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They also resolved seven potential World Trade Organization cases on high-technology products, agriculture and intellectual-property protection. These breakthroughs will expand opportunities for American workers and businesses.会议也解决了七项原本可能需要经世界贸易组织处理的有关高科技产品、农业和知识产权保护的争端。这些突破性进展将扩大美国工人和企业的机会。While pursuing cooperation with China, the Bush administration has not and will not hesitate to enforce Americas trade laws. We filed the first-ever WTO enforcement action against China, for its discriminatory taxation of U.S. semiconductors. We imposed the first safeguard actions against Chinese textile and apparel imports, and roughly half of all U.S. antidumping cases filed in 2003 were against unfair Chinese imports. However, while some would prefer to litigate for litigations sake, we are focused on achieving real results, in real time.布什政府在与中国合作的同时,从来没有、今后也不会在贯彻实施美国贸易法方面有任何迟疑。我们向世界贸易组织首次提出对中国采取制裁行动的诉求,因为它对美国的半导体产品征收歧视性关税。我们对中国的纺织品和装也首次采取了防范行动。在2∞3年美国提出的所有反倾销案中,几乎一半是针对不公平的中国进口产品。虽然有些人宁可为诉讼而诉讼,但我们致力于迅速取得实质效果。Earlier this year, the Bush administration declined to accept two petitions that could have had a highly adverse impact on the Sino-U.S. trading relationship. We did so, in part, because of a belief that dialogue with the Chinese government is the best chance to produce results.今年早些时候,布什政府没有接受两项可能对中美贸易关系造成严重负面影响的申诉。我们这样做的部分原因是相信只有同中国政府进行对话,才最有可能取得成效。201704/503871英语会话800句 10 /200608/9078But if youre not a native speaker, you have to pass a test.如果你的母语不是英语的话,你要通过一个考试。Now can it be right to reject a student on linguistic ability alone?那么仅仅根据学生的语言能力就拒绝一个学生的做法合适吗?Perhaps you have a computer scientist whos a genius.也许你们中一个计算机科学家是一个天才。Would he need the same language as a lawyer, for example? Well, I dont think so.那例如,他需要有和律师一样的语言能力吗?我并不这么认为。We English teachers reject them all the time.我们做英语老师的总是否定他们。We put a stop sign, and we stop them in their tracks.我们放置一个禁止通行的标志,我们在他们的发展轨道上挡住了他们。They cant pursue their dream any longer, til they get English.他们不能继续追寻他们的梦想,除非他们掌握了英语。Now let me put it this way: if I met a monolingual Dutch speaker who had the cure for cancer,现在我这么说吧,如果我遇到一个只会说荷兰语的人,他能治愈癌症,would I stop him from entering my British University? I dont think so.我会阻止他进入英国大学吗?我想不可能。But indeed, that is exactly what we do. We English teachers are the gatekeepers.但是事实上,我们正是这样做的。我们英语老师是把关的。And you have to satisfy us first that your English is good enough.你得先令我们满意,你的英语要足够好。Now it can be dangerous to give too much power to a narrow segment of society.这就可能很危险,把很多权力交给了社会的一个窄小的团体。Maybe the barrier would be too universal. Okay.可能这个造成的障碍影响面就太广了。好吧。;But,; I hear you say, ;what about the research? Its all in English.;“但是”,我听见你们说,“那科研呢?它们都是用的英语。”So the books are in English, the journals are done in English, but that is a self-fulfilling prophecy.书是英语的,研究刊物是英语的,但是这是一个自我实现的假定。It feeds the English requirement. And so it goes on.它正好符合需要英语的条件。于是它就继续这样发展下去。201702/494469But then I also remember that times of rapid change can bring pain and confusion, even destruction, as well as progress and excitement. The more rapid and exciting it is, the more change calls for careful management, and wise, humane leadership.但是,我也记得迅速变化的年代带来的不仅是进步和兴奋,它同样能带来痛苦和困惑,甚至是破坏。变化越是迅速、越是令人兴奋,就越需要谨慎把握,需要明智和以人为本的领导。Order and stability have to be preserved, but without choking off the freedom to enquire, and experiment, and express oneself, since as you young researchers know better than anyone knowledge and science have a vital role in national development.我们必须维护秩序和稳定,但也不应扼杀探索、试验和表达意见的自由。作为年轻的学者,你们比任何人都更清楚地知道,在国家的发展中,知识和科学有着举足轻重的作用。And technical expertise needs to be harnessed to the development and security of society as a whole, so that it not only creates greater wealth for the few, but enables all citizens to feel safer and more prosperous.应该把科技专门知识用于全社会的发展和保障,既要为少数人带来更大的财富,又要使全体公民感到更加安全,更加富裕。The development of such a great country as China cannot happen in isolation. It affects the whole world, and it draws you into new relationships with other parts of the world. Increasingly, your economy depends on exchanges with other countries both imports and exports, of both goods and capital. Foreign investment plays an essential role in your growth, while your holdings of foreign currencies and your management of your own currency are coming to play a vital part in the international monetary system.中国是一个伟大的国家,中国的发展不可能在孤立中实现。中国的发展对全世界产生了影响,而发展又把中国带入了与世界其他地区建立的新型关系。就商品和资金的进出口而言,中国经济对与其他国家交流的依赖程度越来越大。外国投资对于中国经济的增长发挥着根本的作用,而中国的外汇储备以及贵国对本国货币的管理,将在国际货币体系中发挥重要的作用。This means that you have a stake in the development and prosperity of the wider world. And your security, too, depends on international peace and stability.这就是说,全世界的发展与繁荣对中国利害攸关。中国的安全也离不开国际的和平和稳定。201704/502265

