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赣州哪里纹眉纹的好赣州激光点痣多少钱赣州割双眼皮医院排名 Cumberbitches, rejoice!Die-hard fans of Benedict Cumberbatch can now have a cheeky nibble of the actor#39;s face after he was immortalised in chocolate.  缺粉们,欢腾吧!演员本尼迪克特·康伯巴奇被塑成巧克力了,死忠粉们而今可以尽情大胆啃上一口他的脸蛋了。  The 400g #39;Cumberbunny#39; features the 39-year-old Sherlock star#39;s handsome face, complete with two huge bunny ears, placed on a rabbit torso. But the quirky sweet treat - created by Brighton-based chocolatier Jen Lindsey-Clark, 37 - will set admirers back £50.  重400克的“康伯兔”的亮点在于39岁的大明星神夏的英俊的脸庞往兔子身上一安,配上一双大大的兔耳,完美收官。巧克力匠人简·琳德塞-克拉克今年37岁,现居布莱顿,这一奇趣的甜点便出自其手,粉丝价50英镑。  Available in white, milk and dark chocolate each #39;Cumberbunny#39; comes complete with an edible 22 carat gold bow-tie and lustre dust.  现有白巧克力、牛奶巧克力还有黑巧克力口味,每个“康伯兔”都配有22克拉的黄金小领结和闪粉。  Jen incorporated Cumberbatch into the figure due to his enduring popularity with fans.  由于一直以来康伯巴奇颇受粉丝欢迎,简因此把他融入巧克力塑形。  Jen enjoys working with the material because of its versatility. #39;I love the challenges it can bring,#39; she said. #39;I also love the fact that if it goes wrong I can melt it down and start again.#39;  巧克力这一原料变化多端、可塑性强,简热衷与巧克力打交道。“我喜欢巧克力带来的挑战”,她说道,”我喜欢还因为要是做错了,还可以熔化了重新来过。“  But Jen won#39;t be sending one to Benedict. She said: #39;I#39;m planning to send one over to his mum but not him. He might think it#39;s weird eating his own face!#39;  但简不会送上一个给本尼迪克特本人。她说,”我想着要给他妈妈送一个去,但不会送给他本人。吃自己的脸他应该也会觉得很诡异吧!“ /201604/434643赣州哪里绣眉比较好

赣州隆胸一般多少钱Your Spouse Or Partner你的配偶或伴侣If you’re sharing a life with someone, you’re likely sharing expenses, too. That can range from splitting the grocery bills to planning for long-term health care insurance and your children’s education.如果你与某个人共同生活,你们也可能会分担费用。那可能延伸至分摊杂货店账单的费用、到规划长期健康保险费、再到你孩子的教育经费。Experts recommend having a conversation about money as early as possible so both partners are able to clarify their financial goals as a couple. Both individuals need to be transparent about their spending histories and any debt they might be carrying.专家建议要尽早讨论一下钱的问题,这样双方就能一起理清财务目标。每个人都需要公开自己的消费历史记录以及他们可能会背负的任何债务。Gabrielle Clemens, a financial planner in Boston, suggests identifying values and goals rather than speaking solely about money.波士顿的一位理财规划师加布里埃尔·克莱门斯建议:我们明确价值和目标,而不是仅仅只谈钱的问题。Your Friends你的朋友It’s natural for friends to have different salaries or different approaches to spending, but that becomes less comfortable if you find yourself pressured to spend more than you can afford.朋友之间收入不同或者消费方式不同很正常,但如果你发现自己被强迫着进行你负担不起的消费,就变的不那么舒了。The reality is that some friends may be hurting your finances. “If a friend is encouraging you to indulgein bad financial habits, you need to have a conversation and be clear about your own financial goals,” said Laura Adams.现实就是有些朋友可能会让你的资金遭受损失。“如果一位朋友拉你下水,让你沉溺于乱花钱的坏习惯,你们之间就需要谈一谈了,你要清楚你自己的理财目标,”劳拉·亚当斯表示。Let your friend know why you’re not able to join them for certain outings, Adams added.让你的朋友知道你不能和他们一起参加某次郊游的原因,亚当斯补充道。Your Boss你的老板No matter where you are in your career, you want to make sure that you’re being paid what you deserve.