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Larry和李华星期六晚上待在家里,觉得有些无聊,他们会用到两个常用语:stuck in a rut和someones cup of tea.LH: Larry, 好无聊啊! 你说干点什么好啊?Larry: (Distracted) Huh? Uh, yea... thats nice, Lihua.LH: 什么好好好? Larry! 你又在打电脑游戏啦?哎呀,不要玩儿了! (pulls the plug)Larry: Hey! I was about to clear that level!LH: 你每天晚上除了玩线上游戏就什么都不干了! 我们就不能出去转转,找点好玩的事情做吗?Larry: (Sigh) Youre right, Lihua. We havent really done anything new recently. I guess weve been stuck in a rut.LH: In a rut? 什么意思?Larry: Being stuck in a rut means to be stuck in a boring routine.LH: To be stuck in a rut就是生活一成不变。那么,这个rut是什么意思呢?Larry: A rut is what happens when a wheel rolls over the same place over and over again. Eventually, the wheel will dig a line, or a rut, in the ground.LH: 我明白了,rut是车轮不断压过同一个地方后留下的印迹。我想,这就比喻一成不变的常规吧。Larry, 我们最近的确有些stuck in a rut,感觉有点平淡无味,你说这是怎么回事呢?Larry: Im not sure, Lihua, but we have been together for over a year now. Its relatively normal for couples to find themselves stuck in a rut after being together for awhile.LH: 啊?你觉得是因为咱们在一起时间不算短了,所以生活就变得平平淡淡了?我觉得根本不是这样,Were stuck in a rot because of that stupid computer game! 都怪你天天打线上游戏,不陪我!Larry: Ill admit I like to play my games, but you remember what happened last weekend, right?LH: 上个周末?怎么啦?Larry: I wanted to take you out for a nice dinner, but you said you were too tired. We ended up staying home and watching TV all night!LH: 还说请我吃顿好的?Larry, 你每次请我吃饭都是汉堡和薯条,连吃饭内容都一成不变,难怪我们会stuck in a rut!Larry: Hmm... we need to find some new things to do that we both like. Otherwise, we might be stuck in this rut forever!LH: 可不是嘛! 咱们好久没有去打网球啦! 不如去打两场吧!Larry: Aw, you know tennis isnt my cup of tea, Lihua. And besides, its been so hot out lately...LH: Your cup of tea? 打网球还要喝茶?你不怕热吗?Larry: I would drink water, of course! I said ;playing tennis is not my cup of tea;...in other words, I dont really enjoy tennis.LH: 哦,你说playing tennis is not your cup of tea, 意思就是说你不喜欢打网球。那你的cup of tea到底是什么呀?Larry: I like swimming! How about we start going to the pool? Its always refreshing to take a dip in the pool on a hot day!LH: 去游泳?可是,游泳不是我的cup of tea。我怕晒黑! Oh, I know! Why dont you take me to the ballet? 我们去看芭蕾舞表演吧!Larry: The ballet? Uh, thats not my cup of tea, either. I never understood whats going on! It just looks like a bunch of people jumping around on stage, if you ask me.LH: 你这人一点都不浪漫!Larry: Being romantic was never my cup of tea, Lihua. Remember when I sent you flowers for your birthday?LH: 记得!我生日你送玫瑰花给我,结果我花粉过敏,打了一天喷嚏!Larry: Heheh. See? No wonder were in a rut. Im horrible at being romantic, and we can never agree on anything new to do. Tell you what - let me think about it some more while I finish this last boss in my game...LH: 不行! 你别想溜! Get us out of this rut, Larry! 要不你就别想玩儿电脑了!Larry: Hmmm....LH: 什么呀?你在想什么坏主意?Larry: You want us to do something together, right? Our group could use another warrior...LH: 你想让我和你一起打线上游戏?我可不会! You know games are not my cup of tea!Larry: (Sigh). Well, I guess Ill go make myself a real cup of tea and go stare out the window for fun...今天李华从Larry那儿学到两个常用语,一个是to be stuck in a rut, 表示枯燥,一成不变。另一个是someones cup of tea, 意思是某人有兴趣干的事。 /201206/185351

