnan’s capital Kunming (where the rail station massacre took place earlier this year), then an hour over the mountains to Shangri-La, then four hours along the twisting road, avoiding fallen rocks and jockeying with trucks carrying Tibetan iron ore into China and pilgrims on their way to Lhasa. Each village is a hair-raising climb on tracks so rough I cannot imagine trucks full of grapes making it but locals must be made of stern stuff.因为阿东村与其它三个村庄交通特别不便,因此酒厂设计务求实用:这儿既没有高档电脑(因为可能需要备件),也无外请工程师。从上海抵达这儿,得先坐3小时的飞机到云南省会城市昆明(Kunming,今年3月昆明火车站发生了新疆维族人发起的屠杀惨案),然后再坐1小时飞机飞越高山抵达香格里拉,最后还得沿着蜿蜒曲折的盘山公路(路上随时得提防滚落的山石、躲闪迎面开来的运载西藏铁矿石的大卡车以及去拉萨(Lhasa)朝拜的信徒)开上4个小时车。通往4个高原村庄的道路都是既陡又差,坐在车上不禁让人毛骨悚然,因此我实在无法想象满载葡萄的卡车如何成功运到酒厂,看来本地藏人定是由特种材料做就,否则难以解释这一切。Adong is relatively lively, with people sitting outside the village café under flapping prayer flags, playing cards and waving as we passed in two white Land Cruisers. We also visited Shuori, the village thought to have the greatest potential for quality grapes. Mo#235;t has leased every vine they could get their hands on in this extraordinary settlement. There was no one to be seen and no sounds other than fast-flowing water and the hum of insects. Even though the vineyards were surrounded by substantial houses, all we saw were butterflies, walnut trees and promising, well-tended vines awaiting their spring growth. Perhaps the Shuorians were all off gathering mushrooms: Dulou has to vie with the profusion of funghi in these mountains when trying to recruit for the vineyards.阿东村还算热闹,几个村民正坐在飘舞经幡柱下的村咖啡屋外打牌,看到我们乘坐的两辆丰田白色陆地巡洋舰(Land Cruiser)经过时,还向我们挥手示意。我们还造访了Shuori村,据信这儿最适合种植优质葡萄。在这片不同凡响的净土世界,酩悦集团把能搞到的每一棵葡萄树悉数租下。除了湍急的河水与昆虫的低鸣声外,这儿不见一人,万籁俱寂。虽然葡萄园四周都是结实的房屋,但我们只看到飞舞的蝴蝶、核桃树以及经过悉心打理、长势喜人的葡萄园。Shuori村民或许都已到山上去采摘蘑菇:杜鲁商讨葡萄园租赁事宜时,还得力阻村民采摘漫山遍野的蘑菇。Although the nights in the mountains are cool, the upper reaches of the Mekong Valley have similar summer temperatures to Bordeaux. They are so protected from the cold and monsoons that affect Yunnan to the east that summer rainfall is only about two-thirds that of Bordeaux. But there is no shortage of potential irrigation water in terrain that is dramatically overlooked by the snow-covered Himalayas. Autumns are also drier, so grapes can be left to ripen on the vines longer. This will probably make up for the fact that, in such narrow valleys, the vines are in sunshine for fewer hours per day. And in the dry mountain air they are plagued by fewer pests and diseases than in Bordeaux.尽管山里夜晚气温很凉,但在夏季,澜沧江上游河谷地段的气温类似于法国的波尔多地区。影响云南东部地区的寒冷气候与季风无法到达此处,因此这儿的夏季降雨量只有波尔多地区的大约三分之二。但这儿的坡地并不缺少灌溉用水,因为它们四周就是高耸入云、白雪皑皑喜马拉雅山。秋季也很干燥,因此成熟的葡萄可在树上保存更长时间。这或许可以弥补以下缺憾:在如此狭窄的山谷地带,葡萄树每天的日照时间十分有限。在山区的干燥空气中,相比波尔多地区,葡萄树更少受到虫害的侵袭。There are advantages to the somewhat unlikely big company connection. Dulou’s chief viticulturist had just returned from a study trip to Mo#235;t’s Argentine operation Terrazas de los Andes. And when it came to making the trial vinifications of the first, 2013 vintage, Dulou was able to use the neutral earthenware jars traditionally employed by the company’s baijiu producer in Chengdu – once he had invented special floating lids for them that would keep harmful oxygen out of the wine to be fermented.大公司强强联合(从某种程度说不太可能)具有明显优势。杜鲁的首席葡萄栽培师刚从酩悦位于阿根廷的安地斯之阶酒庄(Terrazas de los Andes)考察回来。试酿首批葡萄酒(即2013年份酒)时,杜鲁在发明了隔绝氧气、防止酒发酵的特制浮动盖子后,使用中性陶罐(原先用于公司在成都的白酒酿造厂)来酿制葡萄酒。