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福州割包皮多少钱啊福州台江区检查精子什么医院好Move over(1) Barbie, veiled is beautiful. The physical ideal of Muslim girls increasingly includes the hijab(2), as evidenced by toy shops' best-selling doll "Fulla" and the string of showbiz(3) stars opting(4) to cover up.The dark-eyed and olive-skinned(5) Fulla has replaced her American rival's skimpy(6) skirts with more modest "outdoor fashion" and Barbie's luxuriant(7) blonde mane(8) with an Islamic veil."Fulla sells better because it is closer to our Arab values: she never reveals a leg or an arm," says Tarek Mohammed, chief salesman at a Toys R Us branch in Mohandessin.The Arab answer to Barbie has been selling like hot cakes for Eid Al-Adha(9), not least because it is cheaper than its American rival, although both are made in China.Fulla is not the first Islamic doll but none of her predecessors(10) have taken the regional market by storm like she has, selling some two million since its creation two years ago by the Emirates-based NewBoy Design Studio.Saudi Arabia's religious police had then just banned "Barbie the Jewish doll", whose "revealing clothes and shameful postures, accessories and tools are a symbol of decadence(11) to the perverted(12) West."Fulla, named after an Arabic word for a type of jasmine(13), was initially sold in the Gulf in a similar pink box but in more modest attire(14), such as the traditional abaya(15) overdress and complete with a little prayer mat."Her wardrobe(16) had to be widened to adapt to the Egyptian market. In other words, she became more modern," said Ahmed, a sales clerk at City Stars, Cairo's largest shopping mall.Fulla can now dress her perfect albeit slightly less busty(17) figure with tight t-shirts and jeans and wear the same colourful head scarves donned by most young Egyptian women today.Fulla also has two female friends, Yasmine and Nada, with lighter hair.But she is still single as no plans appear to be afoot for(18) marketing an Islamic equivalent of Ken, as giving her a boyfriend would be seen inappropriate in conservative Muslim cultures. 芭比靠边站,穿着保守才是美。 穆斯林女孩的完美装束一定要有一条伊斯兰头巾,不信的话可以看看玩具店中畅销的“芙拉”娃娃和成串穿着严实的秀明星们。黑眼睛、橄榄色皮肤、穿着端庄“户外装”、披着伊斯兰罩袍的芙拉已经完全击败了身穿超短裙、顶着一头金发的美国对手。Toys R Us穆罕黛森分店的主管塔莱克·穆罕默德说:“芙拉卖得好是因为她更符合我们阿拉伯人的审美:她从不露出腿或者胳膊。”芙拉在阿拉伯的热销就像宰牲节的热蛋糕,不仅是因为她比她的美国对手要便宜,虽然她们都产自中国。芙拉并非第一个伊斯兰娃娃,但却是第一个如此轰动当地市场的伊斯兰娃娃。自从两年前由阿酋新男孩设计室设计出来后到现在,销量大约已经有二百万了。沙特阿拉伯的宗教警察当时封杀了“犹太巴比娃娃”,说它那“暴露的衣、丢脸的姿势、装饰物和小零件是邪恶西方堕落的象征。”芙拉是阿拉伯语,是一种茉莉的名字。芙拉最初在海湾地区出售,包装是和现在相似的粉色盒子,娃娃的衣更加保守,例如传统的阿拉伯长袍,还附赠一条祈祷跪毯。开罗最大商场都市之星的销售人员说:“为了适应埃及市场,娃娃的衣柜也必须拓宽。”现在,芙拉可以穿着端庄了,只是当她穿上紧身体恤和牛仔裤时显得没有那么丰满。她还可以戴上当今多数埃及年轻女子喜欢的色头巾。芙拉还有两个女伴,雅斯敏和娜达,她们的发色稍浅。