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哈尔滨阳光妇科医院生宝宝多少钱方正县中心医院剖腹产需多少钱No matter how differently cultures celebrate and mourn their dead, one thing is absolute: the body dies in exactly the same way.其实不论不同文化悼念死者的方式有多大差异,至少有一点是相通的:人们的尸体会以同样的方式腐败消逝。The people over at Asap Science decided to break it down for you.Asap Science频道(Youtube上有关趣味科学的热门频道)将为你揭晓这一切。Death, it seems, is rather a complicated affair this is what your body goes during and after.死亡看起来确实是很复杂的一个过程。我们一起来看看尸体将经历怎样的变化。1.The last bit of oxygen in your body is used up, and brain activity surges briefly as neurons stop working and the brain stops secreting hormones that regulate body function.1.当你消耗完体内最后一缕氧气后,神经细胞会停止活动,大脑也停止分泌调控身体机能的激素,但此时的大脑活动却在短时间内激增。The last of the energy stores (ATP) is used up and the sphincter relaxes, causing the body to release urine and excrement.储能物质(三磷酸腺苷)消耗尽后,括约肌会放松,之后大小便排出体内。2. Between 15 and 25 minutes after death, the lack of blood flow to capillaries causes the skin to go pale.2.死后15到20分钟内,由于毛细血管内缺少流动的血液,皮肤会开始发白。The heart is no longer beating, so blood is not being propelled around the body.心脏停止跳动,血液也停止在体内循环。As a result, the blood pools in the lower parts of the body.结果,血液会聚集在尸体的下部。3. After 12 hours, the skin will have reached maximum discoloration (or a reddish purple colour).3.12小时后,皮肤会完成最大程度的褪色(或变成紫红色)。Calcium leaks into muscle cells, binding to proteins which are in charge of muscle contraction.钙会渗入肌肉细胞中和控制肌肉收缩的蛋白质结合。The stiffness referred to as rigor mortis sets in three to six hours after death, and lasts for between 24 and 48 hours.尸僵会出现在死后3到6小时内,并将持续24到48小时。4. Dead cells and carbon dioxide causes the PH level of your skin tissue to rise.4.死亡细胞和二氧化碳会使你皮肤组织的PH值(酸碱度)升高。This makes the cell membrane weak and it bursts, releasing proteins and enzymes which further break down the surrounding tissue.然后细胞膜会变薄并破裂,释放蛋白质和酶,这两种物质能进一步分解周围组织。This is the process of decomposition.这就是分解过程。5. Micro-organisms start to break down your body.5.微生物开始分解尸体。Bacteria in the gastro-intestinal tract eats through the abdominal organs.胃肠道内的细菌蚀穿腹部器官。This is called putrefaction, and it causes the smell of death associated with a dead body.这个过程我们将其称为腐烂,此后尸体会开始散发尸臭。The breakdown of amino acids creates other strong-smelling acids which attract insects that lay eggs in the rotting tissue.氨基酸分解会产生带有刺激性气味的酸,昆虫被这种气味吸引过来并在腐烂的组织内产卵。The eggs hatch after 24 hours and the maggots eventually consume 60 percent of the body tissue over a number of weeks.虫卵在24小时后会孵化,经过几周的时间,蛆虫会食用60%的身体组织。6. Finally, the maggots create holes in the rotting flesh, which allow decomposition fluids and gases to escape.6.最终,蛆虫会在腐肉里筑造小孔,分解后的液体和气体会通过这些小孔释放出来。After a month and a half, beetles and fungi further consume the remains.一个半月后,食腐甲虫和真菌进一步分解尸体。This is called dry decay which can take up to one year.这就是干腐过程,大概会持续1年。Eventually, every part of the body will have been broken down and used.至此,尸体的各个部位被分解吸收完毕。 /201611/475975哈尔滨妇幼保健院无痛人流要多少钱 The chief minister of the south Indian state of Telangana has caused outrage after moving into a palatial new home that cost taxpayers .3m.印度南部泰伦加纳邦的首席部长近来搬入了一所花费纳税人730万美金的豪宅官邸,这一事件引起了当地人的极度不满。The building is sp over 9,000 square metres (100,000 sq ft) of prime real estate in Hyderabad city.这所新官邸占地9000平米(折合10万平方英尺),位于海得拉巴市最好的地段。It has bulletproof bathrooms, an auditorium which seats 250 people and a meeting hall that accommodates 500.该豪宅内有一个防弹厕所,还有一个可容纳250人的礼堂和一个可容纳500人的会议厅。The house was blessed by the minister#39;s special guru while the bulletproof bathroom has been roundly mocked.这位部长曾请来法师作法祈福,不过它的防弹厕所还是遭到了公众的奚落。Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao moved into the house last Thursday after a series of religious rituals led by his spiritual guru, Chinna Jeeyar Swamy.