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Pilgrims Flock to Bethlehem for Christmas各地信徒云集伯利恒庆祝圣诞节  The faithful have flocked to the West Bank town of Bethlehem to celebrate Christmas. 世界各地的信徒聚集到约旦河西岸的伯利恒庆祝圣诞节。A fragrant cloud of incense filled the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem, as Palestinian Christians celebrated Christmas Mass. A few meters away, thousands of pilgrims from around the world visited the ancient grotto believed to be the birthplace of Jesus.  巴勒斯坦的基督教信徒在伯利恒的基督诞生教堂举行圣诞弥撒,教堂中充满了香火的气味。在离教堂几米远的地方,来自世界各地的成千上万名朝圣者参观了据信是耶稣诞生的地方。Adam Heyney came from the western U.S. state of Utah.  亚当.海尼来自美国西部的犹他州。"It's amazing, it's always been a dream to come out here, you see all the stuff on TV, you it in books, but it becomes reality. Just to be there in that spot was just an incredible experience," Heyney said.  他说:“这里真是太棒了。来到这里一直是一个梦想,你从前都是在电视上看到这些景象,在书里读到它们,但现在这都成了真的。能来到这里就是非常棒的经历。”For Barbara Beachie of the Midwest state of Michigan, it was an experience of faith and community.  对来自美国中西部密西根州的巴巴拉.比奇来说,到伯利恒朝圣是一次信仰和归属感之旅。"We need to touch something. We need to touch the sacred, we need to touch the place where Jesus was born, we need to see it," Beachie said. "There's a sense of mystery that is very overwhelming. And it's not just the place, but it's also the people that come from so far away."  她说:“我们需要触摸到什么,触摸神圣的东西,触摸耶稣诞生的地方,我们需要看到这个地方。它具有强烈的神秘感。而且,除了这个圣地之外,那些来自遥远地方的朝圣者也很吸引人。”Palestinian police armed with assault rifles patrolled Manger Square, but that did not bother Monty Luker of South Carolina.  手持冲锋的巴勒斯坦警察在马槽广场巡逻,但是,来自美国南卡罗莱纳州的陆克尔对此并不介意。"Even though it's a bit scary, the guns in the hands of the security people is a good thing. Were it not for that, we'd have to worry about the bad guys," Luker said.  他说:“虽然这有点吓人,但是安全人员手里有毕竟是好事,否则我们就会担心受到坏人的袭击。”It was the biggest turnout in years thanks to a lull in West Bank violence. Bethlehem hotels were full, and Palestinian shopkeepers like Nabil Jakaman were upbeat.  由于约旦河西岸暂时停止了暴力袭击,游客数量创下了多年来的最高纪录。伯利恒的酒店住满了人,像雅卡曼这样的巴勒斯坦店主十分高兴。"You can see tourists, many, many, many tourists, you can see it. That's good. It's nice to see this kind of tourists In Bethlehem," Jakaman said.  他说:“你可以看到这里有非常非常多的游客。这太好了,能在伯利恒看到这么多游客真是不错。”Palestinians bitterly complain about Israel's security barrier, or wall, surrounding Bethlehem, which was built in response to a wave of suicide bombings a few years ago. But Jakaman sees some light at the end of the tunnel.  巴勒斯坦人愤怒地抱怨以色列在伯利恒周围建立的安全屏障,这个围墙是几年前为了应对自杀性爆炸袭击的猛增而修建的。不过,雅卡曼看到了一些希望。"Well, the wall has made some problems but thank God, now there is a lot of tourists, now it's moving better," Jakaman said.  他说:“的确,这个围墙带来了一些麻烦,不过,感谢上帝,现在这里来了许多游客,情况变好了。”So for pilgrims and Palestinians, it was a Merry Christmas in the little town where it all began. 因此,对于朝圣者和巴勒斯坦人来说,今年,在这个耶稣诞生的小镇,他们可以渡过一个快乐的圣诞节。200812/59695Fasion at Emmys A look at what the stars were wearing at the 60th Emmy ceremony. It’s a big thing, take the pictures when everyone’s walking and GMA’s own fashion cop and ambassador of fun Terren Winterberg was there and she’s at the New York Theater when in the latest morning, Terren.Look in good Terron, look in good.Yea, sure.Woo, thank you. I like the sound that like fashion cop. Fashion cop.Very cool, the good news is I didn't, fashion carp, the good news is I did not make any rest last night, but it is the biggest night of the television industry. But everybody knows what really matters, it’s all about the fashion. Take a look at the red carpet / recap. The red carpet was in a word, bright. I thought yellow was gonna be a little risky, but apparently I mistake.The sun was shining. It’s very warm.I am melting, but it’s worth