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Jess Cagle Remembers Robin Williams Editorial director of People and Entertainment Weekly offers his view on the comedians death.Thank you, Jess, from of course People Magazine Entertainment Weekly, and we always love it when you come on. And this morning, a tough subject, because this is such a loss. But you know he was universally admired and loved in Hollywood, wasn’t he?He really was. A lot of comedians are known for being angry, I mean, that’s sort of the rap that they get. And you certainly couldn’t say that about Robin Williams. He clearly was a very complex guy. But, by all accounts, he was always incredibly professional. He was very, very kind. Whether you were operating with the camera or acting with him, whether you were sitting in a movie theater, he wanted you to like him, he wanted to make you laugh and he was always on. And I think what’s so sad about this is we realize that manic energy was really -- he was masking such profound, you know, sadness and difficulties in his own life.And we’ve heard that from many people saying that about tears of a clown (yeah). That’s something that we don’t realize that they are dealing with and as you said, in the same -- he was always on. And no one knew really about this side of him, did they?No, and he never released his demons on the rest of us. You know, he really wanted to make the world a better place. He was -- whether he would decorate his house, you know, for the holidays and hang out with the kids, he loved children because they were a great audience, you know. They loved to, he loved to make them laugh. Childlike enthusiasm (yeah), everything(yeah). What do you think his legacy will be?I think that he is like Jonathan Winters of a previous generation. He really defined a particular kind of comedy for a generation. And nobody, it’s really hard to find anybody who was ever had that kind of versatility as an actor, you know, that from ;Mrs. Doubtfire; to the, you know, to the therapist in ;Good will hunting,; he just -- I think his own, I think again on his own complexities also made him a great actor. He just embraced everyone.He still embraced everyone. Do you know what I mean? On screen and off screen, he seems like…He was best at playing himself. That’s what somebody said and I think that’s so true when you see all those clips over the years. Yeah, a very generous guy too. You saw the clips of him and the troupes, and he did a lot of charity work. Of the homeless.Yeah.Hey, Jess, we thank you so much. Always so great to see you here.Thank you. And thanks for sharing your thoughts on the one only with Robin Williams. /201408/323151。

  • Is it all on camera, too?摄像机拍下来了吗These images have a particular poignancy in a world那些画面其实看着很心酸 因为在当今世界where rhino horn is worth more than its weight in gold.犀牛角比同等重量的黄金还要值钱Poaching is going through a really bad time right now in Southern Africa.现在非洲南部的偷猎形势十分严峻If you averaged it out,平均算下来a rhino has been killed every day for the last year.过去的一年中 每天都有一头犀牛被杀Thats really serious poaching.偷猎现象真的很泛滥Its a huge concern that我们十分担心what we saw and filmed just wont happen again.我们看到和拍摄到的情景再也不会发生Ever!永远不会Its only now that technology依靠现在的高科技has revealed a new side to the rhinos personality.才展现了犀牛新的性格特征The black rhinoceros is a symbol of the African bush.黑犀牛是非洲丛林的象征But it seems that this creature has been long misunderstood.但似乎这种生物长期以来都被误解了For the Africa team,对于非洲摄制组 revealing giraffes and rhinos in this new light展现长颈鹿和犀牛新的一面was just the beginning.才只是个开始Africa may be a continent we think we know,或许我们自以为对非洲大陆知之甚多but its still full of surprises.但却依然充满惊喜201312/267893。
  • ANNOUNCER: Is this legit? 这合理吗?Thanksgiving is always celebrated on the last Thursday in November. 人们通常在十一月的最后一个星期四庆祝感恩节。Not true. Thanksgiving is on the fourth Thursday in November, which is usually the last one. But not always.不对。感恩节是在十一月的第四个星期四,通常是最后一个周四。但并不总是。AZUZ: When that fourth November Thursday rolls around, you can also count on the Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade. 当十一月的第四个星期四到来的时候,你可以指望梅西百货感恩节游行。Millions of folks show up in New York or watch on TV to see the parade and its giant balloons. 数百万民众会走上纽约街头或在电视上看游行和游行里巨大的气球。Macys hosted the Thanksgiving event for nearly 90 years. 梅西百货主持感恩节游行已经要90年了。What the retail giant hasnt done, is open its doors on Thanksgiving. 这个零售巨头还没做的是在感恩节当天开门营业。Holiday shoppers have had to wait until midnight to get in. 假日购物者们不得不等到午夜才能进去。But for the first time in the companys 155 year history, thats changing. 该公司155年来第一次做出了改变。Macys said, this Thanksgiving its stores will open at 8 P.M. 梅西百货表示,今年的感恩节商店会在晚上八点开门。 /201310/262065。