不论你处于职业生涯的哪个阶段,你都想要确保你得到了应得的收入。That begins with your first job. A young employee can benefit a lot from negotiating — landing not only a higher annual salary, but also increased benefits and job flexibility in some cases.这始于你的第一份工作。一位年轻的职员可以从谈判中受益颇多——不仅仅会获得一份更高的年薪,而且在某些情况下会增加福利和工作的灵活性。It’s important to come to the table armed with information about the average pay range in your industry and a clear sense of the skills and experience you can offer the team. Plus, managers expect candidates to negotiate salary.开始谈判时,掌握有关你所处行业的平均薪资幅度的信息,并对你能为团队提供的技能和经验有清晰的认识是很重要的。而且,经理也期待着和候选人谈一下薪资。As you rise in the ranks or move on to a new job, it’s crucial to keep having those conversations about compensation. If you’re taking on more responsibility or are bringing in a desirable skill set, those are reasons to talk with your boss about getting paid accordingly.随着你升职或转到新的工作岗位上,继续进行关于薪酬的谈话也是重要的。如果你担负了更多的责任,或者身怀工作所需的技能,相应的——那些都是你跟老板协商薪酬的理由。Your Parents你的父母Parents can be supportive mentors when it comes to financial advice. They’ve aly been through the various life stages you’re going through, and you can ask them to share the things they wish they’d known about money when they were your age.谈到理财建议,父母会是持你的良师益友。他们已经经历过你正在经历的人生的不同阶段,你可以请他们与你分享他们在你这个年纪的时候,关于钱他们已知的希望得到的事物。Learn from their mistakes and their successes, but also make sure to think independently.从他们的错误和成功中学习,但也一定要独立地思考。 /201604/437696赣州玻尿酸丰太阳穴价格是多少 瑞金妇幼保健人民医院打玻尿酸多少钱

赣州注射隆下巴多少钱Su Buqing(1902~2003)was born in Pingyang, Zhejiang Province. He is a distinguished modern mathematician in China. When he was a little boy, he decided to be a successful person.苏步青(1902 ~2003 ),出生在浙江平阳,中国著名现代数学家,从小就立志成材。After graduation from middle school, he went to Japan for further study. At first he entered Tokyo Industrial High School, and later Northeast Imperial University in Japan.中学毕业后,苏步青前往日本深造,先后在东京高等工业学校和东北帝国大学学习。He graduated from Northeast Imperial University in 1927 and received PhD there in 1931.1927年苏步青毕业,1931年获得士学位。During his study in Northeast Imperial University, he found 4 times algebra cone-shaped surface in study of general bent surface. It was a breakthrough in geometry research. Mathematical circles of Japan and the world named it as Su#39;s cone-shaped surface.在东北帝国大学学习期间,他在研究一般曲面的时候发现了4倍几何锥形面,这在几何研究领域是一个突破,日本和国际数学界将其命名为“苏氏锥形面”。Being a doctor, Su Buqing turned down detainment from his teachers and friends and resolutely returned to China.获得士学位后,苏步青拒绝了师友的挽留,毅然返回中国。He was invited to work at the Department of Mathematics of Zhejiang University, and began his teaching and education life.被聘到浙江大学数学系任教,开始了他的教学教育生活。Though the living conditions for Prof. Su were not good, he worked hard and fostered many excellent scientists.尽管苏教授的生活条件并不好,但是他仍然努力工作,培养了许多优秀科学家。Besides his hard work in education, Prof. Su didn#39;t give up his research and creative work. He wrote more than ten monographs such as Affine Differential Geometry. He won the National Scientific Conference Award and the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award for his achievements in ;Ship Lifting Program; and ;Curved-Surface Production Procedure of Ship#39;s Lines; respectively.