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Congress and the president国会与总统Face-off对峙Anyone hoping for an outbreak of good government is likely to be disappointed想要一个良好政府的人们恐要大失所望SPEAKING at the White House after a stinging mid-term defeat, Barack Obama adopted a conciliatory tone. “Both parties,” he said, “are going to have to come together and compromise to get something done here.” Mitch McConnell, the Republican leader in the Senate, agreed, adding that he hoped the president would work with Republicans on spending, energy and trade agreements. “The question,” said Senator McConnell, “is how do we meet in the middle?” That was in November 2010. There followed a government shutdown, two flirtations with a sovereign default over the raising of the legal limit on government borrowing, and the least productive Congress since anyone began counting.谈起白宫中期大选惨败收局,布拉克·奥巴马采用一种调和的语调,说:“两党将合力协作,通过作出妥协,完成一些事宜。”参议院共和党领袖米奇·麦康内尔表示赞同,并补充道他希望总统可以和共和党就经费、能源、贸易协议问题共同努力。“问题在于,我们如何实现折中妥协?”麦康内尔议员说道。那还要追溯到2010年的11月。当时政府停摆, 两党因提高政府借贷上限造成的债务违约已经闹得面红耳赤,而且那时候任何人都期望国会有点起码的效用。The president and Mr McConnell once again made similar pronouncements about working together after another disastrous mid-term election for the Democrats on November 4th. Those who believe that this time will be different argue that divided government works better when Congress is wholly controlled by one party and the presidency by the other. When the House and the Senate are in the hands of different parties, according to this line of thinking, it is too easy for one to blame the other for intransigence and avoid governing.继11月4日民主党损失惨重的中期选举后,总统和麦康内尔先生就合力协作事宜再一次发表类似声明。认为这次会有所不同的人们争辩道,当控制国会的党派和总统所属的党派不同时,分立政府可以工作地更好。按照这种思维模式思考的话,如果白宫和参议院为不同党派所控制,那么要将不妥协的责任推脱给另外一方并且避开管理,那就太容易了。Before this idea is tested by the new Congress in January, there is a lame-duck session to finish. These sessions of Congress are typically productive when compared with the healthy-duck sort. Because the budget process pushes controversial decisions towards the end of the year, a disproportionate number of important votes on spending will fall in a session where 12 senators (or 13, if Mary Landrieu loses a run-off in Louisiana on December 6th) will not have to face the voters again and can therefore smooth their passage. In 2010 the expiring Senate allowed gay people to serve openly in the military, ratified a treaty on nuclear missiles with Russia and extended some tax cuts.在这个观点被新国会一月份验之前,美国正面临“跛脚鸭会期”。与“健康鸭会期”相比,这个时期特别“多产”。因为预算草案将会推动富有争议性的决议至今年年底。而且在这个时期就政府开销问题统计所得投票——不成比例的重要数据——将会失败,届时会有12位议员(或者13位,如果兰德里欧在12月6日失去路易斯安那州的连任)将无须再次面对选民,因此顺利通过。在2010年,奄奄一息的参议院曾允许同性恋人群公开兵役,并获准了参与与俄国的核导弹、扩展了一些减税措施。Funding the government past December 11th, the deadline to avoid another shutdown, should be straightforward. The confirmation of the 35 ambassadors and 16 judicial nominees currently before the Senate will be harder. In 2008 Democrats held a series of pretend sessions to prevent George W. Bush from making appointments while the chamber was in recess. Republicans may now try a similar wheeze; the Senate cannot go into recess without the agreement of the Republican-controlled House. Such shifty manoeuvres are now all too common.资助政府度过12月11日—避免下一次政府停摆的最后期限—应该是简单明确的。要在参议院之前确定35名大使和16名司法提名候选人将难上加难。在2008年,议院休会,民主党假装采取了一系列举措来阻止小布什做下承诺。共和党现在也许邯郸学步,但若没有被共和党控制的国会之同意,参议院就无法休会。像这样诡诈的手段现在实属家常便饭。Congress may give the president fast-track authority to negotiate foreign-trade deals. And there are other areas where Mr Obama and Republican leaders agree. Both sides want to lower Americas high taxes on companies, which contribute to the parking of just over trillion of profits overseas. Agreement may not lead anywhere: a sensible corporate-tax reform would lower rates and close loopholes; if done properly, it would mean a tax increase for those firms that now benefit from exemptions. Since most Republican members of the House have signed a pledge to voters never to raise taxes, this will be a hard sell.国会也许会给总统洽谈外贸事宜开绿灯。而且奥巴马先生和共和党领导人在一些领域仍达成共识。双方都想降低美国公司的高额税收,如此一来,将获得海外超过2万亿美元的利润。双方的意见一致并不涵盖所有领域:一个合理企业税收改革制度可以降低利率、修补漏洞;如果合理执行,对那些从免税额中获利的公司来说,意味着税收增加。因为国会里大多数共和党向选民们保,绝不增加税收,这样一来,政府将推行强卖政策。A more straightforward, though less important, change is likely when the new Senate takes up the Hire More Heroes bill, which the House has aly passed and will revive in January. This would allow companies to hire veterans whose health care is covered by the Department of Veterans Affairs, without them counting towards the overall headcount for the purposes of the Affordable Care Act. Under that law, all firms with 50 or more full-time staff must provide them with health cover.