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Hope Solo Accused of Domestic Abuse Against Sister, NephewUS womens soccer star was arrested for allegedly assaulting two of her relatives during a dispute.This is gold medal winner Hope Solo, she found fame and honor on and off the soccer field with her goal keeping skills, TV appearance and glamor sp in glossy magazines.But now she is facing some serious charges, and is even behind bars this morning waiting before judge, As Cesilia V has more.This morning soccer star and Olympic gold medalist Hope Solo is behind bars, the 32 year old facing two counts of fourth degree domestic violence assault after being arrested Saturday morning for allegedly assaulting her sister and 17 year old nephew at a party. The police describing a chaotic scene when they arrived, saying the Olympian appeared intoxicated and upset, with her sister and nephew spotting visible injuries.They had some redness and swelling to their face like clearly they had been assaulted.This could be really damaging to her reputation, we are talking about a family squabble that really escalated.An attorney for the famous goal keeper telling A news, our investigation reveals that Hope was assaulted and injured during this unfortunate incident, we look forward to the opportunity to present the true facts in court.Solo a fitness icon and sex symbol became famous after winning back to back gold medals with the US womens soccer team, and for quick stepping her way through dancing with the stars has been public with her family turmoil. In her 2012 autobiography, Solo a memoir of hope, she writes my family doesnt do happy endings.I am who I am, but at the end of the day, I am an athlete that wants to win.And in November 2012, her husband Jeremy Stevens was arrested for allegedly assaulting the soccer player just 24 hours before the couples court house wedding, the case was dropped due to lack of evidence. Solo hasnt entered a plea and is said to appear in court on Monday.For Good Morning America, Cesilia V, A news, San Francisco. /201407/308709AXE通过“超级碗”推出了AXEPeace,这既是一个新产品线,又是一项具有颠覆意义的活动,召集年轻人通过“亲吻”这一简单、有力的动作带来新变化。以下是双语文本:广告情节:This ad begins with a Middle East world leader walking down a hallway with several men, one of whom is carrying a briefcase handcuffed to his wrist. The case appears to be a device for detonating a bomb. When he presses the big red button, fireworks go off in the background in honor of his wife.画面开始,一个中东领导人和几个男人在走廊里行走,其中一人手中拎着一个箱子用手套拷在手腕上。箱子内似乎装着一个用来引爆炸弹的设备。可当他按下大红键,烟花在背后绽放,让他的夫人欢欣。We switch to a war-torn city with a tank driving down the street. The tank drives up, points its turret at a woman, and then stops. The hatch opens and a the husband/boyfriend of the woman pops out, and they hug in a happy reunion.画面转换到一个战火弥漫的城市,一辆坦克行驶在路上。坦克开上来,炮塔指向一个女人,然后停下。舱口打开,女孩的丈夫(男友)钻出来,他们开心的重聚。Next we see an image of an Asian leader (probably mimicing North Korea) looking over a crowd of people as the country shows off their soldiers and missiles. The leader makes a symbol and the crowd holds up cards showing a heart with him and his girlfriend/wife inside it. They smile and hold hands.随后切换到一个亚洲领导人(大概是在模仿北朝鲜)在高台上检阅军队。领导人做了个示意,下方人群举起手中的卡片,拼成他和妻子(女友)组成一颗心的画面。他们对视、微笑、牵手。After this we see a group of American soldiers flying in on helicopters in Vietnam. The helicopters land and one of the soldiers runs up to a woman and they start to kiss.最后一群美国士兵用直升机飞在越南上空。飞行员们着陆后,其中一人直奔向一个女子,激动的亲吻。Make love, not war.要爱,不要战争。 广告介绍:AXE Peace香氛由著名香水专家Ann Gottlieb调制,融合了新鲜柑橘、肉豆蔻和雪松等香调,为男士带来迷人、温暖、阳刚的气息。AXE将首次在品牌所有美容产品类别中引入AXE Peace系列,包括身体喷雾、香体露、止汗膏、沐浴露、洗发水和护发素、头发造型产品、洁面产品和剃须啫喱等。AXE还将与致力于提高世界对和平认识的国际非营利性机构Peace One Day合作,通过在50个国家的活动推进Peace One Day创建和平的目标及对和平日(9月21日)的认识。“和平日”是联合国成员国正式通过的停止战争和暴力行为的一天。AXE和Peace One Day的合作将把公众对“和平日”的认识推至前所未有的高度。在美国,AXE将通过其数百万粉丝组成的社交网络、在主流生活时尚活动的亮相及网络、纸媒和电视广告帮助Peace One Day增加曝光度和知名度,其中包括即将在超级碗播放的电视预告,这已是该品牌连续第二年亮相超级碗电视直播,预计将覆盖1.64亿观众。Peace One Day创始人杰里米·吉利(Jeremy Gilley)表示:“我们与AXE的合作将激励众多的年轻人,帮助他们意识到自己对于创造更和平、更可持续世界的重要作用。意识催生行动,行动带来变化。我们非常荣幸能与AXE这样每年接触数百万人的大品牌合作,持我们激励新一代的和平使者并赋予他们力量。”201406/307907

Beijing municipality has passed an amendment on the citys population and family planning.北京市通过了《北京市人口与计划生育条例修正案》。According to the amendment, Beijing couples can now have a second child if either of the parents is an only child. It also stipulates that a couple can only have a second child four years after having their first, or if the mother is older than 28 years old.该修正案规定,北京市夫妻一方为独生子女的,允许生育第二个子女。该修正案还规定,生育间隔四年,或者女方年龄不低于28周岁,允许生育第二个子女。An official of the Beijing minicipal Health and Family Planning Commission said on Friday that the policy would help boost the workforce and counter-balance a rapidly ageing population.北京市卫生和计划生育委员会的一名官员周五表示,这项政策将有助于增加劳动力和延缓人口迅速老龄化的问题。201402/277288

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