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据英国媒体报道,英国政府1月3日宣布,英国首相布朗和美国总统奥巴马已经同意联手资助也门反恐部门,以持该国打击国内恐怖主义势力。US, Britain agree to combat terrorism in YemenThe US and Britain have agreed to fund a counter-terrorism police unit in Yemen. The cooperation came after US President Barack Obama announced the failed Christmas plane attack was linked to an al-Qaida affiliate in Yemen.US officials say civil war and lawlessness are turning Yemen into a base for al Qaeda.Britain is willing to intensify joint work with the US to tackle the emerging terrorist threat.Saturday, the British Prime Minister's office announced several cooperative measures. Besides funding a counter-terrorism police unit in Yemen, the two countries will also cooperate in supporting the Yemeni coast guard.Barack Obama, US President, said, "I've made it a priority to strengthen our partnership with the Yemeni government, training and equipping their security forces, sharing intelligence and working with them to strike al Qaida terrorists."Obama says the Nigerian suspect who tried to bomb the Detroit-bound plane over Christmas appears to be a member of al Qaeda. He was trained and equipped by the Islamic militant network in Yemen.Yemen has now tightened security along its coastline to prevent Islamist militants infiltrating from Somalia.Saturday, Yemen's president met a top US general to discuss boosting military cooperation.Washington is considering more than doubling its 70 million dollars security assistance to Yemen. It hopes such cooperation will eliminate al Qaeda leadership in Yemen.Yemen says there could be up to 300 al Qaeda militants in the country, some of whom may be planning attacks on Western targets.201001/93823

Owens Valley farmland remains barren for decades.欧文斯谷的农场因此荒废了几十年But in the 1990s, LA authorities begin the long process of restoring it.但上世纪90年代,洛城当局启动了长期的重建计划Its always been true that if you want something great,不入虎穴焉得虎子you may have to give up something great to get there.这是亘古不变的真理Weve sacrificed our blood and treasure for just about every great thing in America.我们挥洒着自己的鲜血与财富成就着美国一个又一个的奇迹The Los Angeles Aqueduct remains one of Americas most ambitious engineering efforts.洛杉矶引水渠是美国历史上最具野心的工程之一When they built the aqueduct to bring water down across an entire state,他们建成了水渠,将水引向整个加州what a feat that was and how it so fundamentally changed a whole part of the state of California.这是多么伟大的功绩啊,它又是如此彻底地改变了整个加州的面貌And when you fly over California now,每当乘飞机掠过加州上空I always look out the window and I look down,我总会透过窗子,俯瞰外面的景色you can see that glittering silver ribbon that runs the entire length of the state.将会看到它有如一条闪闪发光的银丝带,跨越整个加州徐徐飘扬It was always just magical to me.在我眼里它总是那么梦幻1914.The aqueduct is a year old.1914年,引水渠建成一周年America is booming.美国的繁荣仍在继续World War I creates massive demand for weapons, cars and oil.一战的打响,极大地刺激了对武器、汽车和原油的需求In just four years, the economy doubles.仅仅四年间,美国经济翻了一番America is poised to become the richest nation on earth.美国眼看就要成为世界上最富有的国家Three generations from the end of slavery,奴隶制瓦解后的三代南方黑人black Southerners are on the move in search of a better life.开始向北迁移以谋求更好的生活Between 1915 and 1930,one and half Million head north--在1915到1930年之间,150万南方黑人向北进发one in seven of the entire African-American population of the US.这个数目占到了全体非裔美国人口的七分之一Its called the Great Migration.这场运动被称为大迁移The North represented the promised land, to blacks in the South.北方在南方黑人的眼中象征着;应许之地;If you can go North, you can work.只要你到北方去就会有工作If you can go North,youre not going to have to step off the curb when whites walk down the block.只要你到北方去,当你在路上碰到白人时,你不必再卑微地闪到一边If you can go North,you can live in better neighborhoods and your children get a better education.只要你到北方去,你就能住上好一点的街区,你的孩子就能受到更好的教育Many head for the Ford plant in Detroit.很多人都进了底特律的福特汽车厂Ford is unique in paying black and white workers the same,a staggering a day,只有福特给他们的薪水与白人同等,日薪惊人地高达5美元five times more than a sharecroppers wage in Georgia.比佐治亚州的一个佃农多出五倍But equal pay doesnt mean equal treatment.但同等薪酬并不意味着同等待遇 /201212/217300