繁忙的教育工作之余,苏教授还坚持科研创造工作,写有十几部专著,例如:《仿射微分几何学》,研究成果“船体放样项目”、“曲面法船体线型生产程序”分别荣获全国科学大会奖和国家科技进步二等奖。In 1952, he shifted to Fudan University for teaching and was appointed as Dean of Studies. In 1983, he assumed the post of honorary president of Fudan Universify.1952年,苏步青到复旦大学,任教务长,1983年起任复旦大学名誉校长。Other than that, he was also vice-chairman for the seventh and eighth Chinese People#39;s Political Consultative Conference(CPPCC), member of the Standing Committee of the fifth and sixth National People#39;s Congress, vice-president of the Central Committee of China Democratic League.历任第七、八届全国政协副主席,第五、六届全国人大常委,民盟中央副主席。In 1955 he was elected committee member of Mathematics and Physics Department of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Standing Committee of Academy.1955年当选为中国科学院数学物理学部委员,兼任学术委员会常委。He specialized in the study and founded a school of differential geometry.专长微分几何,创立了国内外公认的微分几何学派。 /201604/437570 10.Good for You10.对你来说,Good是什么含义;How are you?; ;I#39;m good,; you reply.“你好吗?” “还不错(I#39;m good)”,你回答。;You#39;re good? No, you#39;re not! You#39;re well!; says the smug friend whom everyone hates. Before you grumble a halfhearted apology for being an ungrammatical nitwit, stop yourself. Because -- get y for a breakthrough -- you are good.“you#39;re good?不对,你不能用‘good#39;表示!你得用‘well#39;,是you#39;re well!”,那些自以为是的朋友总是这么烦人地告诉你。此时又准备为自己是个语法白痴而违心地向朋友道歉?省省吧!勇敢一点,因为你没错(you#39;re good)。The long-held myth was that you should use an adverb (such as ;well;) to describe how you#39;re doing. But most of us get that ;am; is a form of the linking verb ;to be; (I am, she is, you are), so we can use an adjective for description. You don#39;t need to say, for instance, ;I#39;m busily; when you#39;re trying to finish your crossword in record time and your kid is asking for a snack. In other words, using an adjective is perfectly acceptable, and ;well; is -- in fact -- used in adjective form when we say ;I#39;m well.; Also not worth hearing? The argument that ;good; can only apply to our moral character and that ;well; means we#39;re physically OK. That#39;s just a matter of usage. We all commonly accept that ;good; can mean ;well.; You#39;re good. You#39;re well. We#39;re all fine.关于语法,人们长久以来都信奉这样的金科玉律:你应该用副词(比如“well”)来描述现在你怎么样。但我们大多数人认为,“am”是“to be”连系动词的一种形式(I am, she is, you are),所以后面可接形容词。比如,你正在尝试破纪录完成填字游戏,你的孩子却来找你要零食,此时你表达自己很忙就不必用“I#39;m busily”。 换句话说,使用形容词完全没问题,而且实际上,当我们说“I#39;m well”的时候,是把“well”当形容词使用的。你还是认为我刚刚的说法不正确吗?还是纠结于他们那种观点吗?认为“good”只能用于形容我们的道德品质,而“well”指我们的身体状况不错?其实这只是用法的问题。一般我们都认为,“good”也是“well”。“you#39;re good”也好,“you#39;re well”也好,大家都很好。9.Funky Conjunction Shun9.避免使用连词We all know it#39;s absolutely horrifying to start a sentence with a conjunction. Who would do such a thing?我们都知道一个句子用连词开头是完全胆战心惊的。