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成都市第二人民医院鼻中隔偏曲好吗内江市第二人民医院咽喉炎怎么样Twitch. I hear.twitch 我听着Im not gonna ask you again.what does the fox say?我只问你一遍 狐狸怎么叫I mean,a multitude of things.有好多种呢Bibibibibi...exactly.哔哔哔哔 是的呢So I turned Twitch onto this yesterday, he had not seen it.我昨天叫他看了这个视频 他之前没看过And it is the most amazing Ive seen in a long time.我好长时间没有看到这么好玩的视频了The song does not leave my head.这歌挥之不去啊It has 32 million views.它已经有3195万次浏览量了And the whole...the whole one is...如果你想看完整个视频The entire s on our website,if you wanna see it.我们网站上有Heres a little bit of what we are talking about.请先看一个片段Dog goes woof Cat goes meow汪汪叫 猫喵喵喵叫Bird goes tweet and mouse goes squeek鸟啾啾 老鼠吱吱Cow goes moo Frog goes croak牛哞哞 蛙呱呱and the elephant goes toot大象则是嘟嘟Ducks say quack and fish go blub鸭呱呱 鱼啵啵and the seal goes ow ow ow海豹是嗷嗷嗷But there;s one sound但有种声音That no one knows没有人知道What does the fox say?狐狸是怎么叫?Ring-ding-ding-ding-dingeringedding!叮-叮-叮-叮个 叮个叮!gering-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding!歌林-叮-叮-叮-叮个 叮个叮!gering-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding!歌林-叮-叮-叮-叮个 叮个叮!What the fox say?狐狸怎么叫Wa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pow! Wa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pow! Wa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pow!哇-怕-怕-怕-怕-炮!哇-怕-怕-怕-怕-炮!哇-怕-怕-怕-怕-炮!Hatee-hatee-hatee-ho! Hatee-hatee-hatee-ho! Hatee-hatee-hatee-ho!哈踢-哈踢~哈踢猴!哈踢-哈踢~哈踢猴!哈踢-哈踢~哈踢猴!What the fox say?狐狸怎么叫Joff-tchoff-tchoffo-tchoffo-tchoff!又-又-又-又-又-不逗-不逗!Tchoff-tchoff-tchoffo-tchoffo-tchoff!又-又-又-又-又-不逗-不逗!Joff-tchoff-tchoffo-tchoffo-tchoff!又-又-又-又-又-不逗-不逗!What the fox say?狐狸怎么叫Its a...that is by two brothers from Norway.这是由挪威的两兄弟制作的I dont know a lot about Norway.我对挪威不太了解but im gonna assume marijuanna is legal there.不过我猜大麻在那儿是合法的Im really excited,because tomorrow for the first time on American television,theyre gonna be right here on the show.我很激动 因为他们明天第一次上美国电视 在这里What the fox say?狐狸怎么叫注:EllenShow中英字幕来源于:艾伦秀字幕组 /201311/264409绵阳市人民医院耳鸣治疗的价格 Business this week 一周商业要闻Jul 6th 2013 2013.07.06 A slew of data suggested that the British economy is recovering more robustly than had been thought. Indices of activity in manufacturing and services increased by the fastest rate in two years; a measure of business confidence was at its highest level since 2007; and a survey of credit conditions found a rise in demand for mortgages. Those figures gave Mark Carney a boost in his first week as governor of the Bank of England. Sober heads say the recovery is fragile, and point to the lack of investment.大量数据显示,英国经济复苏势头强劲,超过预期。制造业和务业PMI指数两年来均保持最快速率增长(见图)。商业信心测算值达07年以来最高水平。市场抵押需求增大,信贷条件水涨船高。前景乐观,令适才上任一周的英格兰行长马克·卡奈幸得喘气之机。清醒人士提醒,复苏表面势头虽强,本质仍显脆弱;缺少投资的现实亦如鲠在喉。Add Basel to the mix 加上巴塞尔The Federal Reserve issued rules that will compel American banks to follow the Basel 3 accords requiring them to hold more and higher-quality capital. The Fed also said it was planning even tougher requirements for eight systemically important banks, which may include a higher leverage ratio, a way of measuring how much equity banks have as a proportion of total assets.美国联邦储备局出台措施,强制美国遵守巴塞尔协议三的条款要求,持有更多且更优质的资本。美联储还表示,将对八个具有系统重要性的采取更严厉的整顿计划,可能要求提高资本充足率,即要求增大其资产净值占总资产的比重。