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三明市哪里婚检福州那里做试管生男孩最好Join a club 社团活动一、talk show 1、Are you in any clubs at school?你在学校有没有参加社团?club:社团,协会 也可以说 associationAre you a member of any clubs? 2、Are there any membership dues?需要交会费吗?dues:会费,手续费(用的是due 的复数形式,要注意哦)。与此相关的:port dues 港口税,custom dues 关税此外due还有一个意思在口语中比较常用,“到期的,截止日期的”eg:when is the homework due? 什么时候交家庭作业? 3、Do I have to fill out an application to join?我是不是要填申请表格才能加入?fill out:填写……,此处省略了表格form,全部的应该是application form, fill out a form 填写表格。 近义词:fill in 填空 fill in the blanks 4、I am craving for the guitar club.我很想参加吉他社团。很想做某事:be craving for sth/doing sthI am dying to join the guitar club.I am itching for joining the guitar club.I am really longing to join the guitar.很想做某事的表达:be dying to do/be itching for doing/be longing to do 5、I am afraid joining a club will take up much of my time.我担心参加社团耽误许多时间。耽误take up time 占用、花费:take up 二、Reply fluently A: Hey, jenny. You look worred.B: Yes, I am thinking of joining a club. Let’s join the football club.A: Actually, I am not in to football at all.B: Neither am I.A: How about the classical music club.B: Give me a break. Have you seen the guys in that club? You can tell them right off-total nerds.A: That’s not completely true. I know one guy in the club who’s very nice. in to…… 口语中表示:擅长做某事neither be/do + 人称代词 表示:某人也不……so do/be + 人称代词 表示:某人也……give me a break: 绕了我吧,口语中常用 eg: come on, give me a break. 得了吧,少来这一套you can tell…… 可以看出来…… eg:you can easily tell the difference of these two books 你可以很容易的看出这两本书的区别。off-total nerds:书呆子、行为古怪的人 中文翻译A:嗨,珍妮,你看起来有点焦虑。B:是的。我在考虑加入社团的事。咱们加入足球社吧。A:实际上,我根本不会踢足球。B:我也不会。A:你觉得古典音乐社怎么样。B:绕了我吧!你见过那个社团的仁兄吗?你可以马上看出他们都是些古怪的家伙!A:那也不尽然。我就认识那个社团里面一位非常好的男孩子。 /201103/129848福州总院在那个区 关键词:touch all bases 全面探讨问题短语释义:这幅图大家可能不是很明白,没关系,让我来为大家解释。棒球(baseball)有;美国国球;之称。这种球赛给英语创造了不少新词语,其中有一个是touch all bases(遍触各垒)。 棒球场设有四个垒(bases): 一垒(first base)、二垒(second base)、三垒(third base)、 本垒 (home base)。 球员击球之后,必须跑遍相隔颇远的一、二、三垒,回到本垒,也就是触到了所有垒之后,才可以取得一分。现在,人们就常常用touch all bases来比喻全面探讨某个问题,假如谈判双方完全谈不拢, 那么,我们可以说:They did not even get to first base(他们连第一垒都跑不到)。 也就是说 ,谈判一开始就触礁了。情景领悟:We need to touchall the bases before making a decision.在做出决定之前,我们必须权衡利弊。 可可地盘,英语学习者的乐园Click here gt;gt;gt;http://dipan.kekenet.com/ /201208/196108福州晋安博爱医院检查排卵多少钱

福州哪间医院检查男科不孕不育好1.keep a weather eye on 注意观察keep a weather eye on原来指的是在海上张帆远航时头等重要的大事,也就是时时注意观测风云变幻。而生活在当今的现实中也不时会遇上不测风云和旦夕祸福,也得注意提防,所以习惯用语keep a weather eye on就逐渐广泛的应用在日常生活中了,指时时谨防生活中的烦扰变故。Tracy kept a weather eye on the children so they wouldn't hurt each other.特蕾西密切注视着孩子们,免得他们彼此弄伤了。2.heavy weather 种种难以应付的障碍和困难Heavy weather也产生在两百来年前用帆船航海的时代,是水手之间的常用语,指狂风暴雨、雷电交加、波浪滔天的险恶天气。近年来人们开始借用水手语言中的heavy weather来指种种难以应付的障碍和困难了。We may run into heavy weather when we learn calculus at first. 我们刚开始学微积分的时候可能会感觉到困难重重。3.under the weather 由于天气不好而引起的身体不适Under the weather沿用至今有一百五十来年了。有人推测这个习惯用语原来可能指有的人由于海上风急浪高而晕船,感到身体不舒。I'm sorry, but I can't come to work today - I'm feeling a little under the weather.很抱歉,今天我不能来工作了,我身体有些不适。这里的习惯用语under the weather意思是“身体不舒”。但是under the weather也常被人们用来委婉地指酗酒后第二天感到头痛,呕吐等不舒的现像。例如在这句话里: He's under the weather because of last night's party. 他昨晚聚会酒喝多了现在还头疼。4.a fair-weather friend指顺境中的朋友,言下之意是不能共患难的酒肉朋友。Everyone knows Charles is merely a fair-weather friend.大家都知道查尔斯是个只可同安乐不能共患难的朋友。5.weather the storm这里的weather是动词,weather the storm相当于中文的“历经风雨”,意思是经历并度过困难和危机。The other large economies will suffer harder hit, but should be able to weather the storm.其他大的经济体将会受到更大的打击,但却应该能够度过这次风暴。 /201109/155659福州中医看不孕那家医院好 特别声明该文章中的迷你对话选自口语书籍,对话精讲为可可编辑编写。第一、迷你对话A: What a police officer!什么警察?B: I’ve never seem such a scene either except in films.除了在电影里,我从来没看过这种情景。A: It’s really unimaginable. The police officer screamed at the driver and used bad language, but the driver took it on the chin.真不可思议。那个警察对司机大喊大叫,还骂很难听的话,可那位司机却忍了。第二、 对话精讲【地道表达】take it on the chin【解词释义】此语来自拳击运动。Chin是指“拳击手的下巴”,take it on the chin原指“拳击手的下巴承受得住对方的打击,没有被击倒”,现在比喻为“勇敢地忍受痛苦,不灰心,不气馁”“遭到痛击或经受痛苦而泰泰然处之”。英文解释为:to be brave and not to complain when bad things happen to you or people criticize you。【持范例】 A good football leader can take it on the chin when his team loses. 一个好的足球领队在本队遭受失败时能泰然处之。 Atkinson took it all on the chin, though some members of his team were very upset by the criticism they received.虽然Atkinson球队里的队友为接受到的批评而不安,但是他仍然泰然处之。第二 词海拾贝1. scream at sb/sth.【短语释义】对某人或某物大喊大叫【持范例】She should be desolate, broken hearted, y to scream at fate. 她本该感到凄凉,伤心地发出绝望的喊叫。 She screamed out at me in anger.她愤怒地对我尖声喊叫。The fans screamed at him with excitement when they saw him.球迷一看见他都激动得大喊大叫。2. use bad language【短语释义】说粗野的语言【持范例】He used pretty bad language on me. 他对我使用了非常下流的语言。 Be careful never to use bad language. 注意不讲粗话。 There was a flood of complaints from the press about the bad language used in the special TV show. 报界纷纷指责专题电视节目中使用的粗鄙语言。 A man who uses bad language will only abase himself. 说脏话者只会自贬身分。 /201305/238074福州检查排卵哪个医院好