谁又喜欢做这样的事?Everyone. Shakespeare, for one, liked starting with conjunctions so much that sometimes he used two. (;And yet, to say the truth, reason and love keep little company together nowadays.;) Or the Beatles: Who can argue that the lovelorn ;And I love her; lyric and song title are just not right? And yet, they are perfectly acceptable ways to start sentences. So why do we all think that ;so why do we all think that; is an unacceptable starter for a sentence? Linguist Arnold Zwicky posits an interesting theory. He says that because many freshly minted English speakers (children) tend to use a lot of conjunctions when they speak (;And I went to the playground. And then I skinned my knee. And my mom wouldn#39;t feed me because she was working on her crossword.;), teachers might have gone a little overboard and declared starting with a conjunction to be verboten in written assignments是,所有人都喜欢。举个例子,莎士比亚就非常喜欢用连词开头,有时候他甚至会用两个连词。比如他这句,“And yet,to say the truth,reason and love keep little company together nowadays”(译为“然而,说实话,如今理性可真难得和爱情并存。”)里面就用到两个连词。再来看看披头士,谁能说他描写失恋的歌词“但是我爱她”和他歌曲的名字是不正确的。其实,这些连词完全可以放在句首来用。那么,我们为什么都认为这个句式“那么,为什么我们都认为”不能用在句首呢?语言学家阿诺德˙兹维基提出一个有趣的理论。他说,很多以英语为母语的入学新生(儿童)在说话时,会使用大量的连词:“然后(and)我去操场,接着(and)我擦破了膝盖,而且(and)我妈妈不给我零食,因为她当时正忙于她的填字游戏。”老师可能会有点偏激,告诉学生,在英文的写作中不允许使用连词作为句子的开头。8.How-never8.永远不要把“however”放在句首Speaking of conjunctions, the word ;however; gets its own special place in the pantheon of Generally Accepted Yet Totally Baseless Grammar Rules. The thinking was this: You shouldn#39;t start a sentence with the word ;however; first because it#39;s a conjunction (see previous page) and second because ;however; has a few different meanings, which might muddy the waters of understanding.说到连接词,”however”这个词在“人们普遍接受而又毫无根据的语法规则”中有着特殊的地位。过去人们是这样认为的:句首不能用“however”。首先因为它是一个连接词,其次这个词含有几种不同的意思,可能会让人理解有误。To wit: If you say ;However long I live, I#39;ll never forget you,; the meaning of however is either ;to whatever extent; or ;no matter how;. If you say, ;However, I will forget you if I meet someone else,; you obviously are using ;however; like a qualifier. (The word ;but,; for instance, is pretty interchangeable with ;however.;) Somehow, these two ideas led people to believe that ;however; was a messy, inaccurate way to start a sentence. In fact, you#39;ll be fine if you just follow these easy rules: Add a comma if you#39;re using it to mean ;but; and leave the comma out for an expression of extent.比如,如果你说“However long l live , I#39;ll never forget you”(译为“无论生命多长,我都将永远记得你”或者“只要我活着,你就在我心里活着”),这里的“however”既可以表示程度,也可以指“不论如何”。如果你说,“However ,I will forget you if I meet someone else”(译为“然而,如果遇见别人,我会忘记你”)在这种情况下,“however”就是一个修饰语。(如“but”这个词就完全可以和“however”互换使用)也不知为何,以上这两种情况就导致人们认为:“however”作为一个句子的开头既不准确,又让人混乱。事实上,只要你遵守这条简单的规则就没有问题:使用“however”时,如果想表达“但是”的意思那就加个逗号,表达某种程度的话就去掉逗号。7.Nopefully7.别随便用“hopefully(但愿)”If you haven#39;t gotten the idea so far, it#39;s time we just said it: Grammar changes. Words are fluid and don#39;t mean the same thing forever, nor are they used the same way throughout eternity. Fittingly, we come to ;hopefully,; which became a flash point for some grammar wars a few years ago.如果你现在还没有反应过来,那我们现在就来说说这个:语法规则是变化着的。词汇的意思并非一成不变,其用法也不会始终如一。正好我们谈到这个词,“hopefully”。几年之前,它可是语法论战的焦点问题。