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  • 栏目简介:《趣味青春英语视频》是外语网络电台的精品节目,通过大讲堂的网络课堂形式,能够帮助英语学习者积累一些英语背景知识,并通过互动的教学形式,帮助有效记忆英语知识。本栏目是学习趣味青春英语的好材料。201607/451734。
  • Around 3 million deaths a year are linked to outdoor air pollution, but new research might have found a way to combat the problem.每年约有300万人死于室外空气污染,但新的研究可能找到了解决问题的方法。A new study found B vitamins could offset the negative health effects that come from breathing fine particulate matter. 一项新的研究发现,维生素B可以抵消吸入细颗粒物质对健康的负面影响。The research focused on PM2.5, a pollutant that can cause sinus irritation, heart attacks and even premature death in some cases.这项研究的重点是PM2.5,这种污染物在某些情况下可能引起鼻窦刺激、心脏病发作甚至过早死亡。Researchers exposed 10 volunteers to polluted air from downtown Toronto for four weeks without vitamins. The air samples were fed through a face mask.研究人员连续四周将10名志愿者暴露在多伦多市中心受污染的空气中,没有补充维生素。空气样本通过面罩进行提供。Then, subjects were given a series of B vitamins while being exposed to the same pollution for another four weeks. The results showed the supplements reduced the negative effects by 28-76 percent.然后,志愿者被给予一些维生素B,同时另外四周暴露于相同的污染中。结果表明,补充维生素B将负面影响降低百分之28到76。Pollution is a growing health hazard, and cities across the globe struggle with levels of PM2.5 well above whats considered safe to breathe.污染是一个日益严重的健康危害,全球各地城市应对PM2.5的水平远比被认为安全呼吸的高。While this study did have encouraging results, the team behind it acknowledges the trials limitations. Aside from the small sample size, the researchers dont know the exact dose of vitamins needed to halt the negative health effects.虽然这项研究取得了令人鼓舞的成果,但它背后的团队承认了试验的局限性。除了样本量小外,研究人员还不知道需要维生素的确切剂量来停止负面健康效应。The researchers think future studies should increase the sample size and focus on areas with even higher pollution, like China or India.研究人员认为,未来的研究应增加样本容量,聚焦污染更为严重的地区,如中国或印度。译文属。201703/498061。
  • Do you want to be a hairdresser when you grow up? Yes.你长大想当理发师吗?是的。Oh, you want to cut hair? Yes. So you have a surprise for me.哦,你长大想给别人剪头发?是的。那今天你为我带来怎样的惊喜啊。A surprise that I get to cut, um, some hair.惊喜就是剪头发。Youre gonna cut some hair? Yes.你想剪头发?是的。What is all...? Wait a minute.这是?等一下。Do you know what that is? No. You dont? I dont. Well...你知道这是什么吗?不知道。不知道吗?不知道。嗯...This is called an Afro pick.这个叫做直梳。An Afro pick? Yeah. Thats what, well, I had a bunch of these.直梳?真的。我有一堆这样的梳子。Mine was black and had a fist only.但我的都是黑的,只有拳头那么大。Okay, let me see what we gonna try to do.好的,接下来看我的。Yeah, let me show you this here. Here.来看看这是什么,这个。Youll never be able to use one of these.你肯定从没使过这东西。See, what I used to do, Id put it in the top of my head and just rock it.我会把它放在头顶然后摇晃脑袋。You understand? Yeah, I left it right there. Yeah, thats amazing, aint it?明白吗?看我把它放在了头上。奇特吧?You cant believe that. Girl, you dont understand.难以置信吧,你还是没能明白,我知道。Thats how, I rocked mine just like... She cant believe it.看我摇晃的样子,她还是不敢相信这是真的。Yeah, thats how I wore it. See, I wore it just like that.看看,我是这么弄的。看好了。See, I took the pick, and then we used to rock it like that.我把发齿插在头发上,然后像这样摇摆。Thats how I rocked this thing. You cant...she cant believe theres nothing that can stay in your hair.就是这么摇摆的。她不相信竟然能在头发上插东西。Yeah! I saw that on your head. You dont understand, girl. That was the thing.耶!我看见你头发上的东西了。孩子,你不明白。就是这么弄的。So, come on. Go ahead and cut it.好了,开始剪吧。Yeah, just go on, give me a nice, little cut. Not towards the eye. Lets go in the back. Lets move around.给我来个漂亮点的。别朝我眼睛剪。朝后面剪,你转过去。Coordination. Lets stay right here, baby, on this side. You just put me drum out, but not my eye.协调一下。你站这里,朝这边。孩子,你让我下岗也就算了,但别朝我眼睛剪。Yeah. Yeah, now, come on. Do this side a little bit.很好,这边也剪一些。Come over here on this side right here so itll be even.来过来这边剪,两边要平衡。Yeah. Okay, just a little bit towards, a little bit towards the eye.哎,你别,别朝我眼睛剪。Now we do this part? Yeah, there you go. Pick it. Ooh.我们现在剪这边?来,把它插在头发上。不错啊。Girl, you can pick! Girl, you picking that Afro. Hows it look?你也学会了!你现在会使这把直梳了。我现在看起来如何?Ladies and gentlemen, the newest hair stylist, the Little Big Shot Hair Salon! Show your love for Ansleigh!女士们先生们,“小小达人秀”的艺术发廊,我们的新任发型设计师!为安思雷鼓掌!201706/513048。