但是她仍然单身,并没有计划推出伊斯兰版的肯,因为拥有男朋友在保守的穆斯林文化中还是很不妥的。 /200804/37122宁德哪间医院做试管 An early morning workout may burn more calories, and improve your body#39;s performance capabilities, but let#39;s face it, some of us would rather sleep in and hit the gym after work. That#39;s OK; evening workouts have their perks.清晨锻炼可以燃烧更多热量,并提高你的体能,但面对现实吧,我们中的一些人宁愿早上睡觉下班后去健身房。这样做也可以,晚上锻炼也有好处。If you#39;d much rather exercise after you#39;ve clocked your eight hours at work, here are some tips to make evening workouts a priority.如果你宁愿在工作8小时后健身,这里有一些小贴士,能让晚上锻炼更具优势。Avoid an Afternoon Slump — Eating a big, greasy meal for lunch and then treating yourself to unhealthy snacks throughout the afternoon is one of the best ways to kibosh an early evening workout session. Refined carbs and sugar will take a toll on energy levels, so be sure to eat a healthy lunch that includes a good mix of lean protein, veggies, complex carbs, and healthy fats. This will help keep you feeling full and energized without giving you that lethargic feeling.避免一下午的“堕落”——吃了一大顿油腻的午餐,然后下午又吃了垃圾零食,这些都是妨碍你参加傍晚锻炼的“最佳途径”。精制碳水化合物和糖分会严重消耗你的能量,所以午餐一定要吃得健康,要包括瘦肉蛋白、蔬菜、复杂的碳水化合物和健康的脂肪。这将有助于你维持饱腹感而且充满活力,不让你感觉昏昏欲睡。Pack Your Gym Bag Before Bed — If you#39;re not a morning person to begin with, finding time to get your gym items together may cut into what little time you have to shower or eat. Before you go to bed, get your gym bag put together and set it right at the door. Doing this will make sure you include all of your essential gym items, and you won#39;t forget to grab it as you#39;re leaving.睡前收拾好你的健身包——如果你不是早起锻炼的人,为了要腾出时间收拾你的健身用品,本来洗澡或吃饭的那一点点时间可能会更少。在你上床睡觉之前,把健身包摆在一起,并放在门口。这样做将确保你准备好所有必要的健身用品,你出门时就不会忘记要带了。Happy Hour Can Wait — You take your gym bag with you to work, but then Sally in the next cubicle reminds you that it#39;s Greg#39;s birthday and everyone is going to happy hour to celebrate. You may think that this is the perfect excuse to get out of your date with the tmill, but happy hour can wait — and besides, you can squeeze in a quick workout and make it to Greg#39;s birthday bash.欢乐时光先等一等——你带着健身包去上班了,但随后隔壁格子间的Sally提醒你今天是Greg的生日,每个人要去狂欢庆祝。你可能觉得这是一个可以摆脱和跑步机“约会”的完美借口,但欢乐时光可以等待——此外,你可以挤出点时间快速锻炼下,然后再赶去Greg的生日会。Sign Up For Classes With a Co-Worker — Not only does signing up for classes help keep you accountable for your after-work gym sessions, but going to them with a co-worker also leaves little room for excuses! If you buddy up with someone from work, you#39;ll be less likely to skip out on trips from the office to the gym. And really, who doesn#39;t like a gym buddy?和同事一起报名参加健身班——报班健身不仅能让你下班后坚持去健身房,和同事一起锻炼也能让你很少找借口逃避!如果你和工作伙伴一起,就不太会逃避从办公室到健身房的那段路了。