  13. How do you feel after the surgery?手术后感觉怎么样?还能这样说:How are you feeling after the surgery?Are you feeling well after the surgery?谚语:A man is as old as he feels.老不老,自己晓。14. The cut is still painful.伤口还在疼。还能这样说:There is a little pain from the wound.The wound has been troubling me a lot.应用:You may save your pains.您不必费心。15. I asked several nurses before I found your room.我问了几个护士才找到这儿。还能这样说:I didnt find your room until I inquired several nurses.After asking several nurses I found your ward.应用:in sb.s room 处于某人的地位;继承某人;leave the room 上厕所;room and board 膳宿16. Are you still taking medicine every day?每天还吃药?还能这样说:Are you keeping having medicine each day?Are you persisting in taking medicine per day?17. I hope you will recover soon. 我希望你早日康复。还能这样说:I hope that you have an earlier recovery.Wish you to get well soon.谚语:A little pot is soon hot.壶小水易燃。 /201306/243937

  (Feifei finds Finn in the company canteen)(菲菲发现芬恩在公司餐厅)Feifei: Hi Finn. What are you doing here sitting alone in the canteen? Can I sit with you?菲菲:你好,芬恩。你怎么一个人坐在餐厅里?我可以和你一起坐吗?Finn: Sure. Take a seat, Feifei.芬恩:当然可以了。菲菲,请坐。Feifei: Mind if I take a chip? They look good.菲菲:你介意给我个薯条吃吗?它们看上去很好吃。Finn: Oh yeah, go ahead! Im just eating this quickly as Im going out soon, you know? Im going to take a look at a car. Its a sports car! Ive always wanted one.芬恩:哦,吃吧!我马上要出去,所以我吃得很快。你知道吗,我要去看车。那是一辆跑车!我一直想要一辆。Feifei: A sports car? Sounds expensive. How can you afford a sports car?菲菲:一辆跑车?听起来很贵。你能负担得起一辆跑车吗?Finn: Well, its a second-hand car. The owner needs to sell it quickly so theyre selling it really cheaply. What a great opportunity, huh?!芬恩:嗯,那是辆二手车。车主想赶紧卖掉,所以他们打算廉价出售。这是一次好机会,不是吗?!Feifei: These sports cars burn a lot of fuel, you know, Finn. The car might come cheap but do you want to end up keeping it in a garage?菲菲:芬恩,你知道,跑车很费油。也许你能以便宜的价钱买到那辆车,可是难道你想一直把它存在车库里吗?Finn: Well, I hadnt thought of that…芬恩:嗯,那我倒没想过……Feifei: And theres also insurance. A car like that will attract thieves, so itll cost a lot…菲菲:还有保险问题。像那样的车会引起小偷的注意,所以保险费会很贵……Finn: Thats right. You know… youve just given me some food for thought…芬恩:没错。你知道……你刚刚说的话让我觉得应该好好想想……Feifei: Food? You want more food? I thought you wanted to finish eating quickly?菲菲:食物?你还想要点吃的东西吗?我以为你会马上吃完呢。Finn: Im not talking about real food. In English, when you say food for thought you mean serious ideas or topics for us to think about.芬恩:我不是在说真的事物。在英语中,food for thought这个短语的意思是让我们去思考的严肃的想法或是话题。Feifei: Nothing to do with chips, then?菲菲:那和薯条没什么关系了?Finn: No food involved. Food for thought is todays expression in The English We Speak. Lets hear some examples of how its used.芬恩:与食物无关。Food for thought就是今天地道英语节目要讲的表达方式。我们来听些例句,看看这个短语如何应用。Examples例句The football coach was really disappointed when his team lost 3-0 to an amateur side. But it gave him food for thought.这场足球比赛太令人失望了,他的队伍以0比3输给了一业余队。不过这却引发了他的思考。Marys divorce gave her food for thought. She decided to go back to university, get a diploma, and change her life around.玛丽的离婚让她思考了很多。她决定回到大学取得文凭,改变她的命运。Feifei: So Finn, are you going to buy this sports car? 菲菲:所以,芬恩,你还打算买那辆跑车吗?Finn: Im not so sure now. You have indeed given me food for thought.芬恩:现在我也不确定了。你真的让我觉得我要思考一下。Feifei: (Chewing)… Mmmm… these are good…菲菲:(咀嚼)……嗯……这些太好吃了……Finn: My chips! Feifei, youve taken all my chips?!芬恩:我的薯条!菲菲,你把我的薯条都吃了?!Feifei: Sorry Finn. They looked so good and I thought you were in a rush.菲菲:抱歉,芬恩。它们看起来太好吃了,我以为你赶时间。Finn: I was, until you gave me… food for thought!芬恩:刚才我的确是,直到你让我觉得我要考虑一下!Feifei: Ok – let me get another plate. Chips are much better than sports cars anyway. Lets just focus on the eating today.菲菲:好吧,我们再点一份吧。不管怎么样说,薯条可比跑车好多了。我们今天就关注吃的东西吧。Finn: Yeah, and lets do the thinking another day! Bye.芬恩:好吧,我们改天再思考好了!再见。Feifei: Bye.菲菲:再见。 译文属 /201410/333609。