it. And the jewelry, sparkling. Kind of looks like a grape .It’s good enough to eat, but it’s not. It’s a kind of a grape that could tell you if you ate it, or if you losted it.But these fashions are no joke.Get to keep your mind when you dressing for this these things, what’s not gonna wrinkle, it’s not gonna show your penny line s. What’s gonna be floras from the beginning to the end of the night. To be try on 700 dresses at the end of the one just thing you need, you go if you like.Like my mom sums up when I look into the mirror, she says "OK, girl, you are right."Isn’t it hard to navigate in the carpet in New York ceremony with this behind you.It’s allowed me to turn around, it’s not pretty, but that’s not //you just have to pretend you do this everyday. I wear this to bed. Ah, and just like Brooke, I too wore my warm emmy dress to bed. No actually, I 've dressed up all night, but the greatest part is I think that everybody play it pretty safe on the red carpet, but that means they really wore any fashion Misses. But I do want to mention the guys, the guys side the joy. Because they can be put the fashion forward. Who’s suck out to me was pd, he’s wearing a velvet bow tie, a velvet lapel and even a velvet shoes. Sort of that was pretty unique, guys back in New York. What is it? Velvet?Taking notes,Velvet tie, velvet shoes. What was your favourite?Yes, I /What was your favourite?Er,, my favourite, I would say it was // yellow, one shoulder. I thought she looked so elegant and it just fit her like a // which is absolutely stuning. What was yours?Er.. I really did like//. I like //her shirt was really./Her figure is amazing, and // looks great every year.Every year. But we got to say, yeah, it was beautiful, what’s on the big hair? Cathy //, what’s up with the big, big hair. I know.You know it’s funny you ask that. It’s she looks like Marshall Cross that she said it was an inspiration.///200810/54444There is drama on the high seas, as a humanitarian aid ship sails toward the Palestinian-ruled Gaza Strip.The Israeli navy contacted a Libyan aid ship that plans to defy the blockade on Gaza and demanded that it sail to the nearby Egyptian port of El Arish. But the ship refused to change course, and naval commandos are prepared to intercept it. Defense Minister Ehud Barak says the ship is an unnecessary provocation. "We cannot accept someone who will try to just sail directly to Gaza," he said. "I should tell everyone that we think it is a bit irresponsible to do that." The ship, which was hired by a Libyan charity, is carrying 2,000 tons of food and medical supplies for the Palestinians. It sailed from Greece six weeks after Israeli commandos intercepted an aid flotilla trying to break the Gaza blockade. In the earlier incident, nine pro-Palestinian activists were killed, sparking international outrage.Israel has since eased the land blockade on Gaza, and therefore, it says any aid to the Palestinians can be delivered legally through border crossings. The naval blockade remains in force to prevent weapons from reaching Hamas, the Palestinian militant group that rules the Gaza Strip.随着一艘人道援助船只驶往巴勒斯坦人统治的加沙地带,公海上出现了引人注目的事件。 以色列海军与一条打算冲破加沙封锁线的利比亚援助船只联络,要求这条船驶往附近的埃及港口埃尔阿里什。但是利比亚船拒绝改变航线,以色列海军准备进行拦截。 以色列国防部长巴拉克指出,这条船是在进行无谓的挑衅。他说:“我们不能容忍什么人直接把船开往加沙。我应当告诉所有的人,我们认为这样做有些不负责任。” 这条由一个利比亚慈善组织租用的船从希腊出发,装载着准备提供给巴勒斯坦人的2000吨食品和医用物资。6个星期前,以色列部队拦截了一试图冲破加沙封锁线的援助船队。在那次事件中,9名亲巴勒斯坦活动人士丧生,引发了国际社会的愤怒。 自那以来,以色列放松了对加沙地带的陆上封锁。因此,以色列说,给巴勒斯坦人的任何援助物资都可以合法地穿越边界运抵加沙。海上封锁依旧,以防止外界把武器运送给统治着加沙地带的巴勒斯坦激进组织哈马斯。201007/108978