当然,谁不喜欢一个“健身房好友”呢? /201302/226365Helping Others 美国方式:帮助他人 Christmas in America means different things to different people. To some people, Christmas means brightly wrapped packages under a decorated tree. To others, it means family reunions and a wonderful meal together. To Christians, it means Jesus' birthday. Christmas also means lending a helping hand to people in need. Along with all the hubbub of shopping for presents and sending Christmas cards, many people in America take time to help others. 在美国,圣诞节对不同的人代表了不同的意义。对某些人而言,圣诞节的意义是在布置好的圣诞树底下那些包装得色鲜艳的礼物。对另外一些人而言,它的意义则是家人团圆以及共享美好的一餐。对基督徒来说,它代表了耶稣的诞生。圣诞节的意义也是向需要帮助的人伸出援手。在采购礼物及寄送圣诞卡片的一阵忙乱当中,很多美国人仍会拨出时间去帮助别人。 In America and around the world, Christmas offers many opportunities to sp "peace on earth, good will toward men." For example, Salvation Army bell ringers are a familiar sight to most Christmas shoppers. They stand outside malls and stores collecting money for the needy. Many churches and other organizations collect toys and clothes as Christmas gifts for poor families. Going caroling is another traditional way to bring cheer to neighbors--especially the elderly and people who can't get out much. The Christmas spirit encourages people to help each other in many large and small ways. 在美国及全世界各地,圣诞节提供了很多传扬「平安与世,善意与人」的机会。例如,救世军的摇铃者对大多数为圣诞节购物的人们而言,是一个熟悉的景象。他们通常会站在购物中心和商店外面,为有需要的人募钱。很多教会和其它的机构会收集玩具和衣,作为穷苦家庭的圣诞礼物。报佳音是另外一种能够将欢乐带给邻舍的传统方式,尤其是针对那些老人和无法常出门的人。圣诞节的精神鼓励人们在许多大大小小的事情上互相帮助。 /200803/32922龙岩做人工受精哪个医院好

福州微创结扎那个医院好三明市腹腔镜手术到哪家医院 英语借走的“十个中国词”英语,代表西方的强势文化。作为世界性的大语种,它成了现代与文明的标志。有人跟风叫嚷:只要具备两条就是“现代文盲”,一,不懂英语;二,不会电脑。其实,文化所涉及的领域形形色色,是否可以这样说,不会写毛笔字、不会算卦,就等于“国学文盲”?   凭人怎么说吧,现代中国为了追求“和世界接轨”,几乎把英、法、俄、德、日、意、西班牙和阿拉伯语,当成了通向世界、通向文明的惟一桥梁。母语——中国话可以弄得一塌糊涂,甚至不如日本人写得漂亮,讲得流利;英语,却必须要捱过大学六级、。这据典型的崇洋媚外做法,似乎该回头了。随着中国国力的增强,汉语也逐渐变成了外国人的香饽饽儿。仔细一看才发现,许多英语词汇其实就源于汉语,欧洲人做过精细的统计,自1994年以来加入国际英语行列的词汇中,中式英语贡献了5%到20%,超过任何其他来源。  英语属于印欧语系(Indo-European languages),包含着印度、西亚和欧洲的语言。目前使用的英语单词中,有不少是从非印欧语系“拿来”的,这在狭义上,就是英语中的外来语。这些白皮黄心的“鸡蛋词”,无须向“英语世界”做额外解释,就能顺利地理解、沟通。脱胎于汉语的“鸡蛋词”,早就默默地影响全世界了。除“孔夫子(Confucious)”、“中国功夫(kung fu)”、“麻将(mahjong)”或者“豆腐(tofu)”之类绝无仅有的称谓,再挑拣10个真正有中国气质、代表华夏气派、并影响全球当代生活的“鸡蛋词”,便足以说明问题。  (一)丝绸——silk  中国是养蚕大国,丝绸的故乡。瓷器和丝绸始终是古代中国对外贸易的绝密技术和看家商品,直到鸦片战争前,英国进口到广州的钢琴,还干不过珠光宝气的丝绸。“silk”的发音,显然是汉语的音译,这个词代表了中国高超的工艺技术和贸易强势。即便现在,丝绸仍在现代生活中充当雍容华丽、典雅高贵的象征。  (二)茶——tea  这个词,又是英国人从拗口的闽南话里偷走的。茶,和丝绸、瓷器比肩,堪称古代中国对外贸易的拳头产品。目前,品茶代表了一种生活方式和文化品位,中国人对人生的思考,几乎都能在袅袅茶烟里找到。据萧乾的《茶在英国》介绍:“茶叶似乎是17世纪初由葡萄牙人最早引到欧洲的……英国的茶叶起初是东印度公司从厦门引进的,17世纪40年代,英人在印度殖民地开始试种茶叶,那时,可能就养成了在茶中加糖的习惯。”据说,即使在“二战”那样物资困乏的时期,法国人定量配给咖啡,英国人则要的是茶,还有一点点糖。茶成了欧洲人的“主心骨”,他们只能跟着茶香如醉如痴地行走,这不是本土的历史与遗传;而是异域文化的征和同化。18世纪的柴斯特顿勋爵干脆在《训子家书》里写道:“尽管茶来自东方,它毕竟是绅士气味的;而可可则是个痞子、懦夫,一头粗野的猛兽。”  (三)世外桃源——Shangrila (Xanadu)  这是两个近意词。都有“世外桃源”的意思。“Shangrila”出自西藏的传说之地——香格里拉,“Xanadu”则是蒙古的元上都。