  13. Here is the tip for you.这里是你的小费。还能这样说:This is the tip for you.This is your tip.应用:tip over 倾斜,倾倒;tip up 付钱,付账14. You should pay 500 Yuan after the discount.打完折后是500元。还能这样说:It is 500 Yuan after the discount.It costs you 500 Yuan after the discount.应用:heavy discount 大折扣;volume discount 总量折扣15. Please check out at the reception desk.请到前台结账。还能这样说:You can pay your bill at the front desk.You should settle your account at the front desk.应用:give a reception to 招待,欢迎;hold a reception 举行欢迎会16. You can pay the money in cash.你可以现金付款。还能这样说:You can pay with cash.Cash payment is allowed.17. If you spend more than 500, I can give you a discount of 10%.如果消费满500元,即可打9折。还能这样说:If it costs you more than 500, there is a discount of 10%.I can discount you at 10% in case that you spend 500 Yuan. /201404/286402

  1、Bubble:a metaphor of artificial prosperity economy2、Boom or bust:succeed or fail3、The bottom will drop out:to fall apart, refers to the market will sink down4、The jury is out:The final judgment has not yet been made5、To buy-in:to enter the financial market6、Shut-out:be excluded7、To miss the boat:to miss an opportunity8、A ways off:far away9、Disposable income:personal money for spending,10、In between the lines:in a position of inactivity /201312/266250

  9. What is your character?你的个性是什么样的?还能这样说:Can you tell me about your character?Can you describe your personality?谚语:A mans actions show his character.举手投足显品性。10. I can realize my dream here.在这里可以实现我的梦想。还能这样说:My dream can come true here.I can achieve my dream here.谚语:Life is but a dream.人生如梦。11. I enjoy meeting different kinds of people, so I think I could handle the work of a receptionist.我喜欢接触不同的人,所以我认为我能胜任接待员一职。还能这样说:I like to contact with different people so I believe I am qualified for the work of a receptionist.I want to communicate with different people, so I am suitable for the work of a receptionist.应用:different是普通用语,指事物间的区别或本质上的不同,侧重相异的;diverse意指性质、种类十分不同的;various强调种类或性质的不同与多样,而不强调其本质的差别。12. The work is out of my field.这份工作对我来说专业不对口。还能这样说:The work is not related with my major.The work is out of line with my professional knowledge.应用:lose the field 战败;open field 很多机会;in ones own field 在自己本行内 /201409/331845今天分享的这个词组是“heads -up ”, 意为“注意,警告 advance notice of something that will need attention.”.精台词:Heads- up , everybody. I just refilled the paper towels.注意了,亲们。我刚刚新装了卷筒纸。 双语例句:Just wanted to give you a heads -up, so youll be expecting his call.只是想给你一个提醒,这样你知道他会打电话给你。Heads-up,theres a situation out there.注意了,那儿有情况! 今天分享的这个词组是“doggy bag ”, 意为“打包袋,食物袋a bag used for carrying home uneaten food from a restaurant.”.精台词:Max, I’m going to need the doggy bag as well. Not for the cupcake. To puke in . Max,我也要一个打包袋。不是装小蛋糕,是要吐在里面。双语例句:Waiter! Can I have a doggy bag ,please ? 务员,我可以打包吗?Hope you have enjoyed your meal. Would you like a doggy bag?希望您今天用餐愉快。您要打包吗? /201412/342736

