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上海自然的开双眼皮方法是什么长宁区同仁医院激光除皱多少钱The remnants of the sea ice are occupied by sun-bathing seals that have been here all winter. But new arrivals are following the retreating ice edge and they have come here to hunt. Killer whales, the oceans top predator, killers are like wolves for they will hunt animals far larger than themselves. But even smaller prey are a problem if you cant reach them. The solution is teamwork. Swimming in perfect formation, they flick their tails in unison and create a wave that cracks the ice. They regroup and recess the damage. A more powerful wave is needed. The ice floe is breaking up. Now they are close enough to get a good look at their target. The seal is a crabeater, sharp-toothed and feisty, not their favourite. The wolves of sea move on in search of an easier quarry. A Weddell seal, thats better. These are more docile and easier to tackle. The part stays close together and travels silently. This time they unleash a far more powerful wave and with astonishing accuracy. These big waves are not intended to break the ice but to knock the prey into the water and they rarely fail.经过整个冬天日光的沐浴, 海上漂动着浮冰。但是新来的动物跟随着退冰的脚步,它们来这里的目的是打猎。虎鲸,海洋的顶级捕食者,这种被称为像狼一样的杀手的原因是因为它们猎杀的动物要远远大于它们自己。但即使是小型猎物,如果你触及不到,也会成为问题。解决的办法就是团队合作。因此它们以完美的队形游泳前进,挥动着尾巴以创造一种和谐的波动来打破冰的裂缝。它们重新组织队形以将破坏减少到最小。一股更强大的波动无疑是必要的。冰体正在破裂。现在,它们到了一处绝佳位置,足以好好观察其攻击目标。映入它们眼帘的是海豹,这是一种哺乳动物,虽然肥胖但牙齿极其锋利,这显然不是它们的最爱。现在海洋之狼继续寻找更容易的猎物。韦德尔海豹就更好了,因为这种动物比较温顺且更容易对付。队形保持紧密且悄无声息。这次,它们释放强大得多的波浪和惊人的准确度。这些海浪不打算破冰,但却可将猎物拖入水中,这是它们的成名绝技,几乎未尝败绩。注:听力文本来源于普特201202/170285上海交通大学医学院附属第九人民医院打玻尿酸多少钱 He arrived at Victoria Station on the 19th of May 1873, and soon found some lodgings somewhere in Battersea.他于1873年5月19日来到维多利亚车站,很快就发现了巴特西某处一些住宿的地方。He spoke decent English.他讲得一口地道的英语。It quickly improved.而且提高的也很迅速。Within weeks, he was ing Keats.短短几周之内,他已经可以读济慈了。London came at him from all sides.伦敦从四面八方容纳着他。It was the largest city in the World, and 4 million people had somehow squeezed themselves into it.这是世界上最大的城市,在某种程度上400万人在这座城市里挤来挤去。Here is what it looked like.这就是它看起来的样子。This is Gustave Dores London, published just before Vincent got here.这里是古斯塔夫·多尔的伦敦,在文森特到达这里前刚刚出版。Look at the states of it.看看它。This is Ludgate Hill, looking up towards St. Pauls.这是卢德门山,抬头是圣保罗。Look at those crowds.看看那些人群。Ive got a pal.我有一个朋友。A regular out and outer.离我渐行渐远。Vincent had a copy and treasured it.文森特拷贝了一份,将其视为珍宝。You might recognize this image as well.你可能也会认出这张画作。Its Newgate Prison.它就是新门监狱。Two decades later, he still hadnt forgotten it.二十年后,他仍然没有忘记它。注:听力文本来源于普特201206/188379According to the Maya calendar, the world is expected to end on December 21st, 2012. Whether by natrual disaster, nuclear fallout or some other doomsday event. One southern Californian man is keeping the deadline in mind with hopes of providing a solution. Entrepreneur Robert Vicino is building and selling spaces in underground shelters across the country. He is the visionary behind the $ 200 million project called VIVOS with the goal to retrofit or build as many as 20 bunkers around the US, ahead of any catastrophic event that may threaten life as we know it.无论是自然灾害,核泄漏,还是其他灾害,根据玛雅太阳历的记载,2012年12月21日将是世界末日。不管怎样,一加利福尼亚州男子将这个日子记在了心头,并且期望在这个日子来临前能够提供解出决方案。公司创建人Robert Vicino正在全国范围内建造并销售地下庇护所。他是这个名为VIVOS,预计耗资2亿美元计划的梦想家,以在重大灾害前建立并改装尽可能多的避难所为己任。