如果要表达“世外桃源”,通常采用“Xanadu”这个词。看来,以出世自居的美国作家梭罗,白白地在瓦尔登湖旁边,做了那么久的“隐士”。讲究“寄情山水、超然物外”的哲学,中国人是当之无愧的开山鼻祖。  (四)风水——Feng Shui  风水,还是音译。它凝聚了古代中国在活人住宅和死人墓地方面的集体智慧。尽管有人打着所谓“科学”的旗号,指斥风水是封建迷信;但是,迷信所谓“科学”,故步自封,则是另外一种迷信。风水的整体原则是“趋利避害”,这也是安全生存最起码的信条。近年来,风水在美国红极一时,从中国人唇齿之间发出的音节,已经成为当代人急需探究的学问。  (五)茶点——dim sum  一听发音,就知道,这个略带小资情调的词儿,来自闽粤。英国人有喝下午茶的习惯,几杯印度红茶,常就一碟甜点。英语原本有表示蛋糕、点心的词,偏偏不用,硬要拽一个来自汉语的生僻字。恐怕多少也有与时尚接轨、和东方同步的优越感吧。中国是茶的故乡,茶点也摇身一变,成为登堂入室的英语外来词。  (六)走——running dogs  中国式英语贴切地表达了一种见利忘义、供人驱使的“下三烂”。无从考,最先运用这个词的是中国人,还是英国人;重要的是,英语世界接纳了“走”,并以汉语的思维抚育这个“外来词”。接纳词汇的同时,无形中也接受了中国人的价值观。  (七)纸老虎——paper tiger  这是最令人难忘和扬眉吐气的一个新词。缔造者应该是伟大的民族英雄——毛泽东!他老人家是学的诗人、雄才大略的政治家、运筹帷幄的军事天才。美国人硬不硬?苏联人牛不牛?原子弹厉害不厉害?……在他眼里,都是色厉内荏的“纸老虎”。只要跟中国人作对,老子就得碰碰硬,看天下“谁主沉浮”。上世纪50年代的“美帝国主义”、六七十年代的“苏修”,都变成了毛泽东嘲笑的“纸老虎”。这种蔑视强敌、自强不息的精神,当然是中国人对世界文明的贡献。谈笑风声缔造了一个词,足令中国的敌手躲在角落里发抖了。  (八)大款、巨亨——tycoon  这种称呼是近些年才流行街巷的,指有钱有势的商人或者企业家,中国传统的叫法是“大掌柜”。被英语拿走,又是闽粤之地的音译。可见,鸦片战争前,中国商人名声在外,马可·波罗在书里描写的东方,物阜民丰,黄金铺地。来中国走一遭,就像现在某些“假洋鬼子”上趟一样。  (九)——Casino  这个词,似乎是地道的西方舶来品,发音酷似法语或者意大利文。殊不知,“Casino”竟是福建话的音译,可是,为什么英语要拿它表示“”的意思呢?据传,很久以前,移民到美国的福建民工,拿到一点微薄的工资,便在无聊之际,聚众,试试运气。每次开局,都会嚷嚷:“开始了! 开始了!”想不到,阴差阳错地搭给英语一个现代词汇。  (十)小费,赏钱——Cumshaw  这个词是闽南话“感谢”的音译。为了给人一点酬劳,在钞票上意思意思。英语世界也像喜欢“money”一样,渴望“Cumshaw”这个油水丰厚的单词。尽管中国人没有给小费的习惯,但是,对于钱,却并非一毛不拔,甚至比西方人出手还大方。偷走“Cumshaw”这个“鸡蛋字”的欧洲人,一定见过,中国人曾如何挥金似土。其实,东西方对待金钱并没有本质的不同。 /200803/32129福州检查支原体医院

福州精子检查那里好 Students who did about an hour of ;mindfulness training; for eight days subsequently did better on the GRE as well as tests of working memory and mind-wandering.假如一名学生在连续八天的时间里每天做半小时的“正念冥思”,他在参加GRE考试或者做短期和注意力分散的测试时表现会更好。Improving memory and ability to focus takes years of cultivation and training, but getting the most out of your abilities as they stand is another valuable skill.问题:互联网可能会损害我们的注意力周期和短期记忆,但公司仍要求员工“集中注意力”。同时,尽管标准化的考试成绩很少能预测一位学生将来事业上是否成功,但高校的招生部门仍乐此不彼。改善和集中注意力的能力需要经过多年的培养和训练,但尽最大可能把你已有的能力发挥出来也是一种有价值的技巧。METHODOLOGY: Researchers at University of California at Santa Barbara had 48 undergraduate students take either a mindfulness class or a nutrition class. Classes met for 45 minutes four times per week for two weeks. They were taught by ;professionals with extensive teaching experience in their respective fields.; The mindfulness class ;emphasized the physical posture and mental strategies of focused-attention meditation.; As they describe that class more specifically:方法:在圣芭芭拉的加州大学研究人员把48名大学生分成两组,一组参加正念培训班,另外一组参加营养学培训班。这两个培训班都是每节课45分钟,每周四节课,连续上两周的课。学生们由在各自领域有丰富教学经验的专业人员上课。正念培训班的重点“在于做集中注意力冥思时所采用的身体姿势和精神策略”。