The European Parliament voted narrowly against a measure to extend a cap on bankers’ bonuses to fund managers. Opponents of the plan argued that it would increase fixed costs on an industry that bore no responsibility for the financial crisis.欧洲议会投票决议,否决了增大投资家分红比例的提案。投反对票人士表示,金融危机到来时,投行往往推卸责任;若增大分红比例,会导致投行固定资产增加,投资风险增大。Zynga’s founder, Mark Pincus, stepped down as chief executive after a turbulent period at the online-gaming company, which is struggling to repeat the success of its desktop games on mobile devices. His replacement is Don Mattrick, who runs Microsoft’s Xbox unit and so may have learned a thing or two from the troubled launch of Xbox One.星佳都市线上游戏公司创始人马克·平克斯经历公司动乱期后辞去CEO职务,他曾试图将其在移动设备桌面游戏所创造的的辉煌复制到线上游戏,无奈未能成功。接任者是曾经担任微软Xbox部门主负责人的唐·马特里克,也许他能借鉴Xbox的经验教训,令星佳都市再创辉煌。Investors generally welcomed Nokia’s decision to buy Siemens’s share of the pair’s mobile-network equipment venture. The 1.7 billion euros(2.2 billion dollars) deal gives the Finnish company full control of Nokia Siemens Networks, which is a profitable business, in contrast to Nokia’s floundering mobile-phone division.诺基亚决定收购其与西门子的合资公司——诺基亚西门子通信公司的移动网络设备股份,投资者们喜闻乐见。17亿欧元(22亿美元)的收购金额将使这个总部位于芬兰的公司全权掌控诺基亚西门子网络。相对于老诺基亚风雨飘摇的移动电话产业,新诺西无疑是有利可图的。BlackBerry’s share price slumped by a third after it published disappointing quarterly earnings and revealed an 84m dollars loss. The smartphone-maker has revamped its range with touchscreen devices, but the 6.8m phones it shipped in the three months to June was below the 7.45m that had been forecast.继惨淡的季度收入表和一份8400万的亏损额公布后,黑莓公司股价下跌了三分之一。虽竭力完善触屏设备业务范围,然而其第二季度所售智能手机业务量只有680万,未达到预期的745万销售量。Stay of execution? 缓期执行?In a second vote the European Parliament decided to delay issuing more industrial permits to emit carbon. A glut of permits issued by Europe’s emissions-trading scheme has caused the price to sink, thus reducing the incentive for firms to cut carbon. But some argue that limiting the supply of permits will raise costs for businesses during the euro zone’s worst economic crisis. In April the parliament voted against the plan, bringing the ETS close to collapse.第二轮投票中,欧洲议会决定暂缓发放新的CO2工业排放许可。欧盟的“碳排放交易计划”发布许可供过于求,已导致许可价格降低,同时降低的还有相关企业降低碳排的积极性。有人表示,当下欧元危机深重,减少许可发放量会引起公司成本上升。该项决议在四月份表决通过,“碳排计划”由此形同虚设。Louis Freeh, the director of the FBI between 1993 and 2001, was asked to head an investigation into allegations of improper payments in the office that is processing claims against BP for the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Last month BP ran newspaper advertisements stating its commitment to fork out for “legitimate claims”, but insisting that some losses were “inflated”.就英国石油公司深水地平线原油漏油事件不合理索赔核算问题,前美国联邦调查局(1993-2001)局长路易斯·弗里已受命展开独立调查。上个月,英国石油公司登报表示,同意付法律索赔金,但坚持表示有些索赔请求略显“夸大”。A former chairman of Olympus, Tsuyoshi Kikukawa, and two other executives were given suspended prison sentences for trying to hide losses at the Japanese optical-devices company. The scandal came to light in 2011 when Michael Woodford, Olympus’s chief executive at the time, blew the whistle. Suspended sentences are often handed down in Japan for white-collar crime.光学设备公司奥林巴斯总裁兼董事长菊川刚及另外两名高管因掩盖巨额投资亏损被判处缓期徒刑。2011年该丑闻被当时英国籍的CEO迈克尔·伍德福德曝出。在日本,缓期徒刑通常宣称为白领犯罪。