若新的议会实行“雇佣更多英雄”的法案,而这些已经被白宫通过了、且将在一月复兴,那么一个更加明确直接但不那么重要的变化有可能会发生。这样一来,公司便可以雇佣老兵,这些老兵的卫生保健被退伍军人事部承包了,若不将老兵算在内,那总员工人数将达不到“付得起的医疗保险”。依据这项法律,全公司上下超过50名全职员工(包含50名)必须获得医疗保险。The way this bill works with Obamacare suggests that House Republicans know the law itself is not going away. (A bill to repeal it may find its way to the presidents desk, but he would veto it.) A second likely tweak will be to repeal Obamacares 2.3% tax on medical devices, which will slightly increase the deficit but not affect the way the health law works. Republicans will also try to change the definition of full-time work, which triggers an employers obligation to provide insurance, from 30 hours a week to something lengthier.这项法案和奥巴马医改行之有效的方式,显示,国会里的共和党人深知法律并未失效。(废除医改的法案也许最终会出现在总统的桌子上,但总统会否决。)第二个可能变化就是废除奥巴马医改中医疗设备的2.3%税收,此举将会稍微增加赤字,但不会影响卫生法实施。共和党也将努力重新定义全职工作——具体时长为一周30个小时—这也将激发员工义务购买保险。Mr McConnell may attach things that the president would rather avoid to proposals with broad support. Approval of the Keystone XL pipeline, which would carry crude oil from Canadas tar sands to refineries on the Gulf coast, fits this description. But no compromise seems likely over global warming. The president wants to do something about it, as his tentative deal with China this week shows (see article). Most Republicans do not; Mr McConnell campaigned partly on rescuing his states coal mines from federal bullying.麦康奈尔先生也许会偏好总统避而远之而有持率高的议案。基斯顿输油管发展计划的批准符合麦康奈尔的口味,这项计划将加拿大焦油砂的原油运输到墨西哥区域的精炼厂。但是一旦涉及全球变暖问题,似乎无法做出任何让步。总统对此有所想法,因为他本周与中国达成临时协议(见文章)。大部分共和党人不想如此;麦康奈尔先生竞选的部分理由是从联邦的欺凌下挽救他所在州的煤矿。Where are the new faces?新面孔在哪里?The new Senate will have to vet the presidents appointments. The most pressing of these is a new attorney-general. The president has nominated Loretta Lynch, a federal prosecutor, to take over from Eric Holder. Ms Lynch, who has a Harvard law degree, is well qualified for the job. She also has a remarkable family story: her great-great-grandfather, a free black, fell in love with a slave and, unable to buy her freedom, became enslaved again so he could marry her. Ms Lynchs grandfather, a pastor, helped blacks escape from the organised racism of Jim Crow states. These qualifications should see her confirmed, but her nomination hearing is likely to get caught up in a fight over immigration. The president has repeated a threat to use his executive power to slow the deportation of illegal immigrants—though he has yet to reveal how exactly he will do this. Senators Ted Cruz of Texas and Mike Lee of Utah have promised to press his nominee on whether such a move would be legal.新的参议院将不得不审视总统的任期。最压抑的地方就是新司法部长。总统已经任命林奇联邦检察官接任艾瑞克·霍尔德。林奇女士,拥有哈佛法学学位,完全能够胜任此职。她家世值得称赞:她的曾曾曾祖父是一名自由黑人,和一名奴隶相爱,但因无法帮爱人赎身,就再次成为奴隶,最后共结连理。林奇女士的祖父是一位牧师,曾帮助黑人逃脱组织性极强的黑人州。这些都可视其为最佳人选,但是她的提名听会极有可能会陷入移民争辩中。总统一再强调利用自己的管理权限放缓对非法移民的驱逐行动——尽管他还没展现他的权利到底还有多大。议员泰德·科鲁兹和犹他州的麦克·李已经许诺将逼迫他提名,不管这样的举动是否违法。After his partys drubbing in the mid-terms, Mr Obama might be expected to reshuffle his team. Yet he shows no sign of doing so. Several cabinet members are newish and unlikely to be turfed out yet. Since Rahm Emanuel left in 2010, no chief of staff has lasted much more than a year. The president will be in no rush to get rid of the current one, Denis McDonough. One adviser whose importance is likely to grow is John Podesta, who was Bill Clintons chief of staff when Republicans controlled Congress in the 1990s. He helped the two sides work together productively, despite the impeachment battle.继民主党在中期大选中落败,奥巴马先生也许会重新改组他的团队。但却不见迹象。几名内阁成员是初出茅庐,而且还未“穿戴整齐”。自拉姆·伊曼纽尔2010年离开,继任的参谋长无一例外地任期不过一年。而总统也不着急寻辞退现任者丹尼斯·麦克多诺。咨询师约翰·斯塔的影响力与日俱增,20世纪90年代当共和党控制国会时,他曾是比尔·克林顿的参谋长。虽经弹劾斗争,但他依旧帮助两方合力协作,富有成效。Many in Washington were hoping that Valerie Jarrett, Mr Obamas closest confidant, might move. Her vast influence, vague job description and lack of policy expertise infuriate Democrats and Republicans alike; but she will probably stay put. The president trusts her, and the mid-terms have made his job lonelier than ever.华盛顿许多人都曾希望奥巴马的亲信Valerie Jarrett离开。她广泛的影响力、模糊的工作经历以及缺乏政策技能,都惹怒民主党和共和党。但她有可能会屹立不倒。总统相信她,而且中期大选使得他的工作越发的孤单。译者:黄柳译文属译生译世 /201411/343292

