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商务英语必备1000字 51暂无文本 /200708/16532(一):What is it that you want to say?您想说什么?What is it that you want to say?您想说什么?At a word, the cost is too high.简而言之,成本太高。What do you mean by...?Could you explain what you mean by that?(二):If you dorfl nnfnd, well leave questions to the end.如果您不介意,我们将把提问放在最后。If you don’t mind, we’ll leave questions to the end.如果您不介意,我们将把提问放在最后。Theres no problem.没问题。Now it’s time for today’s question.现在是今天的提问时间。There will be a few minutes for questions.将会有几分钟的提问时间。 /201412/347944

Marianne:You would be using mainly English in this job. Do you think you can make yourself understood in Englishwith ease?Sun Min:Yes, I think I speak English quite fluently. Ive often explained historical places in Xian to foreign tourists in English. They say my English is quite good.Marianne:How many years have you been learning English?Sun Min:Oh, more than ten years. I started learning English when I was still in a primary school from a foreign teacher.Marianne:Well, perhaps thats the reason why you are so fluent in it.Sun Min:Certainly.重点讲解:with ease熟练地,轻而易举地例句:The gloves are too tight for him to pull on with ease. 他的手套太紧,很不容易戴上。相关词汇:at ease 自由自在,舒适 例句:Thank you very much. So we can put our minds at ease. 非常感谢,这样我们就放心了。ill at ease 局促不安,不自在 例句:I always feel ill at ease in a strange environment. 我在陌生环境总觉不自在。 /201107/146377

3 感到内疚3句英文任你选Ill never forgive myself for forgetting.我永远不会原谅自己的健忘。I wish I had done it differently.真希望我不是这么做的。I regret doing that.我后悔做了这事。半个句型要记牢regret doing (懊悔,因……而遗憾)Tip: regret表示;遗憾后面可接 to do或 doing,用法和 forget一样, regret to do表示;对要做的事遗憾;强调未做 regret doing表示;对做过的事遗憾、后悔强调己做。如 I regret to have to do this , but I have no choice. (我很遗憾必须这样去做,我实在没有别的办法); I dont regret telling her what I thought. (我不为告诉她我的想法而后悔)。另外,表示内疚还可说: I really feel bad about it. (我真的感到很内疚), I honestly didnt mean it. (我的确不是故意的)。 /201502/3544266 客人疑问3句英文任你选Does the plant work with everything from the raw material to the finished product?从原料到成品都是工厂自己生产吗?What is your market share?贵公司产品的市场占有率是多少?When was the plant set up?工厂是什么时候建成的?半个句型要记牢set up (建立,成立)Tip: set up是一个常用的词组,用法比较灵活,可以意为;竖起、升高、摆放排版建立、创立、成立张贴、提出;;引起、惹起(疾);;创(体育)纪录;等,如 He set up a new the only at the conference. (他在会上提出了一个新的理论)。此处表示;建立,成立;。另外,注意plant与factory的区别,两者都表示;工厂;但factory表示?制造厂,生产商品的工厂或集团;概念上大于plant,而 plant通常指小型工厂,车间,设备等。 /201512/393435第一句:We wish you will reconsider your price and give a new bid so that there could be a possibility for us to meet halfway.我们希望你们能够再考虑一下你们的价格,重新出价让我们有可能找到一个中间价。A: We hope you will consider our counter-offer most favorably and tell us your decision at your earliest convenience.我们希望价格可以更加优惠,并且早日告知我们你方的决定。B: So you cant accept the offer?也就是说你方不能接受这个报价?A: Yes. We wish you will reconsider your price and give a new bid so that there could be a possibility for us to meet halfway.是的。我们希望你们能够再考虑一下你们的价格,重新出价让我们有可能找到一个中间价。第二句:Your competitors are offering lower prices and unless you can reduce your ations, we have to buy elsewhere.你们的竞争对手的价格更低,除非你们降低价格,否则我们要选择其他的合作伙伴。A: Your competitors are offering lower prices and unless you can reduce your ations, we have to buy elsewhere.你们的竞争对手的价格更低,除非你们降低价格,否则我们要选择其他的合作伙伴。B: We will think about it.我们会考虑的。其他表达法:We didnt expect that the discount you offered would be so low.我们没有想到您的折扣那么低。 /201207/192172