The chairman of CJ Group, a South Korean chaebol, was charged with embezzlement. Lee Jay-hyun is a grandson of Samsung’s founder. The government in Korea has promised to crack down on alleged mismanagement at the country’s powerful conglomerates.韩国财阀希杰集团总裁李在贤被指控挪用公款。李在贤为三星创始人之孙。韩国政府表示,针对本国实力雄厚的的大企业的问题上处理不当,承诺将进行整顿制裁。America’s Commodity Futures Trading Commission indicted Jon Corzine on civil charges in relation to the 2011 bankruptcy of MF Global, a derivatives broker at which he was chief executive. The CFTC is charging Mr Corzine with a “failure to supervise diligently” when customer funds were misused to cover bets on debt. He says the allegations have no merit.美国商品期货交易委员会对乔恩·科尔津提出民事指控,认为他与2011年全球曼氏金融破产案有关。全球曼氏金融算是一个微型投行,乔恩是其前任CEO。委员会对乔恩的指控中说,科尔津“未能尽职监管”客户资金流向,使其被挪作他用,填补债务空缺。乔恩则表示该控告为空穴来风。Steinway Musical Instruments agreed to be bought by Kohlberg amp; Company in a private-equity deal valued to the tune of 438m dollars. Steinway was founded in Manhattan by a German immigrant in 1853 and soon became the world’s most famous maker of pianos. It has factories in Queens in New York and in Hamburg.一场私募股权交易当中,斯坦威乐器公司同意以4亿3千8百万的价格被科尔伯格公司收购。斯坦威公司创于1853年,创始者为一个曼哈顿的德国移民。建立后不久它就成为了世界上最著名的钢琴制造商。它在纽约皇后区和德国汉堡都有制造工厂。Brothers who can spare a dime 穿一条裤子的兄弟Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, entrepreneurial twins linked to the early days of Facebook, submitted a plan to regulators to set up an exchange-traded fund in Bitcoins. The virtual currency hit the headlines in April when prices soared and plunged. It is thought unlikely that regulators will approve the Winklevoss Bitcoin Trust.卡梅隆和泰勒·温科勒伍——早前在Facebook的创业兄弟向监管部门提交了一份计划,申请建立比特币交易所交易基金。四月份的各种头版头条都被这个虚拟货币的波动情况给占满了。不过,要让监管部门通过这项建立温科勒伍比特币基金计划,希望并不大。201307/247739Youve probably heard it said that ones attitude affects ones health.你很可能听过,人的心态影响着健康。Yeah! Yeah! If you maintain a positive attitude or mood,then youre less likely to get sick than if youre angry or depressed.当然,保持好的心态比生气、抑郁更能抵御疾病。A certain study demonstrates that there is some truth in that old adage.一项研究表明,这句老话并非空穴来风。Fine! Tell me what you get, but dont expect me to be impressed.好吧,告诉我那个发现,但别指望我会惊讶!Over three-hundred subjects were assessed in terms of their emotions for a two-week period.研究人员就三百多个受测者进行了两个周期的情绪测试。They were assessed for positive emotions they might be feeling, such as vigor, well-being, andcalmness, as well as for negative emotions such as depression, anxiety, and hostility.心情好让受测者精力充沛、神采奕奕、淡定自若;情绪坏则表现得闷闷不乐、焦躁不安、愤世嫉俗。Then theywere each given a squirt in the nose of the virus that causes common colds.每个受测者鼻腔都注射了感冒病毒。The interesting thingis that emotional states had no effect on whether or not subjects were technically infected with the virus, which is measured by evidence of replication of the virus in the subjects body.Ha!有趣的事情发生了:通过检测受测者体内病毒繁殖数目发现,情绪对病毒感染没有任何影响。我就知道!Hold up there! Emotional states did, however, affect the symptoms the virus manifested.你别急呀!但是,情绪确实影响着感冒表现出的症状。People with more positive emotional states were less likely to suffer or complain about symptomsof the cold than people with negative emotional states.心情好似乎没那么痛苦,也比坏心情的人更少抱怨感冒。In addition, the relative health practices ofpositive vs. negative people did not account for this result.另外,相关健康惯例也无法解释这一结果。So there really does seem to be a link between emotional state and illness.这说明,情绪和疾病间确有关联。Im not feeling so well!我感觉有点不舒了!You could try being happy!也许,你可以试着让自己高兴! 201408/317653温江区妇幼保健院扁桃体炎看怎么样好不好