  How To Make Egg Salad on HowcastThe perfect sandwich starts with an egg salad that has some zip to it.You Will Need6 large eggs Large pan and lid A knife frac12; medium onion 1 celery stalk 3 tbsp. parsley A dill pickle frac14; c. mayonnaise frac12; tsp. yellow mustard 1 tsp. lemon juice frac12; tsp. Dijon mustard frac12; tsp. horseradish Salt Pepper A loaf of b Step 1: Boil eggs(将鸡蛋煮熟)Place your eggs in a pan in a single layer. Add cold water to an inch above the eggs. Cover the pot and boil the eggs for one minute, remove from heat, and let stand, covered, for ten minutes.Your egg is hard boiled if you can spin it in place on a hard surface. Undercooked eggs are wobbly and unsteady.Step 2: Peel eggs(将壳剥掉)Drain the water and rinse the eggs under cold water. Then crack and peel them.Step 3: Slice and dice ingredients(将配料切成片)Cut the eggs into sixths. Chop the onion, celery, and parsley, and finely dice the dill pickle.Step 4: Mix ingredients(将材料搅拌在一起)Combine the chopped ingredients in a large bowl, and add mayonnaise, yellow mustard, lemon juice, Dijon mustard, and horseradish for an extra kick. Mix carefully and add salt and pepper to taste.Step 5: Sp egg salad on b(将做好的鸡蛋沙拉均匀涂在面包上)Sp the egg salad on your favorite b, and enjoy!Did you know? Crossflow microfiltration membrane separation — or CMF — was shown to remove about 99.9 percent of inoculated Salmonella enteritidis from unpasteurized liquid egg whites.201005/104478

  In many ways, the Civil War was the first modern war because it was the first war that took place after the Industrial Revolution had begun to transform our country. 从多个角度看内战都是第一场现代战争,这是工业革命的影响深入到美国之后打响的第一场战争。It will take over 33 hours for a bullet in this box to travel the 800 plus miles to the battlefield y to find its target. 把这一箱子弹运送到前线去需耗时超过33小时800行程逾英里,然后就等目标出现。The new musket is much faster to reload than traditional weapons. 新式步比起传统武器来重新上膛的速度大大提升。Load the gun powder, ram down thebullet, and its y to fire. 装上火药,把子弹塞到底,然后就可以射击了。Imagine warfare where your ability to load a musket faster than the guy with the other musket would determine if you lived or die. 想象一下这样的战斗状态,你给步的上膛速度是否快过敌方,将直接决定你是生是死。Groove on the inside of the barrel,rifling, spin the ball towards its target. 管内壁的凹槽即装膛线,让子弹旋转着射向目标。The improved accuracy and range are a deadly combination. 准度和射程的双重改进使其更加致命。One second,everythings great and the next second, your buddys head is gone or his arm is flying off. 前一秒一切太平,下一秒你的伙伴已经身首异处,或者他的一条胳膊飞了出去,You dont want to know what a soft metal musket ball does when it enters the human body.On impact,the bullet flattens out.当一枚软金属步弹击中人体后的惨状你是不会想知道的,冲击过后子弹尖头变平,Bone shattered into splinters causing further damage to muscle and tissue. 骨头碎成尖片,对肌肉和组织造成更深的伤害。More often than not, the result of a direct hit is death.通常情况下被子弹直接击中只有死路一条。 /201210/205712。

  The slow-motion crash between Asia and India亚洲和印度板块之间的缓慢运动has been going on for 30 million years.已经持续了3千万年之久。The Himalayas are the crumple-zone created by these two colliding landmasses,喜马拉雅山脉就是这两个大陆板块撞击后的结果a bewildering maze of mountains and valleys,它是一个山峦和山谷的迷宫home to elusive wild creatures.也是各种难以捉摸的野生动物的家园In this rugged and unforgiving terrain,在这个多岩的恶劣环境中littered with fractured rock and ice cold rivers,散落着各种碎石和冰冷的河流the slightest miscalculation may have fatal consequences.极微小的失误也可能导致致命的后果The snow leopard is the worlds highest-living big cat.雪豹是世界上居住的海拔最高的猫科动物But theres another,smaller predator that ranges even higher,但这里还有一种更小的食肉动物它居住在海拔更高的地方almost to the roof of the world.几乎是在世界之巅At a mind-numbing 8,848 metres high,在令人目眩的海拔8848米的高度看Everest is one of the most hostile places for life on Earth.珠穆朗玛峰是地球上最危险的地方之一Hundreds of people have died trying to conquer it.数百人在试图征它的尝试中死于非命But when climbers first reached the ice fields three quarters of the way但当攀登者们第一次完成登山之路的四分之三的之时up the mountain,something had aly beaten them to it.有种生物早已在这方面打败了他们。This jumping spider is the highest permanent resident on the planet.这种跳蜘蛛是地球上海拔最高的永久居住民Totally at home amongst the glaciers of Everest,在珠穆朗玛峰的冰川之中it scours the slopes for wind-borne prey such as springtails.它在斜坡上四处搜索靠风飞行的猎物比如弹尾虫。Chinese call this fierce little hunter the ;fly tiger;.中国人把这种小而凶猛的猎食者成为“飞虎”Jumping spiders are found all over the world.跳蜘蛛在世界各地都有分布Their eight eyes include an oversized central pair,他们的八对眼睛中有一对很大which act like powerful binoculars to spot potential victims.像双筒望远镜一样四处搜寻潜在的目标They use hydraulic pressure to work their legs like pistons,他们利用水压使腿像活塞一样catapulting up to 30 times their own body length.可以弹跳到30倍于他们体长的高度The ideal way to get around in rocky terrain.这是在山地中行走的理想方法But like all mountaineers,they always secure a safety line first.但像其他的登山者一样他们也总是先确认哪里是“安全线” /201208/194723

