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Their love one another has never been in doubt, but Angelina Jolie has apparently reinced the depth of her feelings Brad Pitt by buying him his very own heart shaped island.虽然安吉丽娜·朱莉与布拉德·皮特这对影坛佳人从未对彼此的爱有过怀疑,但朱莉显然是要增进与爱人的感情,在皮特50岁生日来临之际,朱莉为他买下了一座心形小岛The actress has reportedly paid #3;. million secluded Petra as Brad prepares to celebrate his 50th birthday on December 18.据报道称,由于布拉德·皮特打算在月18日庆祝自己50岁生日,安吉丽娜·朱莉斥资万英镑(约1.亿人民币)为其在僻静的佩特拉买下了这座小岛Angelina is understood to have snapped up the island, located some 50-miles away from New York City, after discovering its two sprawling properties were designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, Brad’s favourite architect.这座心形小岛位于纽约北部,距离海岸线50英里外外界认为,安吉丽娜在得知岛上两处豪宅的设计者为布拉德·皮特最钟爱的著名建筑师弗兰克·劳埃德·赖特时,就购入了这座小岛A source told The Mirror: ‘The house is perfect romantic getaways or as a family retreat.一位知情人士向《镜报透露:“这所房子非常适合二人浪漫度假或家庭出游‘It’s very private. And Angelina knows the fact the island is in the shape of a heart will mean so much to him.’“它很私密,并且安吉丽娜认为这个心形状的小岛对皮特来说意义也会很大”Petra’s original cottage was erected in 1950, while its larger property was built from one of Wright’s blueprints in – 8-years after his death.佩特拉原有的平房建于1950年,而其中较大的一座建于年,是在赖特去世8年后其图纸建造的The home boasts panoramic views of the surrounding area, ceilings panelled with the finest mahogany and skylights that afd the property plenty of natural lighting.在岛上的这座豪宅中,可以欣赏到周边地区的全景,天花板镶板用的是最好的红木,并且配有可以充分自然采光的天窗An open porch, complete with a carved wooden bench, gives the owner breath-taking views of the surrounding area, while beneath the building’s stone foundations disappear into the water.开放式的门廊配上雕花木椅,能让人欣赏到令人叹为观止的美景,而房子的地基则深入到水中The finer details of its intricate design will not be lost on architecture fan Brad, who once admitted that Frank Lloyd Wright ‘changed his life’.对于建筑爱好者布拉德·皮特来说,他也会喜欢这座建筑复杂设计中极为精美的细节他曾经承认,弗兰克·劳埃德·赖特“改变了他的一生 ”Angelina has previously treated him to a tour of the late architect’s home, Fallingwater, in .在年,安吉丽娜也曾与布拉德·皮特一同参观这位已故建筑师位于流水别墅的家Angelina is currently in Australia while she directs her new film, and she’s understood to have rented a property in Vaucluse, New South Wales.安吉丽娜目前正在澳大利亚执导她的新片,目前租住在新南威尔士州沃克吕兹省的一座别墅 69Warner Bros has picked up the rights to an episode of Channel Black Mirror to translate into a sci-fi thriller that will be produced Robert Downey Jr. and his Team Downey banner.华纳兄弟取得英国Channel 电视台的热门英剧《黑镜的版权,与小罗伯特·唐尼和他的团队一起制作将其中的一集改编成一部科幻惊悚片Jesse Armstrong, who wrote the episode titles ;The Entire History of You,; will also write the feature script.《黑镜第一季第三集《你的全部历史的编剧杰西阿姆斯特朗,将继续担任电影版编剧The episode of the British anthology show centers on a man with an implant that allows him to record and re-watch all of his life experiences. He begins to suspect his wife is having an affair and obsessively tries to find evidence until the relationship falls apart.英剧黑镜第三集故事集中讲述一个男子植入一块芯片,可以重新体验和回看自己过去的人生他开始怀疑自己的妻子有外遇并痴迷于寻找据,直到这段关系的分崩离析 the film version, the story will be set in a near future where technology that allows users to re-experience past events.而在电影中,故事将设定在不久的将来,科技的进步可以让使用者都可以再次体验往事Downey is not attached to star at this point.唐尼暂时不会出演 55As a director, he is said to be the Akira Kurosawa of animation. As an animator, he is Japan’s Walt Disney.作为一位导演,他被称为动画界的黑泽明作为一位动画大师,他被称为日本的沃尔特·迪斯尼Hayao Miyazaki, the Japanese master of fantasy animation, announced his retirement on Sept 6, after the recent release of his new film The Wind Rises.9月6日,日本奇幻动画大师宫崎骏发布新作《起风了,之后便宣布退休Having come to prominence in the 1970s with his animation work TV, the 7-year-old is now one of the most respected animation directors in the world.上世纪70年代,宫崎骏凭借一系列电视动画片而声名大噪,现年7岁的他是当今全球最受尊敬的动画导演之一Miyazaki’s vision has remained unique throughout his many films over the years. The worlds he creates —the teeming post-apocalyptic jungle world of Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, the strange 19th-century science fiction of Laputa: Castle in the Sky —are as peculiar as they are captivating.多年来,宫崎骏一直在诸多电影作品中发挥着他那别具一格的想象力从《风之谷中广袤的后末日丛林到《天空之城中的19世纪科幻怪谈,他所创造出的世界光怪陆离,令人着迷Here, by explaining the styles, themes and influences of Miyazaki’s films, we hope to take you —especially if you’re unfamiliar with his work —into his magical world and say goodbye to this living legend.我们希望能够通过剖析宫崎骏电影的风格、主题和影响力,将读者(尤其是不熟悉他作品的读者)带进他的魔幻世界,从而向这位健在的传奇人物道别Themes of virtue美德主题Though his films have quite a wide range in their settings, tones and target audience, a number of recurring themes run through Miyazaki’s films.