I tasted six lots of these experimental 2013 reds and was very impressed by five of them – quite an achievement since only a few days before I had tasted 53 of China’s better wines. They are first and foremost mountain wines, with the dense colour and vivid, finely etched flavours that you find in the high-altitude wines of Argentina or even in the best of Spain’s Ribera del Duero wines grown at a mere 300m or 400m. But the most exciting thing for me was that the oak influence on most of the samples was minimal. I tasted wines influenced by the pure vineyard characters, fully ripe but well balanced with real, confident, unique personalities of their own.我品尝了6种试酿的2013年红葡萄酒,对其中的5种印象深刻——这是相当了不起的成就,因为就在几天前,我刚品了中国的53款上乘葡萄酒。这6款葡萄酒首先是货真价实的山区酒——颜色浓稠,而且具有阿根廷高海拔葡萄酒那种精心酿制的醇厚味,甚至可以与西班牙海拔300-400米杜罗河区(Ribera del Duero)酿制的美酒相媲美。但最动人心魄的莫过于橡木塞对样酒的影响微乎其微。我品鉴的美酒混然天成——不但葡萄自然长熟,而且与率真、自信以及独特个性的酿酒师珠联璧合。The project has no name yet, nor a definite launch date. No decision has been taken as to whether to launch with the experimental 2013s or to wait for the 2014s in which the Shangri-La winery will be involved as a transactional intermediary only, thanks to that monopoly agreement. But Dulou wants to retain at least some earthenware jar influence, as being a distinctly local ingredient. Not that in a landscape like this, both natural and human, there is any shortage of distinctive local character.这个合作酒庄目前还未取名,也未定推出葡萄酒的确切日期。是推出2013年试酿的酒,还是静等2014年酿出的酒(根据双方签订的垄断协议,香格里拉酿酒厂将是唯一的中间加工厂),目前还不得而知。但杜鲁希望葡萄酒味至少能留有一丝陶罐酿制的影响,使它具有更独特的本地元素。当然,产自这样一个自然风光与人文气息浓厚的地区,这酒最不缺的就是地方风情了。 /201407/309859

  Fertility rates in the ed States are continuing their decades-long decline, due in large part to a steep slide in teenage pregnancies down to historic lows, according to a new government report released Thursday.11月5日发布的政府工作报告指出,美国的怀率几十年来持续走低,很大程度上是由于青少年怀率大幅下滑至历史新低的缘故。The National Center for Health Statistics said the pregnancy rate of 102 pregnancies out of every 1,000 women is 12 percent below the 1990 peak of about 116 per 1,000. Only once in the past 30 years, 1997, has it been lower, and only marginally, the center said.国家健康统计中心表示,与1990年的高峰时期——每千名妇女中116名怀相比,怀率下降了12%,至每千人102名。在过去30年间,只有1997年的怀率比现在略低。Since 1990, the report said, pregnancy rates are down in almost every category. The only exception is among women over 30, whose pregnancy rate has increased steadily with every passing year. But the rate is declining among women in their 20s, who form the single largest group of pregnant women, and among teenagers of all races and ethnicities. The abortion rate also has dropped, reflecting a continuous slide since peaking in 1990.工作报告还指出,从1990年起,各个年龄段的怀率都呈下降趋势。只有30岁以上的妇女例外,她们的怀率每年都在稳步上升。但是,对所有种族而言,20多岁的妇女作为怀女性的主力军,其怀率却持续下降。流产率自1990年达到最高值后持续走低。The report only examined the trajectory of pregnancy rates through 2009, stopping there because more recent data on abortions is not available yet. But newer statistics on birth rates suggest thedecline is continuing, though not as quickly as it did in recent years when the recession accelerated trends well underway.这一报告只总结到2009年的怀率变化轨迹,之后关于流产率的数据现在还没有统计。然而,从最新的出生率可以看出,怀率仍在降低,速度却在减缓,不像近几年经济萧条时期下幅那样明显。Women aly were having fewer children than women of their parents’ and grandparents’ generations, so those under 30 could postpone childbirth until the economy improved without affecting their longstanding goals of having a first or second child.