Obama: Demonstrators Reflect Growing Desire for Change in Iran奥巴马继续呼吁伊朗结束暴力行动U.S. President Barack Obama is continuing to call for an end to post-election violence in Iran. He said he does not want to intervene in the election dispute. The president said he senses a desire for change among the Iranian public.美国总统奥巴马继续呼吁伊朗结束选举后的暴力行动。他说,他不想干预选举争端。但是,奥巴马总统说,他能感觉到伊朗公众要求变革的愿望。The president is responding cautiously to events in Iran.奥巴马总统谨慎地对伊朗的事态作出反应。He made clear the ed States does not have a say in the choice of Iran's leaders, emphasizing that decision lies with the Iranian people.他明确表示,美国无权选择伊朗的领导人。他强调,作这一决定的应该是伊朗民众。"It's not productive, given the history of U.S.-Iranians relations, to be seen as meddling - the U.S. president meddling in Iranian elections," he said.奥巴马说:“考虑到美国和伊朗关系的历史,被看作介入伊朗选举,尤其是美国总统介入,是不会有成效的。”But he said that does not mean he should remain silent about the violence that has erupted as protesters have taken to the streets to denounce the election results as fraud.但是他又说,这并不意味他对伊朗民众街头抗议谴责诈选而爆发的暴力行动应当保持沉默。"When I see peaceful dissent being suppressed, wherever that takes place, it is of concern to me and it's of concern to the American people. That is not how governments should react with their people," he said.他说:“当我看到以和平方式表示不同政见而遭到镇压,不管这种情况发生在什么地方,我和美国人民都会予以关注。那不是政府应该对自己民众作出的反应。”The president spoke in the White House Rose Garden Tuesday at the end of a press conference with South Korean President Lee Myung-bak.奥巴马总统星期二和韩国总统李明举行记者会结束时于白宫玫瑰园发表了谈话。Once again, as he did during a session with reporters Monday, the president did not refer to any of the parties to the election dispute by name. He mentioned neither President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who is declaring victory, nor reformist candidate Mir Hossein Mousavi, who has alleged election fraud.正如他星期一在记者会上讲话时一样,今天他也没有点名指出伊朗选举争端中的几个政党。他既没提到宣布胜选的艾哈迈迪内贾德总统,也没提到指控诈选的改革派候选人穆萨维。Mr. Obama did not weigh in on the charges of vote-rigging. But he did say the demonstrators reflect a growing desire for change in Iran.奥巴马没有对诈选指控表示他的观点。但是他确实说,这次示威游行反映伊朗的改革愿望高涨。"I do believe that something has happened in Iran where there is a questioning of the kinds of antagonistic postures toward the international community that have taken place in the past, and that there are people who want to see greater openness and greater debate and want to see greater democracy," said Mr. Obama.他说:“我的确认为伊朗发生了变化,人们对伊朗对国际社会一向采取的那种对抗立场表示怀疑,有些伊朗人希望看到自己的国家能进一步开放、进一步展开辩论以及进一步民主化。”The president said how that plays out over the coming days and weeks is something ultimately for the Iranian people to decide. But he said he stands strongly with those who believe the voice of the people should be heard and not suppressed.奥巴马总统说,未来几天事态会有什么样的进展最终得取决于伊朗人民。但是他说,他坚决与那些认为应该听从民意、而不该压制民意的人站在一边。06/74702

Fat cats and corporate jets权势大亨们和飞机制造企业Why is it so unrewarding for politicians to bash the rich in America? 为什么美国政客都不愿意对富人进行打击呢?Jul 7th 2011 | from the print editionTHE corporate jet gets a lousy press. In the James Bond classic, “Goldfinger”, the eponymous villain is sucked out of the window of just such an aircraft. In 2008 the bosses of Detroit’s moribund car companies did themselves no favours when they flew in their gleaming jets to Washington, DC, to beg Congress for bail-outs (they drove the next time). And in his present face-off with the Republicans over the federal debt ceiling, Barack Obama is bashing the jets again, because to the man in the street the corporate jet is a perfect proxy for a fat cat. “I’ve said to Republican leaders, you go talk to your constituents and ask them, ‘Are you willing to compromise your kids’ safety so some corporate-jet owner can get a tax break?’.”私人飞机面临着大量的压力。在詹姆士#8226;邦德经典电影《金手指》中,臭名昭著的恶棍就是从这样的飞机窗户中被吸出去的。2008年,底特律濒临倒闭的汽车企业的老板们飞往华盛顿请求国会给予应急措施时,他们乘坐的豪华飞机并没有给他们带来一丁点帮助(第二次是开车来的)。