尽管他的影片背景与基调各异,目标群体也是十分广泛,但这些作品中总是反复出现一些主题Good and evil善与恶Miyazaki rarely traffics in simple good and evil. The worlds he creates tend to be complex and ambiguous. example, even the ominous witch-like figures in Spirited Away and Howl’s Moving Castle don’t seem so bad once you get to know them.宫崎骏很少描写简单的善与恶他所创造的世界错综复杂,模棱两可例如,即便是《千与千寻和《哈尔的移动城堡中那些“来者不善”的巫师角色,一旦你了解他们,就会发现他们似乎并不坏Miyazaki has explained that the lack of clearly defined good and evil is because he sees the 1st century as a complex time, in which old norms are no longer true and need to be re-examined. Simple stereotypes cannot be used, even in children’s films.宫崎骏曾解释道:故事之所以缺少善恶分明,是因为他眼中的1世纪是个复杂的时代,过去陈旧的准则将不再奏效,需要重新被审视即便是在儿童电影中,简单老套的模式也不再可取Environmentalism环保主义Miyazaki’s films often emphasize the Earth’s fragility, especially in the context of critiquing development and pollution. In My Neighbor Totoro, a great tree tops a hillside on which magical creatures reside, and the family worships the tree. This ecological consciousness is echoed in Princess Mononoke with a giant primordial est, trees, flowers and wolves.宫崎骏的电影经常会强调地球的脆弱,在批判发展与污染问题时尤其如此在《龙猫中,山顶的大树上居住着许多奇幻生物,片中的家庭成员对这棵大树崇敬有加在《幽灵公主一片中,广袤无垠的原始森林、树木、花朵以及狼群无不呼应着这一生态意识Pacifism和平主义Though his work can be violent, Miyazaki’s pacifism and opposition to violence go more than surface deep. Conflict and violence are usually seen as misguided and destructive, and Miyazaki’s heroes are often peacemakers. example, in Howl’s Moving Castle, Howl’s negative view of the war is clear and he refuses to join the fight in any official capacity.尽管他的作品有时充满暴力,但是宫崎骏的和平主义与反暴力情结却蕴涵于故事表面之下冲突与暴力通常被人们看作是错误和破坏性的象征,宫崎骏作品里的英雄经常是和平的缔造者例如,在《哈尔的移动城堡中,哈尔的厌战情绪显而易见,他拒绝加入任何一方的斗争之中Moral mation德行修养A significant theme of moral mation runs through Miyazaki’s work. Respect elders, responsibility, courtesy, generosity, maturity, courage, understanding and hard work are all common virtues exhibited by or acquired in the moral mation of Miyazaki’s young protagonists.德行修养这个重要主题贯穿了宫崎骏作品始终敬老、责任、礼貌、慷慨、成熟、勇气、理解以及努力,这些都是宫崎骏作品中年轻的主角们身上的共同美德Recurring features反复出现的特征Besides their progressive themes, in Miyazaki’s films, viewers frequently encounter the following elements:宫崎骏作品当中除了一些进步主义题材之外,观众经常会看到以下一些元素:Children儿童Miyazaki’s protagonists are usually children or teens, more often young girls. example, My Neighbor Totoro features two young girls who, unlike adults, can see the spirit world, and in Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea a boy befriends a magic creature from the sea. Both Kiki’s Delivery Service and Spirited Away deal with growing up.宫崎骏作品中的主角通常是儿童或青少年,大多数情况下是是小女孩例如,《龙猫中,两个小女孩拥有异于成人的能力——她们可以看到精灵世界又如,在《悬崖上的金鱼公主当中,一个男孩与海中精灵成了朋友《魔女宅急便和《千与千寻讲述的都是成长的故事Sky and water天空与水Two of Miyazaki’s great loves are sky and water, and he uses them in related ways. Flight is a ubiquitous theme —Miyazaki has never done a film that doesn’t involve flying of some kind, whether with gliders, magic brooms, World War I biplanes or with no visible means at all. His imagination seems to constantly soar and leave the pull of gravity behind.宫崎骏大爱的两个元素是天空与水,并将这两者结合在一起飞行这个主题无处不在——宫崎骏的作品从不缺乏飞行这个主题,不论是滑翔机、魔法扫帚、一战时期的双翼机,或是一些隐形的飞行元素他的想象力似乎总是天马行空,把地心引力抛诸脑后Water is another way Miyazaki to defy gravity. In his films he likes to unexpectedly flood spaces with crystal-clear water, and objects floating on the surface or drifting through the depths seem to be suspended by magic.水是宫崎骏用来摆脱地心引力的又一方式他在作品中总是喜欢出人意料地让画面充满晶莹剔透的水元素,漂浮在水面或水下的物体似乎被施了魔法一般,悬浮不动 58338

Since moving into the White House in January, they've been pictured in just about every newspaper and magazine across the world.   But it has taken ten months this, the first official portrait of America's First Family together, to be released. It shows Barack Obama, wife Michelle and daughters Malia, , and eight-year-old Sasha looking relaxed as they pose in the Green Room and was taken on September 1.   自从1月正式入住白宫后,这个著名的家庭被全世界的媒体炒来炒去,一家人在一起的照片当然不少可是您现在正在看到的照片是美国方面公布的总统全家福的“官方照片”,照片中总统奥巴马、夫人米希尔和岁女儿Malia以及8岁女儿Sasha正在绿色房间里享受家庭的乐趣此照片拍摄于年9月1日 180