  Generally speaking, the larger the circle you move in, the greater the centripetal force you experience.一般来说,你所处运动的圆圈越大,你所经历的向心力就越大。So, the farther you move away from the center of the merry-go-round, the more force the merry-go-round must exert on you to keep you moving in that circle.因此你距离旋转木马的中心越远,旋转木马就会施加更大的力使你保持在圆圈中运动。All this extra force on your inner ear can make you lose your balance and feel quite dizzy.所有这些你内耳中的额外力会让你失衡并且感到很头晕目眩。Another way to see centripetal force in action is with an old-fashioned record player.另一种观察向心力运动的方法是使用老式唱片机。Place a penny near the center of a spinning record, and it will stay in place as it turns.在旋转唱片中心附近放一枚一便士,而后它将保持在原地旋转。Put the penny on the edge, however, and it will fly off the record, giving visible proof that the force at the edge of a spinning object is greater than at the center.如果将硬币放在边缘,它会从唱片上飞走,这足以明旋转物体边缘的力量要大于中心处。201501/356200


  Thank you,thank you,oh boy.Tony,yes.Im gonna yall some really real police reports in our brand-new segment,Oh Puh-lice谢谢 谢谢大家 Tony 在 我将给大家读一些真实的报警记录 哦 Puh-liceall right,these are all form the police blotter section of the different news papers and unfortunately,they are real好 来看这些全部摘自不同新闻报纸中的警务报道 非常不幸呐 他们是真的This is from Rochester New Hampshire,2:58 pm这个是来自新汗布什尔州罗彻斯特的报道 下午两点五十八分The Learning Center on Hanson Street reports a man across the way stands at his window for hours making parents nervous位于汉森街的一个学习中心报警说 街对面有个男人一直站在他家窗户那儿偷窥 搞得家长们很紧张Police IDd the subject as a cardboard cut-out of Arnold Schwarzenegger,real警察出警后才发现那原来是施瓦辛格的纸板像 真的哦they also reported a guy with really loose arms and legs blowing outside of a car dealership他们还报道过有一四体不分 有伤风化的“男子” 充满气站在汽车经销商店外面They got that guy,they got him警察抓了“他” 确实抓了啊This is from Wisonsin Rapids Wisconsin,these are real,from 5:09 pm这是来自威斯康星拉皮兹 这也是真的 下午五点零九分A nekoosa woman reports a relative keeps bothering her and asking her questions一名尼库萨女子报警说一个亲戚不停地烦她 还不停问她问题Oh my god,you can call the police for that天哪 你这样也都可以报警its gonna make the holidays easier for a lot of people,that keep that in mind你只会让大家看你笑话 记住我说的话 /201610/473030


  Spains economy西班牙经济Iberian dawn伊比利亚的黎明The labour market is recovering at last. But it needs further reform劳动市场最终还是复苏了,但是其需要进一步的改革。THIS was the news the government had been waiting for. “Spains labour market has made a 180-degree turn,” crowed the prime minister, Mariano Rajoy, as the country announced the first annual rise in employment in six years. The numbers show that unpopular reforms to the malfunctioning labour market are starting to work. But there is plenty left to do.这是政府翘首以待的消息。“西班牙的劳动力市场已经发生了180度的大转弯”,当西班牙政府宣布这是六年来西班牙首次就业增长时,西班牙总理马里亚诺·拉霍伊对此洋洋自得。这些数字表明那些不受失灵劳动力市场待见的改革也已经初见成效,但仍有许多东西亟待解决。In the past year Spain has created 190,000 jobs. The unemployment rate, still one of the highest in the euro zone, fell from 26% to 24.5% (see chart), and the labour force stopped shrinking after six straight quarters of decline.在过去的一年中西班牙国内增加了19万个就业岗位。在欧元区位列前茅的失业率从之前的26%下降到24.5%,在连续六个季度的下降之后,劳动力也停止了萎缩。The labour reform in 2012 gave companies more flexibility to set wages and working conditions themselves rather than through sector-wide bargaining, and cut severance payments for unfair dismissals. Those changes, buttressed by a deal between unions and employers, tempered wage growth that had far outstripped gains in productivity. How much credit do they deserve for the upturn in employment?2012年的劳动改革给企业带来了更多的灵活性以确保工资和工作条件自身的稳定而不是通过全部门的谈判并削减对不公平解雇所分发的遣散费。这些变化是基于工会与雇主之间的交易,这种收入增长的调节大大领先于生产率的加强。但是就业情况的好转会为他们带来多少信用呢?The answer may determine the political fate of Mr Rajoy, who defied street protests to push reform through and faces a general election by the end of next year. The opposition Socialist Party claims that the number of unemployed has risen by more than 600,000 since Mr Rajoy took office in 2011, despite the reforms. Pedro Sanchez, the partys new secretary-general, promises to repeal them if it regains power.这个或许会决定拉霍伊的政治命运。拉霍伊抵制街头抗议,强行推进改革,而明年年底西班牙大选在即。在野的社会党声称,尽管有改革,但是自从2011年拉霍伊先生上任以来,失业人数增加了至少60万。该党派的新任秘书长佩德罗·桑切斯承诺,如果该党重新上台,则会废除一切不利的改革政策。That would be a mistake. Other factors contributed to the jobs recovery, especially the “whatever it takes” pledge by the European Central Bank two years ago to save the euro. But reform played an important role, says Rafael Domenech, an economist at BBVA, a bank. One piece of evidence is that Spain is creating jobs at lower rates of GDP growth than before. In previous cycles, employment rose when growth hit 2%. This time the gain came during a year when GDP expanded by just 1.2%.而这看起来会是一个错误。其他的因素促成了就业复苏,尤其是两年前欧洲央行为了拯救欧元所作出的那个“不惜一切代价”的誓言发挥了极大的作用。