  • The technology that Alan has developed for the big cats艾伦开发出来用在这些大型猫科动物身上的is an advanced GPS tracker.是一种先进的GPS追踪器It tracks the animals position, speed它追踪动物的位置 速度and how fast theyre accelerating, step by step.以及他们每一步的加速度The collar has got solar panels on the top,这个项圈顶部有太阳能电池板its got electronics in the top here这里面有电子元件and then the batteries on the bottom, and a radio antenna.底部有电池和一个无线电天线So this will give us the position of our animals它将以每秒三百次的速度to tens of centimetres, 300 times a second,和几十厘米的精度告诉我们猫猫的位置and how fast theyre going,以及他们行动的速度so we actually get exquisitely fine detail所以我们能够详细地了解about what theyre doing, where theyre moving,他们在做什么 他们在哪儿活动what terrain theyre moving in, how theyre hunting,他们要去什么地方 他们怎样捕猎when theyre successful and when they arent.他们什么时候成功什么时候失败It really is opening up whole new measurements这是用传统的追踪项圈that werent possible before with traditional tracking collars.根本无法得到的测量数据The information hes gathered has transformed our understanding他收集的信息改变了我们对这些about how these fearsome predators live in the wild.可怕的捕食者如何在野外生存的看法Were going to turn on the GPS loggers.我们要把这些GPS接收器打开重点解释:1.step by step 逐步地例句:He will be promoted step by step.他将被逐步提升。2.move in 搬进;迁入例句:We cant move in until the electricity has been laid on.我们得等电源接通后才能搬进去。3.open up 打开例句:After a few drinks he began to open up a bit.他喝了几杯酒话就多起来了。201607/453506。
  • 【新闻精讲】Measured by its Gini coefficient, Singapore is among the worlds most unequal countries.如果根据基尼系数来衡量,新加坡是世界上最不平等的国家之一。Measure1. 测量例:Measure the length and width of the gap.测量一下这个裂口的长度和宽度。2. 标准例:That is a measure of how bad things have become at the bank.那就是的局面已经糟糕到何种程度的衡量标准。3. 措施例:The government warned that police would take tougher measures to contain the trouble.政府警告说警察将采取更为强硬的措施来制止这场动乱。Gini coefficient基尼系数,是1943年美国经济学家阿尔伯特#8226;赫希曼根据劳伦茨曲线所定义的判断收入分配公平程度的指标。基尼系数是比例数值,在0和1之间,是国际上用来综合考察居民内部收入分配差异状况的一个重要分析指标。The comparison is unfair: Singapore is also a city, and Hong Kong, New York and London all have higher Gini coefficients than it does.这种比较方法是不公平的:新加坡是一个城市,而同为城市的香港、纽约和伦敦的基尼系数都比它高。Compare1. 比较Our road safety record compares favourably with that of other countries.我们的道路安全纪录比其他国家的好。2. 认为…像…例:Some commentators compared his work to that of James Joyce.一些员认为他的作品像詹姆士#8226;乔伊斯的作品。But Singapore measures its coefficient rather differently, excluding shorter-term foreign workers and non-working families.不过新加坡测量基尼系数的方法与众不同,不包括短期的外籍劳工和非工作家庭。And, understandably, it includes employers CPF contributions as income.而且可以理解的是该计算方法将劳工的公积金上缴额包含在收入内。Rather1. 而不是例:The problem was psychological rather than physiological.这是个心理而不是生理问题。2. 相当地例:,I grew up in rather unusual circumstances.我在相当不寻常的环境中长大。Exclude # includeSince these are capped for higher-paid workers, that narrows the income gap.因为这些措施限制了高薪者的收入,缩小了贫富差距。Cap1. 软扁帽; 便帽a dark blue baseball cap.…一顶深蓝色的棒球帽。2. 限制But once that target has been hit, production will be capped, with no plans for further expansion.但由于没有进一步扩大的计划,一旦此目标达成,生产将受到限制。income gap 收入差距例句:The force of economic convergence depends on the income gap between developing and developed countries.经济整合的力量取决于发展中国家和发达国家的收入差距。Egalitarians are troubled by Singapores reliance on several hundred thousand low-paid foreigners.新加坡对于数十万低收入外籍劳工的依赖困扰着平等主义者。Egalitarian平等主义的例:I still believe in the notion of an egalitarian society.我仍然相信平等主义社会的理念。They are ubiquitous on building sites.建筑工地随处可见他们的身影。Many live in crowded dormitories or worse.许多人住在拥挤的宿舍或者更糟的地方。Ubiquitous 无所不在的例:Sugar is ubiquitous in the diet.糖在饮食中到处可见。The frustrations some suffer were exposed by a riot in December 2013 after an Indian construction worker, on his Sunday off, was run over and killed by a bus.2013年12月,一名印度籍建筑工人星期日休假时被一辆公共汽车碾死,一些人的挫折感在这次事件中暴露无遗。