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You wear a blouse like that almost.I think the coloring is almost.你穿的上衣就跟这个一样 他们的颜色几乎也是I think they,they almost painted like us right now.like right now.我觉得 几乎就是在画现在的我们 现在I look like Rick Shroder I think, and, who do you look like?I dont know.Im not sure.我觉得我看起来像Rick Shroder 你看起来像谁? 我不知道 我不确定Im not sure if I should say thank you for that Jen?right.我不确定我是不是该谢谢你 Jen? 是的oh,no,no,thank the fan.oh,yeah,thank you.yeah,yeah,right.哦 不 不 谢谢粉丝 哦 对 谢谢 是 是 对I would let she take this becasue I know you too well.我会让她拿这个 因为我太了解你了I think its fair.I think its fair.I think its good that you are here.我觉得这很得当 我觉得你们在这里很好then you can ask any questions for real,right?she knows everything about you.你们可以问我问题 对吧? 她知道关于你的任何事yeah,right.pretty much?I do.pretty much.I hope so.no,you dont wanna know.mostly,everything.是 对 大部分吧? 我确实 大部分 我希望这样 不 我不会想知道的 大部分 每件事eh,all right.So now lets get to the real stuff.whats it like being married to Ellen?好吧 所以 让我们谈些真事 嫁给Ellen是什么感觉?eh,shes right here.I mean youve known us for a while.yeah.呃 她就在这里 你认识我们有一段时间了 是we have like the best relationship ever.nine years.a great relationship.Wonderful,yeah,its amazing.我们的感情非常棒 9年了 恋爱非常棒 很好 让人惊讶and I know that because I am lucky enough to be witness to it all the time.我知道这些 因为我有幸见了这段感情And it is,its inspiring and you guys are so good to each other.这是 这是很鼓舞人心的 你们对彼此这么好But lets get serious.What,What bugs you about Ellen?但 说真的 Ellen有什么地方让你觉得烦吗?I mean nothing,No.theres gotta be something.Come on.theres nothing.没有 嘿 总有些什么事吧 没有I mean.Ellen,shes answering the question.oh.我是说 Ellen,让她回答这个问题 哦Portia,come on,theres gotta be something.Is there something?Portia 说吧 总有些事的 有什么吗?this is so hard.I cant do this.I know,just pick one.come on,its fine.这太难了 我不能这么做 我知道 就选一个 说嘛 没事的we will forget about it.what bugs you.Tell me, I can take it.我们会忘记这件事的 什么让你烦 告诉我 我能接受的 /201604/437846Back in the bad old final years of the Soviet Union, when the economy and the infrastructure were falling apart and the government was mostly non-responsive, there was a sour little joke that reminds me of Michigan today.In the Soviet story, Stalin and Konstantin Chernenko, one of his increasingly ineffectual successors are going across Siberia on a train. Suddenly, it breaks down. There are, of course, no spare parts.When the engineer cant get it started, Stalin has him shot.That doesnt help.So after sitting there for a while, Chernenko says, ;Okay. Lets close the blinds and pretend the train is moving.;Which brings us to the Legislature and the Detroit Public Schools. The schools are in disgraceful shape. Buildings are falling apart. The heat doesnt work. There are rodents, mold and a lack of necessary supplies. Teachers are underpaid, overstressed, and often at risk of violent behavior.Frankly, I dont know how so many teachers have tolerated this as long as they have, and Im awestruck that so many have continued to try to teach often hungry, uncomfortable and miserable students in such conditions.After years of this, teachers have begun staging sickout wildcat strikes in a desperate attempt to draw attention to their plight.Teacher strikes are of course technically illegal, though they have been an occasional and largely tolerated bargaining tactic in suburban districts for decades. This isnt about getting a raise, however; it is a desperate attempt to get somebody to notice the squalor. Unfortunately, many legislators couldnt care less. Detroit is a long way from their districts. Though none will say so publicly, many of them view whats going on from a racist perspective.They think this is about a bunch of blacks who ran their schools into the ground and now want another state bailout. Theres also another ingredient in what is fast becoming an explosive dynamic: the Republican legislative leaders hate unions, and teachers unions in particular.So instead of trying to do something to help the schools, they are instead attempting to ram