现在的妇女普遍比她们的父辈与祖父辈生的孩子少。所以,不到30岁的夫妻,可以等到经济条件比较好时再生孩子,这并不影响他们要1个、2个孩子的计划。“What happened was a postponement of births among younger women with a longer time horizon,” said Andrew Cherlin, a Johns Hopkins University sociologist specializing in family issues. “Women over 30 couldn’t wait that much longer.”美国约翰霍普金斯大学的安德鲁·切尔林是一位专门研究家庭方面的问题社会学家,他表示:“现在的年轻妇女推迟生育的时间更长。而30岁以后的妇女们则会选择尽早生育。”While the decelerating decline in birth rates since 2009 reflects the easing of the recession’s impact, the striking drop in teenage pregnancies shows little sign of abating. The teen pregnancy rate in 2009, of about 38 per thousand girls, was 39 percent lower than the 1991 peak of 62. Just four years later, in 2012, it reached a record low of about 29.2009年后出生率下降速度减缓,这表明经济衰退带来的影响在逐渐减轻,但青少年怀的数量仍在大幅降低,丝毫没有缓解的迹象。2009年青少年怀率大概为每千人38人,比1991年时的最高值(每千人中62人怀)下降39%。而在2012年,这一比率达到历史新低:每千人有29人怀。Sally Curtin, one of the report’s authors, said the historic drop is being driven by a long, downward trend of fewer teenagers having sex, and among those who do, a sharp increase in their use of contraceptives.其中一位报告编写者萨利·科廷表示,越来越少的青少年进行性行为已成为一个长期趋势,而那些进行性行为的青少年,越来越多的采取避药等避措施,这推动了怀率的持续下跌。“It’s as if both sides in the debate over teen pregnancy were right,” said Cherlin, noting that concerns over the AIDS epidemic may have played a role in the growing use of condoms among teenage boys.科廷还表示,似乎持与反对青少年怀都有其正确之处。他还指出,因为担心感染艾滋病,越来越多的男青年选择使用避套。“AIDS has forced many school districts to talk about contraception, even if they didn’t want to,” he said.他说:“艾滋病的蔓延使得许多学校开设关于避的教育课程,即使学校不想如此。”The national trends are evident in the Washington area.在华盛顿地区,这一趋势非常明显。Teenage pregnancy rates have plummeted in the District, down to less than a quarter of where they were two decades ago, said Brenda Rhodes Miller, director of the DC Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy. In 1993, the pregnancy rate for teenagers aged 15 to 19 was about 239 per 1,000. By 2011, it was under 55.华盛顿地区防止青少年怀活动的主管布伦达·罗兹表示,在这一地区,青少年怀率骤降,降至不到20年前比率的1/4。1993年,15-19岁的青少年怀率约为每千人中239人怀,到2011年时,这一数据已降至每千人中不到55人怀。“The decline has been amazing,” she said, adding that the reasons for it are not clear.她还说:“这一下降幅度实在是太大了。”并表示,导致这一现象的原因还不清楚。Teen pregnancy rates are declining in every ward, she said, though more slowly in wards 7 and 8, which have the city’s lowest income levels. More than 500 of the 879 births to District teens in 2011 were to residents of those two wards.她说,青少年怀率在每个区都呈下降趋势,而在7区和8区这两个收入水平最低的地区,怀率降低速度较慢。2011年,华盛顿地区的879名新生儿中,500名来自这两个区。The one-year drop was relatively small. In more affluent wards, the teen pregnancy rate dropped by double digit percentages.本年度的降幅相比前几年不算大。但较富裕区的青少年怀率仍以2位数的比率下跌。Even with declining pregnancy rates, the ed States still has one of the highest overall birth rates among industrialized countries. The 10 nations with the highest birth rates in the world are all in Africa.尽管国内怀率持续走低,美国依旧是发达国家中出生率最高的国家之一。全世界出生率最高的10个国家都在非洲。 /201312/269048

