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Why is my verse so barren of new pride,为什么我的诗缺乏点晴之笔,So far from variation or quick change?行文沉闷呆板,千篇一律?Why with the time do I not glance aside为什么我的诗不顺应时尚,To new-found methods and to compounds strange?花样翻新,自铸奇特的伟辞?Why write I still all one, ever the same,为什么我总是重复同一个主皆,And keep invention in a noted weed,我的所有诗趣总穿同一件诗衣?That every word doth almost tell my name,几乎每一个词都打着我的印记,Showing their birth and where they did proceed?透露它出自何手,意在何地何时O, know, sweet love, I always write of you,啊,我的小亲亲,我的笔底明珠,And you and love are still my argument;我只是写你、写爱、永远不会换题So all my best is dressing old words new,竭聪尽智,我只能陈辞翻出新意境.Spending again what is aly spent旧曲重弹,又何妨故伎今日再重施 as the sun is daily new and old,天上太阳,日日轮因新成旧,So is my love still telling what is told.铭心之爱,不尽衷肠诉无休 56

Tammy: What are you doing this year to give your team an advantage? 今年你准备做些什么让你的队伍先拔头筹?Phillip: I have a few tricks up my sleeve. We’re going to have a winning season. 我有几招我们将有个胜利的赛季Tammy: Are you going to start Wang? 你启用王了吗?Phillip: No, I’m redshirting Wang. I want him to sit out his first year so he can sharpen his skills. 没有,我没给他比赛机会我想让他第一年坐板凳好加强他的技术Tammy: I’m really surprised. Wang is aly a great player and too good to sit on the bench. 我很震惊啊他已经够好了,不应该坐板凳Phillip: Trust me, I know what I’m doing. He’ll get an extra year of eligibility and be even better next year. 相信我,我有数他有一年加强期,明年会更好Tammy: If you say so. What about Schwartz? 如果你这样说的话,那么施瓦茨呢?Phillip: He’s out the season. He’s hurt and won’t be able to play. 他这个赛季报销了他受伤了,这个赛季上不了场了Tammy: That’s a major blow! He’s your star player, right? 这是个坏消息他可是你的明星球员啊,是吧?Phillip: He’s a loss, but I have a secret weapon. 这是个损失,但是我有秘密武器Tammy: Oh, yeah? 哦,是吗?Phillip: This new player, Pierre, is going to give the other teams a run their money. 新球员皮埃尔会让其他队很难过Tammy: Who is he? 这小子是谁啊?Phillip: Just somebody I recruited. Let’s just say he’s talented beyond his years. 我招的人他太有天赋了Tammy: Huh? You mean he’s a ringer? You’re bringing in a ringer? 啊,你意思是他是非法参赛了?你找了个非法参赛的人?Phillip: Of course not. He’s just a little more experienced than my other players and he’ll be a ce to be reckoned with. 当然不是,他只是比我的其他队员更有经验,他会成为核心Tammy: Only if nobody catches on. 除非别人赶不上他Phillip: Catches on to what? 赶不上什么? 556

  Lenny:Wait a second. Where is my wallet?莱尼:等一下我的钱包呢?Anita:It’s not in your back pocket?安尼塔:不是在你的后衣袋里吗?Lenny:No, it’s in none of my pockets. My pocket’s been picked!莱尼:没有,我的口袋里什么都没有我的口袋被扒了!Anita:It must have happened when our attention was diverted by those boys fighting over there.安尼塔:肯定在是我们的注意力转向那些打架的男孩子的时候被偷的Lenny:I should have been paying more attention in a busy market like this. I felt someone bump me from behind, but it never occurred to me that someone could be lifting my wallet.莱尼:我本应该在这样一个喧杂的市场更加小心才对我觉得有人从我身后撞了一下,但我没想到是有人偷了我的钱包Anita:I’ve been clutching my purse, worried about purse-snatchers. I never thought anyone would be able to pick your pocket.安尼塔:我一直抓着我的钱包,就是怕有人抢钱我从来没想到有人能偷走你的钱包Lenny:Me, neither. I don’t know how I’m going to live this down. When the boys hear about this…莱尼:我也没想到我不知道我该如何补救要是那些人听说我被偷了......Anita:Come on, we’d better go file a police report. You never know. Maybe your wallet will turn up.安尼塔:来吧,我们最好向警方报案谁知道呢也许你的钱包会冒出来的Lenny:Fat chance of that happening. This is really embarrassing…莱尼:这种事情很少发生真地很尴尬......Anita:Stop stalling. If there’s one thing I’ve learned after being a cop’s wife years is that you’ve got to face the music.安尼塔:别拖了如果我和一个警察已经结婚年的话,我就会勇敢地承担一切后果 注:本文译文属原创,, 1891