Frustration挫败例:The government has deliberately frustrated his efforts to gain work permits for his foreign staff.政府蓄意挫败了他为其外国员工取得工作许可的努力。Riot 暴乱 Twelve inmates have been killed during a riot at the prison.十二名囚犯在该监狱里的一次暴乱中丧生。run over 碾过;匆匆看例句:He was run over by a train.他被火车轧了But such events are highly unusual.但这样的事件是极不寻常的。Lee Hsien Loong thinks Singapore should not fret overly about its inequality rankings.李显龙认为新加坡不应过度担心不平等排名。Fret担心例:I was working all hours and constantly fretting about everyone elses problems.我一刻不停地工作着,还一直担心着其他人的问题。“If I can get another ten billionaires to move to Singapore,” he said in 2013, “my Gini coefficient will get worse but I think Singaporeans will be better off, because they will bring in business, bring in opportunities, open new doors and create new jobs.”2013年他说,“如果我能让另外十大亿万富豪搬到新加坡,我国的基尼系数将变得更糟。但我认为新加坡人将过更好的,因为他们将带来生意、机会,开启新的大门、创造新的工作。”get worse 转坏;变糟糕的例句:In fact, things could get worse in the short run.事实上,事情在短期内可能会变得更加糟糕。better off 富裕的;状况好的例句:Hes much better off than before.他手头比过去宽多了。 A generation ago people at all levels of society believed that a rising tide would lift all ships: they were better off than their parents, and knew their children would be better off still.建国一代的社会各层人民一致认为,水涨船高,惠泽众生——他们过得比父母们好,而他们的孩子将会更好。Tide1. 潮水例:The tide was at its highest.潮水那时正处于最高位。2. (观点的) 一群例:The tide of opinion seems overwhelmingly in his favour.大部分人的观点似乎对他极为有利。 But that may no longer be true.但这种理论可能再也站不住脚。In April, in one of a stimulating series of lectures to mark SG50, Ho Kwon Ping, a successful businessman, discussed waning faith in meritocracy.4月份,在一场纪念新加坡建国50周年激动人心的系列演讲中,功成名就的商人何光平讨论了对精英体制衰落的信心。Stimulating 激励的例:It is a complex yet stimulating book.这是一本复杂却能引发兴趣的书。Wane减弱; 减少例:While his interest in these sports began to wane, a passion for lacrosse developed.他对这些运动项目的兴趣开始减退的同时,对长曲棍球的兴趣却浓厚起来。 He warned that “the original social leveller”, the education system, may now “perpetuate intergenerational class stratification”.他警告说,“原先的社会平衡器”——教育系统,现在反而固化了代际的阶层分化。Leveller 平衡器Perpetuate 使继续 (尤指情形、体系或信仰)例:We must not perpetuate the religious divisions of the past.我们绝不能使过去的宗教分裂继续下去。Stratification (社会的)阶层分化例:She was concerned about the stratification of American society.她以前很关注美国社会的阶层分化。Only 40% of the children in the most prestigious primary schools live in HDB flats, home to about 80% of all children.全国生活在政府组屋的儿童达80%,其中只有40%就读于最负盛名小学。Prestigious有声望的例:Its one of the best equipped and most prestigious schools in the country.它是该国设备最好、最有声望的学校之一。 Singapores government, unlike New Yorks or Londons, is its citizens overall tax authority, and its tax system is regressive.与纽约或伦敦的政府不同,新加坡政府是公民的总体税务机关,并且是递减的征税体制。Regressive1. 递减2. 回归的,(数学)比如 regressive curve 回归曲线3. (行为、活动或过程)退化的; 倒退的例:...some of the symptoms of regressive behaviours: thumb sucking, bed wetting, having problems sleeping....倒退行为的一些症状:吮姆指、尿床和睡眠不好。 It has no capital-gains or inheritance taxes, and income tax is low: even after a recent rise, the top rate is 22%.没有资本收益税和遗产税,所得税很低——即使最近涨了,所得税最高税率才22%。Top1. 最高的; 最快的The vehicles have a top speed of 80 miles per hour.这些车的最高时速达80英里。2. 排名前多少TOP 5 前五名 In future elections it will face growing pressure to redistribute wealth more actively.在未来的选举中,新加坡政府在更加积极分配社会财富方面将面临日渐增长的压力。Wealth1. 财富例:Economic reform has brought relative wealth to peasant farmers.经济改革使农民相对富裕起来。2. 大量的例:Their websites contain a wealth of information on the topic.他们的网站上有大量与该主题相关的信息。 At every stage it will balk, wary of the “slippery slope” towards effete welfarism. But it has the resources.在每个阶段,它都拒绝并且担心滑向无能的福利主义。但是它还有很多资源可以利用。Balk 阻止; 反对例:Even biology undergraduates may balk at animal experiments.即使是生物专业的大学生都可能会反对动物实验。Wary 小心的; 提防的例:People did not teach their children to be wary of strangers.人们以前没教过自己的孩子们要提防陌生人。slippery slope灾难性的急剧下滑201704/502567。
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