重庆市第二人民医院看五官科怎么样Eleanor once said, Ive married a monk not a monarch.埃莉诺曾经坦言,我嫁的是个和尚而不是一位君主。And there was another problem.还有另一个问题。The French king needed a son and Eleanor gave birth only to girls.法国国王需要一个儿子而埃莉诺只生了女孩。After 15 years and 2 daughters, Louis persuaded the church to declare the marriage void.经过15年的婚姻之旅,有了2个女儿后,路易说教会宣布这段婚姻无效。The great heiress was once again available.这位伟大的女继承人再次有了合法继承权。Suitors circled, eager to obtain her hand and her lands.追求者环绕其左右,渴望牵到她的手,还有她的土地。But Eleanor was headstrong and independent.但埃莉诺依旧任性和独立。She was determined to marry the man who could help her fulfil her own dynastic ambitions-Henry Plantagenet.她下定决心要嫁给的那个可以帮自己完成王朝野心之人—亨利?金雀花王朝。Eleanor sent word to Henry to meet her in Aquitaine.埃莉诺打发人去带给亨利在阿基坦见她的口信。As she made her way there from Paris, Eleanor had to evade kidnappers, who wanted to marry her forcibly and lay claim to her lands.她自己也设法前往巴黎,埃莉诺不得不逃避强行娶她,强抢她土地的绑匪们。Henry and Eleanor married in a hastily arranged ceremony in Poitiers Cathedral.亨利和埃莉诺在普瓦捷大教堂仓促安排的结婚仪式下成婚。This was a scandalous marriage.这是段可耻的婚姻。Henry was 19, Eleanor around 30.亨利只有19岁,而埃莉诺则30岁左右。201407/315376綦江大足区治疗耳聋大概多少钱费用 So when I...before it was really official that i was coming out,it was a rumor that I was coming out on my show,on my sitcom.在我 在我正式出柜以前 谣言四起 说我将在我的脱口秀和情景喜剧中出柜and it was all over the place,and it was a big hugo,you know,topic.People were against it.People were for it.I was just, I never had that much media attention.That was really scary for me.到处都是 对这个热门话题议论纷纷 有人反对 也有人持 媒体从没有那样关注过我 我觉得真的很可怕And Madonna called me out of the blue.We had never met.I just all of sudden get a call.出乎意外的是 麦当娜给我打了通电话 我们素未谋面 我就忽然接到了电话Saying,;its Madonna,and I just wanna say that,Im behind you.Im with you,I support you.;说我是麦当娜 我只想说 我持你 我挺你到底and you said some really amazing things that I wont share,because they were very personal.你说了一些真的很了不起的事情 我不会在这里说的 因为这是非常私人的事but about like holding on to this right and this right has been...但里面有说到坚守这项权利 并且这项权利已经and things really do come to you,and you,one thing you said to me is things come to you when you let go,现在这些事情确实来到你眼前 你会想 你告诉我说 当事情来找你麻烦时 你放手and you dont care and need the valuation any more.Because before you come out.yeah,yeah.并且不再理会 不再需要它们的价值 因为在你出柜前 嗯哼 嗯哼when youre closeted,you really need people to love you.And youre so scared if you come out,当你躲在柜子里的时候 你是非常需要有人来爱你的 你非常害怕如果你出柜了no one will love you any more,and this business is all about people loving you,and it was hard at the time to hear that,就没有一个人会再爱你了 这个行业完全是靠观众的喜爱吃饭的 所以在那时候是很难接受的because I thought I want people to love me,but you also sent me the most beautiful thing.因为我想让观众爱我 但你也给我寄来了最美的东西Im just gonna part of it here because its so amazing.在这里我就读一小部分 因为太激励人心了but this is a e from Martha Graham,and you sent me this.这是摘自于Martha Graham 你寄给我的是这段theres a vitality,a life force,an energy,a quickening that is translated through you into action,活力 生命力 能量以及复生 通过你转化为行动and because there is only one of you in all time.this expression is unique,and if you block it,因为永恒的时空中 这种表现也会是独一无二的 而且如果你阻拦了它it will never exist through any other medium and will be lost,the world will not have it,它将不会通过任何媒介存在而消失 世界将不会拥有它it is not your business to determine how good it is,nor how valuable,nor how it compares with other expressions,and it goes on,but its a beautiful thing,and it meant the world to me你不必去决定它的好坏 它的价值 或者拿它同别的表现做对比 下面还有很多 确实是太美好了 它对于我来说非常非常重要注:EllenShow中英字幕来源于:艾伦秀字幕组 /201311/263059成华区妇幼保健院鼻炎怎么样

