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  • Teachers have been dubbed "gardener", "engineers of human souls" and is respected by the whole society as a career.教师被人们称为“园丁”、“人类灵魂的工程师”,是受到全社会尊重的一种职业。January 21, 1985, the Ninth Meeting of the Sixth NPC Standing Committee decided that each year on September 10 as Teacher's Day. Teacher's Day scheduled for September 10, to consider the new school year, as new weather, the teachers have new feeling. Iraq began full admission of respecting teachers, teachers can teach and students can learn to create a good atmosphere.1985年1月21日,第六届全国人大常委会第九次会议决定,每年9月10日为教师节。定教师节为 9月10日,是考虑到新学年开始,学校要有新的气象,师生要有新的感觉。新生入学伊饱即开始尊师重教活动,可以给教师教好、学生学好创造良好的气氛。Meanwhile, a national holiday in September less convenient time to focus on all aspects of organizational activities and highlight reports, attaching importance to the promotion of the country, respect for knowledge and talent of the good society as a whole.同时,9月份全国性节日少,便于各方面集中时间组织活动和突出宣传报道、促进全国范围内形成尊师重教、尊重知识、尊重人才的良好社会风尚。教师节祝福语:We all like having you as our teacher. You have our respect and gratefulness.我们喜欢您做我们的老师,我们尊敬您、感激您。We are more thankful than we can express.对您的谢意,我们无法用语言来表达。You have been a qualified teachers and even better friend. Thank you for all that you have done.您不仅是一位合格的教师,更是一位好朋友,谢谢您所做的一切。Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.教育不是灌满一桶水,而是点燃一团生命的火焰。The man who can make hard things easy is the educator.能使艰难之事变得容易的人是教育者。Send you our everlasting feeling of gratefulness and thankfulness on this special day.在这特别的日子谨向您致以我们永恒的感激之情。It is the most appropriate time to show you our thanks.现在是向您表达感激之情最为恰当的时刻。This small gift is only a tiny token of our gratefulness. We all want to thank you.这件小小的礼物略表我们的感激之情。我们大家都很感谢您。I am truly grateful to you for what you have done.我深深地感激您所做的一切。 /200909/83772。
  • An intense heatwave is threatening havoc with this year#39;s US grain harvest, burning up hopes of blockbuster yields and sending prices soaring. 一场热浪正威胁今年美国的谷物收成。它浇灭了丰收的希望,谷物价格随之暴涨。 Even a modest reduction in crops could send ripples through global food commodities markets, as the US is the world#39;s top exporter of corn, soyabeans and wheat and stocks of the first two are relatively low. 由于美国是世界最大的玉米、大豆、小麦出口国,而玉米和大豆的储量都相对较低,因此即使是收成的小幅降低,也会在全球粮食大宗商品市场引起连锁反应。 Soyabean prices have surged to the highest level since the 2007-08 food crisis and the price of this year#39;s corn crop has risen 30 per cent since mid-June. Worries about the size of the US crop come only months after drought hit the Latin American soyabean belt of Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay. 大豆价格已上涨至2007年和2008年粮食危机以来的最高水平,而今年玉米作物的价格自6月中旬以来已经上涨30%。在干旱袭击拉美地区巴西、阿根廷、乌拉圭和巴拉圭的大豆种植带数月之后,人们就开始担忧美国的收成情况。 Top US farming states such as Illinois and Indiana had suffered temperatures above 38ordm;C (100ordm;F) for several days aly, with no let-up this week. ;The forecast is going to remain pretty much the same over the next week. We#39;re not looking at much of a break in the heat,; said Matt Barnes, meteorologist at the National Weather Service#39;s central Illinois office. 