  BEIJING — Strikes by thousands of teachers frustrated by low salaries and mandatory payments to pension plans have sp across cities in northeast China, state news media reported on Monday.北京——中国的国有媒体周一报道称,成千上万的教师因对低工资和强制缴纳养老保险不满而举行罢工,已扩大到中国东北的多个城市。The strikes began last week and now encompass a half-dozen cities or counties surrounding the city of Harbin, the capital of Heilongjiang Province, an area of the country where economic growth has long been relatively slow. Classes in some primary and high schools have been suspended, the reports said.罢工从上周开始,现已扩大到黑龙江省会哈尔滨附近的多个县市,这里是国内经济增长相对缓慢的地区。报道称,一些小学和中学已经停课。Teachers are asking for raises and for the government to end a requirement that teachers make payments to a pension plan as part of an experimental policy. China National Radio reported that one teacher was making less than 0 a month after working for 25 years. A report by Global Times, a state-run newspaper, said teachers in Yilan County held up a banner that said: “We are 4,000 Yilan teachers. Return my withheld money!”教师要求增加工资,并要求政府停止从工资中扣除养老保险,那是一个实验性政策的一部分。中国国家广播电台报道说,一位有25年教龄的老师每月的净收入仅2500元。在国有报纸《环球时报》的一篇报道中,依兰县的教师举着一个横幅,上面写着:“依兰4000教师维权。返还克扣工薪!”A one-minute posted on the hosting site Youku said that Monday was the sixth day of protests by teachers in Yilan and showed a group of banner-waving people gathered in the snow in front of the county government offices. “Give me back my salary, give me back my dignity,” the people shouted in unison. In China, teaching has long been a profession with relatively low pay. Teachers from Yilan have posted an open letter online that says veteran educators who have worked two decades make just over 0 per month and new teachers make 0 — “even more pathetic,” according to the letter.视频网站优酷上发布的一个一分钟视频称,依兰县教师的抗议活动在周一已进入第六天,视频显示了一群人拉着横幅在雪中聚集在县政府办公大楼前。人们齐声高喊,“还我工资,还我尊严。”在中国,教师一直是工资相对较低的职业。依兰县教师在网上发布的一封公开信中称,有二十年教龄的老教师每月工资才2000多元,新教师的工资“更可怜”,还不到1000元。The authors acknowledged the hardships on students caused by the strike. They wrote, “It hurts us that kids are affected because of this. We’re profoundly sorry. Whatever we owe the kids, we’ll make up for in the future by being available all the time.”公开信的作者承认停课给学生带来困难。他们写道,“孩子们因此受影响,我们很伤心。我们十分抱歉。我们欠孩子们的,将通过把未来所有的时间提供给他们来弥补。”In recent years, there have been more reports in China of strikes by people in a wide range of low-paid occupations. The labor pool of younger workers is getting smaller. Because of cheap smartphones, workers are able to share information across distances about wages, labor conditions and acts of protest. A wave of strikes in 2010 at factories in southern China brought these issues to the fore. Furthermore, the growth rate of the Chinese economy as a whole has been slowing, and salary increases for lower- and middle-class workers have lagged behind inflation in many regions.近年来,有较多关于中国的一系列低工资职业的人罢工的报道。年轻工人的劳动力资源正日益减少。由于便宜智能手机的普及,工人能够跨地区共享有关工资、劳动条件和抗议活动的信息。2010年中国南方工厂的罢工潮突出地反映了这些问题。此外,中国经济的总体增长速度已经放缓,而许多地区中低层收入者的工资增长落后于通货膨胀。The grievances over the teachers’ pension plan have arisen because of a pilot project undertaken by Heilongjiang Province and supported by the central government. The project, which began in 2004, is aimed at having government workers, including teachers, contribute part of their salaries to a centralized provincial pension payment plan for all citizens. Previously, government workers were exempt from making payments.教师对养老保险的不满,针对的是得到中央政府持的一个黑龙江省的试点项目。该项目始于2004年,目的是让政府工作人员、包括教师在内,缴纳自己工资的一部分,作为省政府为所有公民付退休金的集中基金。在这个项目出台之前,政府工作人员免付养老保险。