在他出席的与共和党关于政府债务限额问题的面对面会议中,巴拉克#8226;奥巴马再一次猛烈抨击私人飞机,因为对于大街上的普通民众来说,私人飞机就是有钱肥猫的最佳代言人。“我已经对共和党领导人说过,你去问问你的选民们这样一个问题:‘你们愿意用孩子的安全作为代价来换取某些私人飞机的主人减税吗?’”Needless to say, Mr Obama is now accused by the aircraft manufacturers of scapegoating a successful industry that employs more than a million Americans and by the Republicans of launching a populist “class war”. But this raises a question. If an authentic populist movement exists in the ed States today, it is not composed of impoverished class warriors braying to squeeze the rich until their pips squeak. It is the tea-party movement, whose crusade to slash taxes and pare government to the bone far outweighs whatever distaste it might feel towards those magnificent fat cats in their flying machines.不用说,私人飞机现在肯定指责奥巴马将一个提供超过一百万岗位的成功产业作为替罪羊,而且共和党会指责他发起了一个平民主义的“阶级斗争”。但这提出了一个问题,如果当今美国存在一个真正的平民运动,那么这将不包括那些尖叫着要将富人榨干的贫民阶级勇士们。这是茶党运动,其改革运动旨在减少税收和彻底精简政府,任何不喜欢茶党运动的都有可能倾向于飞机里的那些重要的大亨们。Why is bashing the rich such an unpopular form of populism in America? The normal answer falls back on culture. Bill Galston of the Brookings Institution notes that Americans are repelled by the notion of inequality in worth or status. That men are created equal is, after all, “self-evident”. They are, however, far less perturbed by unequal wealth, a form of inequality that is the inevitable product of the free-market system in which most still profess an abiding faith. According to Tom Smith, director of the Centre for the Study of Politics and Society at the University of Chicago, surveys still show Americans to be more sympathetic than Europeans to the idea that unequal pay encourages people to work hard, for example, and less sympathetic to the idea that governments should try to smooth such inequalities out. 为何在美国抨击富人是非常不受欢迎的一种平民主义形式?常规的归根于文化,布鲁金斯学会的比尔#8226;盖尔斯顿指出,美国人对财产和社会地位不平等的说法感到厌恶。毕竟人人生而平等是“不言而喻”的,但却被不平等的财富完全打乱。财富不均作为不公平的一种形式,是自由市场体系不可避免的产物,但多数人声称仍然对自由市场体系持有不变的信念。根据芝加哥大学政治与社会研究中心主任汤姆#8226;史密斯的调查,发现美国人比欧洲人更加赞同这样的想法,即不平等的待遇激励人们更加努力的工作,但是,不赞成政府应当尝试消除不平等的想法。201107/144258U.S. President Barack Obama on Thursday awarded retiring Defense Secretary Robert Gates the Presidential Medal of Freedom. The award came during a military tribute to Gates on his final day in office.奥巴马总统星期四授予即将退休的国防部长盖茨总统自由奖章。星期四是盖茨在任的最后一天,奥巴马总统是在赞扬盖茨对军队的贡献时颁发这一奖章的。It was an elaborate farewell ceremony outside the Pentagon with President Barack Obama joining Defense Secretary Robert Gates at the end of his more than four years in office.这是在五角大楼外精心准备的一次欢送仪式,在盖茨担任国防部长4年多时间的最后一天,奥巴马总统和他一道出席了欢送会。Gates is the only defense secretary in U.S. history to be asked to remain in office by a newly-elected president. He was first sworn in under Mr. Obama’s predecessor, George W. Bush, at a crucial point during the Iraq war.盖茨是美国历史上唯一一位被新当选的总统留任的国防部长。他最初是在伊拉克战争的关键时刻,在奥巴马总统的前任布什总统的领导下宣誓就职的。Gates oversaw a surge of American troops in Iraq and later in Afghanistan that analysts say helped turn around both military campaigns. 盖茨监管了美军在伊拉克以及后来在阿富汗的增兵行动,分析人士说,增兵扭转了美军在这两个战场的局面。At Thursday's ceremony, President Obama called Gates a "humble American patriot, a man of common sense and decency," and one of the nation’s "finest public servants."在星期四的欢送仪式上,奥巴马总统称他是美国一位谦虚的爱国者,一位通情达理的人和一位正派的人,还说他是美国最好的公职人员之一。“Bob, today you are not only one of the longest serving secretaries of defense in American history, but it is also clear that you have been one of the best,” he said.奥巴马说:“鲍伯,你今天不仅是美国历史上任职时间最长的国防部长之一,而且很清楚,你也是最好的之一。”As defense secretary, Gates made numerous trips to Afghanistan and Iraq, always making a point to visit the American men and women in uniform who put their lives on the line.在担任国防部长期间,盖茨多次前往阿富汗和伊拉克,而且总是要去看望在前线冒着生命危险的美国男女军人。