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道外区人流多少钱五常市妇幼保健妇保医院人流Science and technology科学技术Marine biology海洋生物学Scents and sensibility气味与识别Turtles love a smell that humans loathe. For them, it means dinner海龟喜欢一种人类讨厌的味道,对它们来说,这表示大餐JELLYFISH may not be most peoples idea of a tasty snack, but if you are a loggerhead turtle, they are top of the .水母或许不符合大多数人对于美味小食的定义,但如果你变成一只红海龟,水母便成了顶级美食。Though jellyfish can swim, they are not exactly the greyhounds of the ocean, so they are easily caught.虽然水母可以游动,但它们可算不上海洋中的快艇,所以要逮它们很容易。And since munching a large jellyfish can keep a turtle going for days, loggerheads love them when they can find them.而吃上一只大水母能让一只海龟维持好几天,所以红海龟一旦发现水母便会大快朵颐。Yum!味道好极了!The best place to do so is in an upwelling zone.上升流区是海龟大快朵颐的最佳地点。This is an area where the winds action draws cold, nutrient-rich water to the surface.在这种区域里,水流会在海风的作用下将富含营养物质的冷水带到海洋表面,That encourages the growth of planktonic algae, and thus of everything that feeds on such plankton, or feeds on what feeds on them—including jellyfish, and also various molluscs and crustacea that loggerheads enjoy as an appetiser.这有利于浮游藻类生长,因此也有利于以这些浮游生物为食的动物,或以这些动物为食的动物生长,包括水母,还有各种各样的软体动物和甲壳动物,这些都是红海龟的最爱。And upwelling zones do, indeed, attract turtles.所以上升流区确实会吸引海龟,But nobody knows how, for such zones are scattered, local and often temporary phenomena, and locating them in the wide expanse of the sea is hard.但没人知道海龟是怎样找到上升流区的,这些区域都是局部性的,非常分散,且常常只是暂时现象,要想在宽广的海洋中找到它们绝非易事。Courtney Endres, a biologist at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, however, thought the reptiles might be smelling such zones from afar.然而考特尼恩德斯认为两栖动物离很远便能通过气味察觉到上升流区,她是美国北卡罗来纳州立大学的一名生物学家。She knew from an experiment she conducted a few years ago that loggerheads have a good sense of smell.她是从几年前进行的试验中发现红海龟拥有良好的嗅觉。She also knew, because passing sailors frequently comment on the fact, that upwelling zones tend to stink.她还了解到上升流区往往会发出异味,因为经过上升流区的水手们经常会提到这一事实。Specifically, they stink of cabbages.明确的说,是卷心菜的异味。That is because many planktonic algae, when crunched up during the process of being eaten, release a substance called dimethylsulphoniopropionate.这是由于浮游藻类在被吃掉的过程中被咬碎时,会释放出一种叫做硫代甜菜碱的物质,This quickly degrades into another chemical, dimethyl sulphide, which generations of those subjected to unimaginative school lunches will instantly recognise.该物质很快会降解为另一种化学物质-二甲基硫化物,闻到这种物质产生的气味会立刻让人想起千篇一律的学校午餐的气味。But to loggerheads it is the smell of a banquet.但这对红海龟来说是盛宴的气息。Ms Endres and her colleague Kenneth Lohmann showed this by collecting 11 loggerhead hatchlings from local beaches and testing them to see which smells most interested them.恩德斯及其同事肯尼斯罗曼通过实验表明了这点。她们在当地海滩上抓了11只红海龟的幼龟,并测试它们对哪种气味最感兴趣。The young turtles were each put in a tank of seawater that had various scents blown across its surface.每只幼龟被分别放入一个装有海水的水缸中,并将各种各样的气味吹过水面,These included cinnamon, jasmine, lemon—and dimethyl sulphide.包括肉桂,茉莉,柠檬,以及二甲基硫化物。When a turtle came up for air , the researchers recorded how long it sniffed around.当海龟到水面上换气时,研究人员记录了它们露出水面的时间。They found, as they report in Experimental Biology, that the animals spent an average of five seconds breathing air scented with lemon,jasmine or cinnamon, all pleasant odours from a human point of view.他们发现,从人类的角度上看,柠檬,茉莉,或肉桂都是很悦人的气味,而海龟在呼吸含有以上气味的空气时,平均只在水面停留了五秒钟,That was no different from the amount of time they spent at the surface when no scent was used at all.与在其呼吸没有气味的空气时的停留时间没什么不同。When the air was scented with dimethyl sulphide, however, they spent an average of ten seconds breathing in the stinky scent of cabbages—or upwellings.然而在空气中含有二甲基硫的气味时,海龟在这种散发着卷心菜或者说上升流异味的空气中平均停留了十秒钟。该报道刊登在《实验生物学》上。