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The sailor was pointing to a piece of ice that was floating near the ship. A man was sitting on the ice, and near him was a broken sledge. The man was nearly dead from cold and could not walk. The sailors carried him carefully onto the ship, and took him to the Captain, who said:那个船员正指着漂近轮船的一块浮冰。有个人正坐在冰上,他的身旁有一辆坏了的雪橇。那个人快要冻死了并且走不了路。船员们小心地把他扶上了船,并把他带到船长跟前。船长说道:;Welcome to my ship.I am the Captain and my name is Robert Walton.;“欢迎您到我的船上来。我是船长,叫罗伯特·沃尔顿。”;Thank you, Captain Walton,; the man said.;My name is Frankenstein, Victor Frankenstein.;“谢谢您,沃尔顿船长。”那个人说道,“我的名字叫弗兰肯斯坦,维克多·弗兰肯斯坦。”Then he fainted and said no more.然后他就昏过去,不再说什么了。Two days passed before the man was strong enough to talk and then the Captain asked him to tell his story.两天后,这个男人方才恢复过来能够谈话了,这时船长让他讲讲自己的故事。;I am trying to catch someone,; said Frankenstein.;That is why I have come so far north on the ice.;“我要尽力抓一个人,”弗兰肯斯坦说道,“这就是我为什么要到这么远的北方的冰面上来的原因。”;We saw you following someone,; the Captain said.;He was huge, much bigger than a man. We saw his sledge just in front of you on the night before the storm.;“我们看见了你在追赶什么人。”船长说道,“他很大,比常人要大很多。我们在风暴的前夜看见他的雪橇就在你的前面。”;I am pleased you all saw that huge figure,; Frankenstein said.;Perhaps that will help you to believe my story.;“我很高兴你们都见到了那个庞然大物,”弗兰肯斯坦说道,“那也许能帮助你们相信我的故事。”During the days, while the Captain worked on the ship,Frankenstein wrote down his story, and each evening he what he had written to the Captain.白天,船长在船上工作时,弗兰肯斯坦写起了他的故事;晚上他便把写的东西念给船长听。Here is Victor Frankenstein#39;s story.下面就是弗兰肯斯坦的故事。 /201204/179451Elizabeth said no more, but her mind could not acquiesce. The possibility of meeting Mr. Darcy, while viewing the place, instantly occurred. It would be dful! She blushed at the very idea, and thought it would be better to speak openly to her aunt than to run such a risk. But against this there were objections; and she finally resolved that it could be the last resource, if her private inquiries to the absence of the family were unfavourably answered.伊丽莎白不做声了,可是她心里依旧不敢赞同。她立刻想到,如果到那儿去欣赏风景,很可能碰到达西先生,那多糟糕!她想到这里就羞红了脸,自以为还不如把事情跟舅母开诚布公地说个明白,免得要担这么大的风险。可是这也不妥当;也最后决定先去暗地打听一下达西先生家里有没有人,如果有人,那么,她再来用最后一着还不为迟。Accordingly, when she retired at night, she asked the chambermaid whether Pemberley were not a very fine place? What was the name of its proprietor? and, with no little alarm, whether the family were down for the summer? A most welcome negative followed the last question--and her alarms now being removed, she was at leisure to feel a great deal of curiosity to see the house herself; and when the subject was revived the next morning, and she was again applied to, could ily answer, and with a proper air of indifference, that she had not really any dislike to the scheme. To Pemberley, therefore, they were to go.晚上临睡的时候,她便向待女打听彭伯里地方好不好,主人姓甚名谁,又心惊胆战地问起主人家是否要回来消暑。她这最后一问,竟得到了她所求之不得的回答:他们不回来。她现在用不到再怕什么了,可是又逐渐产生了极大的好奇心,想亲眼去看看那幢房子;第二天早上旧话重提,舅母又来征求她的同意,她便带着一副毫不在乎的神气马上回答说,她对于这个计划没有什么不赞成,于是他们就决计上彭伯里去了。 Article/201202/170657It was a cold night,so I could not sit down to rest.In stead,I walked up and down on the beach,trying to keep warm.There was no sound except the crash of the waves.I felt very lonely and afraid.