201107/142848US, North Korea, Reach Deal to Salvage Nuclear Accord美国北韩达成一致恢复执行核协议 The ed States has reached an agreement with North Korea to resume implementation of the six-party accord to end that country's nuclear weapons program. The Bush administration said Saturday it is removing North Korea from its list of state sponsors of terrorism in return for new assurances from Pyongyang on verifying its nuclear activities.美国与北韩达成协议,恢复执行六方会谈达成的终止北韩核武器项目的协议。美国政府星期六表示,准备把北韩从持恐怖主义国家的名单上拿掉,作为平壤重新允许核查北韩核项目活动的交换条件。The agreement, the product of weeks of high-level diplomacy, ends a dispute over verification that threatened to scuttle the deal under which Pyongyang is to scrap its nuclear program for aid and diplomatic benefits.这份协议是经过几个星期的高层外交努力达成的,从而终止了在核查北韩核项目活动问题上的纠纷。这场纠纷险些破坏先前的协议。根据先前的协议,平壤同意废除核项目以获得援助和外交好处。Bush administration officials say that as a result of the talks, including a Pyongyang visit by chief U.S. delegate Christopher Hill a week ago, North Korea has agreed to a series of measures that represent "significant cooperation" in verifying the declaration of its nuclear program made in June.布什政府官员表示,作为多次会谈的结果,包括美国首席谈判代表希尔上星期访问平壤,北韩同意采取一系列措施,在允许核查北韩今年6月提交的核项目活动清单问题上,表现出“明显的合作”。State Department spokesman Sean McCormack says the deal means Pyongyang is being removed from the U.S. terrorism blacklist, and North Korea in turn will reverse steps it has taken recently toward restarting its disabled Yongbyon reactor complex.美国国务院发言人麦科马克表示,这个协议意味着正在将北韩从美国的持恐怖主义国家黑名单上拿掉,作为交换,北韩将停止最近重启宁边反应堆的工作。"The secretary of state this morning rescinded the designation of the DPRK as a state sponsor of terrorism, and that was effective with her signature. North Korea has stated it will resume disablement of its nuclear facilities. This demonstrates that the six-party principle of action-for-action is working," he said.他说:“国务卿赖斯星期六早上将北韩自持恐怖主义国家的名单上拿掉,她签了字,使这个决定生效。北韩已经声明将继续核设施的去核化工作。这明六方会谈以行动换取行动的原则有成效。”North Korea had accused the ed States of reneging on a promise to remove it from the terrorism list when it made its declaration June 26. The ed States said delisting was always dependent on Pyongyang providing an acceptable verification plan.北韩原来指责美国违背承诺,在北韩6月26号提交核项目活动清单以后,美国并没有将北韩从持恐怖主义国家名单上拿掉。但是美国当时表示,将北韩从名单上拿掉永远取决于平壤能否提供一个让人接受的核查计划。Administration officials who briefed reporters said the agreed verification plan - to be adopted by all six parties to the negotiations at a Beijing meeting in a few weeks - includes all terms, among them visits to undeclared North Korean nuclear sites, that the ed States sought from the beginning.向记者通报情况的美国官员说,六方会谈国家几个星期内将在北京开会批准的核查计划包括所有美国从一开始就在争取的条件,包括允许在未经通知的情况下进入北韩核设施。Critics of the Bush administration, among them former U.S. Ambassador to the ed Nations John Bolton, have accused the State Department of softening verification demands to try to keep the nuclear deal afloat and claim a foreign policy triumph.包括前任美国驻联合国大使尔顿在内的人对布什政府提出批评,指责美国国务院降低核查要求,以便让这个北韩核项目协议继续存在,以便用来宣称外交政策上的胜利。There were similar comments Friday from Republican Presidential candidate John McCain.共和党总统候选人麦凯恩星期五也发出类似的。McCormack said the deal achieved "every single element" of the administration verification agenda, which he said was driven not by domestic political considerations but U.S. national interests. 美国国务院发言人麦科马克表示,这次协议包括了美国政府核查纲要的“每一项内容”,他说,这不是出于国内政治考量,而是出于美国国家利益的考量。"The secretary and the president wouldn't take these kinds of decisions if they didn't think that these decisions would help us - the ed States - ultimately get to the goal of de-nuclearizing the Korean peninsula. Again, without compromising on principle," he said.他说:“如果国务卿和总统认为这些决定不会帮助美国最终实现朝鲜半岛去核化的目标,他们就不会做出这样的决定。再说一遍,我们没有在原则上妥协。”