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  • Most of Britons say 'cheers', 'ta' or just smile to show appreciationIf you do someone a good turn today, don’t expect a thank you. ‘Cheers’, ‘ta’ or even ‘wicked’ is the more likely response, if a survey is to be believed.Research among computer users suggests that the traditional expression of gratitude has fallen by the wayside.Almost half of those polled said they now use ‘cheers’ more often than ‘thank you’.Four out of ten said ‘thank you’ sounded too formal - so they used more catchy, chatty words such as ‘fab’, ‘lovely’ or ‘wicked’.A third said they would often just resort to a quick wave instead of saying ‘thank you’.And 77 percent said that any of the words used to say thanks were irrelevant, believing a pleasant gesture works just as well.The poll of 3,000 people was carried out by the online gift store Me to You.Spokesman Caroline Weaver said: ‘While the great British public might feel uncomfortable saying thank you these days, they do like to show their gratitude in other ways.‘Respondents felt it didn’t matter how you thanked someone for their kind actions, as long as you did so in a friendly and polite way.‘At the end of the day everyone knows that a big smile and some form of acknowledgment is all it takes to show we are grateful.’According to the survey, two thirds of respondents believed Britain was a ‘rude’ nation and 84 percent think others should make more of an effort to show appreciation.Vocabulary:do sb. a good turn: 为某人做了一件好事,帮了某人的忙cheers: thank you 谢谢ta: thank you 谢谢wicked: very good 极好的;很棒的fall by the wayside: to fail or be unable to make progress in something 半途而废;中辍fab: extremely good 极好的;绝妙的resort to: 诉诸irrelevant: not applicable 不符实际需要的make more of an effort: 做出更大的努力背单词 — 装英语词汇201008/112234。
  • Even in the age of the Internet and DVDs, classical theater is flourishing in New York.虽然我们已经进入了使用互联网和看光碟的时代,但是经典的戏剧仍然深受人们喜爱。Some of the plays in the Brooklyn Academy of Music’s 2011 classical theater season are over 400 years old but ticket sales have been brisk. Joe Melillo, BAM’s executive producer, says theatergoers are hungry for a diet of Ibsen, Gogol and Shakespeare. 在布鲁克林音乐学院2011年的古典剧作演出季中,有些剧作已经有超过百年的历史,有的甚至有长达400年的历史。不过,布鲁克林音乐学院执行制片人乔·梅利奥表示,观众们仍然渴望欣赏易卜生、果戈理和莎士比亚的剧作。"They’re flying, they have, like, little wings," he says. "The tickets are flying out of the box office."那些演出场次的票卖得飞快。The artists presenting the plays say that’s because they resonate with contemporary audiences. Take "John Gabriel Borkman," playwright Henrik Ibsen’s 1896 drama in which the title character, a banker, has been imprisoned for illegally investing his client's money. Ibsen could have been writing about financier Bernie Madoff, now serving a 150-year prison sentence for orchestrating a decades-long swindle that took tens of billions of dollars from his unwitting investors. 参加演出的艺术家们表示,这是因为那些作品和当代的观众能够产生共鸣。比如易卜生在1896年创作的作品《约翰·加布里埃尔·克曼》中,家克曼由于拿客户的钱进行非法投资而遭到监禁。这不禁让人想起了金融骗子麦道夫的行径,他几十年来把那些不知情的投资者所投入的几百亿美元,放入一个“庞氏骗局”中,他因此被判处150年的监禁。"You see the byproduct of these legal battles that the families fall apart, because financial difficulties, or financial shame, produces a terrible fallout in families," says actress Fiona Shaw, who plays Borkman’s wife.女演员菲奥娜·肖在剧中扮演克曼的妻子,她说:“我们看到,这些法律较量的副产品就是家庭解体,可能因为财务上的困难,或者是财务上的羞愧感,这些都导致了可怕的家庭破裂。”On an even more universal level, Ibsen’s three central characters are imprisoned by their own delusions and bitterness, says Alan Rickman, who plays Borkman, and Lindsay Duncan, who plays the woman he abandoned.在剧中扮演克曼的演员艾伦·里克曼表示,从更广义来看,易卜生剧作中的三个主要人物最后都是被他们自身的迷惑和痛苦所困。201102/125994。