伊利诺伊和印第安纳等美国主要的农业州已经连续几天遭遇38摄氏度(华氏100度)以上的高温天气,并且本周也没有减弱的迹象。美国国家气象局伊利诺伊中心办事处的气象专家马特#8226;巴恩斯(Matt Barnes)说:;未来一周的天气预报基本维持不变,预计酷热天气不会中断。; Soyabean futures on Monday rose 1.5 per cent in early trading to .42 a bushel, the highest since July 2008. The oilseed price has surged 15 per cent since the beginning of June as the high temperatures blanketed farm fields. 周一早盘交易中,大豆期货上升至每蒲式耳15.42美元,上涨1.5%,处于2008年7月以来的最高位。由于高温袭击美国农田,自6月初以来油籽价格上涨了15%。 Corn came within pennies of a bushel for the first time since September as the heat places stress on stalks during their fragile pollination phase. 玉米价格自去年9月以来首次逼近每蒲式耳7美元,原因是高温给正处于脆弱的授粉期的茎秆造成了影响。 ;We aren#39;t seeing widesp failure yet, but it sure is developing rapidly,; said Brian Fuchs, climatologist at the National Drought Mitigation Centre. 美国干旱缓解中心(National Drought Mitigation Centre)气候学家布莱恩#8226;福克斯(Brian Fuchs)说:;目前还没有出现大面积歉收,但这种趋势正在快速发展。; he shift in grain market sentiment caught traders and farmers off-guard. Lulled by an an early and successful planting season, money managers such as hedge funds one month ago had the smallest number of bullish bets on corn in two years. 谷物市场情绪的变化让交易商和农民措手不及。由于今年播种季节较早而且相当成功,对冲基金等资金管理机构在一个月前持有的玉米多头为两年来最低水平。 /201207/189183。
  • The voters might not agree with him, but David Cameron yesterday voiced his support for the Duchess of Cornwall to become Queen. In a highly unusual intervention, the Prime Minister described himself as a ‘big fan’ of Camilla.   威廉王子订婚的消息被媒体炒得沸沸扬扬,而未来英国皇后的人选再一次被人们拿来当成茶余饭后的话题。会是饱受争议的卡米拉?还是威廉的未婚妻凯特?我们不得而知。然而,英现任首相卡梅伦把他的一票投给了查尔斯的老婆--卡米拉。   He said he believes the public is warming to Prince Charles’s second wife, despite signs that voters would prefer the monarchy to miss a generation and pass directly from the Queen to Prince William. Polls show that the idea of Queen Camilla is less popular now than when she married into the Royal Family five years ago. Less than a third of the public believe Charles should become King, in a sign that they want the monarchy to skip a generation and revitalise itself.   卡梅伦承认公众在选择心目中的王后时,心中的天枰会向威廉倾斜、而非他的老爸查尔斯。作为威廉的继母、查尔斯的第二任老婆,卡米拉从正式“走马上任”开始,就面临了诸多的非议。不管卡米拉是否愿意公众将她与逝去的戴安娜王妃做对比,卡米拉如今不得不应付一个“新的对手”--那就是威廉的未婚妻凯特。调查显示,只有不到30%的民众认为查尔斯会继承王位,更多的英国人觉得王位的继承会“越过”查尔斯直接落入他的儿子威廉的头上。   Asked specifically whether he would be ‘up for Queen Camilla’, the Prime Minister told Sky News: ‘I’m a big Camilla fan. ‘I think the country is getting to know her and getting to see that she is a very warm-hearted person with a big sense of humour and a big heart.’   首相卡梅伦对此却不避讳,他说:“我是卡米拉忠实的粉丝。可米拉有一颗善良的心,她也十分幽默,很吸引人。”   It is very unusual for a sitting Prime Minister to make such an emphatic contribution to such a sensitive constitutional debate, which still inspires high emotion among supporters of the late Princess Diana. Buckingham Palace aides remain acutely aware of national opinion on Diana and on Camilla’s role in the very public break-up of her husband’s first marriage.   现任首相卡梅伦的这番言论让媒体“大呼过瘾”,迄今为止,没有任何一个现任首相对这个敏感问题发表如此个性化、主观的个人见解。据悉,白金汉宫副手们还是十分关注查尔斯与戴安娜离婚后民众对此的看法。 /201011/119309。
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