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2019年06月19日 01:04:06 | 作者:飞热点 | 来源:新华社
Xiaohua: 欢迎来到本期的RoundTable词汇小百科栏目,and Mark is joining us this week, as we talk about Good Samaritans. Mark: Yeah. It’s a phrase that we hear a lot, I think, Good Samaritan. If we go back to the origins, like many of these phrases that in English language, they either come from the words of Shakespeare or the Bible. Now in this particular case this one comes from the Bible, from the Parable of the Good Samaritan. And in brief it was the story that was told by Jesus. It was about a traveler who was been beaten and robbed, left half dead along the road, a priest came along and totally ignored the man. Then a Levite came by, which is another sect, and ignore the man. Finally though a Samaritan came past, now Samaritans are people from a certain city at that time and Samaritans and Jews generally didn’t get on well. But the Samaritan helped the injured man who was Jewish. Theree the saying goes that while most of the people crossed the road to the other side and didn’t want anything to do with the situation, the Good Samaritan went and helped this man, regardless of who he was, what his social status was, he helped him simply because he needed help. And that is the basis of western society. Xiaohua: Samaritan被直接翻译成中文就是撒马利亚人或者是乐善好施者很多人可能也知道这样一个圣经故事耶稣讲了这样一个寓言就是说一个犹太人被强盗打劫,受了重伤,躺在路边有一个祭司经过,另外呢,还有一个利未人路过,但是他们都不闻不问只有一个撒马利亚人路过,但是他不顾教派的隔阂,非常善良的照顾着他,还出钱把犹太人送进旅店在当时犹太人基本上是看不起撒马利亚人的So I guess, yeah, the story tells us that no matter what background you come from, helping people is always a good idea. Mark: Yes. It is not just people. Say an example, you saw an animal in distress and helped that, then you could then also be called a Good Samaritan, because now it’s used as a common metaphor. Any person that does a charitable deed, especially one who rescues or helps out a needy stranger could be described as a Good Samaritan. And in fact a number of charitable organizations have used the idea in their name. Samaritans, example, is an organization in the UK, people who are feeling suicidal depress can call. Xiaohua: Good Samarian在现代社会中呢,不管是指那些乐善好施的人,也指人们在遇上危险的时候或者危急的时候,伸出援手的人,大概也就是中国人所说的见义勇为的人Yeah, about this Good Samaritan law thing, it’s quite common in a lot of US states. They try to sort of protect people who volunteer to help from any sort of possible legal responsibilities.Mark: Yes. This is very interesting, because this would be, example, if somebody was involved in a motorcycle accident and someone else was first on the scene. You are not supposed to move people in that situation, because you might cause a spine injury, example. However, if someone didn’t know that, they did try to help them, and then they made the matter worse. Under the Good Samaritan law, as far as I understand it, they wouldn’t leave able be prosecuted because they were trying to help. Xiaohua: That’s right.美国的很多州都有Good Samaritan law,也有被翻译成《无偿施救者保护法的,就是说,在紧急状态下,施救者因为他的施救行为给被救助者造成了一些伤害的时候,这个时候可以免除他的法律责任Mark: The thing is that the essence of the Good Samarian is that the Good Samaritan didn’t ask payment or even thanks.Xiaohua: Yeah. I think that’s the key thing about being a Good Samaritan. And that wraps up this edition of RoundTable’s word of the week. Thank you, Mark.Mark: I’ve enjoyed it.1. She is a colleague of mine, quiet and beautiful, who speaks slowly in an undertone. What she says often strikes a responsive chord to make the addressee wonder how and when she managed to see things through.她是我的一位同事,美丽而安静,说话也是慢声细语的她的话总能说到人的心里去,使得对方总在想,什么时候就被她给看透了呢. She hasnt achieved much her to be proud, nor has she imperfections subject to criticism. She married the one she loves though he is a man of the common run. They lead an uneventful, regular life with such routine as a daily gymnastic session, an afternoon nap, and a weekend family outing. She never makes extra demands on her child studies.她的成就虽不足以让她夸耀,却也无可挑剔她嫁给了她的所爱,一个普通的男人,日子过得波澜不惊;每天都会午睡,做健美操,生活得很有规律;一到周末全家人就一起出去旅行;她对孩子的学习成绩没有太高的要求3. As to her colleagues, she doesnt feel envy at those who have won honors, nor does she show contempt those who have made mistakes. She looks with cold eyes on those who are mean and snobbish, but never allows herself to be annoyed, she is sure they dont have a good frame of mind nor will they come to a good end. She is extremely clever with a mind as clear as a mirror. It always my belief she quite capable of making her life much more fruitful, but she has made no eft in that direction. By contrast, many people around her have done all they can to scrape a decent living without being able to come up to their expectations.对于同事,她从不嫉妒他们取得的荣誉,也从不鄙薄那些犯错误的人;她冷眼看待势利小人,从不因为他们而烦恼,因为她认为那些没有好心态的人不会有好结果她聪明绝顶,我相信她有能力使她的人生更加精,然而她却没刻意去做相反,她周围的很多人使尽了浑身解数要过上像样的生活,却都不能所愿. A rare chance brought us together in a conversation. I was told her life had been greatly influenced by what her father said to her. That was when she studied at junior middle school. Her weak constitution prevented her from attending any physical exercises. On the other hand, she did so well in her studies that she always came out first in examinations. An occasional failure to achieve the top in any of the subjects would cause a severe self-criticism, which showed how strong her desire was to outshine others.一次难得的机会让我们有了一次交谈,她告诉我她父亲的一句话对她的一生有着重要的影响那时她还在上初中,体质不好,无法参加体育运动但在学习方面她却是出类拔萃的,偶尔一门功课没得第一都会令她自责,这表明她有多么强烈的愿望想超越其他人5. Her father told her it was most suitable her not to target on excellence but to do just well enough. She followed his advice faithfully. The result was quite rewarding. She not only acquired good marks on each subject without much eft but also regained strength to keep a good constitution. She made plans enrolling at an ordinary college when she graduated high school. As she was not burdened with worries, she was at her best during the entrance examinations. Her good permance entitled her to enter a prestigious university. Upon graduation she found a job suited to her special training in a medium-sized city instead of a great metropolis, only because it was convenient her and her parents to take care of each other. That all she told me about herself. Her narration went on unhurriedly just as she did in pursuing her smooth course of life...父亲告诉她,对她而言,不必事事追求优秀,做到良好即可她听从了父亲的话,结果非常有效她轻松地保持每门功课都良好,同时体质也恢复到了良好的状态高中毕业考大学时,她给自己定位于一所普通大学由于没有了压力,她发挥出自己的最佳状态,结果以优异的成绩考入一所重点大学毕业时,她在一座中等城市而不是大都市里找了一份和自己专业对口的工作,这样她和父亲互相照顾起来很方便她向我娓娓道来,就如她那不急不缓般筑就的顺畅人生一样......6. Such a life draws little attention of writers or playwrights because it is too colorless to be the theme of a story or a play. They are more interested in sharp contrasts: a successful career resulting in family break-up; splendor casting a shadow of depravity; happiness being closely followed by death, etc. In short, every good thing is always accompanied by something bad or faulty.如此的人生故事往往不被小说家或剧作家看好,因为这不能使他们的作品跌宕起伏他们更感兴趣的是尖锐的冲突:事业有成却家庭破裂,辉煌背后隐藏着堕落,幸福也总是被死亡尾随,等等总之,每件好事都会有厄运相随7. So is life, untunately—it seems oddly unbalanced. When a person excels in a particular aspect, he is always weak hopelessly in another. Or rather, precisely because he has an irretrievable shortcoming, he is determined to achieve excellence in some other aspect.生活何尝不是这样,难以平衡一个人如果在某一方面非常优秀,那么他在其他方面往往就毫无优势或者,正因为他不可弥补的缺憾使得他在一些方面更加奋进而取得成就8. In this light we can say a life that fairly well led is actually perfect. If all aspects of a person life—his career, his love affair, his personality, his mentality and physique—attain a fairly good level, it is really the most satisfactory, isnt it?就此我们可以说,良好的生活状态其实就是完美的如果一个人的事业、爱情、个性、心境、体魄等人生的各个方面都达到良好,那谁还能说他的人生不完美呢? 5

