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unit 284 信用卡结账(2)dialogue英语情景对话A:Id like to pay my bill now.A:我想现在结账。B:Your name and room number, please?B:请问您的姓名和房问号码?A:Tom Wilson in Room 306.A:汤姆·威尔逊.306房。B:Have you used any hotel services this morning?B:请问您今天早晨是否用过旅馆内的务设施?A:No.A:没有。B:OK. You have stayed for four nights at 90 US dollars each, and here are the meals that you had at the hotel. That makes a total of 660 US dollars.B:好的。4个晚上,每晚90美元,加上膳食费,总共是660美元。A:Can I pay by credit card?A:我可以用信用卡付吗?B:Of course. Please sign your name here.B:可以,请您在这里签名。 /201512/417689unit 17找公园dialogue英语情景对话A:Excuse me, can you tell me where central Park Street is?A:对不起,请问中央公园大街在哪儿?B:Turn right at the third light and then go straight for two blocks.B:第三个红绿灯处右转,一直走,过两个街区。A:ls it far?A:请问远吗?B:No. lts only a ten-minute walk.B:不远,走IO分钟就到。A:l see. Thanks a lot.A:我明白了,多谢。B:Youre welcome.B:不客气。 /201504/368000Todd: So, Anja, you are from Switzerland?托德:安雅,你来自瑞士,对吧?Anja: Yes, exactly.安雅:对,没错。Todd: So, I thought we would talk a little about your country.托德:那我们来聊聊你的祖国吧。Anja: OK.安雅:好。Todd: First of all, what do you like most about being Swiss?托德:第一个问题,你最喜欢瑞士的哪方面?Anja: Actually, what I like the most about Switzerland is that the country is neutral, so that means that we have an army but we dont have war with any country. We go abroad to support people and help people if there is some sort of war or some trouble abroad, but we dont fight against any country.安雅:实际上,我最喜欢瑞士的地方是瑞士是中立国家,这意味着虽然我们有军队,但是我们不会和任何国家进行战争。如国其他国家爆发战争,那我们会提供持和帮助,但我们不会和任何国家作战。Todd: So when theres a major conflict, you dont take a side.托德:也就是说发生严重冲突时,你们国家不会持任何一方。Anja: Thats exactly this.安雅:没错,就是这个意思。Todd: So, how about... are Swiss people very political? Like are they in terms of your country, like are they very involved with politics?托德:那瑞士人关心政治问题吗?你们国家的民众会涉足政治问题吗?Anja: Yes, actually you have to, especially young people are very involved in politics as well, and like we have votes and what not, like every month theres something we have to give our vote, and people always do it. Its really amazing. I like that a lot.安雅:关心,特别是年轻人会涉足一些政治问题,我们要投票,每个月我们都要投票,人们经常做这些。这真的很棒,我很喜欢。Todd: Wait a minute! You vote every month?托德:等一下!你们每个月都投票?Anja: Yeah, for some local things or prefectural things and we always get the stuff back home in the mail, and then we have to fill it out. You know, tick a yes or a no and bring it to the, how do you say?安雅:对,每个月我们都要对一些地方问题或省级问题进行投票,投票纸会放到每家的信箱里,我们要填好。就是在投票纸上选择是或否,然后送到……你们称之为什么?Todd: Like the post office?托德:类似邮局的地方?Anja: Yes. Then vote.安雅:对,然后进行投票。Todd: So, its like a referendum? Its about some local issue.托德:就像公投一样吗?有关地方问题的公投。Anja: Yes, exactly. Like referendums or yeah, for the prefecture, for your city or for your village all the time.安雅:对,没错。就像公投一样,都是一些有关你所在的省、城市或村庄的问题。Todd: Thats pretty amazing. Now, are these issues that you take time to look into, or do you just kind of guess?托德:这太不可思议了。那这些问题你们是要花时间去了解,还是只是估计一下?Anja: Well, it depends a little bit, like, if its not of very big importance, like of course, everything is important, but then, you know, you just do what you feel is the right thing and you just tick a yes or no, but if you feel like its a really big deal, like a lot of moneys being invested or its like something that concerns the whole country, then of course you will do like research on it and well, its on the news anyway, so you .. they like the government informs you a lot and you get brochures like for the topics and so, yeah. Its a really big deal.安雅:这要取决于问题是否重要,当然每件事都很重要,你只要做你认为对的事情就好,选择是或否就行,如果你认为那是一件非常重要的事,比如涉及重大投资或是有关整个国家的问题,当然你就要做一些研究,这些问题新闻会报道,政府也会告知一些重要信息,而且你还会拿到有关这个问题的说明册。这种就是非常重要的问题。 译文属 /201604/438065

