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陈江镇医院怎么样淡水医院是正规医院?When making a speech to a small audience, know who you are talking to, pay attention to the people in the audience, but don't focus too much on them and don't monitor their facial expressions.When addressing a large group of people or a large auditorium, remember to embrace everybody and try to, even if you're using a microphone, try to project your voice as much as possible.People often have the misconception that they can't use notes and they can't use a script. The reality is that some of the best speakers use notes and scripts. The difference is you have to deliver rather than . And by delivery it means that you look up from your words, you ahead, you don't depend on your script the entire time, but it's there to guide you. If you are talking to a sympathetic audience, it's okay to say "I am a little nervous". They'll forgive you.Women tend to have a problem with long hair. If you have long hair and you are going to speak, push it back, pin it back.Men have a problem with pockets. They don't know what to do with their hands. If you are going before a group of business people, you're not going to be wanting to wear a pair of jeans. On the other hand, if you are going in front of an informal group, you want to have them identify with you and be more casual. So when you get up to speak, it's really important for you to remember that you have something to say, you have the right to say it and people want to hear what you have to say. 200809/47301河源和平县人民医院地址 Female Anchor: We've all been lectured by our parents at one time or another,but Philip Van Mounching decided to take a unique approach to teaching his daughters about life. He initially shared his thoughts in a very long letter which turned into an informative book called "Boys will put you on a pedestal so they can look up your skirt".Julie: Good morning,philip.Philip Van Mounching: Good morning, Julie.Julie: You should know, you're a boy, right, I guess?Philip Van Mounching: I checked, I am.Julie: Now this book actually started because one day you almost got hit by a bus,what happened?Philip Van Mounching: Yeah, I forgot that the 1st rule we teach our kids, wait for the green, and decide to dash across fifth avenue when I almost got plastered by the bus. You know when I got to the, back to where I started actually, safe and sound. I had that little conversation you have with yourself, you know, what I would regret, if I, if I died foolishly. And the only thing I could think of is that I wouldn't be around for my girls to tell them things that I meant to as they grow up, so I started writing them down.You have two girls. How old are they now?Thirteen and ten.Oh, they're lovely? Look that great photo.Thank you.Certainly they are.Now, Er, originally,you wrote this as we said as a long letter to your girls?Right. And the book is actually geared towards what age of girls, and now parents are ing as well.Right, anyone from 12 on and up. And the nice sight product is that parents are just saying, Wow, I am looking at this, I am finding out how I can talk to my girls about the stuff. Based on the title you have a very strong opinion on how girls should view boys. And you have basically three rules, ah, that you want your daughters to follow when they pick somebody to date.Ya, I found the simplest rules I could, you have to date boys you honestly like, I mean that's okey. These days people date because of boys are popular, or because the family has money or whatever. But when you do that, you cheapen yourself on the relationship.Ok, Rule No.2, you say, Er, the boy's age should be within two years of your age.Yeah! Isn't, isn't having a relationship especially that age about experiencing things together. And if somebody's that much older than you, they should have a lot more experience. And if they do, you gonna wonder why they are with you.OK! And then, the third, you say make sure that your boyfriends treat you with respect.Right, zero tolerance policy. The minute they talk to you or touch you in a way that isn't kind and invited. You walk, they won't get a second chance.Now, of course, you have a chapter about sex?Right.And you've actually memorized that chapter?I have. It goes something like this, Five: Sex, don't have any ever at least wait until I am dead is that so much to ask. My mother said that she didn't realize I was a Jewish grandmother. But...Ha ha... But I, then of course, you turn the page and you get chapter five, a sex come up really, and then I get to the serious stuff.And it's an absence