晚上很冷,所以我不能坐下来休息。反之,我在沙滩上走来走去,以试着保暖。除了波涛声外,再也没有别的声音了。我感到非常孤独,也很害怕。In the morning I climbed a hill,and looked out over the sea,but there was nothing at all on the water.And around me on the island,I could not see any houses or people.I did not like to think what had happened to my friend Alan and the others,and I did not want to look at this emptiness any longer.So I climbed down again,and walked eastwards.I was hoping to find a house,where I could dry my clothes,and get something to eat.早晨,我爬上一座小山,远望大海,但水上什么也没看见。而在岛上,我的四周也没有房屋或者人们。我不愿多想我的朋友艾伦和别人出了什么事,而且我也不想再看这片荒野了。于是我又爬下来,朝东走去。我希望自己能找到一座房子,能在那儿弄干衣并找点东西吃。I soon discovered that nobody lived on Earraid.It was too far to swim to Mull,which could see across the water.I thought perhaps I could wade across,but when I tried it,the water was too deep,and I had to turn back.By now it had started to rain,and I felt very miserable.我很快就发现没有人居住在伊锐德。要游到马尔去太远了,隔着水我能看到那儿。我琢磨着等退潮时也许能蹚过去,但我试时水太深了,我不得不退回来。这时开始下起雨来,我感到非常难受。Then I remembered the piece of wood,which had aly saved my life once.It would help me to get across the sea to Mull!So I walked all the way back to the beach where I had arrived.The piece of wood was in the sea,so I waded into the water to get it.But as I came closer,it moved away from me.And when the water was too deep for me to stand,the piece of wood was still several metres away.I had to leave it,and went back to the beach.It was a terrible moment for me.I was feeling very tired,hungry and thirsty,with no hope of getting away from this lonely island.For the first time since leaving Essendean,I lay down and cried.接着我想起了那块木板,曾救过我性命的那块。它将能帮着我渡过大海到达马尔!于是我返回到我到达时的那片海滩。那块木头在海里,于是我蹚水去取它。可是,我一靠近些时,木头就从我身边漂走了。水深得我都站不住时,那片木头离我还有几米远。我不得不随它去,回到岸上。这对我来说是很难受的一刻。我感到非常累,又饥又渴,觉得没有希望从这个孤岛上逃身。离开埃森丁后我第一次躺下来哭了起来。I do not want to remember the time that I spent on Earraid.I had nothing with me except my uncle#39;s gold and Alan#39;s silver button,and as I had never lived near the sea,I did not know what to eat or how to fish.In fact,I found some shellfish among the rocks on the coast,and ate them,but I was very sick afterwards.That was the only food that I could find,so I was always hungry on Earraid.All day and all night it rained heavily,but there was no roof or tree on the island,and my clothes were cold and wet on my body.我不想再记起我在伊锐德岛的日子。除了我叔叔的金子和艾伦的银扣子,我一无所有;而且因为以前我从来没有在海边生活过,我不知道该吃什么或怎样。事实上,在海岸的礁石中间我找到了一些贝,吃了,但过后我感到非常恶心。那是我所能找到的唯一食品,因此在伊锐德岛我总是处于饥饿状态。整天整夜雨都下得很大,但岛上没有树,也没有屋檐,我的衣裹着身体,又冷又潮。I chose to spend most of my time in the north of Earraid,on a little hill.From here I could see the old church on the island of Iona,not far away to the west,and smoke from people#39;s houses on Mull,to the east.I used to watch this smoke,and think of the people there,and their comfortable lives.This gave me a little hope,in my lonely life among the rocks and the rain and the cold sea.经选择我把我的大部分时间花在伊锐德岛北部的一座小山上。从这儿我能看见西边不远处爱欧娜岛上古老的教堂和东边马尔岛上的住户的房中冒出的炊烟。我望着炊烟,想像着生活在那里的人们和他们舒适的生活。这给我在凄风冷海中、在礁石之间过着的孤独的生活带来一丝希望。 Article/201203/175282