An open letter circulating online said teachers should not be forced to contribute to the pension plan. The authors of the letter, teachers in the city of Shuangcheng, west of Harbin, said teachers in Heilongjiang should be required to make the payments only if such a policy is enacted across the nation. A report in Beijing Times said that the irate teachers in Shuangcheng were from elementary and junior high schools and had begun protesting with banners in front of the government offices on Nov. 24.一封在网上流传的公开信称,教师不应该被强迫付养老保险。这封信的作者是哈尔滨西部双城市的教师,他们说只有在全国范围实施这种政策的情况下,黑龙江省的教师才需付养老保险。《京华时报》的报道称,双城市的愤怒教师来自小学和初中,他们于11月24日开始在政府办公楼前打着横幅抗议。A person answering the telephone at the education bureau of Shuangcheng declined to discuss the matter. A person answering the phone at the local propaganda bureau said officials in charge were not available to answer questions. People answering the telephones at four rural schools and four urban schools in the Shuangcheng area said the schools were operating normally.一位在双城教育局接听电话的人拒绝讨论此事。一位在当地宣传局接听电话的人表示,有关负责人不在,没人能回答问题。在双城市的4个乡区学校和4个市区学校接听电话的人说,学校在正常运转。The wider protests throughout Heilongjiang began after teachers in the city of Zhaodong, in the same province, took to the streets in mid-November to demand higher salaries. The local government approved an average monthly salary increase of 5 and promised to investigate working conditions, state news media and Global Times reported. The teachers then went back to work.在黑龙江省肇东县教师于11月中旬走上街头、要求提高工资后,全省爆发了更大范围的抗议活动。国家新闻媒体和《环球时报》报道称,肇东县政府批准了给教师每月平均加薪800元,并承诺对他们的工作条件进行调查。这之后,教师重返工作岗位。Last year, researchers at Peking University released survey results that showed the average annual income for a Chinese family in 2012 was about ,100. That amount varied widely by region. The average family in Shanghai, on the east coast, made ,700, while the average in Gansu Province, a mostly rural area in the northwest, was just over ,000.去年,北京大学的研究人员公布了一个调查项目的结果,显示2012年中国人均家庭纯收入的平均值约为13000元。不同地区的家庭收入有很大的差别。在东部城市上海,人均家庭收入为29000元,而在地处西北,农村为主的甘肃省,人均家庭收入不到12000元。Strikes by teachers have taken place recently in other parts of China. Teachers at one junior high school in Guangdong Province protested in late October when the government began paying them about 0 a month after having promised a monthly salary of 0, according to a report on the website of People’s Daily, the main Communist Party newspaper. A similar walkout occurred in March at a kindergarten in Guangzhou, the capital of Guangdong.中国其他地区最近也发生过教师罢工。据共产党的主要报纸《人民日报》的网站报道,广东省一个地方政府曾向当地一所初中的教师承诺每月5000元的工资,但只发给了他们1600元,之后教师向政府提出抗议。三月份在广东省省会广州的一所幼儿园也发生过类似的罢工。In early September, teachers at a high school in the city of Xiaogan, in Hubei Province, went on strike over what they called the government’s refusal to give them the proper status in the public employment system. The status helps determine details of their pension plans.九月初,湖北省孝感市一所高中的教师罢课,他们对政府不给他们所谓的正式编制不满。正式编制让员工能享有养老金待遇。 /201412/346540