他们对这个班的学习内容做了具体的描述如下:It required participants to integrate mindfulness into their daily activities and to complete 10 minutes of daily meditation outside of class. During class, participants sat on cushions in a circle. Each class included 10 to 20 minutes of mindfulness exercises requiring focused attention to some aspect of sensory experience (e.g., sensations of breathing, tastes of a piece of fruit, or sounds of an audio recording). ... Classes focused on:要求参加者把冥思融入到日常生活的行为当中,每天在课外完成10分钟的冥思。上课时参加者围坐在坐垫上,每节课包括10-20分钟的冥思练习,要求把注意力集中到某种感官体验上(如呼吸的感觉、一块水果的味道,或播放录音的声音等)。上课的重点在于:Sitting in an upright posture with legs crossed and gaze lowered, distinguishing between naturally arising thoughts and elaborated thinking保持身体挺直双腿盘坐的坐姿,目光低垂,辨别出自然产生的想法和故意的思维。Minimizing the distracting quality of past and future concerns by reframing them as mental projections occurring in the present通过改变思维方式把过去和未来关心的事项变成当下的精神投射以减少它们带来的干扰。Using the breath as an anchor for attention during meditation在冥思时利用呼吸来做注意力的“锚地”(即把注意力集中到自己的呼吸上来)。Repeatedly counting up to 21 consecutive exhalations [Ed. note: presume inhalations occurred as well.]在数到21的时间里连续吐气,反复做(设想在这期间也有吸气发生)。Allowing the mind to rest naturally rather than trying to suppress the occurrence of thoughts.让头脑自然休息,不要试图去压制头脑里产生出来的思维。The students in both classes took the GRE (Graduate Record Examinations; the standardized tests considered for grad school application) before and after the two-weeks of class, as well as tests of memory and distractibility, where they counted their ;task-unrelated thoughts; while doing things that required concentration.两个班级的学生在上这两星期课的先后都参加了GRE考试,还进行了和注意力分散的测试,在测试中他们对需要集中注意力时产生的“与任务无关的思维”进行了计数。RESULTS: Scores improved in the mindfulness-trained group, but not the nutrition-trained group. For one, their average GRE verbal score went from 460 to, two weeks later, 520. They also improved on tests of working memory and focus (had fewer task-unrelated thoughts).结果:参加正念培训班的学生成绩有了提高,但参加营养学培训班的学生却没有改进。正念培训班学生的GRE成绩由两周前的460分提高到了520分,对短期和注意力集中进行测试的成绩也比以前有了提高(与任务无关思维的次数减少了)。IMPLICATIONS: Taking time to think about your thoughts, breathing, posture, and the like can be valuable to overall cognitive functioning. This is the opposite of staying in a library for 86 hours fueled by Adderrall and anxiety. Kaplan#39;s GRE prep course is , 299, and a ton of people buy it. Meditation is free, so while that much is invested, this is probably worth checking out. Even if you can#39;t find time to meditate exactly, there#39;s always a moment to think intensely about fruit or ;your breathing as an anchor.;意义:花一点时间来思考一下你的思维、呼吸、姿势以及诸如此类的事情对整体的认知功能会有好处,这样做与待在图书馆里86个小时靠吃安神丸来集中注意力正好相反。卡普兰的GRE准备课程要卖1299美元,有许多人购买了这个课程,而冥思却是免费的。既然这么大的代价也舍得花,我们不妨来试一试冥思的功效。即便你没有时间来做冥思,花上片刻时间来想一想水果的味道或者“把呼吸作为集中注意力的锚地”总是可以的。 /201305/242200福州晋安博爱医院男科精子检查多少钱福州附一医院做试管费用



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