然而在BBVA的经济学家拉斐尔·多梅内克看来,拉霍伊的改革却起到了至关重要的作用。持这一说法的据之一是,西班牙国内新增的就业机会所占国内生产总值的最低比重。在以前的经济周期中,当经济增长达到两个百分点的时候就业才会增长。而这一次在GDP仅仅增长一个百分点的时候就业就已经增长了。To make a serious dent in unemployment, however, Spain will need to be more ambitious. Without further changes, the jobless rate will not dip below 20% until 2019, according to the IMF. The structural unemployment rate—the level reached when the economy is working at capacity—is 18%, triple that of America.然而,为了大力降低失业率,西班牙需要再加一把劲。据国际货币基金组织称,如果没有其他变革,直至2019年失业率也不会降低至百分之二十之下。而西班牙的结构性失业-即劳动力对经济变动的适应水平-已经达到百分之十八,是美国的三倍。One problem is that many small companies (with ten workers or fewer) have not benefited from greater flexibility. That is because the process of opting out of sector-wide agreements can be cumbersome. Such opt-outs could be made easier.一个问题是,有许多小企业(只有十个员工甚至更少)并没有从更大的灵活性中收益。这是因为选择退出的全部门协议的过程会十分复杂。而事实上这一过程能变得更容易。Another is that nearly a quarter of workers are still on temporary contracts. This is damaging, because they are much less productive than those with permanent jobs and employers do not invest in them. One way to encourage firms to hire permanent workers would be to cut severance payments to the levels of other European countries.另外一个问题是,近四分之一的工人仍然签着临时合同。这对就业稳定是毁灭性的的打击。因为比起那些有固定工作的人来说,这些临时工的效率更低,并且雇主也不愿意为这些临时工投资。相对于其它欧洲国家而言,而某种鼓励企业雇佣长工的做法会降低遣散费的水平。Nor has much been done for the 3.5m people who have been jobless for more than a year, says Marcel Jansen of Madrids Autónoma University. Many are poorly educated: Spain has one of the highest school drop-out rates in the OECD. Those with qualifications often find that they are not the ones employers want.据马德里自治大学的马塞尔·杨森成,至少350万人失业超过一年,并且其中的很多人都没受过多少教育:西班牙是OECD中辍学率最高的国家之一。而那些有学历的人常常发现他们并不是雇主想要雇佣的人。The answers, says Mr Jansen, include spending more on retraining and overhauling state-run employment offices, which do a poor job of matching workers skills with local employers needs. The government has tightened rules for people receiving unemployment benefit to encourage them to look for work or to take training courses. But they need to be effectively enforced.詹森先生说,解决这些问题的办法要包括花费更多进行业务培训,并且还要整顿国营就业办公室,因为国营办公室在引导工人习得雇主所需技能方面做得并不好。政府已经用法规对那些领取失业津贴的人们进行束缚,并鼓励他们找工作或者参加培训课程。但是这些政策得有效执行才行。The government could lower the cost of hiring workers by cutting social-security contributions, which are high by European standards. A rise in value-added tax could pay for that. Others advocate lowering the minimum wage for unskilled workers.政府可以通过削弱社会保障金来降低雇佣工人的费用,因为这个社保金水平的标准是根据欧盟标准所制定的。增值税的上涨会为此买单。而也有一些人主张用降低非技术工人的最低工资的方式来降低成本。Mr Rajoy says he will not let up on reform until Spains unemployment plague becomes merely a “sad” episode in history. He has started talks with unions and employers on a package of job-friendly measures, to be hammered out after the summer break. But with elections looming, few expect it to be bold.拉霍伊表示,除非西班牙的大规模失业造就历史上绝无仅有的一个“绝望”时代,否则他不会减缓改革的脚步与力度。拉霍伊已经开始与工会和雇主就就业友好型措施的一揽子计划进行谈判,其结果将在夏休后一锤定音。但是随着西班牙大选的临近,几乎没有人希望这个改革可以莽撞继续下去。翻译 周晓婷 校对 曾擎禹 译文属译生译世 /201508/389926Turkeys election土耳其大选How big will the protest vote be?反对票会占多大比例?Why the ruling AK party may not do as well on June 7th as in the past土耳其执政党正义与发展党在6月7日大选的表现为何会不如以往THE Justice and Development (AK) party has won three general elections in a row, most recently in 2011. Yet although it seems certain to win over 40% of the vote and remain the largest party after the election on June 7th, it is losing ground. Many things that helped AK are being reversed. The economy, its strongest suit, has run out of steam. Recep Tayyip Erdogan, AKs charismatic former prime minister, who became Turkeys first directly elected president in August, has become increasingly despotic and out of touch. And some opposition parties now look more appealing.土耳其正义与发展党已连续赢得三次大选,最近的一次是在2011年。尽管正发党对于6月7日的普选似乎胜券在握,认为自己能够赢得超过40%的选票并且其最大执政党的位置依然屹立不倒,然而,正发党的执政地位正日益失势。益于正发党之事也渐渐与其对立起来。其强项经济方面也已经疲软。正发党前首相埃尔多安魅力超凡,曾是首位于八月被直接推选而出的土耳其总统,如今的他却越来越专制与脱节。当下,不少反对党看起来更具有吸引力。The main centre-left Republican Peoples Party (CHP) has changed tack. Its leader, Kemal Kilicdaroglu, has ditched his shrilly anti-Erdogan rhetoric of old and is hitting AK hard on the economy. His pledges to double the minimum wage and to improve the lot of some 11m pensioners may sound populist, yet they have resonance. Two-thirds of CHP candidates were elected in primaries. And Mr Kilicdaroglu has managed to bring in female candidates such as Selina Dogan, an ethnic Armenian lawyer, and Selin Sayek Boke, a respected Arab Christian economist. Ultra-secular dinosaurs have gone.