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泉州哪家妇科医院好泉州人民医院做人流泉州附属第一医院预约 Think about how much time we spend on our phones doing things like this.思考一下我们每天用手机花多少时间做以下这些事情。You and your friend are grabbing dinner and youre trying to remember the address for Umami Burger,你和朋友想去吃饭,你试图记起鲜味汉堡的地址,so you switch to a totally different app.所以你切换到另一个app。You search Umami burger, you find the address you copy it with those little thingies,搜索鲜味汉堡,找到地址,然后复制这些信息,switch back, you paste it, and finally you hit Send.再切换回来,粘贴,最后点击发送。We do this a lot. Switch apps, search and switch back, so we had a thought.我们经常这样做。切换 apps,搜索,再切换回来,所以我们产生了一个想法。What if you could search right from your keyboard?假如可以从键盘上直接搜索会怎样呢?Heres how it works: you just tap this and search Umami burger.它是这样操作:只需要点这个图标,并搜索鲜味汉堡。Results show up down here and you can send them up here.搜索结果在这里显示出来,你就可以把它们发送到输入框里。You get everything you need without leaving the app.可以不用切换app就能搜到你需要的一切。So no matter what app youre in - texting, emailing, chatting - itll be right there.所以不管你正在用什么app—短信、邮件或是聊天—这个图标都会显示在那里。Its like having Google search in any app right from the keyboard. We call it Gboard.就像是在任何应用里都可以从键盘上进行谷歌搜索。我们称之为Gboard。It works for everything: YouTube s, your flight details, or gifs.它适用于一切:YouTube视频,航班信息或是动画制作。Plus it has glide typing to make typing faster, emoji search to make finding emojis faster,另外它的滑动输入可以使打字更快,表情搜索可以更快的找到相应的表情,and multilingual support for changing languages on the fly.并且可以快速切换多种语言。Bueno. Very bueno. Meet Gboard. Get it for your Android.好的。非常好。遇见Gboard。快为你的Android收入囊中吧。201706/515931Okay. Were down that bit. But look.好 我们只下来了一点 但你看Actually, down here, you see all of this avalanche debris下面这里 其实有很多雪崩堆积物where an avalanche has come down here,so its a bad place to hang around.Get moving.说明这里曾经发生过雪崩 所以此地不宜久留 快走吧The weather has finally caught up with me.乌云终于追上了我The cloud cover has blotted out the horizon,And its a total whiteout.连地平线都被云层遮蔽了 典型的乳白天空Its very hard to gauge your direction, you know?现在真的很难辨别方向Cant tell whether thats mountain ahead or cloud.分不清前方是云还是雪Thats the danger of being caught in the mountains in a whiteout just losing all sense of your bearings.这就是置身乳白天空下的 危险之处 方向感荡然无存And I heard of one solider skiing up in the arctic,and he actually thought he was stationary.我听说有一名军人在北极滑雪前进着 而他还以为自己是完全静止的He wasnt aware he was actually moving forward.丝毫没有察觉自己正向前移动And he dropped straight off the edge of a cornice.结果直接从冰檐边缘掉了下去Survived it, but he was lucky.But thats how disorienting it can be in a whiteout.他侥幸捡了条命 但在此环境下 人真的会迷失到这种地步Really careful here.Cause I cant actually see,see what this goes over.这里真的要小心 因为我能看到 能看到这里的情况In the mountains,you want to err on the side of cautiousness.在群山之中 再怎样谨慎都不为过What we can do is just make a snow bollard here,big shape.我们在这里用积雪做一个系绳桩 要大型的You want to keep a nice semicircle like that,about a foot deep.要做一个这样的漂亮的半圆形 深度约一英尺Im gonna put my rope into this as a belay that I can then rappel off.然后把我的绳索埋进去 作为绳拴 这样我就可以顺绳而下201704/503985泉州那家医院治妇科好

