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2019年08月20日 11:40:08

重庆市星辰整形医院价格表Porsche unveiled the entry-level SUV it hopes will beat out rivals like Mercedes’ GLK and BMW’s X3.日前,在洛杉矶一个秘密的地点,保时捷(Porsche)发布了一款入门级SUV,该公司希望这款车将击败梅赛德斯奔驰(Mercedes)的GLK和宝马(BMW)的X3等竞争对手。The 2015 Porsche Macan is a small sport activity vehicle built on Volkswagen’s MLB platform (which it shares with the Audi2015款保时捷Macan是一款小尺寸运动活力车(SAV),使用大众汽车的MLB平台(与奥迪Q5和A4同一平台),不过外观与奥迪车型截然不同。Audi Q5 and A4) but that looks radically different from anything at Audi. Indeed, it’s very Porsche, sharing the side angles of a 911 and the height of a Cayenne—its front end is also very similar to its bigger brother—while repping even the Boxster a bit in the styling of its air intakes and side profile.事实上,这款车非常“保时捷”,采用与保时捷911相同的侧角,与卡宴(Cayenne)相同的车高——车身前部也非常类似于这位老大哥,此外甚至进气格栅和侧边轮廓都略微模仿了Boxster的风格。Porsche is hoping the entry-level SUV will fill out its portfolio the same way the Panamera (luxury sedan) and the Cayenne (luxury SUV) evened it out past the sports car core it developed with the 911, Cayman and Boxster. Audi, with its Q5, and Land Rover with its Evoque have also entered this mix, which is the best-growing and most profitable segment in the car industry today. Initial “cautious estimates” from top brass at Porsche put the Macan volume around 50, 000-55, 000 units sold per year; more recently they’re saying that sales numbers could reach as high as 75, 000 units, which would mean Macan would represent almost half of Porsche’s total volume.保时捷希望这款入门级SUV能像豪华轿车Panamera和豪华SUV卡宴一样,补全其产品组合,甚至超越保时捷在开发911、卡宴和Boxster过程中形成的运动汽车核心技术。奥迪旗下的Q5、路虎旗下的揽胜极光(Evoque)均属于这个细分类别,是如今汽车行业发展最快和利润最高的一块。保时捷高层的一开始给出的“谨慎预估”认为——Macan的年销售量将在5万至5.5万辆左右,最近他们表示销售数字可能高达7.5万辆,这意味着Macan可能将占据保时捷总销量的差不多半壁江山。Macan comes offering a choice from two engines for its new ride: a 3.0-liter twin-turbo V6 that gets 340 horsepower (it’s the same engine as the one in the Panamera) or a 3.6-liter twin-turbo V6 that gets 400 horsepower. Those’ll get the car to 60 mph in as quick as 4.4 seconds, with a top speed of 164mph. No diesel or hybrid options are available now.Macan提供了两种引擎选择:3.0升双涡轮V6引擎(与Panamera的引擎一样)及3.6升双涡轮V6引擎,前者提供340马力,后者则为400马力。这两个引擎将使Macan最快在4.4秒内加速至每小时60英里,最高速度达到164英里每小时。目前该车还没有推出柴油或者混合动力版本。Off-road capability in the Macan comes in the form of an Off-road mode optimized to provide traction in dirt and snow; the suspension can be raised for an approach angle of 26.6 degrees and departure angle of 23.6 degrees—decent figures considering the smaller nature of this vehicle.Macan的越野性能体现在其越野模式,该模式专门进行了优化从而能在泥地和雪地情况下提供牵引力,该车的悬挂可以调高至接近角26.6度而离出角23.6度——考虑到该车身材较小,这是非常不错的数字。Inside, the Macan has leather-appointed sport seats, center-mounted dials, a 5-inch color display and a sport steering wheel. Upgrades like a Sport Chrono package, lane departure warning, active cruise control and carbon fiber trim abound. Expect the price to start around , 000.在车内,Macan配置皮革运动座椅,采用中央仪表盘设计,5英寸色显示屏以及运动式方向盘。升级项目包括Sport Chrono组件、车道偏离警告系统、主动巡航控制系统,此外车身多处采用碳纤维材料设计。预期该车的起步价约为5万美元。The Stuttgart, Germany-based automaker built this car to help its bottom line in the same way the Cayenne did 10 years ago — and from the looks of things last night, it fills that small-SUV gap nicely. It will likely be Porsche’s next best-seller.这家位于德国斯图加特的公司之所以打造这款车,是为了像10年前推出卡宴一样帮助增加利润,从当晚的发布情况来看看,该车完美地填补了小型SUV的空白。Macan可能将成为保时捷下一款畅销车。 /201312/267419重庆新桥医院等级A New York man sitting in a car that had a loaded rifle, machete and a container of gasoline was charged on Friday with threatening to kill George W. Bush after professing a romantic interest in the former president#39;s oldest daughter, prosecutors said.Benjamin Smith, 44, of Pittsford in upstate New York was arrested in Manhattan by the U.S. Secret Service, according to a criminal complaint filed in federal court.一名男子因痴迷于美国前总统小布什的女儿芭芭拉·布什(Barbara Bush)对小布什加以恐吓、威胁,目前遭到警方指控和逮捕。;Bush will get his,; Smith screamed as he was taken into custody, according to the complaint. Later, when asked about his marital status, he told agents he was divorced and ;working on a relationship with Barbara Bush.;At a preliminary hearing, Assistant U.S. Attorney Andrea Griswold told U.S. Magistrate Judge Henry Pitman the government believes Smith was referring to the former president#39;s daughter and not Bush#39;s mother, who shares the same name.It is a crime under federal law to threaten a current or former president.On Thursday, the man#39;s mother called police to report she had found a threatening note in the home she shares with her son and that a rifle was also missing, the complaint said.该男子名为本杰明·史密斯(Benjamin Smith),他在车内放置了来福、弯刀和汽油,行至曼哈顿市中心并大喊:“布什会得到报应的”,随后被警方逮捕。史密斯的母亲承认,在其纽约州北部的家中找到了一张恐吓信,信中写道:“我将为布什工作并效命于五角大楼。我将成为屠龙勇士并抱得芭芭拉·布什归来。”史密斯在被问及婚姻状况时称:“我离过婚,目前并没有和任何人约会,但是我在努力追求芭芭拉·布什。”;I#39;m going to work for George W. Bush and the Pentagon,; the note said, according to the government. ;I have to slay a dragon and then Barbara Bush is mine.;The Secret Service tracked him using his cell phone to Manhattan, where they arrested him early Friday morning. It was not clear why Smith went to New York City or where the former president and his family were at the time.Smith#39;s defense lawyer, Peggy Cross-Goldenberg, said the note and Smith#39;s outbursts did not constitute a ;true threat.;The judge also conceded it was ;unclear; a jury would find Smith guilty.;Admittedly, there is some inconsistency in the notion that the way to win Barbara Bush#39;s affections is to kill her father,; Pitman said.对任何现任和前总统进行威胁都违反联邦法律,但是1月31日出席初次听会上的一位法官表示,并不确定陪审团是否会认定史密斯有罪。美国地方法官亨利·皮特曼(Henry Pitman)表示:“坦白来讲,为了赢得女儿的青睐而试图杀害人父的,这在情理上有些说不通。” /201402/274940重庆市星宸美容哪个医生好

