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顺德新世纪泌尿科咨询佛山中医院前列腺炎多少钱A black coffee一杯黑咖啡What would you want, coffee or tea?您想要什么呢?咖啡还是茶?Bring me a cup of coffee, please.请给我一杯咖啡How do you like it?什么样的咖啡呢?Id prefer a black one.一杯黑咖啡 757禅城区妇幼保健院包皮手术怎么样 Renting a Safe Deposit Box租用的保管箱Alberta Barnes is talking with the vault clerk at the First National Bank .She is asking about renting a safe deposit box .艾伯特·巴恩斯正在与第一国民的保险库职员谈话,她问到租用保管箱的事Barnes:Can you tell me something about renting a safe deposit box?巴恩斯:您能跟我谈谈有关租用积保管箱的情况吗?I want to put some securities and insurance policies in a safe place .我想把一些券和保险单放在一个安全的地方Clerk:Yes,maam .We have three different box sizes which we can rent .职员:好的,夫人我们有三种不用规格的箱子可供出租The yearly rental fee depends on the size and location of the box .每年的租金取决于箱子的规格大小和箱子的存放地点Most of people use the small size box.大多数人租用小号的箱子,It just right securities and other valuable papers.它正好适用于券和其他贵重票据的存放B:Do I have the only key to the box?巴恩斯:是不是只有我才有这箱子的唯一的一把钥匙?C:We will give you more than one key if you wish .But we must have signature cards all authorized box users.职员:如果您愿意,我们可以多给您一、两把钥匙但是,我们必须有被批准使用箱子的那个人的签字卡片It requires your key and the bank key to open a box .打开箱子时需要使用您的钥匙和的钥匙B:What if I lost my key? Im afraid Im sometime very getful .巴恩斯:如果我丢失了钥匙,那该怎么办?恐怕我有时是很健忘的C:I would encourage you not to lose it if possible.If you lose the key ,the only way to open the box is to drill it open in the presence of two bank officials in addition to yourself .职员:我希望您尽可能别丢失它如果您丢了钥匙,打开箱子的唯一办法就是除了您本人在场之外,还要有两个的职员在场,把箱子钻开And we would have to charge you drilling open the box and replacing the lock .因为钻开箱子和重新换锁,我们还要向您索取费用B:Well,Id better be careful .Do I pay by the month or the year?巴恩斯:那么,我最好还是小心点使用费是月付,还是年付?C:Box rental fees are payable yearly in advance .You may pay more than one year at a time if you wish .职员:箱子的租金是每年预先付,如果您愿意的话,也可以一次付几年我租金B:Well,let me pay you one year now.Please show me where to sign the m .巴恩斯:好的,我先付一年的费用请您告诉我到哪里去填写表格 36佛山新世纪男子医院治疗早泄多少钱

佛山人民医院网上挂号Being in charge管理A: Im a eman in our assembly shop. I’m in charge of about twenty-five assembly workers. I have to liaise very closely with our inspectors. It their job to check the quality of the work.A:我是我们装配车间的领班我管理大约二十五名安装工我要与我们的巡视员保持密切联系他们的工作是检查工作质量B: Who do you report to?B:你向谁报告?A: I report to the Shift Supervisor, and he reports to the Factory Manager.A:我向值班主任报告,他向厂长报告z 968佛山市妇保医院治疗睾丸炎多少钱 Zap the main culprits 向主要的罪魁祸首说不We overdo it most with salad dressing,margarine,cheese,ground beef,lunch meats,sausages,beef cuts,whole milk,French fries,potato chips,other fried potatoes,fried chicken,vegetable shortening,eggs,pork and butter.Cut them out altogether,or dramatically reduce them,and you’re well on your way to losing weight.我们大都吃下太多沙拉酱、麦淇淋、奶酪、绞牛肉、午餐肉、香肠、牛肉块、全脂牛奶、薯条、洋芋片,其他的炸马铃薯、炸鸡、油炸青菜酥、蛋、猪肉和奶油这些东西全都不要去碰,或是大量地减少摄取量,减肥的路就顺利地为你而开 701佛山中医院治疗阳痿早泄