through a three-bill package designed to harshly punish both teachers and their unions for striking.Ron Bieber, the state president of the AFL-CIO, correctly said this was an outrage, and added ;the last thing we should be doing is punishing teachers for speaking up and shining a light; on the impossible conditions in which children are forced to learn.The lawmakers may not care less about that, but the reality is they are also just giving out tickets on the dance floor of the Titanic. With their revenues largely drained by the loss of students to charter schools and other alternatives, the Detroit Public Schools are headed for bankruptcy and disaster.They will run completely out of cash by May.Governor Snyder months ago offered a sensible solution, but it would cost money the legislators are unwilling to spend. Unfortunately, bankruptcy will cost us all much more, as the state does have an obligation to educate our children.Our lawmakers are, in the words of the old Soviet story, trying to shoot the engineers and close the curtains of this runaway train. But unless we do something soon, it is going to go off the rails, with consequences devastating for us all.Jack Lessenberry is Michigan Radios political analyst. Views expressed in his essays are his own and do not necessarily reflect those of Michigan Radio, its management or the station licensee, The University of Michigan.201602/425539

How do you improve at any sport? You train, train, train.你怎样才能在体育运动方面有所提高呢?你不停地锻炼。But how you train is just as important as how much.但是你怎样锻炼与锻炼量的多少同样重要。Armed withthe science of exercise physiology, todays olympic-classcoaches design sophisticated programs for their athletes.以运动生理学为指导,今天奥林匹克级别的教练为他们的运动员设计了一系列复杂的程序。A muscle is like an engine, and the fuel it runs on is the chemicalATP.肌肉就像一个引擎,它的;燃油;是化学物质三磷酸腺苷,Our bodies have three separate systems for creating thisfuel however.我们身体有3个制造这种“燃油”的独立系统。Exercise physiologists pay close attention to howan athletes ATP is produced.运动生理学家门密切关注了一个运动员三磷酸腺苷是怎样形成的。The phosphocreatine system gives an athlete lots of ATP very fast, but its only good for aboutten seconds before it needs to recharge.磷酸肌酸系统能够非常快的为运动员提供许多三磷酸腺苷,但是在再次补给之前,这中物质只能持续大约十秒钟。The second system, called glycolysis, provides a moresteady supply, but too much glycolysis can make the muscles inefficient.第二系统,称为醣酵解,能够提供更稳定的供应。但是过多的醣酵解会让肌肉效率低下。The third system, calledaerobic metabolism, burns fats and sugars to make ATP.第三系统,叫做有氧代谢,燃烧脂肪和糖分来制造三磷酸腺苷。Aerobic metabolism is best for long termendurance, but its slow to get going, and, like the other systems, it also runs out of steam.有氧代谢有利于长期的耐力训练,但是它的反应比较慢,而且就像其他的系统样,它同样会很快的筋疲力尽。Olympic trainers take these systems into account.奥林匹克教练考虑了所有的这些系统。A long- distance runner should use aerobicmetabolism for as much of her ATP as possible.长跑运动员应该尽可能的像运用三磷酸腺苷那样来运用有氧代谢。To ensure this, shell be tested on a tmill tomeasure her threshold of aerobic metabolism.为了确保这样,她将会在跑步机上来测量她的有氧运动的极限。The trainer then develops a training program whichwill increase it.然后教练研发了可以增加有氧代谢的运动程序。On the other hand, a weight lifter should use his phosphocreatine system, whichprovides maximum ATP in short bursts of time.另一方面,举重运动员可以运用磷酸肌酸系统,它能够在较短的爆发时间内提供最大值的三磷酸腺苷。His work- outs will build up the enzymes of thissystem, as well as build up his muscles.由此将会增加这个系统的酶,也能够重塑他的肌肉。Thats just one way athletes can get a boost from the science of exercise physiology.这就是一个运动员从运动生理学上获得提高的路径之一。 201409/332538