;The Maya calendar just happens to be the perfect time and there is a lot of awareness we havent on there on our websites. Kind of a metaphor for, for, hey, if you believe, here is the number of days. But you know, who is to say when its gonna happen? It could happen tomorrow. You know, whatever the reason that you may need a shelter like this can happen any time.;“网上已经有相关灾难灭亡的流言,玛雅太阳历只是给了我们一个准确的日期。就像是一种暗喻:如果你相信,那么就是那一天了。但是,你要知道,谁会真的去说世界末日就是那天呢?也许世界末日就是明天。不管是什么灾难,我们只是去准备避难所以备不时之需。”Vicino denies that he is promoting a doomsday scenario in order to move his product and increase the number of units sold. He says there are plenty of other forces in play they creating a concern for many who feel that the end of the world may happen in their lifetime.Vicino拒绝因为末日说而改变产品或增加生产量。他表示,媒体的宣传给大众造成了很大影响,民众害怕在有生之年经历世界末日。;So we are just providing a solution. We are not fanning the flames of fear. The media is aly doing a good enough job of that for us and Mother Nature, and perhaps the Al-Qaeda. We are just providing a solution. Thats all we are.;“因此我们只是提供一个解决方案。我们并不是在添油加醋,媒体宣传得已经够多了,庇护所,自然灾害,还有基地组织。我们只是提供一个解决方案,只是这样。”Several including the one located in the Mojave Desert 170 miles from Los Angeles are former power stations with walls ladder 3-feet thick. Vicino emphasizes there are disarter-proof durability.包括距洛杉矶170英里的莫哈韦沙漠在内的几个地方被认为是抗灾效果最好的场所,莫哈韦沙漠废弃的发电厂,有3英尺厚的墙体。;We are nuclear blasts resistant, we are biological and chemical proof, we are waterproof, we are earthquake proof to several force 10 earthquakes on the Richter scale. In fact, this entire facility can be shoved through the earth, sideways, 30 feet and it will not hurt the facility.;“这里防核辐射,防生物化学药剂的侵蚀,防水,抗地震,甚至能抗击10里氏地震。事实上,这整个庇护所可以移动30英尺都不会破损。”The underground cities will all be located within 150-200 miles of major cities on high ground. Each one will be fully equipped to meet the needs of its inhabitants for up to 1 year. Vicino says hes aly recieving 50-100 applications a day fielding international calls from a variety of interest parties.这些地下小城都将被建造在主要城市地下50到100英里的地下。每一座地下城市都将能容纳地上居民长达一年之久。Vicino表示他每天都天能收到50到100个各地的申请电话。In Los Angeles, I am John Russell for Reuters.路透社消息,John Russell洛杉矶报道。retrofit 改装,对…翻新改进metaphor 暗喻fan the flame 火上加油,使局势更趋紧张,煽动情绪注:本篇文章英文来自普特论坛,译文属原创,,。201207/191278上海复旦大学附属眼耳鼻喉科医院光子嫩肤多少钱

上海市第六人民医院金山分院激光去红血丝多少钱At first glance, this old bush looks much like many other plants in the area, but researchers say this shrub known as Palmers Oak is considerably more special, because they believe it to be 13,000 years old, one of the oldest plants in the country. And its literally right across the street from Jurupa Hills residence Samuel Cano.第一眼看上去,这些灌木和这片地区的其他植物无甚区别,但研究人员说这种叫做Palmers Oak的灌木其实十分特别,因为它们是这个国家最古老的植物,已经活了一万三千年。生长面积从Jurupa Hills蔓延至Samuel Canon。13,000 years old,I mean thats a long time. A lot of history.Wow! And this literally could predate man in North America if my guesses are right. Scientist Andrew Sanders says what he found odd about this particular plant is that its typically found high in the mountains, not down here.So it got him and others thinking what if this oak bush sprouted during a much colder era. So they dated the plant and sure enough it probably was around during the ice age.一万三千年,真是很长的一段时间。有很长的历史。哇!如果我的猜测正确,这种植物比北美洲早期人类出现得还要早。科学家Andrew Sanders说,这种植物的奇怪之处在于,海拔越高,它就长得越高,海拔低就不会长得高。因此,Andrew和其他人都认为这种橡木灌木曾生活在较冷的区域。研究人员通过数据进行研究推测这些植物产生于冰河时代。The main thing that strikes me is that weve got where literally looking at a bit of what the world was like in the Ice Age. I mean we dont have to look at a fossil in this case. We can see the living individuals. So as far as researchers can tell this exact plant was growing here at the same time mastodons and sabre tooth tigers were roaming the area. The big question: how did it survive all these years.