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九院整形美容科光子嫩肤手术价格费用上海鼻梁整形手术6k%f_P6O[uDPARuQ%fGxWB+pM7#97cjeA()QUZVT1LPatricia did not have much time. It was time to go to work. She did not want to be late work. She would lose her job if she was late. She finished her coffee. She drank the last drop. She put the coffee cup in the kitchen sink. She turned on the kitchen faucet. She poured water into the cup. She turned off the faucet. She picked up her keys. The keys were on the kitchen table. She grabbed her gray coat. Her gray coatwas on the chair. The chair was next to the door. She walked outside. She locked her door with her house key.w1cIfEc1!xo.dAzB(Ni(*]jLI;IZkoyXO.f8KC.zwCadjERSR@jvJugN)I 3796上海小阴唇整形手术价格 Good Bye Beijing, Hello London 伦敦奥运再见 The Beijing Games are over. China has completed its stint as host with a superstar-studded closing ceremony.Just as the Games had begun, fireworks and pageantry filled Beijing's National Stadium at the end of days of competition. Only this time, the massive Olympic torch which had burnt constantly over the stadium throughout slowly faded out. The closing ceremonies the Summer Games included the same dramatic flare at the opening ceremonies, with an army of dancers, acrobats and drummers and the parade of the athletes filling the field, but also included a show within the show by London, host of the Games. There was a red double-decker bus. Permance of " Whole Lotta Love "by Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page, and a soccer boot by David Beckham. Capping the festivities, another massive display of fireworks which rocked the city and as Summer Olympic attention now turns to London, the English city held a party of its own on Sunday. Hundreds gathered in front of Buckingham Palace to wave flags. Oh, we've just had a wonderful time in watching the handover, getting excited, 'cause my son's gonna be in the Olympics, the Para Olympics. He is a swimmer, I'm really excited.Joining the festivities there, US swimmer Michael Phelps, he says he is looking ward to competitions ahead. He's going to mix things up a bit.Bob is my coach, he’s trying to, he said to me that he is going to put everything that he's done coaching me, throw it out the door, and try something completely different. Phelps won 8 gold medals in Beijing, in one of the most riveting and lasting permances in Olympic history. Sandy Kozel, the Associated Press.WORDS IN THE NEWS1. pageantry : n-uncountPeople use pageantry to refer to the colorful and mal things that are done special official or royal occasions, example the wearing of special clothes and the playing of special music. . cap : verbIf someone says that a good or bad event caps a series of events, they mean it is the final event in the series, and the other events were also good or bad. (JOURNALISM) 3. riveting : adjIf you describe something as riveting, you mean that it is extremely interesting and exciting, and that it holds your attention completely.参考中文翻译:北京奥运会结束了中国以明星云集的闭幕式结束了奥运会东道国的使命同开幕式一样,北京国家体育馆里烟花和壮丽的气氛弥漫,结束了为期天的奥运会就在此时,在北京体育馆熊熊燃烧了天的巨大的奥运火炬缓缓熄灭夏季奥运会的闭幕式与开幕式一样耀眼夺目,也有一大批舞蹈演员,杂技演员,鼓手和奥运会的运动员同时还包括了年奥运会的举办城市伦敦的展示表演包括一个红色的双层巴士,Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page在巴士上演唱Whole Lotta Love,还有贝克汉姆以“贝氏弧线”踢出的足球这一盛大的赛事即将结束,另外一场声势浩大烟花表演震撼了这座城市,夏季奥运会的目光转向伦敦伦敦也将于周日举行自己的晚会几百人聚集在白金汉宫前挥舞这面旗帜我们在交接仪式上度过了精愉快的时光,非常激动,因为我饿日子将要参加年的奥运会他是游泳运动员,我非常激动美国游泳运动员菲尔普斯也参加了这项盛事,他说期待着面前的竞争他会稍微改变一下Bob是我的教练,他努力试着把他教给我的东西全都抛开,尝试一些完全不同的东西菲尔普斯在北京奥运会上赢得了8枚金牌,这是奥运会历史上最辉煌的记录 1Part . University Campus.A. Keywords.administration, auditorium, clinic, mathematics, chemistry, physics, library, history, Chinese, education,philosophy, geography, eign languages, sports ground, psychology.Vocabulary. auditorium,You are going to hear some inmation about the layout of the university campus.Listen carefully. Write down the names of different places in the right positions on the map.Look at the map, at the bottom of the page, find the gate.Now locate the administration building, it between the river and the