unit 77询问日期(1)dialogue英语情景对话A:What day is today?A:今天是星期几?B:lts Thursday, I think.B:大概是星期四。A:Tomorrow is Friday. Its going to be the weekend.A:明天是星期五,又要到周末了。B :Were busy on weekdays, but well have a good rest at the weekend.B:我们平时很忙,但周末可以好好休息一下。A:Well meet again in a few days.A:那过几天我们再见。 /201506/378343

unit 300 买裤子dialogue 英语情景对话A:Show me a smaller pair of trousers, sir. I am not that fat, you see.A:先生,给我拿条瘦些的裤子好吗?你瞧,我没有那么胖。B:Youve come to the right place. Weve got various styles and sizes recently. How much do you measure around your waist?B:你算来对了地方。我们新进了一批货,各种式样、各种尺码都齐全。请问先生多少腰围?A:I have no idea. Measure me, please.A:不太清楚,给我量量吧!B:OK! 2 Chi round. Try this one. Maybe its of your size.B:好的!2尺腰围,那就试试这条,可能尺码你穿正好合适。A:( After trying) Im afraid its still too fight around the stomach.A:(试穿以后)恐怕肚子这里还是太紧了点。B:Let me check the stock. How about this one?B:我到库房看看。(过了一会儿)这条怎样?A:( After trying) Mm, a perfect fit. How much?A:(试穿以后)嗯,这条正好,多少钱?B:150 Yuar.B:150元。A:A little expensive. But Ill buy it anyway. Its hard for me to get a perfect one. Here is 200 Yuan.A:贵是贵了点儿,不过我还是决定买下来。要知道,我买条中意的裤子不容易啊。给你,200元。B:Heres your change, 50 Yuan. Welcome back again.B:找你50元,欢迎下次再来。 /201601/421197

3. Declining to Buy the Car 3.决定买这辆车A: So, what did you think about the car?A:所以,你认为这辆车怎么样?B: It was a good test drive, but I need to think it over.B:试驾很好,但我需要考虑一下。A: Do you have any questions or concerns?A:你有什么问题或是顾虑吗?B: Im sorry, but I dont think I am going to purchase this car.B:很抱歉,我想我不会买这辆车。A: If I may ask, what didnt you like about the car?A:如果我可以问的话,你不喜欢这辆车的什么地方?B: I dont see myself driving this car.B:我不明白我自己为什么开这辆车。A: Is it the price? Let me talk to my manager; we might lower the price.A:是价格的问题吗?让我和我的经理谈谈,我们或许可以降价。B: Its not the price. I just dont think its the right fit for me.B:不是价格的问题。我只是认为它不适合我。A: Would you like to see another car at the dealership?A:你想看看代理商那里的另一辆车吗?B: Im sorry, but I didnt see any other car I liked.B:对不起,我没有看到我喜欢的车。A: Well, thanks for considering our dealership.A:好吧,谢谢你考虑我们的代理商。B: If I change my mind, I will let you know. Thank you. B:如果我改变了主意,我会告诉你。谢谢你。译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201511/408241

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