  The identities of four passengers aboard the missing Malaysia Airlines flight are under investigation, the country’s transport minister said on Sunday, as the company confirmed that it was “fearing the worst”.Investigators are examining the entire passenger manifest after European diplomats said late on Saturday that two of the 227 passengers were travelling on stolen passports. Hishamuddin Hussein, who is also defence minister, said Malaysia would work with the FBI and other international agencies and that two more names were being checked.“All the four names are with me,” he said, according to Reuters.He spoke as the multinational hunt for any sign of the Malaysia Airlines flight missing with 239 people on board widened on Sunday, with officials saying search and rescue teams had so far found no trace of it.Hishammuddin also said there was a chance the aircraft had turned back in mid-air.“We are looking at the possibility of an aircraft air turn back, in which case different locations will have to be identified,” he said.Citizens from 14 nations were on board, though the vast majority were Chinese. The 12-strong flight crew were all from Malaysia.据英国《卫报》报道,马来西亚交通部长于3月9日称,马亚西亚航空失联航班上的4名乘客的真实身份正进行调查中,而马来西亚航空公司方面表示,担心正在发生“最糟糕情况”。欧洲外交官员们3月8日晚称,227名乘客中有两名旅客冒用他人护照混上飞机,调查人员正在检查全部乘客名单。马来西亚国防部长希山慕丁·侯赛因(Hishamuddin Hussein)表示,马来西亚将与美国联邦调查局(FBI)及其他国际机构一同协助调查,而另外两名乘客展开调查。据路透社报道,希山慕丁说道:“我已掌握四名乘客的名字。”在希山慕丁发表上述言论之时,多国正扩大搜救范围联合搜寻载有239名乘客及机组人员的失联马航的痕迹,而有官员反映称,搜救队迄今没有发现任何迹象。希山慕丁还透露,该失联航班可能曾折中途返吉隆坡。他说:“我们正研究飞机失联前掉头返航的可能性,这种情况下,搜寻范围必须扩大。”机上的乘客来自14个不同的国家,不过绝大多数是中国人,其中超过12名机组人员均来自马来西亚。On Saturday night, diplomats confirmed that two Europeans listed on the passenger manifest – an Italian, Luigi Maraldi and an Austrian, Christian Kozel – had not been on the flight and were safe and well. Maraldi had his passport stolen in Thailand last year and Kozel’s was stolen in the region two years ago.The flight was a codeshare with China Southern and the two people named as Maraldi and Kozel on the list booked together via the Chinese airline, Chinese media reported.The company said it had CCTV footage of the two people who checked in as Maraldi and Kozel.The Boeing 777 disappeared from radar screens just 40 minutes into its flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing in the early hours of Saturday morning. It was last detected over the seas between Malaysia and Vietnam.On Sunday morning the Malaysian director-general of civil aviation, Azaruddin Abdul Rahman, told reporters the search had expanded to a larger area of the South China Sea area and west coast of Malaysia, theStraits Times reported.3月8日晚上,外交人员实,所列乘客名单中的两名欧洲乘客,来自意大利的Luigi Maraldi和来自奥地利的Christian Kozel并没有登上该航班,目前处于安全状态。他们俩的护照都是在过去两年间于泰国被偷了。据中国媒体报道,失联航班与中国南航公司共享代码,名为Maraldi和Kozel的冒名顶替者是通过中国南航完成订票的。南航则表示拥有Maraldi和Kozel在检票登机时的闭路电视录像。马航波音777客机于3月8日凌晨执行吉隆坡至北京任务,起飞后仅短短40分钟就从雷达屏幕中消失了。其最后一次被检测到是在马来西亚和越南之间的海域。据《海峡时报》报道,马来西亚民航局局长阿卜杜勒·拉赫曼(Aaruddin Abdul Rahman)于3月9日告诉记者,搜救范围已扩大至南中国海区域和马来半岛的西海岸。Warships from Singapore and China were heading to the area and the ed States also offered vessels and aircraft.In a statement issued on Sunday morning, Malaysia Airlines said: “More than 24 hours after the loss of contact with Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, the search and rescue teams are still unable to detect the whereabouts of the missing aircraft.“In fearing for the worst, a disaster recovery management specialist from Atlanta, USA will be assisting Malaysia Airlines in this crucial time.”An earlier statement began with the words: “Malaysia Airlines humbly asks all Malaysians and people around the world to pray for flight MH370.”新加坡和中国的军舰赶赴相关海域搜救,美国也相继派军舰前往援。马来西亚航空于3月9日上午发布声明:“马来西亚航空公司MH370航班失联已超24小时。搜救队目前仍无法侦察到失踪机的下落。”“做好最坏打算的心理准备,来自美国亚特兰大的灾难恢复管理专家人员将将在这个关键时刻协助马来西亚航空公司。”