  SITUATION 21情景 21I tossed and turned all night.我整晚翻来翻覆去You look terrible.你看起来很可怕。I tossed and turned all night.我整晚翻来覆去。Did you have something on your mind?你在担心什么吗?Yes.I was thinking about my English exam.是的,我在想英文考试。Im sure youll pass.我确信你会通过的。I hope youre right.我希望你是对的。You look terrible.你看起来很可怕。I tossed and turned all night.我整晚翻来覆去。Did you have something on your mind?你在担心什么吗?Yes.I was thinking about my English exam.是的,我在想英文考试。Im sure youll pass.我确信你会通过的。I hope youre right.我希望你是对的。You dont look well.你看起气色不太好。I tossed and turned all ngiht.我整晚翻来覆去。Are you ill?你病了吗?No.I had a nightmare.不,我做了个恶梦。Is there anything I can do for you?我能为你做什么吗?No,thank you.不用了,谢谢你。You dont look well.你看起气色不太好。I tossed and turned all ngiht.我整晚翻来覆去。Are you ill?你病了吗?No.I had a nightmare.不,我做了个恶梦。Is there anything I can do for you?我能为你做什么吗?No,thank you.不用了,谢谢你。Are you ill?你病了吗?Not really.Im just tired.没有。只是累了。Didnt you sleep well last night?你昨晚没睡好吗?No.I couldnt find a comfortable position.没睡好。我找不到一个舒的姿势。Im sorry to hear that.I hope you sleep better tonight.听到那件事我很难过。我希望你今晚睡得好一点。Thank you .Im sure I will.谢谢你。我确信会的。Are you ill?你病了吗?Not really.Im just tired.没有。只是累了。Didnt you sleep well last night?你昨晚没睡好吗?No.I couldnt find a comfortable position.没睡好。我找不到一个舒的姿势。Im sorry to hear that.I hope you sleep better tonight.听到那件事我很难过。我希望你今晚睡得好一点。Thank you .Im sure I will.谢谢你。我确信会的。 /201205/180380