On Saturday the ed States warned its citizens about ;credible threats; to tourist areas in Turkey. 周六,美国对其公民发出警告,称在土耳其旅游区存在“可信的威胁”。Particularly under threat is Istanbul and the southwest coastal resort of Antalya. Turkey has been hit by four suicide bombings aly this year. 尤其遭到威胁的是伊斯坦布尔和西南沿海的安塔利亚度假胜地。今年,土耳其已经发生四起自杀性爆炸袭击。The most recent bombing occured last month in Istanbul. 最近的一次爆炸事件发生在上月,位于伊斯坦布尔。Two of those have been blamed on Islamic State. Kurdish militants, however, have claimed responsibility for the other two. 其中两起归咎于伊斯兰国。然而,库尔德武装声称对另两起事件负责。Last months attack in Istanbuls main shopping district killed three Israelis and one Iranian. Two of the Israelis held dual citizenship with the ed States. 上月,伊斯坦布尔主要购物区的袭击造成三名以色列人和一名伊朗人丧生。以色列人中有2名持有美国双重国籍。A separate attack in the citys historic heart in January killed 12 German tourists.在城市历史悠久的中心地带,一月份的一次独立袭击造成12名德国游客遇难。译文属。201604/436297听力参考文本:Still less than a year out of its historic bankruptcy, Detroits successes and failures continue to make headlines.The city may have shed most of its debt, but it continues to lose population – down more than 60% of its 1950 population of 1.8 million.Take that shrinking population and couple it with Mayor Mike Duggans ongoing push to tear down blighted buildings, and you get a lot of empty land.Bill McGraws latest story for Bridge Magazine looks at Mayor Duggans blueprint for redesigning Detroit.McGraw tells us that the citys rise in vacant land is directly linked to its drastically shrinking population.;Even in the last census period from 2000 to 2010 the city lost a quarter of its population,; he says, adding that we wont really know how things have changed in the last five years until the next census is completed.According to McGraw, 23 of Detroits 140 square miles are now vacant land.The vacant land is scattered throughout the city, but when combined, thats as much as the land surface area of Manhattan, ;and theres more all the time.;;One of the things Mayor Duggan is doing is hes tearing down houses at a faster rate than any previous mayor,; McGraw tells us.City planners and mayors have historically seen vacant land as a bad sign, but Detroits looking at it differently.Under the citys new planning director Maurice Cox, ;They have decided that vacant land can be productive, and it can be used in a number of different ways,; McGraw says.Those include using vacant land for parks and other recreation spaces, as well as developing ;so-called blue and green infrastructure,; according to McGraw.As an example of the latter, he tells us that its much cheaper to turn the vacant land into receptacles for storm water, rather than deal with the effects of letting it run into the sewer system and causing it to overflow into the Detroit River.He adds that simply taking the vacant land and making it look nice and rural can go a long way toward improving the quality of life for residents.Further, McGraw tells us theres an increasing movement by both the city and its citizens to convert vacant lots into productive agricultural zones.It all boils down to the citys acceptance of the fact that with its smaller population, it cant afford to put more buildings on that land.Instead of seeing so much vacant land as a symbol of failure, theyre moving forward and finding constructive and productive ways to make use of it.Bill McGraws story, Redesigning Detroit: Mayor Mike Duggans blueprint unveiled can be found at bridgemi.com and also at MLive.com.201508/394029Jump ahead to 2010.Alright, somehow she didnt have time to put her top on.跳到2010年 好吧 她似乎没时间穿上上衣 She is like, oh no, okay, is everybody in a hurry?她就像 噢不 好吧 很着急吗Thats just, I dont ...So shes got everything going on and then just drapes that over there.那真是 我不 她把其他的都穿好 然后把上衣随意披上Its almost like ;Sports illustrated; doesnt care about selling bikinis to their male ers.I dont know what they are doing.似乎;体育画报; 不介意把比基尼也卖给男性读者 我不知道他们到底在干什么Clearly womens bathing suits are getting tinier and tinier,and theyre getting more and more expensive.很明显 女性泳装布料越来越少 然后也越来越贵Since that whats people want,Im gonna start selling these in Ellen Show.既然这是当今的潮流 我也打算在艾伦秀卖泳衣了I like to give the people what they want.So this is the bikini I will be selling.我历来都迎合大众口味 这就是我要卖的比基尼and theyre expensive too,because theyre small.它们也很贵 因为它们布料很少This is...Okay, this is...Oh, Im sorry.这是 好吧 这是 噢 抱歉That was the back, Im sorry.So here, there you go.拿反了 我很抱歉 这样 这下对了This is ,000.And I know youre like Ellen,you got to wear a top with this.这个卖一万美元 我知道你们和艾伦想的一样 要穿个上衣配这个You cant just wear this, youre right.So here is the top that I have made.不能只穿这个 没错 所以这个呢 就是我做的上衣Okay, hang on.You get the idea.Anyway, we have covered the evolution of bikini,Now its the time to school yall with this dance.好的 等等 你们懂的 无论如何 我们已经总结了比基尼演变史 现在是时候开始舞蹈课堂了 /201510/404170