重庆星辰整形专家微信重庆星宸美容整形美容的收费标准In the 1939 film classic The Women, much is made of the alluring quality of a specific color of nail polish: “Jungle Red.” It turns out that the characters’ faith in the product was not misplaced.在1939年的经典影片《女人们》中,主角们常常说到一种特殊的指甲油颜色——“丛林红”特别具有诱惑力。科学明,这些电影角色对这种指甲油色号的笃信并非没有根据。New research suggests the color red on a woman does indeed signal sexual availability—not only to men, but also to other women.现在科学研究指出,女性身上红色的装饰确实会向他人发送诱惑的信号——不仅向男性,也会向其他女性发送这种信号。As we have noted previously, studies have found that men tend to view women in red as more sexually attractive. But, ladies, if you were thinking wearing that color would send a subliminal signal only males would pick up on, you’re out of luck.我们已经知道,研究发现,男性往往认为穿红衣的女性更具有吸引力。但是姑娘们,如果你以为穿红衣只会对男性发送微妙的信号,那你就错了。“Our results suggest that women perceive and behave toward other women in red as if these other women are actively advertising” their openness to the possibility of a sexual encounter, writes a research team led by University of Rochester psychologist Adam Pazda.罗彻斯特大学的心理学家亚当·帕扎达所带领的研究团队指出,“我们的研究成果表明,当某些女性穿着红衣的时候,其他女性就会认为她们正在积极地招蜂引蝶,她们对这些红衣女士的态度和交流方式都会有所不同。”Pazda and his colleagues describe a experiment conducted on two different continents that provide evidence that wearing red sets off certain alarm bells. In the first, 196 women recruited online viewed a photo of “a moderately attractive women in her late 20s.”帕扎达的团队在两块不同的大陆上进行了三项实验,这些实验的结果实,穿红衣的女性会发出警示信号。在第一项实验中,科学家们请196名参与实验的女性观看一张“具有现代美的二十八九岁的女性”照片。Half saw an image of her wearing a white dress; the rest viewed an otherwise identical image of her in a red dress. Afterwards, all responded on a sliding scale to a series of statements such as “This person is sexy.”一半的实验参与者看到的照片上姑娘穿着白衣;另一半的实验参与者看到的照片上姑娘穿着红衣。实验结果是,所有的参与者都认为“这个人很性感”,但是性感的程度却有明显的高低之分。As expected, the woman was seen as more sexy if she was wearing red. This held true whether or not the study participants were in a committed relationship.如科学家们所料想的,穿红衣的姑娘被认为更加性感。无论实验参与者是否单身,他们的观点都是这样的。The researchers caution that, needless to say, “not all women displaying red are actively advertising sexual availability.” For those who are not, it’s valuable to understand the ways their wardrobe choices are being interpreted—both by men, and by their female acquaintances.研究者们提醒道,“并不是所有女性在穿红衣的时候都在故意显露性感。”——这一点毋庸置疑。对那些无意穿红色衣的姑娘们,你们有必要知道:你衣着的颜色不仅会向男性、也会向女性同胞们发送某种信息。 /201407/311662重医附一院几点开门重庆市星宸医院做整形的费用

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