Candidate McCain and others have also suggested that removing North Korea from the terrorism list undercuts Japan, which has been pressing Pyongyang to account for a number of Japanese citizens abducted by North Korea in the 1970s and 80s.共和党总统候选人麦凯恩和其他人同时认为,将北韩从持恐怖主义国家名单上拿掉会打击日本。日本一直督促平壤说明北韩上个世纪70年代和80年代劫持的日本公民的去向。McCormack said the ed States "wholeheartedly" supports Japan's position on the abduction issue and will never forget the suffering of the Japanese victims and their families.He noted that even after terrorism-related sanctions against North Korea are lifted, it remains subject to numerous sanctions related to its 2006 nuclear weapons test, proliferation activity, and human rights record.The White House said President Bush made the same points in a telephone call to Japanese Prime Minister Taro Aso Saturday morning. 白宫方面表示,布什总统星期六早上与日本首相麻生太郎通电话时也强调了这些情况。Democratic presidential candidate Barak Obama, in a written statement, called the agreement a modest step forward. He said the decision to remove North Korea from the terrorism list is an appropriate response, as long as there is a clear understanding that if Pyongyang fails to follow through on its obligations there will be "immediate consequences."美国民主党总统候选人奥巴马发表书面声明说,这个协议是向前迈了一小步。他说,只要各方都很清楚,如果北韩不遵守应尽的义务,就会“马上出现后果”,将北韩从持恐怖主义国家名单上拿掉的决定就是适当的。200810/52604

Inside his own court, unseen enemies want to destroy him. The official history records Ying Zheng's coming of age at twenty years old as the defining moment.The entire court has assembled in celebration, but not everyone's watching the show. The Queen has a new favorite, Marquis Lao Ai. In the eyes of the court, Lao Ai is a eunuch, which is an odd choice of companion for a woman with a history of important lovers. But Lao Ai is no eunuch. He has fathered two sons by the Queen, who they have raised in secret, and he intends to place one of them on the throne. But the King has his suspicions about his mother and her supposedly secret lover.The state of Chin is not a safe place for anybody. The Queen has kept her young sons secret in the care of eunuchs she believes are loyal to her. But loyalties change quickly and the King has learned of their existence. Hello. Hi. "You are so heavy!"Knowing it's only a matter of time before his plot to put the eldest boy on the throne is discovered, the Queen's lover Marquis Lao Ai makes a desperate bid for power. He has stolen Royal Seals, giving him the authority to mobilize troops. "So you think you’ll make a good King?""Yes!"The boys have just condemned themselves as a direct threat to the King.07/78483Pressure is growing on Israel after its commandos raided a flotilla of aid ships that were trying to break the blockade on Gaza. The raid early Monday, in which nine activists died, has set off a wave of international criticism. But very little of that criticism is coming from people at home.Israel began sending home some of the nearly 700 pro-Palestinian activists who were aboard the six vessels.Some, like this Turkish man, spoke of the violence they witnessed when Israeli commandos came down on the main ship, a Turkish vessel, during the raid in the eastern Mediterranean.He says the commandos came down from helicopters and attacked the activists. He said the commandos first warned the activists, who had told the soldiers they were not armed.Israeli military officials point to that shows activists hitting the commandos with iron bars and chairs, and say the soldiers acted in self-defense when they opened fire. The ships are sitting at the Israeli port of Ashdod. Some of their passengers were led away in handcuffs. Authorities say those who are agreeing to expulsion are being taken to Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion airport and flown home.  