This is a local specialty.这是本地的特产。Its delicious.味道挺不错的。The kind of fruit is very sweet.这种水果很甜。Longjing tea is pure and fragrant and has a sweetish and mellow taste.龙井茶清纯芬芳,口味甘美醇和。We have seafood such as squid, clam and shrimp in our shop.载们店里有鱿鱼、蛤蜊、虾之类的海鲜。They are absolutely fresh.它们绝对新鲜。Theyre imported from Thailand.这些是从泰国进口的。We have a fresh stock of all kinds of moon cakes.我们刚刚进了一批各种口味的月饼。How many kilos do you need?您要几公斤?What kind of packing do you prefer?您想要哪种包装的?Let me weigh this for you.我帮您称一下。Selling Food食品销售Can I help you?您想买点什么?Id like to buy some Chinese-style cakes. Could you recommend some?我想买点中国糕点。能为我推荐些什么吗?Certainly. Now that the Mid-Autumn Festival is drawing near, we have a fresh stock of all kinds of moon cakes.当然可以。现在中秋节马上就要到了,我们刚刚进了一批各种口味的月饼。Mid-Autumn Festival? Moon cakes? What does that mean?中秋节?月饼?是什么意思?Mid-Autumn Festival is a traditional Chinese festival. It is on August 15m on the Chinese lunar calendar.中秋节是中国的传统节日。时间是中国农历八月十五。On that night, families eat moon cakes and enjoy the glorious full moon; the moon cake is round and looks like the full moon.那天晚上,一家人吃月饼、赏明月。月饼是圆的,看上去像圆月,所以称为月饼。Thats why its called the moon cake. The moon cakes symbolize family reunion and harmony.月饼象征着全家团聚、家庭和睦。That sounds interesting. Well, Id like to buy some.听起来挺有意思的.、嗯,我要一些。Which do you prefer, in tins or in packets?您喜欢哪一种,罐装的还是盒装的?In packets, please.盒装的。OK. Here you are.好的,给您。 /201406/3029311.His parents were simple people.  他父母很朴实。  重点词语:simple adj.简单的,无经验的;朴实的,朴素的  商务用语:simple arbitrage 单一仲裁  simple commodity economy 单纯商品经济  simple contract 简单合同  2.He was sincere in his wish to help us.  他真心实意地想帮助我们。  重点词语:sincere adj.真诚的  商务用语:It is my sincere belief that... 我确信…  3.They sat on appropriation plans until they were certain which way winds were blowing.  他们把拨款计划搁置起来,直到他们确定了事情的趋势为止。  重点词语:sit vi.重压;压制;拖延 vt.提供座位  商务用语:a theater that sits 1,000 people 能容纳一千人的剧场  sat on the evidence 扣压据  4.The house has a fine situation.  这所房子的地点很好。  重点词语:situation n.情形,(建筑物等的)位置  商务用语:be in/out of a situation 有/失去职业  cope/do with the situation 应付当前的情况  save the situation 挽回局势  5.He has great skill in drawing.  他画画很有技巧。  重点词语:skill n. 技能,技巧,技术;熟练工人  商务用语:diplomatic skill 外交手腕  skill analysis training 技能分析训练  skilled employee 熟练工人  exert one's utmost skill 运用最大技巧 /200810/53959