  • 人们常说咖啡喝多对身体有害。但是,多喝咖啡可以降低得中风的概率哦!你知道吗?On this morning's Health Watch, coffee and strokes. A recent study found the more cups of coffee you drink, the less likely you are to suffer a stroke. Here with more details, our own Dr. Jennifer Ashton. Good morning!Good morning Julie!Now tell me more about the study and who funded this study?Right. So put another one in the win column for the health benefits of coffee. This was a study funded actually by NIH, done out of the UCLA Stroke Center, reputable. And actually it looked at 20,000 people, coffee drinkers, non-coffee drinkers, found that those who drink coffee have less stroke, and that stroke risk actually decreased the more coffee they drink. It's very interesting.So how much coffee are we talking about?Well, probably more than you and I have a day. They actually saw the largest benefit with those who consume six or more cups a day. So we're talking a considerable amount.Does that mean I have to drink six cups a day to get the benefits of maybe not having a stroke?Well, this is one of those things we have to take it, you know, it.. really in conjunction with everything else. This is one potential benefit, and again we know that there can be risks seen with the more coffee that we consume. People are variably, more sensitive or less sensitive to higher amounts of caffeine, so it's just one piece of the puzzle.What, do we know the "why" behind this?You know they are starting to look at it more. One of the theories is that there are anti-oxidants in coffee and tea by the way that may be protective. But it also may be that there are something in coffee or caffeine that works synergistically, or in conjunction with other factors, and therefore prevents stroke, so it's really evolving.So does this study mean this applies to all caffeine, like let's say, someone really likes Red Bull, or tea, or chocolate?Right, not, no, exactly. Chocolate, I love that. Not known if it does have the same effects when you are talking about soda, chocolate, energy drinks. Right now, it's coffee and probably tea as well. All right. You mentioned that there are other risks. Tell me all the, all the things that are currently that we know in the win column for having coffee.Right, so the possible, and then the others. And then the others.05/70853。
  • Intellectual property知识产权Inventive warfare发明之战Battles over patents are becoming fiercer and more expensive专利之战,愈演愈烈,愈烈价更高THIS deal is all about patents. That was the near universal view of Google’s announcement this week that it was taking over Motorola Mobility, a maker of handsets and other devices, for a colossal .5 billion. Indeed, the purchase will provide Google with an awful lot of patents: around 17,000 of them issued and another 7,500 pending. They should help Google in its efforts to get more smartphones and other mobile devices running on its Android operating system (see article). But it could also make the battles over patents nastier and more costly.这笔交易归根结蒂就是谋求专利。这是多数人对谷歌本周宣布以125亿美元天价收购手机及其他电子产品制造商托罗拉这一消息的普遍看法。实际上,此项交易为谷歌带来数量极其庞大的专利:约1.7万项已审批,另外7500项待审批。这些专利有助于歌获得更多运行安卓操作系统的智能手机以及其他移动设备 (见 文)。但是这也会使对专利的争夺愈演愈烈,代价更高。A scramble for patents had aly begun. In December four companies, including Microsoft and Apple, paid 0m for around 880 patents and applications owned by Novell, an ailing software firm. In July those two and four others, including Research in Motion, maker of the BlackBerry, spent .5 billion on 6,000 patents owned by Nortel, a bankrupt Canadian telecoms-equipment maker. Before its latest deal, Google bought 1,000 patents from IBM. Firms are also suing each other. Apple claims its technology has been copied by Samsung and Motorola in their Android phones. Oracle is suing Google for up to billion, claiming that Android infringes its patents. Microsoft is suing Motorola over Android too. Nokia recently settled a similar quarrel with Apple.专利争夺战早已打响。早在12月,包括微软及苹果在内的四间公司就付境况不佳的Novell4.5亿美元以购买约880项专利和应用程序。今年七月,其中的两间公司及包括黑莓厂商动态研究公司在内的另外四家公司购买加拿大倒闭的电信设备厂商Nortel的6000项专利。此前,谷歌就从IBM公司购买了1000项专利。同时,各公司也在互相倾轧。苹果声称其技术已被三星及托罗拉在其安卓系统中盗用。甲骨文公司起诉谷歌公司,称安卓系统侵权,要求索赔60亿美元。微软公司也起诉托罗拉的安卓系统。诺基亚公司最近刚刚与苹果公司解决一个类似冲突。What is going on? Some say companies are attaching more value to intellectual property. Indeed, the Google deal seems to have been priced on a cost-per-patent basis, causing the share prices of other firms with lots of patents to rise. Others, however, think the battles reflect deficiencies in the patent system forcing firms to pay vast sums to protect technologies they have developed. The answer is a bit of both.这到底是怎么回事?有些人说这是各公司跟看重知识产权。实际上,谷歌交易似乎就是通过每项专利的成本而进行估价,这就致使拥有专利众多的公司的股价攀升。但是,也有人认为此类争夺正反映了专利认体系的缺陷——迫使公司大笔投入保护其开发技术。二者兼有。201108/151081。
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