of that real chapter is on this topic?Sex is such a wonderful and important thing that if you're throwing it away so that you can hang on to some boys or because you think it might feel good, you are really cheapening something that can be so important to you.Has so many, er, young girls, you know, they watch movies and TV shows, and they fantasize about that moment when they meet the one, but you don't believe in fate.Yeah, fate irks me beyond worth.You say don't rely on fate to your girls. Why?Absolutely.You don't think it exists at all or...?If you're playing softball, and you believe in fate, the best stays on your shoulder, because you know if you meant to hit it, it's just gonna happen. That is ridiculous. You got to go out and make the mistakes. You got to swing the bat, because then you've earned the things that you learn in life, because you've gone out and you've ,you know, you've made the mistakes. You 've earned all of the stuff that's coming to you, as opposed to sitting back, waiting for it to happen for you.You also handle serious topics, like bullying. And, Er, you say if being bullied, conceal the source.Right. You know, as I was watching your first hour this morning, and that poor girl who was doing crystal math. What did she say? She was bullied on the Internet. She felt fat. People around her were making her feel terrible. That is horrible. But you have to turn around and see why are the people saying those things. Are they really about you, or are they about the person saying them. Do they just need to sp their pain? It is not fun to hear bad things by yourself, but once you realize they are not really about you, it is a little easier.And you say it is ok to make mistakes, make glorious mistakes. What's that mean?Right, make good ones, make mistakes because you are striving, you are reaching beyond your abilities. Don't, don't make mistakes because you are lazy, 'cause you are careless. Make them because you are trying to better yourself, and then you are showing the world you are making it and you are not just coasting.Good advice. And I know someone I wanna give this book to.Terrific!Philip Van Mounching, thanks for coming onto the show.Thank you,Juliy.And Boys will put you on the pedestal is published by Simon amp; Schuster,which is owned by the CBS's parent company. 200707/15207Afghan Warring Factions to Stop Fighting to Allow Start of Polio Vaccination Campaign阿交战各方停火三天允许接种疫苗 The warring factions in Afghanistan say they will heed a call by the ed Nations to stop fighting so aid workers can begin a three-day polio vaccination campaign. The Taliban, the Afghan army and international military forces say they will halt their offensives Sunday, to coincide with International Peace Day. 阿富汗的交战各方表示,他们会响应联合国的停战呼吁,使援助人员能够进行为期3天的小儿麻痹疫苗接种行动。塔利班、阿富汗军队和国际军队说,他们将从今天(星期天),碰巧也是国际和平日,停止攻击性行动。Over the next three days, thousands of health workers will fan out across six volatile provinces in southern Afghanistan. Their aim is to vaccinate 1.8 million newborns and children under five against polio. 在今后3天里,数千名医务人员将进入阿富汗南部6个动荡省份。他们的目标是为180万名新生儿和5岁以下的儿童接种小儿麻痹疫苗。The UN-led polio immunization campaign was briefly suspended last week following the deaths of two Afghan doctors working for the World Health Organization. 联合国发起的小儿麻痹疫苗接种行动上个星期因为世界卫生组织的两名阿富汗医生死亡而暂停。A spokeswoman for W.H.O.'s Global Polio Eradication Initiative, Sona Bari, tells VOA U.N. aid agencies and local communities decided it was important to go ahead with the campaign for the sake of the children. 世界卫生组织全球消除小儿麻痹计划的发言人索尼亚.巴里,联合国各援助机构和地方社区都认为,为了孩子的利益而展开这项行动是非常重要的。She says she hopes and believes the warring factions will abide by the U.N.'s call for a so-called "Days of Tranquility" and allow the vaccinators to do their job in safety. 她表示,她希望并且相信,交战各方将遵守联合国关于“平静日”的要求,允许防疫人员安全地完成他们的工作。"The 21st of September is an important day because it is International Peace Day and we have traditionally used this opportunity to say let us have everyone pause and help us access the children," said Bari. "After that said, I understand from our team leader there that we do expect probably slightly lower coverage in some of those areas just so that we can respect the measures we need to take to protect our people."  巴里说 :“9月21号是国际和平日,这是一个重要的日子,我们传统上都利用这个机会告诉大家,停止争斗,让我们去帮助孩子。我从我们的领队那里得知,在一些地区,我们预料到接种覆盖率会稍微低一点。我们需要一些措施,保护我们的工作人员。”Afghanistan is one of four countries with endemic polio. The others are India, Pakistan and Nigeria. The World Health Organization has confirmed 18 cases of polio in Afghanistan this year. Most occurred in Southern and Eastern regions where insurgent violence is the strongest and health workers are most at risk. 