在法师Chinna Jeeyar Swamy进行了一系列仪式后,钱德拉塞卡·拉奥于上周四搬进了这个新住所。The house, named Pragathi Bhavan, was built in close consultation with vaastu (similar to Feng shui) experts. Mr Rao is a great believer in vaastu, which is an ancient Hindu custom used in construction.这所豪宅名叫Pragathi Bhavan,是经过vaastu(印度版风水)专家商讨之后兴建的。vaastu是古印度在建房子时的一种习俗,拉奥部长非常迷信它。He has also been in the news for trying to demolish the state#39;s secretariat complex because he believes its vaastu is bad for the state.此前他也因想要拆除该州的秘书大楼而被媒体报道,原因是他认为大楼的vaastu对该州不利。 /201612/481536After years of development, protest and regulatory red tape, the first genetically modified, non-browning apples will soon go on sale in the US.历经多年研发、非议以及监管部门设置的重重障碍,首款防褐变转基因苹果很快将在美国开售。The fruit, sold sliced and marketed under the brand Arctic Apple, could hit a cluster of Midwestern grocery stores.这款备受争议的“北极苹果”会在美国中西部的一些杂货店以切片形式进行初期的试点销售。The limited release is an early test run for the controversial apple, which has been genetically modified to eliminate the browning that occurs when an apple is left out in the open air.因为经过了转基因改良,这种苹果的果肉暴露在空气中也不会变成褐色。Critics and advocates of genetic engineering say that the apple could be a turning point in the nation#39;s polarizing debate over genetically modified organisms (GMOs).基因工程的批评人士与持者均表示,美国国内对转基因作物的争论已呈两极化,而这种苹果可能会成为这一局面的转折点。While genetic modifications have in the past been mainly defended as a way to protect crops, the Arctic Apple would be one of the first GMOs marketed directly to consumers as more convenient.过去人们主要因为转基因是保护农作物的一种手段而为其辩护,而“北极苹果”或成首款直接向消费者出售的转基因作物之一则是由于其更加便捷。;What companies are desperate for is some really popular GMO product to hit the market,; said McKay Jenkins. ;Any successful product could lift the cloud over GMOs.;麦凯·詹金斯表示:“企业渴望的是真正受市场欢迎追捧的转基因产品。任何转基因商品在市场上的成功都可能会打消人们对转基因生物的疑虑。”Industry executives predict the apple could open a whole new trade in genetically engineered produce, potentially opening the market to pink pineapples, antioxidant-enriched tomatoes, and other food currently in development.业内高管预测,“北极苹果”可以为转基因农产品打开一个全新市场,同时也为今后把粉色菠萝、抗氧化西红柿等尚在研发的转基因食物推向市场做好了铺垫。 /201702/492480道里区妇幼保健院咨询电话

看妇科哈尔滨市哪家专科医院好黑龙江哈市妇儿妇科医院妇科评价 A documentary series ;The Tokyo Trials; produced by Radio and Television Shanghai, was awarded the title ;Best Documentary Series; at the 21st Asian Television Awards in Singapore.近日,由上海广播电视台制作的系列纪录片《东京审判》在新加坡斩获第21届亚洲电视奖最佳系列纪录片大奖。The awarded series, produced by an all-female group who once was honored by the famous American Emmy Awards, aired last year.这部获奖纪录片于去年播出,其制作团队曾荣获著名的美国艾美奖,成员都是女性。The three-episode documentary covers the trials of Japanese war criminals by the International Military Tribunal for the Far East from 1946 to 1948.这部纪录片共三集,讲述了1946年至1948年远东国际军事法庭对日本战犯的审判。;The Smokeless War; overall introduces the Tokyo trials, focusing on three well-known trials.《没有硝烟的战场》对东京审判做了整体介绍,聚焦三个著名庭审。;The Judgment Beyond Winners; puts a positive spin on the controversial parts of the trials.《超越胜者的审判》对于庭审中具有争议的部分进行正面解读。The last episode, ;Unforgettable Memories;, shows the hard steps from the perspective of the Chinese delegation and their children and grandchildren.最后一集《不能忘却的记忆》以中国代表团及其后人的视角,揭示这场审判的艰难历程。Many materials collected from the US were seen in China for the first time, which are of high historical value.该纪录片从美国采集的很多影像在国内首次披露,具有非常高的史料价值。He Qinhua, former principal of East China University of Political Science and Law, thought that the documentary showed Chinese research on the Tokyo trials having an international level.华东政法大学前任校长何勤华认为,这部纪录片展示了中国对东京审判具有国际水平的研究。 /201612/483085黑龙江省妇儿妇科医院打胎可靠吗

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