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It a Wonderful Life; Cape Cod; backward versus backwards; to agree with versus to agree to versus to agree on; howdyWords:unselfishnessfraudto take (one) anger out on (someone)to commit suicideguardian angelinspirationalcapeyear-roundbed and breakfastvineyardto swellsign languagebackward backwardsto agree withto agree toto agree onhowdy 35597Pierre:How does it feel to be on the cusp of a new discovery?皮埃尔:有了新发现的感觉如何?Irene:Let not jump the gun.艾琳:我们不要莽撞Weve made some major leaps ward, but Im not sure Id call what weve done so far revolutionary.虽然取得了一些重大进步,但我不确定到目前为止是革命性创举Pierre:Not yet, but youre close to a breakthrough.皮埃尔:还没有,但你已经接近突破That evident.这很明显Irene:I think you might be overstating the case.艾琳:我觉得你可能夸大了事实If we do make a small breakthrough, it will only contribute to the current body of knowledge in the field, not turn the field on its head.如果我们有了小的进展,只会对当前该领域的知识有所贡献,而不是整个领域Pierre:I think youre downplaying the possible impact of such a discovery.皮埃尔:我觉得你在降低这样的发现可能造成的影响I think youll be recognized as a pioneer, a real trailblazer.我想你会被认为是一个先驱,一位真正的先驱Irene:And your contribution?艾琳:那你的贡献呢?Pierre:You know what they say:Behind every great woman is a great man!皮埃尔:你知道他们会说:每个伟大的女人背后都有一个伟大的男人! 3776手部[00:.]Listen and Share[00:.81]Hand Massage 手部[00:.66]英文原文[00:.66]To stimulate circulation,[00:6.50]rub your palm over the back of the hand[00:9.68]and then repeat with the other hand.[00:3.87]This movement is very similar to washing your hands[00:36.31]and it does not only stimulate circulation,[00:39.60]it also warms the hands.[00:.]Soft Hands [00:.]So your hands don't feel soft anymore? [00:7.]Bee you go to bed, [00:9.]lavish on the Vaseline and then pop on a pair of cotton gloves.[00:5.88]Your hands will be incredibly soft by morning. [00:58.]Too much water and chemicals [01:01.30]Get into the habit of wearing rubber gloves[01:.8]when you do any cleaning around the house. [01:.98]The reason?[01:.89]Cleaning agents can be extremely harsh on both nails and hands.[01:.66]The nails when exposed to water,[01:.]swell and then shrink back as they dry.[01:.51]This contributes to brittle nails. [01:7.1]中文大意[01:.99]用手掌来回互相擦另一只手的手背,这样可以促进循环[01:.5]这个动作和洗手很相像,[01:36.7]它不仅能促进血液循环,还能温暖你的双手[01:0.]柔软的双手[01:1.73]你的双手不再柔软了吗?[01:.00]睡觉之前,在手上涂上厚厚的凡士林,然后戴上棉手套[01:8.81]早上起来,你就会发现手变得相当柔软[01:5.5]太多水分和化学物质[01:5.78]清洗东西时,要养成戴橡皮手套的习惯[01:58.6]为什么?清洁剂对指甲和手的伤害非常大[:.7]指甲浸泡在水中时会膨胀,[:.9]等它们干了以后又缩回去,这会得指甲变得脆弱[:.3]逐句对照[:19.60]To stimulate circulation,[:1.]rub your palm over the back of the hand[:.70]and then repeat with the other hand.[:7.83]用手掌来回互相擦另一只手的手背,这样可以促进循环[:33.7]This movement is very similar to washing your hands[:37.]and it does not only stimulate circulation,[:0.3]it also warms the hands.[:.8]这个动作和洗手很相像,[:.]它不仅能促进血液循环,还能温暖你的双手[:9.01]Soft Hands 柔软的双手[:5.]So your hands don't feel soft anymore? [:55.65]你的双手不再柔软了吗?[:57.98]Bee you go to bed, [:59.51]lavish on the Vaseline and then pop on a pair of cotton gloves.[:.81]睡觉之前,在手上涂上厚厚的凡士林,然后戴上棉手套[:.7]Your hands will be incredibly soft by morning. [:.37]早上起来,你就会发现手变得相当柔软[:18.3]Too much water and chemicals [:.98]太多水分和化学物质[:3.31]Get into the habit of wearing rubber gloves[:6.9]when you do any cleaning around the house. [:9.93]清洗东西时,要养成戴橡皮手套的习惯[:33.6]The reason?[:35.]Cleaning agents can be extremely harsh on both nails and hands.[:0.39]为什么?清洁剂对指甲和手的伤害非常大[:.63]The nails when exposed to water,[:6.95]swell and then shrink back as they dry.[:50.5]指甲浸泡在水中时会膨胀,[:5.88]等它们干了以后又缩回去,[:55.3]This contributes to brittle nails. [:58.1]这会得指甲变得脆弱[:.0]讲解[:.]rub 搓、揉[:18.]lavish on 大肆花费[:1.96]Do not lavish money on luxury goods.[:9.7]You lavish care on him.[:33.56]incredibly 不能相信的,可疑的,不可思议的[:0.9]improbably 未必然的,不像真实的[:.]implausibly 难以置信的[:7.]unbelievably 难以置信的,不可信的[:51.31]harsh on[:5.3]harsh 刺耳的、刺眼的、严酷的[:57.58]The color gave out a harsh light.[:.]harsh on sth.[:.71]This new facial cleanser may be harsh on your skin.[:.8]exposed to[:.66]If you were exposed to the public as a superstar,[:6.]you will feel tremendous pressure from public opinions.[:.95]知行英语提醒您 学英语要锲而不舍 889367  Lessons from Geese  Lesson 1  As each goose flaps its wings, it creates an uplift the bird following it. By flying in V-mation, the whole flock adds 70% greater flying range than if it flew alone.  People who share a common direction and sense of commy can get where they are going quicker and more easily because they are traveling on the trust and support of one another.  Lesson   Whenever a goose falls out of mation, it quickly gets back into mation to take advantage of the lifting power of the bird ahead, but not try to fly alone.  If we have as much sense as geese, we will stay in mation with those who are headed where we want to go and be willing to accept their help, as well as give ours to others.  Lesson 3  When the lead goose gets tired, it rotates back into the mation and another goose flies at the point position.  It pays to take turns doing the hard tasks and sharing leadership. With people as with geese, we are interdependent on each other skills and capabilities and special talents and resources of the individuals.  Lesson   The geese in a mation honk from behind to encourage those in front to keep up their speed.  We need to make sure our honking from behind is encouraging and not something else. In groups where there is great encouragement against great obstacles, the production is much greater. This is the power of encouragement. At the center of encouragement is ;courage;, and the root of courage is a Latin word that means ;heart;. Maybe honking strengthens the heart.  Lesson 5  When a goose gets sick, or wounded, or shot down, two geese drop out of mation and follow it to help and protect it. They stay with it until it is either able to fly again or dies. Then they launch out on their own with another mation or catch up with the flock.  If we have as much sense as geese, we too will stand by each other in difficult times as well as when we are strong. 18Famous Songs-“Mack the Knife”; Monument Valley and the Valley of the Gods; stem versus stalk versus shoot; using one middle name as one first name; indeedWords:gangstermoritatup-tempojackknifebillowto oozecementserial killerreservationpetroglyphprehistoricstemstalkshootindeed 66