;Hopefully; literally means ;in a hopeful manner.; That means that using it in the sense of ;it is hoped; is incorrect, as in ;Hopefully it will rain soon.; In that instance, you#39;re really saying, ;In a hopeful manner, it will rain.; However, the sentence ;We watched the clouds hopefully for rain; is correct. Or something like that. The point is, there#39;s a very commonly accepted usage where we mean ;it is hoped; when we say ;hopefully.; So when the Associated Press decided in 2012 that it would begin accepting ;hopefully; in such a manner, anarchy reigned. Or at least some people wrote some angry editorials that are totally worth ing.从文字层面上来看,“hopefully”意指“怀着一种希望的态度”。这就表明,如果用它表达“我希望”就不正确,。比如这个句子“Hopefully it will rain soon”的真正含义是“我希望能下雨”。其实,“We watched the clouds hopefully for rain”这个句子的用法也是正确的,意思相近。还有其他一些句子,用法与之相同。而问题的关键在于,我们使用“hopefully”这个词来表达“我希望”已经非常普及了。因此在2012年,出版协会决定接受这种用法后,一场激烈的争论拉开序幕。起码,有一些人写了几篇非常值得一读的社论来表达其愤慨之情。6.Passive-aggressive6.被动语态Passive voice seems to be the bane of every high school teacher#39;s existence. You can certainly see why. It can#39;t be a lot of fun to paper after paper explaining that ;The shot was made by Atticus to kill the dog and save them; or ;The book was written by an alcoholic Faulkner.; Surely they#39;d want to something more enlivening: ;Atticus shot the dog and saved them,; or ;Faulkner wrote the stream of consciousness story, but he often lost consciousness while drinking.;被动语态似乎是每一个高中老师的痛苦之源。原因很简单。如果一份报纸如此报道新闻:“为了杀死并救下这些人,这个射杀由阿提克斯实施,”或“这本书是一个酒鬼福克纳写的”,那么读来毫无乐趣。显然人们想读一些更生动有趣的句子,例如:“阿提克斯射杀然后救下了他们”或“福克纳写了意识流的故事,但他喝酒时经常失去意识”。To review: In active voice, the subject of the sentence is doing the action (;I ate the hot dog;). In passive voice, the target of the action is the subject (;The hot dog was eaten by me;). As you can see, passive voice can be a lot clumsier, clunkier or even confusing in many circumstances, but it#39;s not incorrect. Writers may also employ passive voice when they haven#39;t done their homework, as in, ;The man was shot and killed on Thursday.; By whom? Hmmm, not sure. As with most things, the key to passive voice is moderation. (Someone should#39;ve told Faulkner.) And sometimes we must use it. In some professional writing, it#39;s considered a good way to write objectively. For that reason, you might see studies or scholarly work that uses passive voice to say something like, ;The experiments were conducted according to strict standards; as opposed to ;We conducted the experiments according to strict standards.; So watch for passive voice, but don#39;t buy that you#39;re a grammar pariah if you use it.回顾一下:在一个主动语态里,一个句子的主语是正在做某个动作(“我吃了个热”)。在被动语态里,动作的目标是主语(“那个热被我吃了”)。正如你所看到的,被动语态有些笨拙、沉重甚至一些情况下能引起困惑,但也不是不正确。作家在打草稿的时候也会使用被动语态,例如,“那个男人在周四的时候被射杀”。“被谁?”嗯,不确定。在大多数情况下,被动语态的关键是适可而止(真应该有人告诉福克纳这件事情的)。但有时候,我们必须使用被动语态。在一些专业写作中,运用被动语态能增强写作的客观性。由于这个原因,研究总结或者学术作品可能会使用被动语态来阐述一些事情,例如描述为“这个实验通过严格的标准实施”,而不是“我们通过严格的标准进行实验”。所以小心使用被动语态,但也不要相信“如果你使用被动语态,就会被语法世界唾弃”这种理论。审校:Freya然 编辑:Freya然 来源:前十网 /201603/433540瑞金妇幼保健人民医院激光去斑多少钱赣州妇保医院美容整形科




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