  Hostess: Thank you calling Sakia Restaurant. How may I help you? Randy: I’d like to make a reservation. Hostess: which day and what time? Randy: It’s Friday, the th, at 7 o’clock. Hostess: How many will be in the party? Randy: There will be seven of us. Hostess: And the name on the reservation? Randy: Johnson. Hostess: And a phone number where we can reach you? Randy: 3-555-93. Hostess: Okay. Let me repeat back to you the inmation I have. This is a reservation the Friday after next seven at 7 p.m. Is that correct? Randy: Yes, that’s right. Can we have a table by the window in a non-smoking section? I want to be away from the kitchen, if possible. Hostess: Our restaurant is all non-smoking. We can’t guarantee a window table, but I’ll note your preference. Randy: Okay, that’s fine. What’s the parking situation at the restaurant? Hostess: We have a parking lot behind the restaurant, and we also have valet parking. Do any of the guests have special needs? Randy: I’m glad you asked. I’ll need two high chairs and four booster seats. Hostess: I’m sorry, but did you say two high chairs and four booster seats? Randy: Yes, I did. I’m taking all of my nieces and nephews out to dinner. Hostess: That sounds nice. It should be a lively evening. Randy: You’re telling me! 50。

  What does it mean to be a lover ?爱一个人意味着什么?It is more than just being marriage or making love to someone.爱一个人,不只是与其结婚或者做爱Millions of people are married but few are real lovers.成千上万的人结婚,却只有极少人真正相爱To be a real lover,you must commit to and participant in a perpetual dance intimacy with you partner.真正爱一个人,你要承诺与你的另一半永远亲密无间You are a lover when you appreciate the gift your partner is celebrate that gift every day.爱一个人,就要把你的爱人当成上天赐予的礼物,要每天歌颂你的爱人You are a lover when you remember that your partner does not belong to you.爱一个人,就要记住他并不属于你,He or she is on loan from the universe.他是上苍借给你的宝贝You are a lover when you realize that nothing that happens between you will be insignificant,爱一个人,你要知道,你和爱人之间发生的任何事都是有意义的that everything you say in the relationship has the potential to cause your beloved joy or sorrow, and everything you do will either strengthen your connection or weaken it.你说的没一句话都可以使爱人伤心或难过,你做的每一件事都可能增进或减少你们之间的爱情You are a lover when you understand all this,作为爱人,你必须明白这些道理and thus wake up each morning filled with gratitude that you have another day in which to love and enjoy your partner ,每天早上你醒来时,要感谢上苍,你又有一天的时间可以去爱和拥有你的爱人When you have a lover in your life,you are richly blessed.拥有一个人爱人,你的生活就充满了祝福You have been given the gift of another person who has chosen to walk beside you.上苍赐予你的礼物,就是有一个爱人与你同行He or she will share your days and your nights,your bed and you burdens.爱人和你朝夕相伴,同床共枕、同甘共苦Your lover will seek you out where you have been hiding,and create a haven you within safe,loving arms.爱人会看到其他任何人都看不到的属于你的秘密爱人会触摸到任何其他人都触摸不到的你的灵魂无论你身藏何处,爱人都会把你找到爱人会用安全的,充满爱的双臂为你营造一个温馨的港湾You lover offers you an abundance of miracles every day.爱人每天给你带来无限的奇迹He has the power to delight you with his smile,his voice,the scent of his neck,the way he moves.他的微笑,他的声音,他脖颈上的气味,他走路的方式,都是你快乐的源泉She has the power to banish your loneliness.He has the power to turn the ordinary into the sublime.爱人能驱赶你的孤独爱人会化平凡为高尚,使生活得到升华She is your doorway to heaven here to earth.爱人是你从尘世到达天堂的阶梯! 377