最大的左翼共和人民党改变了策略。其领导人齐力·克达洛格鲁也摒弃了他过去关于反埃尔多安的尖锐说辞,在经济方面对正发党发起重击。他承诺会将最低工资翻上一番,并提高约一千一百万养老金领取人群的数量,听起来民粹主义,然而反响不错。左翼共和人民党中三分之二的候选人都是经过初选选拔而来。克达洛格鲁想法设法引入了一些女性候选人,例如少数民族亚美尼亚律师赛琳娜·多根,受人景仰的阿拉伯经济学家与基督教徒赛琳·萨耶克·克。超世俗的守旧时代已远去。Alas, the newly colourful CHP is still not expected to add much to the 26% it got in 2011. But that is partly because some supporters are defecting to another opposition party, the pro-Kurdish Peoples Democracy Party (HDP). The HDP is a challenge to Mr Erdogan because his dream of an executive presidency depends on its share of the vote. Previously the Kurds fielded independent candidates to get around the minimum 10% threshold for seats in the parliament. But the HDP is now running nationally. Should it get over 10% of the vote, it will pick up 50-60 seats, leaving AK well short of the minimum 330 deputies required to propose constitutional changes, including an executive presidency.可惜的是,新晋共和人民党仍没有太大希望超过2011年,得到多于26%选票。一部分原因是某些追随者叛变投向诸如亲库尔德人民民主党的其他反对党。亲库尔德人民民主党对于埃尔多安而言是项挑战,因为他的执行主席之梦需要依靠选票来实现。此前,库尔德人派出的独立候选人在议会中所占席位最低大约10%。然而,如今共和人民党的势力正在土耳其全国范围内推行蔓延。如果共和人民党能够赢得超过10%的选票,它将在议会获得50-60的席位,那么正发党则无法凑齐包括执行主席在内的至少330位议会代表的提议来完成宪法修改。Some pollsters think AK might even fall short of the 276 seats it needs for a simple majority. It would then have to form a coalition with the third main opposition party, the far-right Nationalist Action Party (MHP), since both the CHP and the HDP say they will not go into government with AK. If, however, the HDP does not clear the 10% hurdle, AK will inherit all its seats, clearing the way not just for a renewed single-party government but perhaps for Mr Erdogans executive presidency.一些民意调查机构认为正发党达不到一般获胜票选所需的276个席位。接下来它必须要与第三方的反对党----极右翼的民族行动党进行强强联手的合作,因为共和人民党与亲库尔德人民民主党扬言不会与正发党一同加入政府。不过,如果亲库尔德人民民主党没有清除掉那10%的障碍,正发党将获得其在议会的所有席位,这不仅为能复兴一党执政的政府扫清道路,可能也能为埃尔多安的执行主席之位扫除障碍。The HDP owes its rising fortunes in part to its co-chair, Selahattin Demirtas. With his youthful looks and biting wit, the former human-rights lawyer from Diyarbakir makes Mr Erdogan seem a has-been. All over Turkey, bejewelled dowagers, hipsters and factory workers say they may vote HDP either because they “like Demirtas” or because “its the only way to stop Erdogan.” This is a sea change. The HDP was long seen as the political arm of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), the rebels fighting for Kurdish self-rule since 1984. Few doubt that the PKK and its imprisoned leader, Abdullah Ocalan, still hold much sway. But a ceasefire that has held since March 2013 has legitimised the HDP. Winning more seats in parliament would propel the Kurds further into the mainstream and loosen the rebels grip. Being shut out would have the opposite effect.亲库尔德人民民主党的好运一部分归功于其联合主席塞拉·德米塔斯,这位来自德亚巴克尔的前任人权律师,一表人才、犀利机智,反倒是埃尔多安显得过气起来。纵观整个土耳其,无论是珠光宝气的贵妇、时尚流行的潮人,还是辛勤劳作的工人都表示自己或许会将选票投给亲库尔德人民民主党,理由要么是“敬仰德米塔斯”,要么是“这是唯一能够阻止埃尔多安的方法”。这是一场席卷的变革。亲库尔德人民民主党长期以来一直被视作库尔德工人党在政治上的左膀右臂,自1984年起便致力于库尔德人自制的斗争中。无人质疑库尔德工人党,其已被监禁的领导人阿布拉杜·奥贾兰仍然拥有举足轻重的地位。2013年3月的停战协定使得亲库尔德人民民主党合法化。在议会中赢得更多的席位将推进库尔德人成为政治主流,解放反叛。如被拒之门外,效果会大大相反。Although it was Mr Erdogan who initiated peace with the Kurds, he has hit the campaign trail, Koran in hand, ranting about Mr Demirtass supposed “terrorist connections” and lack of faith. The HDP has to lure pro-AK Kurds into switching sides if it is to squeak past the threshold. “Kurds in the big western cities like Istanbul and Izmir hold the key,” concludes Behlul Ozkan, a political scientist. The HDPs victory is “by no means guaranteed”尽管埃尔多安倡导与库尔德人和平共处,他却手持《可兰经》,在竞选游说中大放其词称德米塔斯可能“与恐怖分子有来往”,无信仰不忠诚。若亲库尔德人民民主党想要侥幸逃过所谓的门槛,他们必须要引诱正发党的库尔德人转变政治倾向。“库尔德人在诸如伊斯坦布尔与伊兹密尔的西方大城市很关键,”政治科学家Behlul Ozkan如是说。亲库尔德人民民主党是否能够取胜谁也无法保。译者:陈思思 校对:王颖译文属译生译世 /201506/380734

  Researchers at University of California San Francisco have confirmed that a good nights sleep could keep colds and infections away. 加利福尼亚旧金山大学的研究人员实,晚间良好的睡眠能摆脱感冒和感染疾病。The odds of catching a cold are 28 percent higher for those who sleep five or fewer hours a night, 每晚睡眠5小时或更少的人,得感冒的几率增加百分之28,and for other infections such as pneumonia and the flu, those with less sleep have more than 80 percent higher odds of getting an infection. 而对于其它感染,如肺炎和流感,那些睡眠少的人感染的几率比正常超过百分之80。While researchers cannot confirm the exact reasons why lack of sleep increases susceptibility to infection, 虽然研究人员无法确定缺乏睡眠会增加易感染的确切原因,it has been confirmed that T-cells, a type of white blood cell that helps fight infection, do not operate as well when people are deprived of sleep.但其已经实T细胞,一种能够帮助抵抗感染的白血球,在人们睡眠缺失时工作不佳。译文属。201604/436740