达州市中心医院扁桃体炎看怎么样好不好China’s outward investment中国的对外投资The second wave第二波投资来袭What to make of Chinese firms’ latest foreign purchases促使中国企业最新一轮海外购买行为的推动力Oct 26th 2013 | SHANGHAI |From the print editionHAS China arrived at its Rockefeller Centre moment? In the late 1980s as Japan’s miracle economy was soaring, the Mitsubishi Estate Company bought the Rockefeller Centre in Manhattan, a landmark complex built by the eponymous oil and banking clan. Alas, Mitsubishi had to sell, at a big loss, after Japan’s asset bubble popped. Now it is Chinese firms that are seeking such trophies in New York.中国达到了它的洛克菲勒中心时刻吗?20世纪80年代末,日本经济奇迹般飞速增长,三菱房地产公司买下了曼哈顿的洛克菲特中心,它是由齐名的石油和业家族建造的一个具有里程碑意义的复杂体。可惜,在日本泡沫经济破灭后,三菱不得不以极大亏损价将其出售。如今,中国公司像是正在纽约寻求此类胜利。Fosun International, a Chinese conglomerate, has just agreed to pay 5m for 1 Chase Manhattan Plaza, a skyscraper near Wall Street, commissioned by David Rockefeller and completed in 1961. This follows a recent investment by Greenland, a Chinese state-owned firm, in Atlantic Yards, a big development in Brooklyn. Earlier this year a consortium involving Zhang Xin, a founder of Soho China, a private property giant, bought a stake in the General Motors Building in Manhattan.中国的一家联合企业,复星国际,刚以7.25亿美元买下第一曼哈顿广场——靠近华尔街的一座天大楼,由大卫·洛克菲勒实施建造并于1961年完成。紧接着,中国一家国有企业绿地集团投资大西洋院,成为布鲁克林的一项重大发展。今年早些时日,中国私有房产巨头SOHO创始人之一张欣也涵括在内的一个财团,购买了曼哈顿的通用汽车大厦的股份。It does not necessarily follow that this assault on New York will also end in tears. Whereas Mitsubishi overpaid, the Chinese investors seem to be negotiating reasonable deals. Michael Cohen of Colliers International, a property-services firm, says that although Fosun must modernise the ageing Chase tower, “The price per square foot appears to be a bargain.”在纽约的此番“袭击”未必会像日本那样悲剧收场。当初三菱收购价过高,而中国的投资者们正商榷一个合理价格交易。来自一家物业务企业高力国际的Michael Cohen表示,尽管复星国际需要革新老化的大通大厦,但是“每平方尺的价格很便宜。”A shift is under way in China’s overseas direct investment (ODI), which is growing fast but is still dwarfed by foreign investment into China (see chart). The first wave largely involved state-owned firms, and was directed at acquiring energy, minerals and land in poor countries. Resource insecurity lingers—witness the 20% stake taken this week by Chinese state firms in Libra, a giant Brazilian offshore oilfield—but it is no longer the driving force. New motives propel the second wave.中国海外直接投资的一种转变正在进行之中,其增速虽快,相比海外对华投资,仍然相形见绌(见图)。第一波投资主要涉及国有企业,被用来获取贫困国家的能源,煤矿以及土地。资源不安尚有残余,本周一国企购买了一块大型巴西近海油田Libra的20%股份就足以说明这一点,但资源不再是推动力,新的推动因素正酝酿着第二波投资。China’s government is keen to boost the miserable yields it gets on its overseas investments, argues Thilo Hanemann of Rhodium Group, a consultant. So it is now encouraging state firms to invest in property in prime locations, and in infrastructure and other assets in mature markets. In Britain, they have invested in Thames Water and Heathrow airport. This week the British government said a consortium involving Chinese state firms could build a nuclear-power station in the west of England.荣鼎集团顾问Thilo Hanemann表示,中国政府热衷于提高其海外投资中不见好的收益部分。