  So, how do I define success?那么我是如何定义成功的呢?Let me tell you, money pretty nice.让我告诉你,钱很美好Im not going to stand up here and tell you that it not about money,cause money is very nice.我不会告诉你们成功与钱无关,因为钱是好东西I like money.我喜欢钱It good buying things.它能买东西But having a lot of money does not automatically make you a successful person.但是拥有很多钱并不能使你自然而然的成为一个成功者What you want is money and meaning.你想要的是钱和意义You want your work to be meaningful.你想你的工作更有意义Because meaning is what brings the real richness to your life.因为有意义使你的生活更加充实What you really want is to be surrounded by people you trust and treasure and by people who cherish you.你所希望得到的是被信任你珍视你的人包围That when youre really rich.这才是你真正富有的时候So, lesson one, follow your feelings.,第一个经验,随心而走If it feels right, move ward.如果感觉对了,就继续前进If it doesnt feel right, dont do it.如果感觉不对,就不要做了Now I want to talk a little bit about failings,because nobody journey is seamless or smooth.现在我想谈谈失败没有人他的一生是一帆风顺的We all stumble. We all have setbacks.我们都会遇到困难,受到挫折If things go wrong, you hit a dead end-as you will-it just life way of saying time to change course.如果事情出错了,你进入了死胡同,这正是生活在告诉你是时候改变了So, ask every failure-this is what I do every failure, every crisis, every difficult time-I say, what is this here to teach me?所以,每当遇到困难和危机时,我都会问它教会了我什么?And as soon as you get the lesson, you get to move on.只要你吸取了教训,你就会继续前进If you really get the lesson,you pass and you dont have to repeat the class.如果你真正吸取了教训,你就会顺利通过考验,不用再取经受失败了If you dont get the lesson,it shows up wearing another pair of pants-or skirt-to give you some remedial work.如果你没有吸取教训,它会以另外一种形式给出现在你面前并给你一些补救And what Ive found is that difficulties come when you dont pay attention to life whisper,because life always whispers to you first.我注意到当你没有仔细对待生活的细节时,困难就会出现因为生活总是提前低声的告戒你And if you ignore the whisper,sooner or later youll get a scream.如果你忽视了这个低声的告诫,过不了多久你就会得到一个惊声尖叫,Whatever you resist persists.无论你怎样反抗But, if you ask the right question-not why is this happening,but what is this here to teach me?但是如果你不去想为什困难会发生,而是去反思困难会教给我什么时,What is this here to teach me?困难会教给我什么?It puts you in the place and space to get the lesson you need.你就会学到你需要的东西My friend Eckhart Tolle,who written this wonderful book called A New Earth that all about letting the awareness of who you are stimulate everything that you do,he puts it like this我的朋友Eckhart Tolle他写了一本非常棒的书,名叫A New Earth这本书就是关于让你的意识激励你去做事He says, dont react against a bad situation;merge with that situation instead.他说,不要去反抗困境,相反,要融入到其中And the solution will arise from the challenge.你将会在迎接挑战的过程中找到出路Because surrendering yourself doesnt mean giving up;it means acting with responsibility.因为暂时的屈并不意味着放弃,它意味着一种责任感 531

  Cora: Hi, Im Cora.考拉:嗨,我是考拉Antonio: Im Antonio. Nice to meet you.安东尼奥:我是安东尼奥很高兴遇见你Cora: Same here. Are you from around here?考拉:我也一样请问你是本地人吗?Antonio: No, Im originally from Arkansas. How about you?安东尼奥:不,我最初来自阿克塞斯你呢?Cora: Im a native Calinian, but I grew up in the Middle East. My parents were in the military, so we moved quite a bit, but mainly around the Middle East.考拉:我是加利福利亚本地人,但我在中东长大我的父母是军人,所以我们经常搬家,但主要在中东附近Antonio: That really interesting. I spent some time in Jordan myself a few years ago doing research my company. But Ive lived in Los Angeles over years and consider it my adopted hometown.安东尼奥:太有趣了几年前我曾在我位于约旦的公司从事研究工作但是我在洛杉矶已经生活了超过年了,已经把它视作第二故乡了Cora: Isnt that funny? Even though I was born here, I only moved back here two months ago. Im sure you know the city much better than I do.考拉:这不是很有意思吗?尽管我在这里出生,可是我两个月前才搬回这里我敢说你对这座城市的了解要比我多Antonio: Id be happy to show you around, to help you get reacquainted with L.A.安东尼奥:我很乐意带你四处转转,帮助你重新认识洛杉矶Cora: I was only eight years old when my family moved away, so I have a lot of catching up to do.考拉:我们家搬走的时候,我才8岁,所以我有很多“功课”要补啊!Antonio: Let start next weekend. Ill show you some of the places where the locals like to hang out.安东尼奥:我们下个礼拜开始吧我会带你去当地人经常逛的地方Cora: That sounds great. Is this how all Angelinos treat newcomers?考拉: 那听起来不错!所有洛杉矶人都是这样接待新人的吗?Antonio: Absolutely! Im the city one-man welcome wagon.安东尼奥:当然!我就是这座城市的单人迎宾车 原文译文属!海子(196-1989),原名查海生,19年五月生于安徽省安庆城外的高河查弯1979年岁时考入清华大学法律系,198年开始诗歌创作,1983年毕业后任教于中国政法大学1983年3月日,他在河北省山海关卧轨自杀先后出版的诗集有《河流、《传说《但是水,水另外长诗《土地和仪式诗剧三部曲之一《弑这首诗的开始是对“幸福”的渴望,以及“幸福”的所指,在诗中不断地延宕和消解生存和经验的封闭,局限状态,会助长现实虚空感;或者诗人只能将自己的存在悬系于形而上的层面上对于“幸福”的想象感受比起来,诗人更多的感受来自内心的追问和内心矛盾困惑的痛苦思考的孤独感和焦虑感更为沉重实在,构成了海子诗歌的精神核心Facing the Sea With Spring Blossoms面朝大海,春暖花开From tomorrow on, I will be a happy man.Grooming, chopping and traveling all over the world.From tomorrow on, i will care foodstuff and vegetable.Living in a house towards the sea, with spring blossoms.从明天起,做一个幸福的人喂马,劈柴,周游世界从明天起,关心粮食和蔬菜我有一所房子,面朝大海,春暖花开From tomorrow on, write to each of my dear ones.Telling them of my happiness.What the lightening of happiness has told me.I will sp it to each of the them.从明天起,和每一个人通信告诉他们我的幸福那幸福的闪电告诉我的我将告诉每一个人Given a warm name every river and every mountain,Strangers,i will also wish you happy.May you have a brilliant future!陌生人我也为你祝福给每一条河每一座山取一个温暖的名字愿你有一个灿烂的前程May you lovers eventually become spouses!May you enjoy happiness in this earthly world!I only wish to face the sea, with spring blossoms.愿有情人终成眷属愿你们在尘世获得幸福我只愿面朝大海,春暖花开 19885