That does not prove that loggerheads smell their way to the table, of course. But it makes the hypothesis plausible.当然,这并不能明红海龟能顺着气味找到它们的餐桌,但是这让以上假设似乎可以说得通。For turtles, it seems, the perfumes of Araby hold little charm.看来阿拉伯香水对海龟也不会有什么吸引力,The scent of cabbages, by contrast, is as attractive as the odour of roasting chicken is to a hungry human.相比之下,卷心菜的气味之于海龟的吸引力就像烤鸡之于饿汉。 /201401/274511哈尔滨医科大学附属肿瘤医院体检收费标准 And farming fuelled the growth of another habitat, one that would become an even bigger challenge to North Americas wildlife. The modern city was born. The city is an artificial environment, built around the needs of millions of people, and yet it also offers unexpected opportunities for wildlife. 农耕推动了另一个种族栖息地的发展,这个栖息地对于北美野生动物来说是一个更大的挑战,这就是现代都市。城市是由人类创作的一种环境,这种环境能够满足几百万人的生活需要,然而它也为野生动物提供了一些意想不到的生存机会。This burrowing owl lives in one of the biggest high-tech urban sprawls of North America. It maintains a tenacious foothold in Silicon Valley. Burrowing owls originally lived on open prairies, but theyve been forced to adapt to city life because the urban environment has grown around them. They survive by occupying any tiny sliver of grassland that remains. Like many city animals, they take advantage of the darkness to protect them and move around mostly at night. These adaptable birds traditionally nest in the burrows of prairie dogs. But in the city, a piece of old pipe will do. The parents split their duties. The father does much of the hunting. But in this case, its the mother that actually feeds the chicks. The burrowing owls ability to hover gives it time to judge an attack before pouncing on its prey.这只穴鴞生活在北美最大的高科技现代都市之一。在硅谷中有着适合他们的落脚点。穴鴞原本生活在开阔的大草原上,但是由于城市在它们身边拔地而起,它们不得不适应城市生活。它们依靠城市中仅存的草地生存。和许多城市动物一样,它们利用黑暗保护自己并大多时候于夜晚行动。这些适应了新环境的鸟儿原本将巢穴驻在草原犬鼠的洞穴中。但是在城市中,一根陈旧的管道就足够它们栖息。鸟儿父母分工行动。父亲主要工作是捕食。但在这种情况,真正喂食小鸟的确是母亲。穴鴞盘旋的能力使它可以在扑向猎物前做出准确判断。英文文本来自普特英语,译文属未经许可不得转载。201312/267293Business商业报道Starbucks v Kraft星巴克对决卡夫A double shot of discord不合引发连环炮The kings of coffee brawl with the monarchs of macaroni咖啡之王对决通心粉之霸STARBUCKS once seemed so unstoppable that the Onion, a satirical paper, joked about a new Starbucks opening in the restroom of an existing Starbucks.星巴克曾经势不可挡,以至于以嘲讽著称的onion报开玩笑称星巴克的新店会开在老店的厕所内。Yet by January 2008, when Howard Schultz, the coffee chains most effective boss, returned as chief executive,但是在2008年前,直至最为卓著的领导人Howard Schultz返回公司担任董事长。it was rapidly declining.他的业绩款速下降。Mr Schultz closed stores, shed staff, slimmed the supply chain and arrested Starbuckss slide.Schultz先生关闭门店,裁减雇员,简化供应链。In fiscal 2010 the firms operating margins rebounded to 13.8%, the highest in its 40-year history.力挽了星巴克的颓势。2010财政年度,星巴克的运营利润率反弹至13.8%,为星巴克40年历史的最高。One of the problems Mr Schultz found, after a review of the business, was in the way Starbucks-brand coffee was sold in supermarkets.重新审视业务之后,Schultz发现其中一个问题-星巴克品牌在超市里售卖。The so-called consumer-packaged goods business is handled by Kraft, Americas biggest food company, which is best known for having mastered the art of mixing macaroni with cheese.号称快消品业务是由美国最大的食品公司卡夫经营的,卡夫由于其搅拌芝士通心粉而被人熟知。Following an agreement in 1998, Kraft sells, markets and distributes bags of Starbucks coffee.按照1998年达成的协议,卡夫分销袋装星巴克咖啡。Mr Schultz told Kraft he was dissatisfied.Schultz先生告知卡夫他对此感到不满意。Kraft acknowledged the complaint, but, according to Starbucks, failed to act because it was focused on the takeover of Cadbury, a maker of superior British sweets such as Creme Eggs.卡夫实了Schultz的抱怨,但是按照星巴克的说法,他之所以不采取行动是由于卡夫把业务重心放在收购吉百利上面,吉百利是英国优质糖果制造商,其代表商品有糖心巧克力。By the spring of last year, both sides realised that their partnership was broken.去年春天,双方都意识到他们的合作关系已经破裂。