  Fertility rates have fallen in countries with woeful economies, such as Greece and Italy. But they have also fallen in countries that sailed through the financial crisis, such as Australia and Norway. Although the American baby bust was expected, the lack of recovery after seven years seems odd. “I was fairly confident that women were just delaying births, and that we would see a rebound,” says Mr Johnson. “Im beginning to wonder now.” In Britain the drop came late: the fertility rate fell from 1.92 to 1.81 between 2012 and 2014. Then there is France, where couples looked at the economic slump and shrugged. The fertility rate there has barely moved.在经济状况糟糕至极的国家中,如希腊和意大利,它们的生育率已经下跌。但在平稳度过金融危机的国家中,如澳大利亚和挪威,该指标也下降了。尽管美国出现生育低谷在意料之中,但过了七年也没有得到恢复,着实离奇。“我相当有信心,女性们只是延迟生育,我们将会看到恢复,”约翰逊先生说道。“我现在开始感到好奇。”在英国,生育率下跌得晚了些:2012年至2014年间,生育率从1.92降至1.81。然后在法国,夫妻们看着经济衰落,也表示无奈。但该国的生育率几乎没有发生变化。If some of the international trends are hard to fathom, so is the strange uniformity within countries. Trude Lappegard, a Norwegian demographer, says that her countrys baby bust, which has been going on for six years, might be easy to explain if it had hit one group especially hard. Instead, women of all ages and all levels of education are having fewer children如果说一些国际趋势很难准确探寻,那么对于国际间奇怪的一致性也很难了解清楚。一位来自挪威名叫褚德兰培格的人口统计学家说道,该国的生育低谷已经持续六年,这可能很容易的解释成是否是特别严重的冲击了某个阶层的女性。但恰恰相反,不同年龄层及受教育程度不同的女性所生育的孩子都越来越少。One possible explanation is that immigrants are not boosting birth rates much these days, and might even be dragging them down. Some demographers suggest that cuts to welfare might have made poor mothers warier of having children. But that does not explain the behaviour of middle-class women. And family support has actually become more generous in some countries with falling fertility.一个可能的解释是这些年移民并没有提高出生率,甚至有可能拉低出生率。部分人口统计学家称,削减福利可能会使家境贫困的母亲在考虑是否生育小孩这个问题上更加谨慎。但是这不能解释中产阶级女性不生育的行为。另外,在部分生育率下降的国家,家庭持实际上变得更加充足。Ann Berrington of Southampton University points to housing. Young and even not-so-young couples find it hard to buy property in England and Wales: 46% of 25- to 34-year-olds lived in private rented accommodation in 2014-15, up from 24% a decade earlier. Four in ten 24-year-olds still live with their parents. Home-ownership rates have fallen in America and Australia, too. The rate is rising in France, where fertility has held steady—though that might be thanks to strong pro-natalist policies.南安普敦大学的安柏林顿把焦点指向住房。在英格兰和威尔士,对年轻夫妇以及不太年轻的夫妇来说,购买房产很困难:2014-2015年期间,有46%年龄在25-34岁之间的夫妇居住在私人出租屋里,而十年前租房比率为24%。在24岁的年轻人中,有五分之二和父母同住。住房拥有率在美国和澳大利亚也有所下降,然而在生育率保持稳定的法国,住房拥有率却在上升,尽管这有可能归因于法国强有力的鼓励生育的政策。You can have a baby in a rented flat, of course. But in a country like Britain, where earlier generations found it easy to buy homes, that seems to flout a psychological rule for some. In the 1960s Richard Easterlin, an American economist, suggested that people would avoid having children if they felt unable to bring them up in a style that at least matched the way they were raised. It might be time to dust off that idea.当然,你可以在一个出租屋里养育小孩。但是在英国这样的国家,对前几代人来说买房子很容易,这似乎是在嘲笑某种心理规律。在20世纪60年代美国经济学家理查德?伊斯特林提出建议,如果父母们感觉到至少在方式上不能与他们自己从小被养育长大一样,他们就不会生小孩。现在也许是时候放弃这种想法了。Some couples could be delaying having babies not because they cannot afford them, but because of a vague feeling that family life is harder than it used to be. A Pew poll of 11 rich countries last year found that 64% believe that todays children will be worse off than their parents. Perhaps the gloom has sp even to countries with strong economies. Mr Sobotka suggests that Scandinavians could have overreacted to repeated news reports about hard times elsewhere in Europe. “It gets below peoples skins,” he says.有些夫妇延迟生小孩并不是因为他们没有能力抚育小孩,而是因为他们模模糊糊地感觉到家庭生活会比以往更难。去年,佩尤对11个富裕国家进行的民意调查发现,64%的被调查者相信如今的孩子会比父母更加拮据。也许这种悲观情绪甚至已经蔓延到经济实力强大的国家。索特卡先生认为斯堪的纳维亚人可能对欧洲以外国家关于困难时期的反复报道反应过度。他说:“这会让人很害怕。”In this, childbirth might be a little like politics. When a surly, anti-politics mood first took hold in Europe and America after the financial crisis, it was tempting to think it would dissipate as economic growth returned. Today Donald Trump is the probable Republican presidential nominee in America, the National Front is rampant in France and the British government is fighting both Scottish separatism and Europhobia. Bad moods can linger.在这一点上,生育可能有点像政治。