By late Tuesday, scores had been repatriated. They included American Edward Peck, a former diplomat who had served as U.S. ambassador to Mauritania. Hundreds of others remained at detention centers across Israel. Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor told VOA some could be put on trial for attacking the commandos. "Those who have been clearly identified as aggressors are being questioned by the security service and it is possible that they will be prosecuted," he said.  As international condemnation mounts, there is also some criticism at home of how the raid was carried out. Newspaper columnists and some members of the opposition questioned the legality of the operation, and whether the flotilla could have been intercepted without using force. But overall Israelis express overwhelming support for the raid. Many have little sympathy for those in the Gaza Strip, where militants have been firing rockets at Israel for several years. Some believe that lifting the blockade would be opening the door to a flow of weapons that would be used to attack Israelis.On Jerusalem's busy Ben Yehuda Street, a man says the Israeli military acted in the interest of protecting its citizens when it intercepted the flotilla. He says it was the right thing to do because there simply was no other choice. Another man says he has doubts about the methods the commandos used, and worries about the raid's effects on Israel's image overseas. "In general, it was the right thing to do, but not in the way it was done," he said. Israel has begun moving cargo from the aid flotilla to the Gaza Strip after inspecting it. Egypt announced it is temporarily lifting the blockade it has been enforcing, along with Israel, on the Gaza Strip. Tensions remained high along Israel's border with Gaza, where the Israeli military says gunfire erupted after militants crossed the border from Gaza into Israel and opened fire at soldiers. Israeli war planes struck targets in Gaza on Tuesday in response to a rocket attack.以色列开始遣返六艘船上将近七百名亲巴勒斯坦活动人士中的一部分人。其中一些人,包括这名土耳其男子,谈到了他们在这场东地中海的突袭行动中目睹的暴力行为。当时以色列突击队员登上船队的主船,那是一艘土耳其的船。他说,突击队员们从直升飞机上降落下来,袭击活动人士。他说,突击队员们首先警告活动人士,而那些活动人士已经告诉士兵们他们没有携带武器。以色列军方官员根据录像带上显示的活动人士用铁棍和椅子殴打突击队员的画面说,士兵们开是出于自卫。这些船只现在停靠在以色列的阿什杜德港。船上一部分人被戴上手铐带走。当局表示,那些同意遣返的人正被带往特拉维夫的本古里安国际机场,并将被送上回国的飞机。其他数百人仍留在以色列各地的拘留所里。以色列外交部发言人伊戈尔.帕默尔告诉美国之音,其中一些人可能会因为攻击突击队员而受到审判。他说,“那些被清楚认定为攻击者的人正在接受安全部门的审问,有可能他们会受到起诉。”在国际谴责与日俱增的同时,以色列国内对于这次突袭的行动方式也有一些批评。报纸专栏作家和一些反对派成员质疑这一行动的合法性,以及当时船队是否可以在不动用武力的情况下被拦截。但总体来说,以色列人表达了对这一突袭行动的强烈持。他们很多人对加沙地带的居民并不同情,几年来激进分子一直在那里向以色列发射火箭。一些人认为解除对加沙地带的封锁会为武器流通打开大门,而那些武器会被用来袭击以色列。在耶路撒冷繁忙的本耶胡达大街上,这名男子说,以色列军队拦截这一船队的行动是出于保护本国公民的利益。他说,这么做是对的,原因很简单,那就是别无选择。以色列在检查完援助船队上的货物之后,开始将这些货物运送到加沙地带。在以色列突击队突袭了一个装载援助物资的船队之后,以色列受到的压力越来越大。这个船队试图突破加沙地带的封锁。星期一早些时候的突袭造成九名活动人士死亡,引发了国际社会的谴责声浪,但是在以色列国内却没有受到多少批评。。201006/105379Internet businesses互联网商业Another digital gold rush又一轮的数字淘金热Internet companies are booming again. Does that mean it is time to buy or to sell? 互联网公司再次勃兴。这是否意味着买入或者卖出正逢时?May 12th 2011 | BEIJING AND SAN FRANCISCO | from the print edition PIER 38 is a vast, hangar-like structure, perched on San Francisco’s waterfront. Once a place where Chinese immigrants landed with picks and shovels, y to build railways during California’s Gold Rush, the pier is now home to a host of entrepreneurs with smartphones and computers engaged in a race for internet riches. From their open-plan offices, the young people running start-ups with fashionably odd names such as NoiseToys, Adility and Trazzler can gaze at the fancy yachts moored nearby when they aren’t furiously tapping out lines of code.38号坞棚(PIER 38)是坐落在旧金山滨海的一幢巨大棚库状结构的建筑。在加利福尼亚淘金潮时期,这里曾是准备修建铁路的中国移入民带着铁锹铁铲的登陆地,而这些坞棚如今则是一群带着智能电话和电脑埋头于互联网财富竞赛的实业家们的老巢,这些年轻人运营着有着像NoiseToys, Adility 和Trazzler这样名字新潮而古怪的新兴企业,在他们四溢的打出一行行的代码之外的时间里,可以凝望到(眺望)停泊在附近的豪华游艇。201105/137532