American Playwrights-Tennessee Williams; how to become a real estate agent; thief versus burglar versus robber versus mugger; to sell someone a bill of goods; to hold up one end of a bargain; momentumWords:hitmenageriedysfunctional familyby faradapted the screenmost accomplishedto real estateagentto afdreal estate brokerbackground checkthiefburglarrobbermuggerto sell someone a bill of goodsto hold up one end of a bargainmomentum 3753

Rene:Why are you sitting here just staring into space?莱尼:你为什么坐在这里干发呆呢?Francis:Im pondering life.弗朗西斯:我在思考人生呢Rene:That sounds profound.莱尼:听起来够深奥的Francis:Im examining my life from a metaphysical standpoint.弗朗西斯:我在从形而上学的角度来思量自己的人生Im not sure I really exist.我不确定自己是否真实存在Maybe my entire life is an illusion and there no such thing as reality.也许我的人生就是一场幻象,而且根本不存在所谓的现实Rene:Okay. Are you sure youre feeling all right?莱尼:好吧你确定自己很好吗?Francis:Im better now that Ive made some decisions about my epistemological outlook on life.弗朗西斯:我很好的, 对于人生观的认识我做了一些决定Im allowing reason and logic to guide me.我让理性和逻辑来指引我前行Rene:That great, but you still seem a little distracted.莱尼:太好了,但你看起来似乎仍然有点矛盾Francis:That because Im wrestling with some major questions about ethics and morality.弗朗西斯:那是因为我正在纠结一些关于伦理及道德的问题It not easy always trying to do the right thing.总是正确可并非易事Rene:I can understand that, but could you get me…?莱尼:我能理解,但是你能说几句吗?Francis:But then I think that perhaps the only thing that matters in life are esthetics, and I should devote my life to creating beauty.弗朗西斯:但我想,也许在生活中唯一重要的是美学,我应该致力于给自己的生活创造美Rene:That a nice idea, but have you given any thought to how youd pay the rent?莱尼:这是个好主意,但是你有没有考虑过拿什么付房租?You could start by getting me a cup of coffee.你可以先给我来一杯咖啡然后再聊聊这个Francis:Ah, I see youre a realist.弗朗西斯:哦,我看得出,你是一位现实主义者Do you want your usual or do you want to hear the specials?你是想一生这样平淡无奇还是想听点特别的? 019558

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