在金融危机之后,阴郁、反政治的氛围笼罩欧洲和美国,人们很容易认为,这种氛围会随着经济恢复增长而消散。如今,唐纳德·特朗普大有希望成为美国共和党总统候选人,在法国,国民阵线肆虐,英国正与苏格兰的分裂主义和排斥欧盟行动相斗争。这阴沉的氛围将久久不散。Whether and when birth rates bounce back, and how high, has broad consequences. Americas Census Bureau simply assumes that current fertility rates will persist. Since 2008 it has slashed its prediction for the countrys population in 2050 from 439m to 398m. If lower fertility lasts, it would help balance government accounts in the short term, because there would be fewer children to educate, but hurt in the long term. A fertility rate of 1.8 would mean twice as large an annual social-security deficit by 2089 as one of 2.2, as a percentage of the social-security tax base.出生率是否会反弹,在什么时候反弹,反弹多少,结果不定。美国人口普查局作出简单假设,目前的生育率将持续一段时间。自2008年以来生育率削减,该国对于2050年的人口预测从4.39亿下降到3.98亿。如果生育率持续低下,在短期来看,将有利于平衡政府收,因为将会有更少的孩子需要接受教育,但是长期来看损失较大。1.8的生育率意味着到2089年社保赤字将是生育率为2.2的两倍,同时生育率也是社会保障百分比的税基。A persistent slump would also be bad news for nappy-makers. But the overall effect on the market for baby gear might be surprisingly slight. Marcus Tagesson, the boss of Babyshop, a Stockholm-based retailer, says that the important thing is that couples have at least one child. The first baby is the most profitable, he explains. Parents want everything to be new and perfect; besides, they make mistakes with their first-born that they do not repeat. Such as? “White clothes,” says Mr Tagesson, a little ruefully.生育率持续下降对于尿布湿制造商无疑是个坏消息。但是总的来说对婴儿用品市场的影响可能会小的令人惊讶。宝贝天地(婴儿用品制造商)的老板马库斯是来自斯德哥尔的零售商,认为重要的是夫妻至少有一个孩子。他解释道,第一个孩子是最赚钱的。父母希望一切都是崭新的,完美的;此外,父母们不想重复犯他们出生时父母所犯下的错误。例如马库斯有点悲伤地提到的“白衣”。翻译:许佳amp;周玮 校对:赵容 译文属译生译世 /201605/444818。

  But other leading Nazis were not so full of praise for Hitler.有些纳粹高官对他并不是满口称赞。Gregor Strasser, still an important figure in the party,thought that Hitler was stupid to hold out for the Chancellorship.仍在纳粹身居要位的格雷戈尔·史特拉斯觉得希特勒延误总理任期的做法很愚蠢。He had had enough.他忍无可忍。He should realise that he has been consistently refused this post by everybody.他应意识到他一再拒绝出任此职位。Im not prepared to wait for the Fuehrer to be appointed Reich Chancellor as, by then, our movement would have collapsed.我不打算等元首被任命为总理,界时,我们的政府像散沙一盘。Im at the end of my tether, Ive resigned from the Party and Im now going to the mountains to recuperate.容忍已到了极限,我已退党,我现告老归田。But some in the German elite were beginning to think that appointing Hitler as Chancellor might be one way out of Germanys problems.但在德国精英阶层中有人相信任命希特勒做总理一职或许是解决德国问题的方法。The aristocratic Franz von Papen, a former Chancellor himself,thought Hitler could be a useful figurehead.弗朗茨·冯帕彭是德国贵族之一,曾任总理,他认为希特勒会成为有价值的傀儡。He didnt find Hitler charismatic,but curiously unimpressive.他不但不觉得希特勒有领袖魅力,而且极不起眼。What they were most frightened of was not Hitler,but the Communists.他们最怕的不是希特勒,而是共产主义者。And so, von Papen and his friends,backed an idea to make Hitler Chancellor,as long as there were only a few other Nazis in the cabinet.于是冯帕彭和朋友决定,只要内阁中纳粹党占席不多,就持希特勒出任德国总理。On 30th January 1933, after lobbying from von Papen and others,Hitler was appointed Chancellor by President Hindenburg.1933年1月30日,在冯帕彭和其他人游说后,兴登堡总统任命希特勒为德国总理。For Hitlers supporters,this was the strongest proof yet of his power as a charismatic leader.对于希特勒的持者而言,这无疑是其领袖魅力的强有力明。When it had looked impossible that he would become Chancellor,and many had doubted him, he had asked them to have faith.因为他与总理一职无缘时,众人都满腹疑问时,他告诫要有信念。And now, he WAS Chancellor.现在,他已然登上总理高位。Von Papen, who was happy to see democracy disappear,became Vice Chancellor.民主力量削弱,使冯帕彭如愿以偿,担任副总理职务。He still thought he and his friends could control Hitler.他还相信自己和幕僚能掌控希特勒。He would shortly discover that hed made one the most monumental misjudgements in history.很快他发现,这将是史上教训最惨痛的误判之一。 译文属201512/413622

  Italys president意大利总统Matteo gets his man伦齐如虎添翼The choice of Italys president is good news for the prime minister意大利总统的新人选对首相来说是个好消息SERGIO MATTARELLA, a 73-year-old Sicilian, constitutional-court judge and former government minister, became Italys 12th president on February 3rd. Matteo Renzi, the prime minister who backed him, said his election would “turbocharge” his reforms. Mr Renzi (shown above with Mr Mattarella) is prone to exaggeration: he faces a long, hard climb. But he has again shown formidable political skills.意大利前政府部长兼宪法法庭法官、73岁的西西里岛人塞尔乔·马达莱拉于2月3日成为意大利的第12届总统。这位新总统的忠实持者、意大利总理马泰奥·伦齐表示,这位总统的当选将“增强”伦齐的改革。伦齐先生(如图,与马塔雷先生一起),常常言过其实:他面对的未来是“路漫漫其修远兮”。但他却再次显示了其高超的政治技巧。