阿富汗是小儿麻痹症流行的4个国家之一。其他3个是印度、巴基斯坦和尼日利亚。世界卫生组织实,今年在阿富汗发生了18起小儿麻痹病例,其中大部分发生在反叛暴力活动最严重、医务工作者面临危险最大的南部和东部地区。Bari says Afghanistan is the closest of the four endemic countries in stopping the sp of the crippling polio virus. But she acknowledges vaccinators, so far, have been unable to reach about 100,000 children in the south because of the insecurity. 巴里说,在这4个国家之中,阿富汗距离实现遏止小儿麻痹症病毒传播的目标最近。但是她也承认,疫苗接种人员到目前为止由于不安全的原因,还无法为阿富汗南方10万名儿童接种疫苗。"So it is not a huge number. This is a nation with seven million children under the age of five. So that is not a significant obstacle," she added. "Afghanistan can be addressed. They are very close and with the kind of determination that we have seen this week, this is an area where they are very optimistic in terms of stopping polio transmission."  她说:“这并不是一个庞大的数字。在阿富汗,5岁以下的儿童有700万。因此这并不是什么巨大的障碍。阿富汗的问题可以得到解决。这个星期,我们看到了他们的决心。他们离目标已经很近了。在制止小儿麻痹症传播方面,我们对这一地区非常乐观。”About 350,000 children a year have become paralyzed from polio since 1988, when the World Health Organization began its Global Eradication Campaign. Most of the world is now polio free.  自从1988年世界卫生组织开始在全球范围内消灭小儿麻痹症的活动以来,世界各国每年大约有35万儿童由于患有这种疾病而瘫痪。绝大多数国家已经消灭了这种疾病。This year, the W.H.O. reports more than 1,200 cases of polio globally, more than half of these are in Nigeria.  世界卫生组织报告说,今年,全世界发生了1200多例小儿麻痹症,其中半数以上发生在尼日利亚。The World Health Organization says Nigeria is the major stumbling block in efforts to wipe this crippling disease off the face of the earth. W.H.O. spokeswoman Bari says the last two polio immunization rounds in these Nigerian States failed to reach all the children targeted because the operations were not well planned. She says vaccinators lack proper training. She notes some parents, who are reluctant to immunize their children fearing the vaccine could cause sickness or sterility, hide their children during these campaigns.200809/49768惠州友好男科医院网上挂号

惠州市治疗阳痿早泄男科医院陈江医院是几甲 Official TranscriptJOLIE: I am so inspired by these people. And they are the greatest strength. You know, so, it’s, it's not, er, you know, you have that memory. You have that moment -- I have had it -- where, even just today, I was, you know, breast- feeding, and tired, and thinking, God, I really don't know how I'm going to get myself together to be thinking for this interview. But you think, Jesus, the things these people go through. I owe it to all of them to get myself together, to stop whining about being tired, and get there and get focused, and, because God, it's the least I can do, with what they live with and what they can, you know, they pull themselves out of the most horrible despair. And they're able to smile and get on with it and survive. And, so, you don't -- it's that same thing. You don't, er, you don't think, poor me, what I have seen. You just think, like, Jesus, thank God I, I'm not experiencing it. ---COOPER: Right. The first time you went to a refugee camp, what was that like? JOLIE: God, it was, it was Sierra Leone. So, it was a different kind of a camp. It wasn’t the, it was, they were still having civil war. And it was a, it was a kind of just this area of people who had been, er, who had had their limbs cut off from, from the violence. And it was an amputee camp. And it was er, probably to this day the worst camp I have ever seen. And I knew I was changing as a person. I was learning so much about life. And I was, so, in some ways, it was the best moment of my life, because it...---COOPER: Right. JOLIE: ... changed me for the better. And I was never going to be never going to be, never going to want for more in my life or be...(CROSSTALK) ---COOPER: I mean, how did it change you? JOLIE: I was very er, focused on myself, on my career, on my life, on this -- you know, we have so much and we, we want for other things, and we don't realize how grateful we should be about things. I had been -- done things, you know, er, like most teenagers, you know, hurting myself, or doing things...