福州输卵管接通专科医院锦上添花是一个很喜庆,也让人开心的词儿。好上加好。那么,用英语表达的时候我们需要想这个;锦;和;花;要怎样表达了。Cake大家都爱吃,如果再给好吃的蛋糕穿一层糖衣,那就更好看,更好吃了。说到这个糖衣,英国人家中最常用的是一种看起来像小冰粒儿的糖霜,英文叫做icing. 那么,When one great thing happens, then another great thing happens. On top of the first thing is the icing on the cake. 使原本一件很好的事物变的更好。也就是锦上添花。例句:A: You are in the seventh heaven? Whatrsquo;s new? 你这么开心啊?什么新鲜事儿?B:You know, getting them to accept our new plans in addition to implementing our original ones was really the icing on the cake. 除了执行我们原来的计划,还说了他们接受我们的新计划。真是锦上添花。A: Wow, no wonder. 难怪啊。更多例句:A good sign will be the icing on the cake for both of the company and the product. 一个好的标志,无论对公司还是产品都会起到锦上添花,画龙点睛的作用。一个好词儿如果用在特殊的语境下也会有不一样的理解。比如下面这句:His girlfriend broke up with him. The icing on the cake was that he saw her arm-in-arm on the street. 他女朋友甩了他,最精的是他在街上看到她和别人手挽手。在这里;锦上添花;就该取反义,;雪上加霜;了。看一个自己不喜欢的人倒霉对很多人来说是高兴事儿,会抱着看笑话的心态。当然,还是不要落井下石,痛打落水为好,您说是吧。本期内容就到这里。下期再见。 /201203/173156 Well,congratulations,nice to meet you first of all.恭喜你 首先很高兴见到你Really nice to meet you,Im excited.很高兴见到你 我很兴奋And congratulations on the success of the show,its doing very well.还有 祝贺你节目获得成功 反响很好Its doing,Its doing well.反响很好And Peoples Choice of best comedy,right?而且被人民选择奖选为最佳喜剧 对吧Best new Comedy.Best,favorite new TV comedy.最佳新晋喜剧 最受欢迎电视喜剧Thats,thats a big deal,its from The People.很了不起 人民选择奖选出来的And you have a nice trophy to look at,that kind of stuff?有奖杯之类的东西吗Ellen,you think I would.You think we all would in the television show 2 Broke Girls,Ellen 你觉得会有 你感觉每个出演《破产花》的人都应该有Because,because you won it.因为你们赢了So here is what happens,I did not konw this,事实是 之前我也不知道I just found this out two days ago,and I emailed,asking Grayer where our awards were?两天前我才知道 我发邮件问Grayer 说 咱们的奖杯在哪儿So we won because the people voted,as you know,你知道是大家把我们选出来的thats amazing and its pretty much the highest award to get,people want the show.这非常好 而且可以说是最高的奖项了 说明大家喜欢这个剧But if you want the actual award,you have to buy it.但是如果你想要实质性的奖杯 你得自己掏钱买Because I,Ive never had to buy mine,they just gave me one.因为 我从不需要买 全是他们给我的But its because Im one person.because you are Ellen.Well,no,not because Im Ellen.但是因为我只是一个人 因为你是Ellen 不是因为我是EllenSo because its an unsumable,so does one person have it,you have to share it?因为不可以合计 所以只有一个人有奖杯 你们必须共享I believe its in writers room,which is where it should be,应该是在剧作者那儿 这个没错However,we did win.And I want one,but I dont have one.但我们确实赢了 我想要个奖杯 但我没有 /201705/510127龙岩割包皮那里好福州检查输卵管造影那里最好



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