泉州新阳光医院费用贵吗Ive made it.Now to get the rope back for my camera man.我成功了 现在要把绳子扔回给我的摄像师I got you.Get in.The rope aly is just reach.我抓住你了 过来 绳子的长度真是刚刚好啊Now Ive arrived definitely urban.Man-made environment.现在我真的到了城市 人造的环境But, the principle of survival is the same.生存法则是一样的You need protection, resucre, water and food.你需要保护 救援 水 食物You gotta survive, you gotta keep those basics in mind.要想生存 就得将这些基本法则熟记于心Lets see what well find here.让我们看看我们将会在这里发现什么Survivors of the disasters in urban areas may have to cope on their own for days before rescure.城市大灾难中的生还者 在获救之前的几天都要靠自己Knowing where to find survival essentials can be a life safer.知道去哪找生存必需品可能会救你一命The building opposite looks like an option,对面那栋建筑看上去是不错的选择and the roof could provide easier access than a lot to lower levels.从楼顶进入要比从下面走便捷得多See, power cables is a linking,crane for the building.这些电缆能连接对面 连接着那栋建筑It is must be, half inch each for these.每根大概有半寸宽I can fiber them,Easy going to be as strong as a climbing rope.我可以把它们合成一股 它就可以和攀登绳一样结实了Its really gonna be like a in traverse straight across.这将像是 直接过去The in traverse requires a cool head for heights.这种方式要求你在高空中有冷静的头脑Its a climbing method used by mountaineer to cross gracess and gorges.这是登山人员在穿越峡谷时常用的方法Its effective but also highly physically demanding.这很有效 但也相当耗费体力201609/468180泉州地区什么做人流医院最好 I find some rusty chain on some freestanding timber.我在这根独立木梁上找到一根生锈的铁链I check above to make sure its not attached to the supporting roof beams.我检查一下木梁顶部 确定它没有碰到承重的横梁Thats probably worth taking.See if we can get this off.And Ive got it.它们说不定会有用 看看能不能拿下来 拿到了That was close,but this could come in handy.Daylight.真是千钧一发 不过这东西迟早派得上用场 重见天日了Soon the adrenaline stops pumping.终于缓了口气God, I didnt notice how quite how much this finger was bleeding when I caught it going into the mine.上帝 我都不知道 进矿井时我都没注意 手指流了这么多血Trying to use a bit of this pine resin just to put over the cut and seal it.用一点松脂 覆盖在伤口上 封住它The last thing I want is for that to get infected out here.此时我最不愿意 碰到的就是感染了Thats gonna help cover it,seal it from any nasties.Okay. Lets keep going.松脂可以保护伤口 不要沾染上脏东西 很好 继续前进As I travel towards the valley bottom,Im reminded of how extreme this place can be.我继续向山谷底部前进 才发现这里有多险峻Theres a deep ravine ahead.At 150 foot deep,its a formidable obstacle.这里有一条很深的沟壑 有150英尺深 这鸿沟真是令人望而生畏The rock on the cliff looks far too unstable to attempt a downclimb.But Ive got a plan.崖边的岩石太不稳固 无法顺着石头爬下去 不过我有个主意If I can somehow make, like, a grappling hook,throw that into the tree,如果我可以做一个爪钩 带着缆绳and get the wire across,and make like a zipline from here to there and then just climb down that.扔到那棵树上去 从这儿到那里拉出一根滑索 沿着绳索就可以爬过去201608/461197泉州新阳光妇科医院

泉州做无痛人流价格The Milky Way could fit inside宇宙是系的10 million million million times.一千亿亿倍Our entire galaxys just a dot on the landscape.整个星系只是宇宙中的一个小点In the observable universe,在可观测宇宙中there are 170 billion galaxies just like it.有一千七百亿类似的星系Janna Levin is a professor of theoretical astrophysics.扬娜·莱文是一名理论天体物理学的教授Shed like to put every single galaxy we can see on the map.她想把可观测到的每个星系都绘制出来But, before she can do that,但在此之前its vital to account我们需要先弄清楚for one of the most surprising features of the universe.宇宙的一个惊人特征Making a map of the whole universe绘制宇宙之图is not like mapping a map of the ed States.不同于绘制美国地图Its an observational fact that,据长久以来的观测if you look at the galaxies around us,如果我们看周围的星系and the most distant galaxies that we can see,以及离我们最远的星系they all appear to be moving away from us.你会发现它们都在离我们而去重点解释:1.look at (仔细地)看例句:Dont look at me like that.别那样看着我。2.appear to 看来似乎例句:These stars appear to move around the North Star. 这些星星似乎环绕着北极星转。3.away from 离开例句:He hasnt been away from home before.以前他从没有离开过家。201705/511736 Morgans net worth more than quadruples.根的资产净值超过了原来的四倍And instantly he has hundreds of millions of dollars.他立刻拥有了数以亿计的美元Money he plans on using to win the Niagara contract.他打算使用这些钱来赢得尼亚加拉的合同The best time to buy is when theres blood on the streets.街头洒满鲜血的时候 也就是最佳的购买时机Im not sure I follow you.我不大明白您的意思Its advice Lloyd Rothschild gave my father.这是罗伊德·罗斯切尔德给我父亲的建议Its advice he never took.但他从来没有采纳过Im increasing my investment to million.我会将投资增加到四百万美元Ill give you an extra million dollars in cash to pursue other projects.我额外提供一百万现金去从事其它项目That shouldnt be a problem.这应该不是问题Good. The Niagara Falls Power Company is inviting bids for the new Niagara Falls central power station.好 尼亚加拉瀑布电力公司正在为新尼亚加拉瀑布中央电站招标They havent yet decided if they want to go with A.C or D.C.他们还没决定是用交流还是直流I want you to prepare a bid, Edison.我要你为竞标做准备 爱迪生This is now a race.这是一次竞赛You better win.你最好赢下 201606/447160泉港区中心医院急诊电话泉州医科大学一院做产检价格



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