Full of Beans 飘香"老咖啡"In 1895, a man named Luigi Lavazza purchased a little grocery store in northern Italy for about US. Today, over one hundred years later, Luigi Lavazza S.p.A is the irrefutable leader of the espresso market in Italy, boasting nearly 45 percent of the total coffee market share. The company owes its success to its dynamic approach to business and careful attention to its customers' needs. In Lavazza's store, coffee was sold raw and then roasted according to each customer's personal preference. Luigi Lavazza was considerably skilled at carefully selecting the amount of each ingredient required for one particular blend as well as expertly determining the degree of roasting. Over the next sixty years, the company experienced rapid commercial growth with its foray into the wholesale market and its decision to narrow down its range of products. By the mid forties, the company, now Luigi Lavazza S.p.A, began specializing in the production of coffee. The firm continued expanding by leaps and bounds, and introduced the first vacuum-packed coffee with a long shelf life in the sixties. Distribution soon covered all of Italy, and the next two decades saw the conquering of both European and world markets. With its devotion to developing clever new techniques and products, Luigi Lavazza S.p.A shows no signs of slowing down, and will likely be giving other coffee companies a run for their money for a while yet. 1895年,一位名叫路吉·拉法札的男子花二十美元买下意大利北部一家小杂货店。一百年后的今天,路吉·拉法札连锁事业无疑已是意大利浓缩咖啡市场的领导品牌,占有约45%的市场。公司将其成就归功于机动灵活的行销策略及对顾客需求的关照。 拉法札店里销售的是生咖啡,而依顾客的个人喜好再事烘培。拉法札在此方面技巧十分娴熟,对任一种特殊配制,原料的质与量均是精挑细选,烘培的程度亦经审慎的专业判断。随后的六十年中,该公司以突袭批发市场决定缩减产品经营范围的办法,取得了商业的迅速发展。在四十年代中期,现名拉法札连锁事业的公司开始专门生产咖啡。 该公司持续飞速的发展并在六十年代首创真空包装,延长了咖啡保质期。销售随即遍及全意大利,之后二十年陆续征了欧洲及全球市场。拉法札连锁事业不断致力发展巧妙先进的技术及商品,从未表示要放慢速度,足以和任何其它咖啡公司作一番短暂的较量。 Article/200803/29551

Teacher: Here are two birds, one is a swallow, and the other is a sparrow. Now who can tell us which is which? Student: I cannot point out, but I know the answer. Teacher: Please tell us. Student: The swallow is beside the sparrow and the sparrow is beside the swallow.老师:这儿有两只鸟,一只是燕子,另一只是麻雀。谁能指出哪只是燕子,哪只是麻雀呢?学生:我指不出来,但我知道。老师:请说说看。学生:燕子旁边的是麻雀,麻雀旁边的是燕子。 Article/200804/36106

早读英语精华本基础篇Lesson1Tell Me The Truth About LoveSome say that love's a little boy, And some say it's bird. Some say it makes the world go round, And some say that's absurd, And when I asked the man next-door, Who looked as if he knew, His wife got very cross indeed, And said it wouldn't do. Does it look a pair of pyjamas, Or the ham in a temperance hotel? Does its odor remind one of llamas, Or has it a comforting smell? Is it sharp or quite smooth at the edges? Oh tell me the truth about love. When it comes, will it come without warning Just as I'm picking my nose? Will its knock on my door in the morning, Or t in the bus on my toes? Will it come like a change in the weather? Will it greeting be courteous or rough? Will it alter my life altogether? Oh tell me the truth about love.告诉我爱情的真相 有人说爱情是个小男孩 也有人说像只小鸟 有人说它令世界运行 也有人说那是荒谬, 当我去询问邻居的男子 他仿佛对爱情了燃 而他的妻子怒火填腐, 说那并无可能。 爱情看起来像一条睡裤, 还是像无酒旅馆的火腿? 它闻起来是骆驼的气味, 还是芬芳而温馨? 它摸起来是犹如多刺的树篱, 还是柔软若鸭绒? 它的凌厉还是光滑? 哦,告诉我爱情的真相吧。 爱情的来临是否悄无预告 像我挖鼻子那样吗? 它是否会在早晨敲响我的门, 还是会给我一脚踩到公共汽车里? 它的到来会不会像季候的变化? 它的问候是谦恭仰或粗鲁? 它会让我的生活天翻地覆吗? 哦,告诉我爱情的真相吧。 Article/200903/18058