---COOPER: Right. JOLIE: I mean, all those things. You take your own life for granted. And then, suddenly, you see these people who are really fighting something, who are really surviving, who have so much er, pain and loss and things that you have no idea. And, as soon as I got to a phone, I called my mom and just told her how much I loved her. And I was so grateful I knew where she was and so grateful I knew where my brother was, that, that it just changed everything. ---COOPER: Right. And, then, how do you come back? I mean, it's got to be -- it's always -- I have found it always a hard thing, once you're there and you see that, and your eyes are open and, and your heart is open and your mind is open. And then you come back, and especially I mean in this world that you live in, it's got to be such a strange -- it's got to be surreal. (CROSSTALK) JOLIE: By the time I, I got on the plane and on the way home, I , I didn't, I knew that I would somehow commit to doing something with these people in my life. And I knew that would be the only way to, to settle it in myself. ---COOPER: And why refugees? Of all the things. I mean, there are so many causes around the world. There are so many problems. Why is it, you're, you're focusing on a problem which is almost intractable. I mean, there, there have always been refugees, internally displaced people. There almost, likely, will always be. JOLIE: One, I went to Cambodia, and I learned a lot about the situation there and the refugees there. But, but I got this book on the U.N., because I really liked the idea of the U.N. I know it's not perfect. But loved what -- what it stood for. And, so, I got a book on the U.N. And I was ing about it. And then I got to this chapter on refugees. And it said almost 20 million people are displaced. And it showed pictures of Rwanda and pictures of all these , and I was kind of, and I was just shocked. I thought, how is that possible, that I have known nothing about this, and I'm 20-something years old, and, and there are this many people displaced in the world? So, I knew it was something that had to be discussed, and, and wasn't being discussed. And um, and then, the more I about it, the more I just thought, they really are the most vulnerable people in the world. They really don't have an option for, it's not just that they're poor. It's not just that they're hungry. It's not just that, it's that they are in fear of, of, for their lives. They are going to be persecuted for their race, their religion, their nationality. They, they don't have the protection of their own country. They're somewhere uprooted, without any protection, with their families, relying on somebody to open their doors for someplace for them to lay their head down or get some food or something. And they may not be able to return home for decades. 200809/50288惠州哪里看男科最好

惠州那家割包皮医院好UN Chief Says Billions Needed to Halt Food Crisis潘基文吁国际社会帮助饥饿人口 The U.N. Secretary-General says between billion and billion is needed each year to boost agricultural production and assist farmers worldwide, in order to curb the growing global food crisis. 联合国秘书长潘基文说,为了遏制日益严重的全球粮食危机,每年需要250亿到400亿美元用于加强农业生产和帮助农民。U.N. chief Ban Ki-moon warned that the combination of rising food and fuel prices threatens to undermine much of the progress made toward achieving the Millennium Development Goals of cutting poverty, hunger and disease in half by 2015. 联合国秘书长潘基文警告说,粮食价格和燃料价格上涨这两个因素加在一起,会使联合国到2015年把贫困、饥饿和疾病减少一半的千年发展目标所取得的大部分进展面临荡然无存的威胁。Mr. Ban told a meeting of the U.N. General Assembly on the global food and energy crisis, that the international community must take steps to ensure that vulnerable populations are not left without help. 潘基文在联合国关于全球粮食和能源危机的会议上说,国际社会必须采取步骤,确保弱势群体不会处于无助的状态。"I urge Members of this Assembly to immediately and substantially scale-up public spending to respond effectively to the pressing needs of the world's hungry people," he said. 潘基文说:“我恳请联大成员国立即切实增加公共开,对世界上饥饿人口的迫切需求作出有效的反应。”He warned that between billion and billion would be needed annually to help farmers and enhance food production around the world. He called on governments, donors, the private sector, civil society and U.N. agencies to work together to meet these costs. 他警告说,全世界每年需要250亿到400亿美元用于帮助农民,并且在全世界范围内增加粮食产量。他呼吁各国政府、捐助机构、私营部门、民间社会和联合国各机构携手合作,提供这笔费用。Mr. Ban said the cost of inaction would be "unacceptably high," warning that over 100 million more people could slide into hunger. He cited other consequences including political instability in the most affected countries, increased migration, higher global inflation and economic stagnation.  潘基文说,无所作为的代价“太高,令人无法接受”。他警告说,有1亿多人可能陷入饥饿。他还列举了其它后果,包括受灾最严重的国家会出现政治不稳定、移民增加、全球通货膨胀上升和经济停滞不前。"If we do not seek lasting solutions now, more children will die each day, more families will go to bed hungry," said Mr. Ban. "The threats left to the next generation will be even greater." 潘基文说:“如果我们现在不寻求持久的解决办法,每天都会有更多的儿童夭折,更多的家庭会饿着肚子上床。留给下一代的威胁会更大。” The U.N. chief said addressing the global food and fuel crisis requires quick action and a long term commitment. 联合国秘书长潘基文说,解决全球粮食和燃料危机需要迅速行动和长期努力。200807/44330 惠州包皮手术哪儿好惠州专治男性早泄国立医院



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