Holding down the right flank of the OECD, all the way on the other side, is Greece.在图右侧的这些国家,最右边的是希腊,And what you can see is that over the last 25 years,我们看到在过去25年Greece has barely managed to save more than 10 percent of their GDP.希腊的国民储蓄率刚超过10%。It should be noted, of course, that the ed States and the U.K. are the next in line.需要注意美国和英国紧随其后。Now that we see these huge differences in savings rates,现在我们看到存储比率的巨大差别,how is it possible that language might have something to do with these differences?但是语言跟这种差异有什么关系呢?Let me tell you a little bit about how languages fundamentally differ.让我告诉你语言之间的本质差异所在。Linguists and cognitive scientists have been exploring this question for many years now.语言学家和认知科学家已经研究这个问题很多年了,And then Ill draw the connection between these two behaviors.而我今天将会将这两种行为联系起来。Many of you have probably aly noticed that Im Chinese.你们可能注意到了我是华裔。I grew up in the Midwest of the ed States.我在美国中西部长大。And something I realized quite early on我很小的时候就意识到了was that the Chinese language forced me to speak about and -- in fact, more fundamentally than that中文在家庭关系的叫法--实际上更本质的ever so slightly forced me to think about family in very different ways.甚至在思维方式上都(跟英文)有很大的不同。Now, how might that be? Let me give you an example.怎么解释呢,我举个例子。Suppose I were talking with you and I was introducing you to my uncle.假设你我在聊天,提到了我的叔叔(uncle)。You understood exactly what I just said in English.你完全理解这个英文的意思。If we were speaking Mandarin Chinese with each other, though, I wouldnt have that luxury.但是如果我们用普通话聊天,我就头疼了。I wouldnt have been able to convey so little information.这里面传递的信息如此之多。What my language would have forced me to do, instead of just telling you, ;This is my uncle,;我无法用中文告诉你这是我的“叔叔”,is to tell you a tremendous amount of additional information.而是会附加上更多的(家庭关系)信息。My language would force me to tell you whether or not this was an uncle on my mothers side or my fathers side,如果用中文,我就要一并告诉你这个人是我爸爸这边的还是妈妈这边的whether this was an uncle by marriage or by birth, and if this man was my fathers brother,是婚姻关系还是血缘关系;如果是我爸爸的兄弟,whether he was older than or younger than my father.年纪比我爸爸大还是比我爸爸小。All of this information is obligatory. Chinese doesnt let me ignore it.这些都是必须的,中文无法省略这些信息。201703/495806

美国习惯用语-第89讲:to go to the dogs 美国人总是说:是人的最好的朋友。许多美国人对家里的就像对待家里的人一样好。有钱人还往往会出几千美元去买一只稀有品种的,我们今天要讲的一个俗语就和这种现象有密切关系的:to put on the dog。 To put on the dog就是摆排场给别人看。大概一百多年以前,一些有钱的人往往化很多钱去买一只稀有品种的小来显示自己很有钱。一些阔太太们经常在接待客人的时候把一只小抱在腿上来眩耀自己的阔气。当时耶鲁大学的学生就创造了to put on the dog这一说法来嘲笑那些暴发户。我们来举一个例子吧: 例句-1: "Joe Doak is sure putting on the dog since his rich aunt died and left him 10 million dollars. He's bought the biggest house in town and a Mercedes 600, and talks about buying some riding horses." 这句话的意思是:“乔多克自从他阿姨去世,留给他一千万美元遗产以后,他可真是摆阔气。他买了城里最大的一栋房子,还有一辆奔驰600型号的汽车。他还在说要买几匹马供他骑马玩呢。” 看来有钱的人也不都是那样挥霍的。下面就是一个例子: 例句-2: "I had this friend in the army who was the son of one of the richest men in the country. But what I like about him was that he never put on the dog to show off his money." 这句话的中文意思就是:“我在部队役的时候有个朋友,他的爸爸是美国最有钱的人之一。我很喜欢这个朋友,因为他从来也不眩耀自己多么有钱。” 和to put on the dog意思相反的一个俗语是:to go to the dogs。To go to the dogs这个俗语的意思就是:变得很穷,彻底破落。比如说,在十九世纪的时候,美国西部发现金矿的地区出现了一个又一个新的城镇。许多人到那里去淘金,都想发家致富。可是后来怎么样了呢? 例句-3: "As soon as the gold was all gone, these towns went to the dogs almost overnight. Everybody moved away, and these places are ghost towns now, with the wind whistling through the empty houses and shops.“ 这句话的意思是:“等到金子都淘光了,这些城镇一下子就被人遗弃,彻底完蛋了。那里所有的人都走了,剩下的只有风在吹过空房子和商店的时候发出的沙沙声。” 这是社会变迁造成的结局。但是,人为的结局更加悲惨: 例句-4: "I always thought my friend Pete had a good future. But then he got hooked on heroin and lost his job and his wife--I never saw a man go to the dogs so fast!" 这人说:“我总以为我的朋友皮特是很有前途的。但是后来他吸上了毒品,失去了工作,妻子也走了。我从来没有看到过任何人破落得这么快的!” 我们今天讲了两个俗语,它们是:to put on the dog和to go to the dogs。To put on the dog是摆排场眩耀自己阔气,而to go to the dogs是一败涂地,彻底破落的意思。 /200601/3044

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