The female economy: What women wantWomen 6% of the . trillion spent annually on consumer goods around the world. Pretty soon more women will be working in this country than men. Women aly control half the wealth in the ed States, and they will be responsible roughly trillion in additional earned income globally over the next five years. Welcome to the dawn of the female economy. And yet many companies are ignoring, downplaying, or patronizing this fast-growing group of consumers. That's one of the key findings in a new book by the Boston Consulting Group's Michael Silverstein and Kate Sayre called Women Want More: How to Capture Your Share of the World's Largest, Fastest-Growing Market. Silverstein, a mer journalist and close cultural observer whose previous books include Trading Up: The New American Luxury and Treasure Hunt: Inside the Mind of the New Consumer, talked with tune about Women Want More, which is based on the findings of a survey of more than ,000 women in countries. (To take the survey, click here.) What types of companies are the worst at appealing to women? The three categories (as ranked by women) in descending order of dissatisfaction are financial services, health care, and consumer durables such as cars, electronics, and appliances. In all three categories, the providers effectively diss women. Almost every financial services firm has a high-ranking female executive who's in charge of their women's initiative. But without exception they are all misunderstanding what is the appropriate way to speak to women. They think if they provide women with a cocktail hour and a chance to have a conversation with their peers, that creates a product and service that works women. They don't have a female-driven market research function. They don't calculate the share of affluent females. They don't have a marketing program that says, I'm going to understand your needs and configure products, and services to meet those needs, and explain them to you in language that you can understand. Can you give some specific examples? Women don't buy life insurance -- because no one is trying to sell it to them. Most men have life insurance outside of what they get at work. Women do not. Yet the economic catastrophe of a woman dying when she has young children to support is as great as it is a man. How about in the non-financial arena? Air-conditioning repairmen still talk down to women. So do car dealers. Water heaters are considered an item of mystery and intrigue. Moms manage 85% of health care purchases, yet doctors show little respect her time. They make her sit in waiting rooms hours. Despite women's growing financial power, they still earn about 68% of what men earn. But that income gap is closing. Can you talk about that a bit? In % of two-income U.S. households, she makes more money than he does. If you were to stop 0 people ages 5 to 30 in Manhattan, more than half the women would make more money than the men. There are 1 million high-income women in the U.S., earning more than ,000 a year. What is the "crater effect"? It contributes to the disparity in pay. She's making more money than he does right out of college. Then she has a baby, and she's still making more money. But there's some percentage of fast-tracking women who drop out of the labor ce. And there are no months of paid parental leave (like in Sweden) and no easily available, inexpensive day care. She falls behind. Then when she tries to re-enter the workce, there is no guarantee that the job she left is available to her at comparable pay, and often she has to drop down in pay. One reason why women have less secure retirements is there are these eight-to- years where they've been "cratered" out of the work ce. What were some of your most surprising findings? Women rank pets, sex, and food -- in that order -- as the things that make them happiest. The No. 1 thing women want more of is time. (Money and love rank second and third.) When asked, "What can your husband or partner do that would make you happier?" they responded: Take me on a date, do a chore at home, and listen to me without solving my problem. When are women most happy and least happy? Women who are young and single are happiest. Then they get married and they are less satisfied. Then they have their first child and they are at the bottom of the V-curve. They only come out of it when their child grows up slightly and is not 0% dependent on them. Their happiness becomes close to but not equal to their single days years later. What impact will the female economy have on our lives? The balance of power will change in favor of women, and so will the way products are developed and marketed. Women will gain share in politics and have more say over the political agenda. The female economy will contribute to leading the world out of the economic crisis. 867

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