佛山膀胱炎医院Malaysias foreign minister brushed off a media report that Chinese naval vessels entered its waters last month, maintaining the countrys stance of publicly saying little against its largest trading partners military flexing in the region.马来西亚外交部长否认了媒体对中国海军舰艇上个月进入马来西亚海域的报道。马来西亚政府对中国在这一区域的军事行动一向讳莫如深,中国是马来西亚最大的贸易伙伴I have not got any confirmation on the presence of Chinese vessels or ships in that region, Anifah Aman told reporters after a meeting Monday with Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, who is on her first official visit to Malaysia. Nevertheless, any intrusion into our territory will not get a very good response from us.阿尼法阿Anifah Aman)周一在会见澳大利亚外长毕晓普(Julie Bishop)后对记者说,我没有获得任何确凿的据表明中国船只或舰艇进入了这一区域,但任何侵犯我领土的行为都必将得到我方不友好的回应。Chinas official news agency Xinhua reported last month that an amphibious landing vessel and two destroyers patrolled the James Shoal, a reef 50 miles (80 kilometers) off the coast of Malaysias Sarawak state thats claimed by China. There they held a ceremony in which they swore to safeguard Chinese sovereignty.据中国官方媒体新华社上个月报道,中国海军一艘两栖登陆舰和两艘驱逐舰在距离马来西亚沙捞越州海0英里0公里)的曾母暗沙巡航,并在那里举行了主权宣示仪式。At the time, Chinas Foreign Ministry referred inquiries to the Defense Ministry, which did not respond to faxed questions seeking comment. Malaysian navy chief Abdul Aziz Jaafar, meanwhile, dismissed arguments that Chinese fleet movements are a threat to Malaysias sovereignty, saying China carries out its exercises in internatio nal waters.当时,中国外交部将相关质询转给了中国国防部,中国国防部未回覆寻求置评的传真。马来西亚海军司令加法尔(Abdul Aziz Jaafar)否认中国舰队活动对马拉西亚主权构成威胁的说法,称中国的舰队活动是在国际公海进行的。Mr. Anifah said Monday that Malaysia hasnt discussed the matter through diplomatic channels.阿尼法阿曼周一说,马来西亚尚未通过外交渠道讨论此事。This is the first comment from a Malaysian cabinet minister since the Xinhua report, which sparked renewed speculation about Chinas territorial ambitions. Beijing has grown more assertive in its claims to the South China Sea, parts of which are also claimed by Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Brunei and Taiwan.这是新华社报道这一事件以来马来西亚内阁官员首次出面置评,该事件也再次引起了外界对中国领土主张的猜测。中国对南中国海(中国称南海)的领土要求越来越强硬,而马来西亚、菲律宾、越南、文莱和台湾也宣称对这一海域的部分区域拥有主权。Last May it sent a task force including an amphibious landing ship to the farthest southern reaches of the area, which Malaysia considers its territory. Malaysia didnt publicly comment.去年5月份,中国派遣一工作组前往被马来西亚视为该国领土的南中国海最南端,工作组包括一艘两栖登陆舰。马来西亚没有公开发表。Chinas growing commercial and naval power in recent years has unnerved many smaller countries in Asia, and has also prompted the U.S. to repeatedly urge all nations in the region to ensure the free navigation through the South China Sea, one of the worlds busiest shipping lanes.近年来,中国的商业和海军实力不断壮大,使亚洲许多小国陷入焦虑和不安,也促使美国不断呼吁这一地区所有国家确保南中国海的自由航行权。南中国海是全世界最繁忙的海上通道之一Going by our strong relationship with China, we will engage China into discussions on what is best for Malaysia and China and the region, Mr. Anifah said.阿尼法阿曼说,马来西亚与中国关系紧密,我们将通过与中方谈判的方式寻找对双方和该地区最有利的方案。来 /201402/276245 佛山市顺德区桂洲医院包皮手术多少钱芦苞镇大塘镇乐平白坭镇治疗包皮包茎哪家医院最好




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