lake, close to the main road.The building behind the administration is the auditorium.Where is the library?It on the right-hand side of the main road, close to the river.Across the main road from the library, the building by the river is the Education Department.The first building on the left-hand side of the main road is the Geography Department.The Philosophy Department is between the Education and Geography.The building at the end of the main road is the Mathematics Department.On its left is the Physics Department.And on its right, near the lake is the Chemistry Department.Another building behind the lake is the Clinic.The Chinese Department is facing the lake, across the main road.The building between the Chinese Department and the river is the eign Languages Department.The History Department is the first building on the right of the main road.Next to the History Department is the Psychology Department.And last the sports ground is behind the education, philosophy and geography departments.B. Keywords. application, university, transcript, major in.Vocabulary. transcript, counselor, knack.A student is applying a university.Fill in the application m with inmation you hear.Good morning, have a seat.Good morning, thank you.I have an application here somewhere. Yes, here it is. Your name is Robert Martin. Right?That right, Sir.And you hope to enter our university next fall?Yes, sir, if I can make it.Fine, Bob. I notice that you finished high school a year ago.Why didnt you enter a college that year?Well, I have a sister in college now.And there another one who will be going next year.So I had to earn a little money to help pay my way.Good, it sounds as if you are pretty responsible fellow.I see that you attended two grade schools.Yes, Sir. My first six years I went to a public school in my hometown.Then I went to an military school two years.And came back your hometown your high school.That right, Sir.I see. I dont find a transcript among your papers.Do you have one?Im not sure I know what that is.Oh, That a list of your grades.Oh, yes. That in the mail now.Oh, right. How were your grades?Well, pretty good until my second year in the high school.Then I guess I got a little too interested in sports.But I know Ill work hard in college.What do you want to major in?I want to major in biology.That was my best subject in high school.Im really interested in it.That sounds fine, Bob.Have you discussed this with your teachers and your parents?Oh, sure. My science teacher thinks that just what I ought to go into and my parents say I should make my own choice.Did you have some math and other science courses in high school?Everything they offered.And I did some extra work my teacher,too.Well, Bob, You should get along all right here.But it hard to keep up with both sports and studies.Yes, sir, I know.Fine, Ill hold your application until we get the transcript.When weve seen it, well let you know, probably in about two weeks.Thank you very much, sir.By the way, what did your guidance counselor tell you?He told me I had a real knack scientific things.I know I do, too.Ive been fascinated with science since I was a child.And interest of that kind of really signifies something.Well, good luck, Bob.Thank you, sir, goodbye. 6上海复旦大学附属华山医院祛疤多少钱

上海减少鱼尾纹A Small Apartment小型公寓The big family lived in a one-bedroom apartment. Their apartment had only one bedroom. Mom and Dad slept in the bedroom. The two babies also slept in the bedroom. Four people slept in the bedroom. Four children slept in the living room. Two sisters slept in the living room. Two brothers slept in the living room. All four of them slept in the living room. They slept on air mattresses. They leaned the air mattresses against the wall in the daytime. They put the air mattresses on the floor in the nighttime. They all liked to sleep on the air mattresses. But the girls didn’t like to sleep next to the boys. “Daddy, we dont like to sleep next to the boys. We want our own bedroom. When will we get our own bedroom?” asked one girl. “You’ll get your own bedroom when I get a better job,” Daddy said.大家庭居住在一居室公寓公寓只有一间卧室父母睡在卧室两个婴儿睡在卧室总共四人睡在卧室四名孩子睡在客厅俩睡在客厅兄弟俩也睡在客厅四人均睡在客厅他们睡气垫床早上把气垫床贴靠在墙上晚上将气垫床铺在地上他们喜欢睡气垫床但是女孩不喜欢和男孩一起睡女孩说;“爸爸,我们不想和男孩一起睡我们想要自己的卧室我们什么时候能有自己的卧室?”爸爸说:“等我有了好工作你们才有自己的卧室”译文属原创,,不得转载 96上海市第一人民医院宝山分院口腔科 上海市第二人民医院光子脱毛多少钱