  为了那张将在若干年后发行的处女专辑,音乐创作人汤玛斯道比选择了一个尤为独特,易迸发灵感的地方作曲--那是一艘修缮后的救生艇。现在,他将在TED首次演奏专辑中的一首能唤起往事回忆的创作--那是关于一个夜晚的传说。帮他伴奏的是现代管弦四重奏乐团埃塞尔。 201212/217609

  Steps步骤Step 1 Clean interior清洁内部Clean the interior of a purse by gently shaking out debris. Clean the liner with a vacuum cleaner attachment or a lint roller.轻柔地摇晃背包,将保内碎屑倒出。使用小吸尘器或撕纸式粘刷清洁包包内部。Step 2 Keep makeup收好杂物Keep the lining clean by putting makeup in a separate bag and keeping the caps on your pens.用化妆包收好零碎杂物,保笔帽要盖好。Step 3 Take to professional专业保养Have a professional repair person put protective ;feet; on the bottom of the purse to protect it from dirt and scratches.给你的包包安上“脚”,以防弄脏或刮坏。Tip: Take your purse to a professional for large stains and scuffs. Do not try to clean it yourself.小贴士:把包包拿到专业清洗店去清洁大的污迹或擦痕。不要试图自己清理。Step 4 Clean exterior清理外部Clean the exterior of a leather purse with alcohol-free baby wipes. Apply leather conditioner once a year.用不含酒精婴儿湿巾清理皮包外部。一年用一次皮革护养素。Step 5 Fill填充Fill the purse with acid-free tissue paper to maintain the purses shape when youre not using it.不用包包的时候,用无酸薄棉纸填充,保持包包原有的形状。Step 6 Use装好Use a cotton bag or pillowcase to store your purse. Keep your bag away from heat.用棉袋或枕套装好包包。让包包远离暖气。Fact: The Smithsonian National Museum uses acid-free paper, tissue, folders, labels, and boxes to prevent artifacts from decomposing and discoloring.小常识:美国史密森国家物馆使用无酸薄棉纸,薄纱, 文件夹,标签,盒子来保存史前古器物,防止它们分解褪色。You Will Need你需要Vacuum attachment or lint roller小吸尘器或撕纸式粘刷Makeup bag化妆包Protective ;feet;皮包保护“脚”Alcohol-free baby wipes不含酒精婴儿湿巾Leather conditioner皮革护养素Acid-free tissue paper无酸薄棉纸Cotton bag or pillowcase棉袋或枕套201209/198392pBy3bkmNOGTa#!t9V(5g%hR_67eqRS6Db@sR;Today in History: Thursday, September 20, 2012历史上的今天:周四,2012年9月20日H,a@bPB-W[)On Sept. 20,1519 Portuguese navigator Ferdinand Magellan set out from Spain on a voyage to find a western passage to the Spice Islands in Indonesia.1519年9月20日,葡萄牙航海家费迪南·麦哲伦从西班牙航行出发找到了一条通往印尼香料岛的西方通道W^TM[mz4(bS^。1RT1Da;TIi0|NKtiwy1870 Italian troops took control of the Papal States, leading to the unification of Italy.1870年,意大利军队控制了教皇国致使意大利统一siSX5bB5n]。7(OyoQPiF%1@U(o1873 Panic swept the New York Stock Exchange in the wake of railroad bond defaults and bank failures.1873年,因铁路债券违约以及倒闭后,恐慌席卷纽约券交易%5#fq;Np]0QHaf。gL~%)*(_trO_1881 Chester A. Arthur was sworn in as the 21st president of the ed States, succeeding James A. Garfield, who had been assassinated.1881年,Chester A.Arthur接任被暗杀的James A.Garfield,宣誓就任美国第21届总统|*Xe[8wG0YgGNfNH]@h,。|xMO)O*9WC,7s1C%6TW1962, James Meredith, a black man, was blocked from enrolling at the University of Mississippi by Gov. Ross R. Barnett.1962年,黑人詹姆斯梅瑞狄斯被Ross R.Barnett政府禁止进入密西西比大学wxz|~mn,2e。r;%jjH*FB3+d1x1973 In their so-called ;battle of the sexes; on the tennis court, Billie Jean King beat Bobby Riggs 6-4, 6-3, 6-3 at the Houston Astrodome.1973年,在一场他们称作“阴阳争霸”的网球赛场上,Billie Jean King在休斯敦运动场以6 - 3,6 - 4击败了鲍比·里格斯ZaIINHhZ,YLQtfkfb。rNOuHZOcFT1977 The first wave of Southeast Asian ;boat people; arrived in San Francisco under a U.S. resettlement program.1977年,在美国重置计划下,第一波的东南亚“船民”抵达旧金山rAza)e#jKBd。ko|P)g4y)nItDbIpc1984 A suicide car bomber attacked the U.S. Embassy annex in north Beirut, killing a dozen people.1984年,一次自杀式汽车炸弹袭击了北贝鲁特附近的美国大使馆,造成12人遇难0sgwUzkvw7L_KSA。QTNWb,Ax6,Cgk2005 Holocaust survivor and Nazi hunter Simon Wiesenthal died at age 96.2005年,大屠杀幸存者和纳粹猎人西蒙?维森塔尔去世,享年96岁R3CtX-MIhoptRS。g]B[WeNj06;3;2011 Repeal of the U.S. militarys 18-year-old ;dont ask, dont tell; compromise took effect, allowing gay and lesbian service members to serve openly.2011年,美国军事中18岁“不许问,不许说”废除方案生效,允许公开役军人同性恋活动duWCpVtHnNj.eL3V2。H;BD(n,yREn)[8|NQ0czc,np]eN.~4S%sHV3|VVi2addTr.i /201209/34