Starbucks says it offered Kraft 0m to give back the CPG business.星巴克声称他将出价5亿美元买回其快消业余。As part of the proposed deal, it still wanted to supply capsules for Tassimo, Krafts single-portion coffee machines.作为意向交易的一部分,星巴克依然使用卡夫的全自动Tassimo咖啡机。Kraft initially agreed to the buy-out offer, but then changed its mind and demanded another 0m, according to Starbucks.星巴克声称:卡夫同意了此项收购,但是接着就改变了主意并要求追加2亿。Kraft disputes this account.卡夫对否认了此种说法。It claims that Starbucks offered 0m to buy out the business in August.卡夫声称星巴在八月克出价7.5亿美元来买下了业务,It adds that it rejected the offer.卡夫补充到其拒绝了此项收购,A fair price would be .5 billion, Kraft says.合适的价格应该为15亿美元。In October Starbucks told Kraft that it was in material breach of their agreement.十月,星巴克告知卡夫他严重违约。Unless the matter was resolved within 30 days, Starbucks said, all their agreements would end by March 1st and Kraft would get nothing.除非30日内得到解决,否则所有协议最迟将于3月1日作废届时卡夫将一无所获。The alleged breaches include Krafts failure to involve Starbucks in sales planning, to provide detailed budgets and to obtain approval for advertising.所谓的违约包括卡夫未能将星巴克纳入到其销售计划中,未能提供详尽的经费以及未能获得广告推广的批准。Starbucks says Kraft also violated an exclusivity deal by promoting its own premium coffee.星巴克说卡夫还通过推广自己的优质咖啡而违反了了排他协议。Kraft says all these alleged breaches are baseless.卡夫方面宣称这些所谓的违约时无依据的,It says Starbucks brewed them up to give itself a pretext for grabbing back the best part of its business without paying for it.星巴克制造了这些说辞来作为重夺优质市场而不花一分钱的借口,星巴克的咖啡店业务进展缓慢。On November 29th Kraft initiated an arbitration proceeding to challenge this move.Schul提起开始仲裁希望改变这种情况。Ignoring the arbitration, Starbucks said a couple of days later that from March onwards it would distribute its packaged coffee through Acosta, a marketing firm.星巴克方面宣称将不理会仲裁并于数十天后的3月开始通过行销机构Acosta来销售包装咖啡。On December 6th Kraft sought a preliminary injunction against Starbucks in a District Court of New York, for allegedly violating the terms of their agreement.据宣称12月6日卡夫以违反协议条款为理由向纽约地区地区法院申请一项初步禁令,The hearing of the injunction is tentatively scheduled for January 27th.听会将暂定于于1月27日举行。Kraft says that it played a central role in the success of Starbuckss packaged-coffee business, which grew tenfold during the course of their partnership.卡夫方面称其在星巴克的包装咖啡业务从双方开始合作到现今增长十倍上发挥着核心作用。Starbucks retorts that it could have grown faster if someone else had handled it.星巴克方面则反驳若是其他人经营业务本该增长的更快Even so, it will be tricky to prove material breaches of the agreement, so Starbucks will probably have to pay to end it.即便这样,明重大违约行为将变得非常棘手,星巴克极有可能以收购了事。Kraft stands to lose not only a lucrative business but also some “category captaincies”.卡夫不仅失去了获利颇丰的业务而且部分领军地位。Each large American retailer elects a product-category captain who is closely involved in how its sales are managed.每个美国大型零售商都会选择一家积极处理与之相关业务的领军企业。Kraft is category captain in more than 60% of the supermarkets in which it distributes coffee.卡夫占据了超市咖啡分销市场60%以上的份额,Acosta will soon be vying for this profitable honour.Acosta也将紧盯这快大肥肉。 点击此处下载本期经济学人讲解PDF与音频字幕 /201304/234305清河林区人民医院做输卵管通液多少钱

哈尔滨正规医院做无痛人流多少钱Life during the Blitz闪电战下的生活Death threats死亡威胁Love and literature in the time of bombs战乱中的爱与文学The Love-charmof Bombs: Restless Lives in the Second World War. By Lara Feigel.《战乱情迷》,Lara Feigel著。FEW histories of the British home front during the second world warreally capture the “mood, temper and climate”, lamented Elizabeth Bowen, a novelist who lived in London at the time. Deaths constant threat fuelled an apocalyptichedonism. The Blitz was grim, but glorious too, in its way. In addition, the experience left a distinct and enduring literary legacy, writes Lara Feigel,an academic at Kings College London, in her new book, “The Love-charm ofBombs”, which came out in Britain in February and is now being published in America.