Tennis Racket 网球拍Mr. Johnson Are you using you mower this afternoon?约翰逊先生:今天下午你准备用割草机吗? Mr.Smith Yes. 史密斯先生:是的Mr.Johnson Fine. Then can I borrow your tennis racket, since you wont be needing it 约翰逊先生:太好了既然您不用网球拍,那我可以借用一下吗?1.mowern.割草机;割草的人值得一提的是,它的中文音译是尔,相信提到尔,大家都不会陌生风靡一时的尔庄园记住尔,mower这个单词就不是问题了吧.borrowa.borrow是以借者为主体,从他人处借入、借进来某东西为己方所用虽是及物动词,但其后一般接的宾语为没有生命的物体(没听过有借人的)而不是人borrow 的是sth而非sb常用句式为:borrow sth from sb borrow sb sth(sb为形容词性物主代词,表示所有关系)b.lend则是以被借者为动作发出的主体,把某物借给他人,其后可以接双宾语,既可以是人也可以是物常用句式为:lend sb sth lend sth to sb3.tennis racketracket意思为球拍,一般指网球拍,或者壁球拍racquet也有同样的意思,美国人比较多用 369

剧情略显老套松散的《重回岁因为迪斯尼大红人扎克·埃夫隆的领衔而备受关注在高中里叱咤风云的他因为女友怀而放弃了本应属于他的一切,渐渐成为了一个面临离婚失业的中年人——还是《老友记的钱德扮演的一次突如其来的意外让他变回了岁高中男生的模样,这再来一次的机会他能否把握住?这首The Underdog出现在Zac扮演的男主角开着跑车穿着帅帅的皮衣来到学校的场景,大大的太阳镜和帅气的扮相使其赢得超高回头率,很有意思的一段剧情 785

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