最震撼我的是,我们能够在理论上知道冰河时代地球上的情形。我是说,我们不用化石印,而是能看到现存的植物个体。研究人员惊讶于这种植物是如何在乳齿象和剑齿虎四处游荡的环境下生存的。I think the main thing is that its manage to get into this narrow rocky crevasse on a north facing slope. So its start to shade it. Scientists believe the shrub to be at least 1,000 years older than this creosote bushes in Palm Springs. So while that they may not look like much, this 75-foot-long old bush is in fact the oldest known living plant in the state,right here in Jurupa Hills.我认为主要是因为这种植物生长在狭窄的岩石裂缝中,面向北的斜坡上,始终不见阳光。科学家认为这种灌木比棕榈泉的石炭酸灌木至少早出现1千年。尽管它们长得一点也不像。这种高75英尺生长在Jurupa Hills的古老灌木实际上是加利福尼亚州最古老的现存植物。This is Rob for A News美国广播公司(A)报道。注:本篇文章英文来自普特论坛,译文属原创,,。201205/181900上海玫瑰整形美容医院祛斑好吗 上海去斑的价格

上海市松江区方塔中医医院做韩式隆鼻手术价格To really know what makes a great city work, you have to peel back its skin and expose its secret life force. A system of incredible complexity and technology, the millions depend on but few understand. A fantastic voyage now begins, a journey deep inside the worlds megacities-- they call it the Big Apple, the largest metropolis in America.要想真正知道什么使得一个伟大的城市工作,你必须拨开附着在上面的云雾,探寻其内部奥秘。一个系统的复杂性和难以置信的技术, 数百万人依靠,但却很少有人知道。一次深入世界深处的神秘旅程现在开始启航;;他们称它为大苹果,这是美国的大都市。Eight million people scatter across five boroughs, each a city in itself. The core of the Big Apple, the bustling borough of Manhattan. Like no place on earth, New York is famed for its pace, yet life here would slow to a crawl without one vital piece of infrastructure, perhaps the most famous transportation system in the world;;the New York Subway.八百万人分散在这个城市的五个行政区。大苹果的核心是熙熙攘攘的曼哈顿。像地球上的任何地方,纽约以自己的快节奏步伐著称,但这里的生活如果没有一个关键的基础设施将会慢如蜗牛,也许在整个世界最著名的运输系统就是;;纽约地铁。Its the engine to drive this megacity. Seventy five percent of New Yorkers have no car, they dont need one, New York has the best transit system in America, yet the subway is a system under siege. Daily it faces a triple threat, from man, from nature and from time. Count the perils and mind reels. Two thirds of the subway runs under ground, under roads ,under rivers, under skyscrapers, the system truly carries the weight of the city on its shoulders-billions of tons of concrete and steel, asphalt and earth all bearing down. Millions of liters of water threatening to flood in. 100-year-old network struggling to keep up and the most ominous number of all, 9-11. In these dark shadows, the specter of terrorism is no illusion; its a nightmare, New York survived, and struggles daily to never relive.这是驱动这个大都市的引擎。百分之七十五的纽约市民没有汽车,他们根本不需要,纽约有着美国最好的交通系统,但是地铁是一种遭到恶评的系统。每天都面临着一个三重威胁,从人来的,从自然及时间的。三分之二的地铁是在地面下,道路下,河流下,天大楼下。地铁系统真正在肩上扛起了这个城市数十亿吨的混凝土和钢筋、沥青及所有的土壤。数百万公升的洪水涌入。100岁的网络系统疲于应付,最坏的号码就是9-11。在这些挥之不去的阴影中,恐怖主义的幽灵没有幻影;它是一个噩梦。纽约存活了下来,在自己的日常生活中无休止的挣扎着。注:听力文本来源于普特201202/170598 What were those made out of?那些是由什么组成?They made out of water they made out of completely different substance, they made out of sulfurous gases.它们由水及完全不同的物质组成,它们也是由硫磺气体组成。Every we go, the atmosphere is going try to ick you away.无论我们走到哪里,大气层都要试图愚弄你。As you get deeper things feed up.当你到达更深层次,事物处于加速状态。The thickening atmosphere allows the suns heat in but not out.浓厚的大气层让太阳的热量无法发散。Its also getting dense so dense you probe drop like a coin in water.它是如此的密集,以致于探测器就像一枚掉在水里的硬币。As we descended weve gradually the surface gradual surface appear to us as if we are approaching the bottom of the ocean.随着我们逐渐下降,表面逐渐看来似乎我们是在靠近大海的底部。注:听力文本来源于普特201203/175546上海九院激光去痘多少钱浦东新区南汇中心医院开双眼皮手术价格费用



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