When the 89-year-old Giorgio Napolitano stepped down in mid-January, Mr Renzi promised a successor by the end of the month. That he delivered was no mean feat. Mr Napolitano agreed in 2013 to serve a second term only because parliament could not agree on his successor. This time Mr Renzi managed to unite his fractured Democratic Party (PD) behind Mr Mattarella, and secure the backing of the opposition Left, Ecology and Freedom party and of Angelino Alfano, his interior minister, who leads the New Centre Right party. That was enough: after three days of voting in which no candidate won a two-thirds majority, Mr Mattarella was elected on the fourth round, which required a simple majority, by 665 votes out of 1,009.89岁的乔治·纳波利塔诺一月中旬下台,伦齐承诺月底会有新的继任者上台。伦齐所说绝非易事。纳波利塔诺2013年连任仅仅因为他的继任者未能得到国会的通过。这一次伦齐设法联合分裂的民主党(PD)来持马塔雷拉先生,并确保左翼反对派,左派生态自由党以及领导新中右党派的内政部长安杰利诺·阿尔法诺的持。这样的形势足矣:前一轮投票所有候选人票数都没达到三分之二的票数,在三天后的第四轮选举中,1009票中马塔雷拉以665票的绝对优势胜出。Silvio Berlusconi, leader of Forza Italia, the main right-wing opposition party, and former prime minister, was against Mr Mattarella.That was mainly because he had not been consulted more carefully, despite his pact to support Mr Renzis constitutional reforms. Most in Forza Italia backed Mr Berlusconi, but quite a few defied him.而主要右翼反对党意大利力量党、前任总统贝卢斯科尼对马塔雷拉持反对态度。这主要是因为虽然贝卢斯科尼同意持伦齐的宪法改革,但是伦齐在这一方面并没有仔细地咨询他的意见。多数力量党人持贝卢斯科尼,但是也有不少人藐视他。The result has strengthened Mr Renzis position both in the PD and in government, weakened Mr Berlusconi, and thrown the right into disarray. Mr Renzi will press on with his reforms, with or without Mr Berlusconis backing. He hopes that opponents on both left and right will not risk an early election, since that could produce a more Renzian parliament. A new electoral law should be approved by the lower house by April. The reform of the Senate will take longer, but could be done next year.此次选举结果巩固了伦齐在PD党和政府中的地位,削弱了贝卢斯科尼的力量,并且并让右翼陷入了混乱之中。无论有没有贝卢斯科尼的持,伦齐先生都将加紧他的改革进程。他希望左、右翼反对党不会冒险提前举行大选,只有这样更为伦齐式的议会才会产生。新的选举法会在四月由下院批准。参议院的改革则需要更长时间,但明年会完成。The economy is at last showing glimmers of life. But as Mr Mattarella himself conceded, Italys prolonged economic crisis has damaged the countrys social fabric. He called for more reform of institutions, of public administration and of the judicial system. And he spoke of the need to combat corruption and organised crime—a highly personal theme, since he entered politics in 1980 only after the assassination by the Mafia of his brother, then Sicilys president.经济总是在末路时回光返照。正如马塔雷拉本人所说的,意大利长期的经济危机已经破坏了国家的社会结构。他呼吁更多的机构改革,司法系统改革和公共管理系统改革。马塔雷拉谈到了一个高度的个性化主题—打击腐败和有组织犯罪,因为马塔雷拉是在1980年其担任西西里大区时任主席的兄长被黑手党暗杀之后步入的政坛。翻译:上官喵 校对 王颖译文属译生译世 /201502/360022

  Were back with the first lady of the ed States,Michelle Obama.回来我们继续采访的是美国第一夫人 米歇尔·奥巴马And were talking about the ;Selma;.And Oprah, of course produced that movie.我们刚刚讨论了;塞尔玛游行; 还有奥普拉 当然 她制作了那部电影Were both friends with Oprah.Oprah is my neighbor.我们都是奥普拉的朋友 奥普拉是我的邻居And so were probably better friends.But...uh...But you hang out with her sometimes too.所以可能她关系跟我更好一些 但是 呃 但是你也偶尔跟她约出去玩Yeah, every now and then.Do you know...Whens the last time you saw her?是啊 时不时地 那你知道 你上次见她是什么时候We screened ;Selma; At our home.So a while ago. I saw them...在我家里拍摄;塞尔玛游行;那次 看来有一阵子了 我看见他们...I saw the screening that she screened in Santa Barbara,So I saw her,but I just saw her last weekend.我看了她在圣塔巴巴拍得那场戏 我看见她了 不过我上周刚见过她Yeah well, I was still on her magazine cover first.好吧 我依然还是她杂志封面的第一No, no. I just...It...Well, maybe first the way it worked out.等等 我只是...好吧 也许你的那期封面先出版的But I was first on it.And then yours came out first...Something like that.但我是最先拍完封面的 然后你的那期领先了...差不多就是这样Look, its not important who knows her better.Its not important. Its not important.你看 咱俩谁更了解她并不重要 这并不要 不重要But on the count of three well say her middle name.Because Im sure you know her middle name. Okay?那么我数到三我们一起说她的中间名 因为我敢肯定你知道她的中间名 没问题吧One, two, three...Michelle. -Carol.No, do you really know it? I do know it.一 二 三...米歇尔 卡萝尔 不会吧 你真得知道吗 我是知道的I dont know it. - I just found out today.Its ;Gail;.Yeah, I did know that. - Its ;Gail;.我并不知道 我今天才知道 是;盖尔; 是的 我记起来了 是;盖尔;I did know that.But you were saying your name.我记起来了 可是你刚说了自己的名字Yeah, she was named after me.Yeah, of course.So lets talk about...对 她用了我的名字 是的 当然 那么我们来谈谈...This is the 5th Anniversary of...The ;Lets Move; Campaign.Which is so important.今年已经是五周年了 ;动起来;运动 意义很深远的一项运动And its really in the shot that we have to,I mean, the health of these kids right now is not good.这是我们迫在眉睫 必须要做得事情 我是说 现在小孩子的健康状况并不好 /201602/426190

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