鲜有讲述二战期间英国大后方的故事能真正体现当时的“”心境、性情、风气”,当年生活在伦敦的小说家Elizabeth Bowen哀叹道。持续的死亡威胁燃起了享乐主义热潮。闪电战残酷无情,但另一方面,这也是场荣耀之战。此外,这次经历也带来了非同凡响不可磨灭的文化遗产,伦敦国王学院的学者Lara Feigel在她的新书《战乱情迷》中写道。该作品已于2月在英国面市,现于美国出版发行。A fast-livingwriting trio Bowen, Graham Greene and Henry Yorke are the main protagonists. They mucked in with the wareffort, but their Blitz was made unique by love affairs. The passions it aroused, and the sense of timelessness that ensued a “suspended present”, Ms Feigel calls it were fertile muses. “These writers,firefighting, ambulance-driving, patrolling the streets, were the successors of the soldier poets of the firstworld war,” the author argues in her introduction.三剑客 Bowen, Graham Greene 和Henry Yorke即是描写这段放纵生活的主要代表。他们分享各自在战时取得的成果,笔下的那些风流韵事也让他们的闪电战与众不同。被唤醒的热情以及时间的永恒性引发了一种 “现实静止”,Ms Feigel形容为 灵感的源泉。“这些作家,当过消防员,开过救护车,在街上巡逻,是一战时期士兵诗人的继任者”作者在引言中陈述道。Bomb-hit London was surely of a different order to the peerless carnage of Flanders fields, but the literary impact of the war, she convincingly shows, is comparable. Yorke was at his most prolific then. For the others the experience bore fruit more slowly. The Blitz would provide the setting for Bowens “The Heat of the Day”, and also for Greenes most passionate work, “The End of the Affair”.轰炸伦敦造成的伤亡虽没有血流成河的佛兰德战役惨烈,但战争带来的文学冲击,却不相上下,Feigel在书中有力地明了这点。Yorke当时文思泉涌,而其他作家的产量相对偏少。闪电战为Bowen的《炎日》,Greene最的作品《恋情的终结》提供了创作背景。Peace was a disappointment. The democratic spirit ebbed and life lost its intensity. Bowen, repelled by the Labour Partys 1945 electionvictory, retreated to Ireland with her sexless husband, but really she lived in a world of letters with a Canadian lover. Yorke, who would never be more than a “writers writers writer”, became a drunk. Greene found new love and increased fame, but like the others, Ms Feigel suggests, he would never again “value the present moment so whole heartedly”.和平令人沮丧。民主精神衰退,生活失去张力。1945年工党赢得选举,Bowen就此退出政治舞台,与她性冷淡的丈夫一同移居爱尔兰,但实际上她沉浸在与加拿大情人构筑起的情信世界。York,本可以超越“作家的作家的作家”,却成了酒鬼。Greene有了新欢,声名鹊起,但Feigel认为,就像其他人一样,他再也无法“全心全意地珍视当下”。This is a strikingly original book. It succeeds in itsambitious combination of group biography and literary criticism. But it is notflawless. Ms Feigel focuses too widely on obscure novelists,in particular a melancholy Austrian emigre, Hilde Spiel,while more illustrious contemporaries Virginia Woolf, Anthony Powell and EvelynWaugh haunt the background like ghosts at the feast. The authors are also tooily believed. Yorke called his fellow firefighters “absolute heroes”, butWaugh, a marine, doubted their courage. Did Waugh have a point? The questiongoes unasked.这是本非常具有创建性的作品。它成功地完成了集体传记与文学的宏伟结合。但也并非十全十美。Feigel过于专注冷门小说家,特别是忧郁的奥地利移民Hilde Spiel,而那些杰出的同代作家 Virginia Woolf, Anthony Powell和Evelyn Waugh 却像鬼魂般游离在盛宴之下。同时,作者对一些史料过于轻信。Yorke称他的消防伙伴“绝对是英雄人物”,但身为海军的Waugh却怀疑他们的勇气。Waugh的话是否中肯,我们也不得而知。But these are minor complaints. For the ageing Rose Macaulay, another British novelist of the period, the war was shattering. Shelost a secret lover to cancer, and his letters to a bomb. The need to conceal the mourning deepened the grief. “The Love-charm of Bombs” excels in demonstrating that these years of bleakness and loss were also, for a fortunate few, a time of extraordinary excitement and literary inspiration.但这些都是小瑕疵。对于另一位英国小说家,当时年迈的Rose Macaulay来说,战争粉碎了一切。她失去了身患癌症的秘密情人,炸弹摧毁了他们所有的情信。她必须隐藏这份悲伤,这反而加深了心中的痛楚。《战乱情迷》极力明了那个不断失去的阴郁年代也是荡漾,充满文学启发的时代,多么难能可贵。 /201404/287441哈尔滨市老年医院正不正规 哈市阳光医院治疗好不好

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