  Depending on your juggling skills, it can be a dream come true or your worst nightmare.You Will NeedAccess to women Organizational skills And a silver tongue Membership in an online dating service (optional) Step 1: Date online(网上约会)Consider joining a popular online dating service. It’s the easiest way to meet thousands of available women.Step 2: Weed out prospects(不要选择感情过于认真的人)Unless you’re a sadist, weed out the ones who make it clear they’re looking for a serious relationship.Step 3: Avoid friends(不要选择朋友)Scrupulously avoid dating women who might know each other. Otherwise, expect a posse of angry women on your doorstep—with knives.Keep things separate—don’t bring different dates to the same restaurants and clubs. That’s just asking for trouble.Step 4: Appear busy(表现很忙的样子)Make it clear from the beginning that your free time is limited. Make vague references to 60-hour workweeks and frequent business trips so they won’t know the real reason—you need to make time for the other gals.Step 5: Be organized(有规划)Keeping track of multiple dates and multiple women can be confusing—be vigilant about staying organized, or you could easily betray yourself.If you have two dates in the same night, allow yourself some time in between to check for telltale signs: lipstick, stray hairs, women’s perfume.Step 6: Act like a sailor(不停地变化自己的约会地点)Make like a sailor and have women in different ports of call. If you travel a lot for work or often vacation in the same place, you’ll always have a date when you’re in town.Program your dates’ names into your phone using male codenames—Sam for Samantha, Jack for Jill— so that the one you’re with isn’t suspicious when you’re receiving calls and texts.Step 7: Don't fake it(不要撒谎)Don’t pretend to feel what you’re not feeling. You might not advertise the fact that she’s not the only one, but don’t lie and tell her that she is.Step 8: Be safe(做好保密工作)Practice safe sex, for obvious reasons. And if you know—or strongly suspect—that a date wouldn’t sleep with you if she knew you had multiple partners, don’t exploit her trust. Even if you never gave her a reason to trust you in the first place.There are an estimated 25,000 to 35,000 polygamous marriages in the U.S.201002/97325

  在这艘近200年前清朝时期沉没的古代商船中,考古学家们最近发掘出很多珍贵文物。Xiaobai Jiao-1, an ancient merchant vessel which sank nearly 200 years ago during the Qing Dynasty. Recently archaeologists have found relic stones and porcelain pieces on-board the sunken ship.The ship sank in waters near Ningbo city, which was a major hub for sea trade in ancient China.Archaeologists are working 24 meters below sea level. It was there they found the Mei Yuan stones piled on the boat’s bottom. These precious stones were used as gifts for communication in ancient times.An archaeologist says, ;We have seen three bowls with green and white patterns. Two of them are broken and the rest is complete with the cover.;Archaeologists have also found porcelain pieces, pottery, seals, Spanish coins, stone and wooden pieces.In addition, experts have found a rich variety of relics that will provide valuable information to historians about trade during those times.201206/188587。



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