Harry peered out of the window. It was getting dark. He could see mountains and forests under a deep purple sky. The train did seem to be slowing down.哈利往窗外一瞥,才发觉夜幕已经开始降临了。在深紫色的天空下,仍旧依稀可见绵延的群山和茂密的树林,而火车似乎也开始减速了。He and Ron took off their jackets and pulled on their long black robes. Ron#39;s were a bit short for him, you could see his sneakers underneath them.哈利和罗恩脱去夹克衫,换上他们的黑长袍,罗恩的长袍似乎不太合身,短了一点,因为它已经遮不住罗思所穿的运动鞋了。A voice echoed through the train: ;We will be reaching Hogwarts in five minutesrsquo; time. Please leave your luggage on the train, it will be taken to the school separately.;一个声音在车厢里回荡,;我们五分钟后即可抵达霍格瓦彻。各位请将行李留在车厢内,会有专人将各位的行李分批送往学校的。;Harry#39;s stomach lurched with nerves and Ron, he saw, looked pale under his freckles. They crammed their pockets with the last of the sweets and joined the crowd thronging the corridor.哈利的肚子紧张得直晃荡,而他看见罗恩那长满雀斑的脸变得苍白。他们连忙将剩下的糖果全都塞进鼓鼓的口袋里,然后一起挤进了车厢走廊上的人群中。The train slowed right down and finally stopped. People pushed their way toward the door and out on to a tiny, dark platform. Harry shivered in the cold night air. Then a lamp came bobbing over the heads of the students, and Harry heard a familiar voice: ;Firsrsquo; years! Firsrsquo; years over here! All right there, Harry?;列车缓缓地停了下来。人们拥挤向前,好不容易才挤出车门,来到一个又黑又小的站台上。寒风凛冽,哈利不禁浑身打颤。这时,只见一盏昏暗的灯在学生们的头顶上上下下跳动,左右摇摆。哈利听到一个熟悉的声音在叫喊:;一年级新生都到这边来!嘿!哈利,你还好吧?;Hagrid#39;s big hairy face beamed over the sea of heads.哈格力那毛茸茸的大脸在人海中闪现出来。;C#39;mon, follow me ; any more firsrsquo; years? Mind yer step, now! Firsrsquo; years follow me!;;来呀,跟我来;;还有一年级新生吗?走路小心啊,新生跟我走!;Slipping and stumbling, they followed Hagrid down what seemed to be a steep, narrow path. It was so dark on either side of them that Harry thought there must be thick trees there. Nobody spoke much. Neville, the boy who kept losing his toad, sniffed once or twice.新生们跌跌撞撞地跟着哈格力沿着一条又窄又陡的小路往下走。哈利见道路两边都很黑,心里推测两旁一定都是浓密的树林。几乎没人出声,只有那个不见了癞蛤蟆的尼维尔一路上气喘吁吁。;Yeh#39;ll get yer firsrsquo; sight orsquo; Hogwarts in a sec,; Hagrid called over his shoulder, ;jusrsquo; round this bend here.;;马上你们就可以生平以来第一次见到霍格瓦彻了。;哈格力大声地说,;转过这个弯就到了!;There was a loud ;Oooooh!;人群中传来一阵响亮的;哗;的赞叹。

爱丽丝看到白兔摆弄着名单,非常好奇,想看看下一个作人是谁For some minutes the whole court was in confusion, getting the Dormouse turned out, and, by the time they had settled down again, the cook had disappeared. `Never mind!' said the King, with an air of great relief. `Call the next witness.' And he added in an undertone to the Queen, `Really, my dear, YOU must cross-examine the next witness. It quite makes my forehead ache!' Alice watched the White Rabbit as he fumbled over the list, feeling very curious to see what the next witness would be like, `--for they haven't got much evidence YET,' she said to herself. Imagine her surprise, when the White Rabbit out, at the top of his shrill little voice, the name `Alice!' Article/201105/134421

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