Yeah, I know. I do remember this, I know.And now theyre gonna be 4 years old. I know.Its crazy.我确实记得那次 我知道 这一晃都四岁了 可不是么 太不可思议了I know. Max is, you know, all over the place and Emmes just...Are they musical? Do they sing?Max现在 满屋乱跑 Emme就... 他俩喜欢音乐吗 唱歌吗Yes! They love to sing and dance.Emme loves to dance, she loves to perform.喜欢 爱唱歌爱跳舞的 Emme爱跳舞 爱表演Are they good? Now be honest.Ill be honest. I think...Emme has a bit of a voice. I do.他俩音乐素养怎么样?说实话 当然说实话 我觉得吧 我觉得Emme嗓音不错 真觉得Im not sure, but I kind of hear it every once in a while.不是特别肯定 但偶尔就会有这种感觉Iam not sure about Max...as much...but he has a big personality.至于Max我就不太敢说了撒 但他的感很强Hes got my, like, personality.Maybe, Emme has Marcs voice.We traded.好像是遗传了我的感 可能Emme就去遗传Marc的嗓音了 我俩交叉遗传了Alright, well either way, theyre both good things.Aright,um,Ill babysit anytime you want.好吧 不管怎样反正都是好事 那个你要是需要 我愿意给你带孩子I like being around babies. Really?I just dont want them full time.Auntsie Ellen!Drop them off!我最喜欢陪萌孩子了, 真的? 就是不太喜欢整天陪着 带他们去见Ellen阿姨 扔下孩子我就走I gotta warn you, Max is a bit of a handful.Yeah dont drop them off...Theyre not gonna mess up my house.我得警告你 Max可不是省油的灯哦 我那个 那个什么 不要让他们来我家捣乱啊Ill go to your house. Right about that, by the way.还是我去你家吧 你这么想就对了Thats one of the reason. You cant tell them not to draw on the walls.就是说啊 又不能叫他们不准乱画Thats what theyre gonna do. Youre right.Now have they messed up stuff? Have they...小孩不可能不乱画的嘛 太对了 他们在家捣乱过什么吗Cause I, theyve got to, like draw on things at your house.我觉得肯定至少在墙上画过东西Yeah, no we try to control where the crayons are and the paints and stuff like that.嗯也没用 我们会尽量放好水笔和颜料的位置But um, you know, they do ruin things.Thats more with like food, like food everywhere and...但他们确实会制造麻烦的 主要是吃的 满屋子都是all over the couches, and Im like...Yeah, cause then they put thier hands on.沙发上都是 搞得我... 而且还会上手摸吧On everything, on your clothes like when youre walking out.You know, every mom knows how it is.什么都摸 刚刚要出门就抹了你一衣油 当妈的都懂Alright, um never mind. Im not gonna babysit. so...were gonna take a break and well be right back with Marc, right after this.那个当我没说 我才不帮你带孩子 那么我们稍事休息 广告之后Marc将加入我们 /201604/440383

The same year Triumph Of The Will was made,1934,Alois Pfaller, a German Communist, was taken for questioning by the Nazi secret police-the Gestapo.在拍摄《意志的胜利》同年,即1934年,德国共产党阿洛伊斯·普法勒被纳粹秘密警察盖世太保抓捕问话。They hit me in the face.他们打我的脸。For three hours. Always at my face.打了3个小时,一直打脸。In the meantime, my eardrum had split,so then, I heard an incredible racket.我耳朵鼓膜破裂,然后听到一声巨响。It was a roaring, an incredible roaring,so you couldnt understand anything properly any longer.像是巨大的一声咆哮,让我再也听不到声音。When Alois suffered a massive haemorrhage,the Gestapo made him clean his own blood off the floor before sending him to a concentration camp.阿洛伊斯血流不止,盖世太保命令他把地上的血迹,清理干净后,送他进集中营。The reason that this kind of persecution did not,for the most part, damage Hitler amongst the general population was because the perception of many Germans was that Hitler was using violence to bring order.然而这样的迫害,并没有破坏希特勒在民众心中的形象,原因是很多德国人认为,他是用暴力换来秩序。Right at the beginning,the first Communists and social democrats were carted off,I even saw it myself, the lorries.在首批共产党员和社会民主主义者刚被带走时,我亲眼看见运送他们的货车。It didnt make us think.我没多想什么。They were only Communists after all, enemies of the people.毕竟他们是共产党,人民公敌而已。Hitler was careful to act mostly against groups in German society that many other Germans were aly prejudiced against-like Jews and Communists.对于那些德国人已心怀偏见的群体,如犹太人和共产主义者希特勒总是谨慎应对。Hitler was aware that, as a charismatic leader,the more he targeted carefully defined enemies,the better.作为领袖,他意识到,敌人的范围最好谨慎划分。 译文属201512/415721

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