The CEO salary cap Fortune's Andy Serwer looks at the pros and cons of Sen. McCaskill's proposal to cap CEO pay at 0,000. There is a move afoot you may have heard this, to cap the pay of CEOs whose companies receive TARP money. Senator Claire McCaskill of Missouri has just suggested 400,000 dollars, the same amount of money that the President makes, that's all these CEOs should be taking home. And you know, I guess you can kinda understand this, some of these CEOs have been suggesting that there is TARP money over here in this pot, and then there's other money over here, and that their salaries are coming from this pot, and the money for their airplanes is coming from this pot, not from this pot over here. Well, it really doesn't wash, cause it's all the same pot of money, and of course the perception by the public is that they are getting the government bailout and then they are using it to pay themselves, a ton of money and fly around in airplanes, so, not really good.Think about another thing, by the way, suppose you were forced to take TARP money, there were instances where various banks and institutions didn't want to get this money and the Treasury said, you know you need to take this money anyway. Umm, that, of course, now may limit the CEOs' pay which is something that these CEOs don't like, you may remember Lloyd Blankfein, the CEO of Goldman Sachs. He's capped his pay at 600,000 dollars, even that may be too much, given this new 400,000-dollar limit proposed by Senator McCaskill.Of course, the President of the ed States, gets a whole lot of other goodies besides just that 400,000 dollars, right? He got the White House, Air Force One, security, probably a lot of other perks too, so maybe not quite a fair comparison, you know, it reminds me of that old line that Babe Ruth said back in 1930, when he was paid 80,000 dollars a year, which was 5,000 dollars more than President Herbert Hoover was making--75,000 dollars a year. And some sports writers asked him and said, "So, how does it feel? How do you justify making more money than the president did?" And Babe Ruth said, "I had a better year than the president." Not clear at all that the CEOs at any of these institutions can say that, although, compared to which president? President Bush, President Obama? I don't know. It's kind of difficult to say who had a better or worse year, isn't it?GLOSSARY1. afoot adjective, [not before noun] being planned; happening: There are plans afoot to increase taxation. Changes were afoot but we had no idea what they would turn out to be. 2. Cap: an upper limit on an amount of money that can be spent or borrowed by a particular institution or in a particular situation: The government has placed a cap on local council spending.3. TARP The Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) 4. doesn't wash spoken used to say that you do not believe or accept someone's explanation, reason, attitude etc5. I'm sorry but all his charm just doesn't wash with me. 6. Goldman Sachs 高盛 7. goody 好处 8. perk noun, verb noun (also formal perquisite) [usually pl.] something you receive as well as your wages for doing a particular job: Perks offered by the firm include a car and free health insurance. (figurative) Not having to get up early is just one of the perks of being retired.9. old line adj.历史悠久的,保守的 10. Babe Ruth 1895年出生于美国马里兰州巴尔地市,后来成为美国棒坛传奇人物,美国职棒当今最伟大的球员之一。 11. Herbert Clark Hoover (August 10, 1874 – October 20, 1964) was the 31st President of the ed States (1929–1933). 02/62846

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