第一句:Take me to the airport, please.请带我去机场。A: Where to?请问去哪里?B: Take me to the airport, please. 请带我去机场。A: Are you in a hurry?您赶时间吗?B: I have to be there before 17:00.我得在下午五点钟之前赶到那儿。第二句:There’s an extra ten in it for you if you can get me there on time.如果你能让我准时赶到,我可以多给你10美元。A: We will make it except a jam.不塞车的话就能赶到。B: There’s an extra ten in it for you if you can get me there on time.如果你能让我准时赶到,我可以多给你10美元。A: I will do my best.背诵句型:我尽力吧。Do you have small bills?您有零钱吗?Here is your receipt.给您发票。 /201310/258680第一句:Let me introduce myself, by the way, my name is Dick Brown.顺便自我介绍一下,我叫迪克·布朗。A: An interesting meeting, isnt it?很有意思的会议,是吧?B: Yes, very. I thought the last speaker was especially good.是的,很有意思。我认为最后一个发言者格外棒。A: Let me introduce myself, by the way, my name is Dick Brown.顺便自我介绍一下,我叫迪克·布朗。B: How do you do? Im Mary Green.你好,我叫玛丽·格林。第二句:Green, G-R-E-E-N, but just call me Mary.格林。G-R-E-E-N,你就叫我玛丽吧。A: OK. Im Dick.好的,我是迪克。B: Glad to meet you.很高兴认识你。知识点延伸:美国人见面时,不一定会握手,只要笑一笑,打个招呼就行了,即使是第一次见面。而中国人则视握手为一个基本礼节。在美国,人们见面时喜欢直呼其名,这是亲切友好的表示,纵使交谈之初可能互相用姓称呼,但过一会儿就改成名字。1. 其他表达法:Excuse me, I dont believe weve met before. I am Mary Green.对不起,我想我们以前没有见过面。我叫玛丽·格林。Allow me to introduce myself.请允许我进行自我介绍。2. by the way 顺便说说,顺便问一下;在途中You can tell by the way they talk with her.你可以从他们与她谈话的方式中就可以看出来。By the way, have you done anything behind my back?顺便问一下,你在我背后做什么事吗?You will have a fine view of Moray Firth by the way.在途中你将欣赏到马里湾的美丽景色。 /201205/183542We have offered a rock-bottom price to our regular customers.我们给老顾客最低价格。rock-bottom price是一句典型的美式口语,常常用在业务双方报盘和还盘的对峙中。从字面上不难看出这个短语的意思是:“地板价、最低价”。因此,当美国人说;We have offered a rock-bottom price to our regular customers.;时,他/她要表达的意思就是:;We give the best price to our regular customers.;、;The price has been reduced to the minimum since youre our old clients.;。情景对白:Client: Does your price really leave no margin for reduction?客户:你们的价格确实没有再还价的余地了吗?Shirley: Sorry, but yes. We have offered a rock-bottom price to our regular customers.雪莉:不好意思,是的。我们给老客户最低价格。搭配句积累:①Sorry, we generally do not e on a discount basis.抱歉,我们的报价一般来说不打折扣。②We cannot make any further discounts.我们不能再多给折扣了。③There are many privileges for customers like you.像您这样的顾客享有许多特权。④Thank you very much for your continuing support.谢谢您一直以来的持。单词:1. margin n. 余地We allowed a margin of 20 minutes in catching the train.我们有20分钟的余地赶火车。These charges can carry prison terms of up to five years, though theres a wide margin of discretion.尽管量刑幅度很大,但是这些指控仍面临长达5年的刑期。2. e vi. 报价A travel agent ed her pound;160 for a flight from Bristol to Palma.一位旅行社职员给她开出的从布里斯托尔至帕尔马的机票报价是160英镑。He ed a price for the repairs.他给出了维修费用的报价。3. privilege n. 特权The queen may have privilege but she has no real political clout. 女王有特权,但无真正的政治影响力。The Russian Federation has issued a decree abolishing special privileges for government officials.俄罗斯联邦已经颁布法令废除政府官员的特权。 /201308/252127

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