马来西亚航空公司在声明的一开头称:“马来西亚航空公司诚致地请求所有马来西亚人民和世界各地的人民为MH370航班上的所有乘客祈祷。”Vietnam’s deputy transport minister, Pham Quy Tieu, said no wreckage had been seen in the vicinity of two oil slicks detected late on Saturday, but that the search continued.The pilot of another flight told a Malaysian newspaper he had made brief contact with the plane via his emergency frequency, at the request of Vietnamese aviation authorities who had been unable to reach it as expected. Vietnam has said it believes the flight never entered its airspace.The unnamed man said his Japan-bound plane was deep into Vietnamese airspace when officials asked him to relay to MH370 to establish its position, and that he succeeded at about 1.30am local time.“The voice on the other side could have been either Captain Zaharie [Ahmad Shah, 53,] or Fariq [Abdul Hamid, 27], but I was sure it was the co-pilot.“There were a lot of interference ... static ... but I heard mumbling from the other end.越南交通部副部长Pham Quy Tieu于周六晚上称,侦察到的两条油迹带附近没有任何飞机的残骸,搜救仍在继续。另一个航班的飞行员对马来西亚报社称,他曾在越南航空当局的要求下,通过应急频率与MH370客机取得过短暂联系,而越南航空之前一直无法如预期与该航班联系上。越南当曾认为MH370没有进入过越南领空范围。据一位未透露姓名的飞行员指出,其在执行飞往日本的任务而进入越南领空时,越南当局要求他联系MH370以确定它的位置,而他在当地时间1点30分左右成功与MH370取得过联系。“那边的声音可能是机长Zaharie Ahmad Shah(现年53岁)或Fariq Abdul Hamid(现年27岁)两个人其中一个的,但我可以肯定的是对方是副驾驶。”“有很多干扰……静电干扰……但我听到另一端在断断续续的声音。”他告诉《海峡时报》:“这是我们最后一次与MH370取得联系,之后就失去联系了。”“That was the last time we heard from them, as we lost the connection,” he told the New Straits Times.He sakd he did not think any more of it at the time, as losing connections was common.Malaysia Airlines executives have said the flight was at 35,000 feet when it vanished and had given no indication of problems when last in contact.William Waldock, who teaches accident investigation at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical university in Arizona, told Associated Press the lack of a distress call ‘‘suggests something very sudden and very violent happened”.Both Malaysia Airlines and Boeing-777s have strong safety records.CNN reported that an FBI team was flying to Malaysia to assist in the investigation because three Americans were on board. It cited an unnamed official. 他表示,当时对此没有很在意,觉得联系中断是正常的。马航高级官员之前曾表示,MH370航班在飞行高度达35000英尺时消失前的最后一次联系中没有发出任何求救信号。美国亚利桑那州的安柏瑞德航空航天大学(Embry-Riddle Aeronautical university)意外调查专家威廉·瓦多克(William Wwaldock)告诉美联社,连一个求救信号都没有,“表明可能发生非常突然、猛烈的状况。”另外,马来西亚航空公司和波音777都具备无可挑剔的安全记录。CNN报道,据一位未透露姓名的官员称,失联飞机上有三名美国人,美国联邦调查局已派出一FBI小组赶赴马来西亚协助调查。 /201403/279590。



  A Chinese infrastructure tycoon who is suing local governments for allegedly failing to pay their construction bills said on Monday that he had reached settlement agreements totalling about Rmb700m (3m).状告地方政府拖欠工程款的一位中国基建巨头周一表示,他已达成总额约7亿元人民币(合1.13亿美元)的和解协议。Yan Jiehe, founder of the Nanjing-based China Pacific Construction Group, sued six local governments in January for debts totalling more than Rmb900m. But repayment agreements have now been hammered out with four of the debtors according to Mr Yan, who vowed to pursue the other two administrations in Hunan and Shandong provinces, which owe more than Rmb200m, to China’s Supreme People’s Court “if needed”.总部位于南京的中国太平洋建设集团(China Pacific Construction Group,简称CPCG)创始人严介和1月起诉六个地方政府拖欠逾9亿元人民币款项。严介和表示,他已经与其中四个债务人敲定还款协议,并誓言会继续向湖南和山东省欠了逾2亿元人民币的另外两个地方政府追债,如有必要会把官司一路打到中国的最高法院。