  双语动画学英语:Sun Flower 99。

  Green绿色Another day, another color.另一天,另一种颜色What comes to mind when you think of green?当你想到绿色,脑中会浮现什么?I think of different things like a cool green est where I can walk with a friend, a green leaf of lotus to wrap my food in, a green watermelon that I can share, a green frog croaking away.我会想到很多不同的事物,就像一个凉爽的绿色森林,在那里我可以与一位朋友一起散步,或者包裹我的食物的一片绿色荷叶, 或者我能分享的一个绿色的西瓜,抑或是一只绿色的小青蛙的鸣声着离开I also think of different images like a person who might be green with envy, who thinks that the grass is always greener on the other side;我也会想起不同的景象,仿佛一个人可能会嫉妒的眼睛都发绿了,因为他总是认为另一边的草总是比较绿;or an uncle, who has a green thurm, he has great growing plants, his garden is beautiful;或者是一位叔叔,他有一个绿色岩岬,拥有良好的植物生长,他的花园非常美丽;or my boss giving me permission or a green light to go ahead with the project;或者是我的老板允许我或者对我开绿灯继续这项工程;or a new worker, who is green, he doesnt have any experiencing.或一喂新位新的工作人员,他没有任何的经验Talk about it谈论下面话题When you hear the word green, what comes to your mind?当你听到绿色这个单词的时候,脑中会浮现什么?How does the color green make you feel?绿色让你感觉如何?What are some things that are green?有哪些事物是绿色的?Do you know any idioms that use the word green?你知道有哪些成语使用绿色这个词吗?What are some colors that are associated with emotions, like green with envy?有哪些颜色和情感联系起来,比如绿色代表嫉妒?Green is used to describe many things, what do you think it means when someone says they have a lot of green?绿色用来形容很多东西, 如果有人说他们有很多的绿色,你觉得这是什么意思? 19755

  美文回忆:The furthest distance in the world世界上最遥远的距离The furthest distance in the world世界上最遥远的距离Is not between life and death不是生与死But when I stand in front of you而是 我就站在你面前Yet you dont know that I love you你却不知道我爱你The furthest distance in the world世界上最遥远的距离Is not when I stand in front of you不是 我就站在你面前Yet you cant see my love你却不知道我爱你But when undoubtedly knowing the love from both而是 明明知道彼此相爱Yet cannot be together却不能在一起The furthest distance in the world世界上最遥远的距离Is not being apart while being in love不是 明明知道彼此相爱 却不能在一起But when painly cannot resist the yearning而是 明明无法抵挡这股思念Yet pretending you have never been in my heart却还得故意装作丝毫没有把你放在心里The furthest distance in the world世界上最遥远的距离Is not when painly cannot resist the yearning不是 明明无法抵挡这股思念yet pretending you have never been in my heart却还得故意装作丝毫没有把你放在心里but using one indifferent heart而是 用自己冷漠的心对爱你的人To dig an uncrossable river掘了一条无法跨越的沟渠 the one who loves you你却不知道我爱你 38500

  What then is the work of life? What the business of great men, that pass the stage of the world in seeming triumph as these men we call heroes have done? Is it to grow great in the mouth of fame and take up so many pages in history? Alas! That is no more than making a tale the ing of posterity till it turns into fable and romance. Is it to furnish subjects to the poets, and live in their immortal rhymes as they call them? That is, in short, no more than to be hereafter turned into ballad and song and be sung by old women to quiet children, or at the corner of the street to gather crowds in aid of the pickpocket and the poor. Or is their business rather to add virtue and piety to their glory, which alone will pass them into eternity and make them truly immortal? What is glory without virture? A great man without religion is no more than a great beast without a soul. What is honour without merit? And what can be called true merit but that which makes a person bea good man as well as a great man? 36768

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