  • Everyone wants whiter teeth and one way to do that is by using lip colors that will appear to make your teeth look whiter. So the main thing when choosing a lip color that is going to accent the whiteness of your teeth is making sure that it has a blue undertone. So I aly have a few of these colors on my arm here, going from lightest kind of getting a little bit deeper. As you can see, I started with a glossy type of pink that has the blue undertone, something thats a little more purple, then some pinks that are getting bolder as were going up.每个人都希望牙齿看上去更白,其中一个方法就是选择让牙齿看上去更白的唇膏颜色。所以,当选择能让牙齿绽放炫白光泽的唇膏颜色时,关键是确保其有着蓝色的底色。我这里有几种这种颜色的唇膏,从浅色到较深的颜色。你可以看到,我先从一种有蓝色底色的闪光粉色开始,更偏向于紫色,然后是越来越大胆的颜色。Now, next Im going to add something that has more of a red undertone. Reds are really nice for this too, and then as you can see I have just a regular red on right now, and that really does make your teeth pop. Theres one and now a just kind of regular red, just like what Im wearing. But you do want it to be less of an orange-red and more of a blue-red. One thing to steer away from is definitely nudes. Nudes do not compliment your teeth. Theyre going to only contrast with the yellowness or staining that your teeth have. The reason that something thats more of a golden or an orange undertone is because it picks up yellow. So theyre similar undertones in the yellowness of the teeth, and then in the lip color, its only going to create more of that tone in your teeth. So definitely choose blue undertones and thats how you make your teeth look whiter with lip color.现在,我向其中加入更多红色的底色。红色的效果也不错。你可以看到,现在我有一种正常的红色,这会让你的牙齿更加突出,就是一种普通的红色,就像我涂抹的这种。但是不能是橘红色,而是偏向于有点蓝的红色。一定要避免的是裸色。裸色不会让你的牙齿看上去更白,只会对比出牙齿的黄色。不选择金色或橙色基调的原因就是他们会突出黄色。所以它们是黄色牙齿的底色,只会让你的牙齿看上去更黄。所以,一定要选择蓝色的底色,这种唇膏颜色可以让你的牙齿看上去更白。201408/323524。
  • Architectural spectacle transforms Seoul Seoul City has unveiled its biggest architectural landmark yet which aims to be a cultural hub and arts education center.It was a flashy and stylish open for Seoul fashion week in March, fashionists gather in the Korean capitals new design temple, Dong Da Men design plaza or ddp.Seoul is known for his long rich history and has tech oriented industries, but it lacks places for creative industries, so there is a new product, there isnt a place for people to come together and exchange ideas, i think ddp will be a cultural hub and it will play that role.A former baseball stadium was transformed into a design, education and exhibition hub, the aim is to give 24-hour access to Korean arts and culture as well as nurturing young creative talents.For an individual designer to showcase their collection, it takes a lot of effort and money, but because of the support from the city of Seoul and ddp, it opens you opportunities for designers like me.The building is a spectacle in itself, architect Zaha’s signature curvaceous structure is unique for Seoul, more akin to a space craft than modern sky scraper, the 85,000 square meter site with 30,000 square meter park was completed at a cost of over 0 million, ddp was commissioned by former Seoul mayor * before the global economic crisis back in 2008, there is pressure on current mayor Park to ensure his money was well spent, especially in election year, once the press tour and fan fare ebbs away, can the ddp really deliver on what it promises?Seoul has been the capital of J dynasty for 600 years, so there are so many traditional treasure, that is our duty and responsibility how to preserve or revitalize the traditional elements and legacies.According to property specialists May plus, three weeks after ddp open its doors, 1 million people have visited, increase * is pushing up shop sales and there is hope this can be sustainable, driving property values higher over times as well. /201406/304147。
  • H5N2 bird flu has been confirmed at a poultry farm in north Chinas Hebei Province. Areas within three kilometres of the farm have been sealed off.中国河北省某家禽屠宰场发现并确认H5N2病毒。该屠宰场3公里范围内地方已经被封锁。The Ministry of Agriculture says the disease killed 4,000 chickens at the farm in Baoding City after they showed symptoms of suspected avian flu on December 17.中国农业部表示,12月17日,位于保定市的某屠宰场有近4000只鸡禽出现疑似禽流感症状后死亡。The National Avian Influenza Reference Laboratory tested samples from the farm and on Saturday confirmed the deaths were caused by the bird flu virus.国家禽流感实验室于周六对从该屠宰场取得的样品进行了检验,并确认该起家禽死亡事件是由于禽流感所致。Local authorities have sterilized the infected area. Authorities say nearly 126,000 chickens have been culled and safely disposed of to prevent the virus from sping.当地政府已经对受感染区进行了消毒处理。官方表示近126000只鸡已经被隔离并进行无害化处理以防病毒扩散。201312/269935。
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