“Our lawsuits put a lot of pressure on the governments,” Mr Yan said at a media briefing in Shanghai. “It means that the rule of law really works. I see great hope for China.”“我们的诉讼给相关地方政府造成了巨大压力,”严介和在上海的一个新闻发布会上表示。“这意味着法治确实管用。我看到了中国的很大希望。”Last year Mr Yan was named China’s seventh richest man by the Hurun Report with a fortune estimated at .2bn, while China Pacific Construction is ranked 166th on the Forbes 500 list of the world’s largest companies, with annual revenues of bn.在去年的胡润百富榜(Hurun Report)上,严介和被列为中国第七大富豪,身家估计达到142亿美元。同时太平洋建设在福布斯(Forbes)世界500强企业排行榜上位居第166位,年营收达到600亿美元。The lawsuits, believed to be the first of their kind in China, highlighted the massive debts accrued by local governments which borrowed money to build infrastructure and prop up economic growth in the wake of the global financial crisis.这些诉讼据信是中国首批状告地方政府欠债的诉讼,它们突显出,全球金融危机过后,中国各地的地方政府因举债建设基础设施、扶持经济增长而积累了巨额债务。According to the National Audit Office, local governments had accumulated Rmb18tn in debts as of June 2013, with Rmb2.8tn due this year中国国家审计署的数据显示,截至2013年6月,地方政府积累了18万亿元人民币债务,其中2.8万亿元人民币债务将在今年到期。In a belated effort to tackle the potential crisis, the Chinese government has authorised local administrations to issue Rmb1tn worth of municipal bonds in an effort to roll over some of the debt. Beijing also instructed state banks on May 15 to continue to fund public infrastructure projects even if the finance vehicles backing them were behind on their interest or principal payments.为应对这场潜在的危机,中国中央政府姗姗来迟地授权地方政府发行1万亿元人民币的市政债券,以便滚转一部分债务。北京方面在5月15日还指示国有继续向公共基础设施项目提供资金——即便这些项目背后的融资工具拖欠了利息或本金。In an interview with the Financial Times in February, Mr Yan said that his company had sued the six local governments to send a signal to other administrations that owed China Pacific Construction as much as Rmb50bn. He described the tactic as “striking the mountains to shake the tigers”.严介和在2月份接受英国《金融时报》专访时表示,他的公司起诉六个地方政府之举,是向其它地方政府发出一个信号,这些政府总共欠了太平洋建设高达500亿元人民币。他形容这种战术是“敲山震虎”。At Monday’s briefing, Mr Yan said that his gambit had been successful, with his company’s accounts receivable from local governments declining to Rmb40bn over recent months against a “normal” level of about Rmb30bn.严介和在周一的发布会上宣布,他的策略是成功的,他的公司的对地方政府应收账款在近几个月已下降至400亿元人民币,而“正常”水平是大约300亿元人民币。The construction tycoon, who made his fortune in a sector traditionally dominated by state and military-backed firms, said one local government in central Hebei province that owed him Rmb140m had previously protested it had no money. But it coughed up Rmb40m shortly after China Pacific Construction filed the lawsuits and has also agreed to repay the outstanding Rmb100m.这位建筑业巨头在一个传统上由政府和军方持的企业主导的行业发了财。他表示,河北省一个欠他1.4亿元人民币的地方政府此前曾抱怨其无钱付款。但在太平洋建设提起诉讼后不久,该地方政府就拿出4000万元人民币,并同意偿还剩余的1亿元人民币。“Before it was hard to get even Rmb4m from them and government officials were nowhere to be found when we visited,” Mr Yan said. “After the suit, our staff were received by their top leaders.”“以前,从他们那里拿到400万元人民币都很难,在我们上门时,政府官员们跑得一个人都找不到,”严介和表示。“打官司后,我们的工作人员见到了他们的最高领导。”He added that another county government had agreed to pay off its debt in monthly instalments of Rmb6m after it was threatened with legal action.他补充说,在威胁采取法律行动后,另一个县政府已同意以每月600万元人民币按月分期偿债。The governments targeted by China Pacific Construction could not be reached immediately for comment.记者一时联系不上被太平洋建设索债的地方政府请其置评。 /201505/377182

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