上海新华医院做去疤手术价格conservatory音乐院校,physiological生理的,nonsense胡说An Entrance ExaminationIn an entrance examination of a conservatory of music, the teacher asked one of the boys, “What is the most important physiological quality of a musician?”“To be deaf,” replied the boy.“Nonsense!” said the teacher angrily.“Why, sir! Don’t you know that the most famous musician Beethoven was deaf?” the boy asked in reply disdainfully.入学考试在一个音乐院校的入学考试中,老师问一个男生:“作为一个音乐家,最重要的生理特质是什么呢?”“失聪,”男生回答“胡说八道!”老师气愤地说“哎呀,老师!难道你不知道赫赫有名的音乐家贝多芬耳的耳朵是聋的吗?”男生有点鄙视地回答1. conservatory音乐院校我们熟知的一些音乐类高等院校的名称:Central Conservatory of Music中央音乐学院,Xinghai Conservatory of Music星海音乐学院. physiological生理的physiological functions生理机能;physiological changes生理上的变化3. quality特质the refreshing quality of a drink饮料的提神性能quality还有“品德”的意思:He has many good qualities-generosity, diligence, modesty, simplicity.他具有许多优秀品质:慷慨,勤奋,谦虚,纯朴. nonsense胡说(n.)talk nonsense胡说八道,a pack of nonsense一派胡言Let’s stop that nonsense right now.我们别再胡闹了“无价值的东西”:The raincoats are classic, without any nonsense.雨衣样式传统简约,没有什么无用的装饰品还可以作形容词,是“无意义的/荒谬的”意思:a nonsense word无意义的词;a nonsense story荒谬的故事5.why表示惊讶、不同意、气愤等的感叹why在这里并不是“为什么”的意思,而只是表示一种感叹,类似的还有:Why, don’t be silly!嗨,别犯傻了!Why, a child could answer that!哎呀,这连孩子都能回答!6.disdainfully鄙视地,轻蔑地be disdainful of riches鄙夷财宝The lady dismissed her maid with a disdainful nod.贵妇人轻蔑地点一点头,将女仆打发走了 79 美国9岁小女孩凯蒂身体力行告诉大家:行善一点都不困难,从自己做起,从点滴开始,世界会充满爱,处处有温暖So, Katie, you are just nine years old, right?所以,凯蒂,你只不过才九岁,对吗?Yes, Irsquo;m nine years old and I raise money children in the hospital.是的,我九岁,我为医院里的孩子筹钱I know that, and this is an incredible story. You started when you were just;?我知道,这是一个难以置信的故事你几岁的时候开始;?Six years old.六岁What made you start, back when you were six?是什么原因让你在六岁的时候开始?Well, I was in a store, and I picked up this toy. And then, all of a sudden, I had this idea. And so it just got off and I think Im doing a real good job with it.嗯,我是在一家商店里捡到这个玩具然后,突然之间,我有了这个想法而且这想法也不错,我认为我正在做一个真正的好工作Ive done a little research. Ive been tracking your numbers year to year. And it really quite impressive. Can you tell me how much you raised that first year you had this idea?我已经做了一些研究我一直在年复一年的跟踪你的号码而且它真的很让人印象深刻你能告诉我你有这种想法后第一年的成果吗?Yes.好的And whatve you seen since?一路下来有什么看法吗?Hm, dollars less than two weeks. And then this year I raised ,7.嗯,不到两个星期美元然后我今年募集到7美元,7 dollars?7美元?My goal was ,000.我的目标是000美元Then so you beat your goal?那么你会打破自己的纪录吗?Yeah, oh yeah.是的,哦耶And why have you been such a success story, do you think? I mean, I think when you approach people with your story, they cant help but to join the eft, can they?你为何如此,你是一个成功的典范,你觉得呢?我的意思是,我觉得当你的故事被别人知道后,他们忍不住也要加入的你的阵营,可以这样吗?Right. Well, first of all, Im really hard to turn down. And second of all, they just see that there a girl trying to help the commy and they think that that a really good thing to do.好的,没有问题好的,首先,我真的很难拒绝其二,他们看到一个小女孩在帮助社区他们会认为这是一件非常好的事要Is there a moment that sticks out in your mind about a visit to the hospital?在你的头脑中有一个时刻,会去医院吗?We did go to see a child this year. His name is Kevin and he loves crafts and he loves this very special movie. So we got him a Best Buy gift card and then an Amazon gift card, so he can go online and have this stuff shipped to his room.我们今年确实去看一个孩子他的名字是凯文,他很爱工艺品,他很爱这个特殊的电影所以我们得到了他最好的礼物卡,然后是一个亚马逊礼物卡,所以他可以上网,把这东西运到他的房间So we dedicate this conversation to Kevin, right?所以我们奉献给凯文这次谈话,对吗?Yes.是的And all the kids that I m sure you are gonna help in the year ahead. Youre setting an example all of us who are much older than you.及所有的孩子,我肯定你会在这一年帮助他们你为比你年龄大的人树立了榜样Huh, thank you.嗯,谢谢你Thank you so much talking with us and congratulations.感谢你和我们谈话,祝贺你Thank you.也谢谢你注:听力文本来源于普特 87奉贤区奉城医院做红色胎记手术价格费用奉贤区活细胞丰胸价格



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