因此,中国现在正鼓励国企投资于黄金地带的房地产,基础设施以及成熟市场的其他资产。在英国,中国国企在泰晤士水务及希思罗机场投资。本周英国政府方面声明,一个含有中国国企的财团将在英国西部修建一个核电站。Private firms seeking brands and technology are also playing a big role in this second wave. Geely, a Chinese carmaker, bought Volvo of Sweden. Dongfeng, another Chinese firm, is said to be considering buying a stake in Peugeot-Citro#235;n, an ailing French carmaker. On October 22nd Alibaba, a Chinese e-commerce giant, said it would open a new division in America to invest exclusively in internet start-ups. And Lenovo, a computer-maker, is preparing a bid for Canada’s BlackBerry.寻求品牌和技术的私企在第二波投资中也扮演很重要角色。中国汽车制造商吉利买下了瑞典的沃尔沃;据说另一家公司东风,将考虑对法国一家夕阳汽车商Peugeot-Citro#235;n进行购股;10月22日,中国电子商务巨头阿里巴巴宣布将在美国开启新的部门,专门用来投资互联网创业;电脑制造商联想,也准备竞标加拿大黑莓。As a result, the share of Chinese ODI going to rich countries has shot up from just a tenth in 2002 to two-thirds last year. Like Japan before it, China could yet experience a crash. But the shift in investment from free-spending state firms seeking resources to frugal private ones chasing markets and innovation is a positive sign.结果,中国对富裕国家的海外投资份额从2002年的十分之一猛增到去年的三分之二。要是像之前的日本,中国可能已经遇到重创。但是从挥金如土并寻求资源的国企到节俭并追求市场和创新的私企在投资方面的转变是一个好的迹象。 /201310/262275 Don:Yael, Im going to take some vacation time so I can visit Chicago before it sinks and disappears.唐:雅艾尔,我要休假,这样我就能在芝加哥下沉,消失之前去这个地方看看了。I mean, Id like to see the Sears Tower and eat some deep-dish pizza before it goes.我想看看西尔斯大厦,还要吃一些加厚比萨饼。Yael:Relax, Don. Although Chicago is sinking, were only talking one millimeter a year—雅艾尔:冷静点,唐。虽然芝加哥正在下沉,但我们所讲的是一年一毫米的速度。Don:But thats four inches in a century!唐:但一个世纪就是4英寸!Yael:But only until the land in North America brings itself back into equilibrium.雅艾尔:但只要北美的土地恢复平衡后就会好了。Don:What do you mean?唐:此话怎讲?Yael:Well, when glaciers covered Canada and the northern Great Lakes tens of thousands of years ago, their weight pushed down on the Earths surface and caused it to sag.雅艾尔:嗯,数万年前冰川覆盖加拿大和北方的大湖时,其体积造成地球表面下沉。And this pressure forced the Earths mantle, the layer of hot, plastic rock thats located beneath the Earths crust, to give way and ooze out and sideways.而这种压力迫使地球地壳中的热层地幔层的塑性岩石垮掉并移到一边。Don:Oh! Its like the Earth is a giant waterbed.唐:哦!这就像地球是一个巨大的水床。When you lie down on it, the surface of the mattress under you sinks, forcing the water into other parts of the mattress.当你躺下,床垫的表面随你下沉而迫使水到床垫的其他部分。Yael:You have a water bed?雅艾尔:你有张水床?Don:But of course.唐:当然。Yael:Anyway. In the twelve thousand years since the glaciers receded, the Earths crust has been slowly returning to its original shape.雅艾尔:不管怎样。在一万二千年,自从冰川消退后,地壳开始逐渐恢复到原来的形状。So the land in Canada and the northern Great Lakes is slowly rising, while the rest of North America is slowly sinking, like a seesaw, enabling the mantle to flow back north.所以加拿大和北部五大湖的土地慢慢上升,而北美的其他地方在慢慢下沉,这就像个跷跷板,使地幔向北移动。And as the Lake Michigan floor north of Green Bay rises, all that water sloshes south towards Chicago.而随着密西根湖楼格林贝北部的上升,水也朝向芝加哥南部。Don:Kind of like tilting a bathtub.唐:有点像倾斜的浴缸。Yael:Yep.雅艾尔:是的。Don:Hmm! So even if I dont have to rush out for pizza, it does sound like an issue from a Great Lakes management perspective.唐:嗯!所以即使我不用急着去那里吃披萨,这听起来确实是五大湖管理面临的管理前景问题。Yael:It sure is.雅艾尔:的确是这样。 201310/261580重庆省妇幼保健院鼻子疾病好吗重庆省妇幼保健院咽炎要多少钱




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