  (Li is accompanying Finn as he goes flat hunting)(莉陪芬恩去找公寓)Finn: This is flat number five, Li. Im happy you came along to help me find a nice place to live.芬恩:莉,这是五号公寓。我很高兴你过来帮我找好的居住地。Li: Renting a new place is a big step, Finn. This one looks good. Look here. Big windows, lots of light coming in. Isnt it nice?莉:芬恩,租新公寓是个重大的决定。这间公寓看起来不错。看看这里。这么大的窗户,有很多光线可以照射进来。是不是很棒?Finn: Yeah. Its good but…芬恩:是。是很好,但是……Li: Its been painted recently. Look, the wooden floor is lovely!莉:这间公寓近期刚粉刷过。看啊,那个木门多可爱啊!Finn: Yes, youre right, its lovely but… Li… theres not enough room to swing a cat!芬恩:是,你说得对,是很可爱,但是,莉……这里太狭小了,连转身的地方都不够!Li: A cat? Are you sure? No problem. I saw one outside. Ill be back in a minute.莉:一只猫?你确定吗?没问题。我刚在外面看到了一只。我马上就回来。(She leaves the room for a few seconds)(她离开了房间几秒钟)Finn: Li, what is this?!芬恩:莉,这是什么?Li: Its a cat, Finn. I didnt know you liked swinging cats around, but… well, this cat was just outside and you can try swinging it! Just be gentle with it.莉:芬恩,是只猫。我不知道你喜欢晃动猫咪,不过……嗯,这只猫刚刚就在外面,你可以试着摇摆它!你要对它温柔点。Finn: No, Li. I dont swing cats. In English, you use the expression theres not enough room to swing a cat when you want to say a place is much too small.芬恩:不是,莉。我并不是要摇摆猫。在英语中,你用theres not enough room to swing a cat这个表达该来来形容一个地方非常小。Li: What a relief!莉:真是松了口气!Finn: Not enough room to swing a cat is todays expression in The English We Speak. Lets hear some examples of how to use it.芬恩:Not enough room to swing a cat就是今天地道英语节目要学的表达方式。我们来听些例句学习一下这个表达的用法。Examples例句The library at my college was really small. There wasnt enough room to swing a cat!我学校的图书馆非常小,连转身的地方都不够!I cant work in this office. Theres not enough room to swing a cat! Where will I put my books and my computer?我不能在这间办公室工作,它真是太狭小了!我要把我的书和电脑放在哪里啊?Finn: So, not enough room for me in this flat, Li. But thanks for coming with me all the same.芬恩:所以,莉,对我来说这间公寓的大小不够。不过还是谢谢你和我一起过来。Li: So what are you going to do, Finn?莉:芬恩,你打算怎么做?Finn: I think Ill just move in with my brother.芬恩:我想我会搬去和我哥哥一起住。Li: Is his flat small? Could you… swing a cat there?莉:他的公寓小吗?你能……在那里和猫玩吗?Finn: In my brothers house cats rule! He loves furry little animals.芬恩:我哥哥家猫可是宝贝!他非常喜欢毛茸茸的小动物。Li: Well, I think this cat might join you there. Lets go, Finn. Bye.莉:嗯,我想这只猫可以和你一起住在你哥哥家。我们走吧,芬恩。再见。Finn: Bye. And no cat was harmed in the recording of this programme. Isnt that right, Tubby?芬恩:再见。没有猫咪给这期节目的录制带来影响。对吧,图比?Tubby: Meow.图比:喵。译文属 /201408/324272。

  1. Lets join a rowing club.我们加入划船俱乐部吧。还能这样说:Why not go to join a rowing club?What about joining a rowing club?谚语:To look one way and row another.声东击西。2. We shall go boating on the lake on Sunday.我们周日要到湖上去划船。还能这样说:We will row a boat on the lake on Sunday.We intend to go boating on the lake on Sunday.应用:Lake Victoria 维多利亚湖;the Great Lakes 五大湖;by the lake 在湖畔;the Lake District 湖区3. You must learn to row.你要学会划船。还能这样说:Can you row a boat? If not, youd better learn it.Youd better learn how to row a boat.谚语:Fools learn nothing from wise men, but wise men learn much from fools.愚者不学无术,智者不耻下问。4. May I have the use of your cockboat?我可以借用一下您的小艇吗?还能这样说:Would you be kind to lend your cockboat to me?Can you lend me your skiff?应用:be of great use 非常有用;use sb. well 对人好;use care 小心;注意;use economy 节省;in use 正在用;通用 /201311/266340

  1.Happy new Year! 新年快乐!还可说成:Heres to the New Year!Wish you a happy New Year!谚语:Be happy while youre living, for you are a long time dead.人生苦短,及时行乐。2.Happy Spring Festival!春节快乐!还可说成:Happy Chinese New Year!Happy Lunar New Year!3.All Chinese celebrate Mid-autumn Festival.中秋佳节是中国人普天同庆的日子。还可说成:Mid-autumn Day is a universal festival for al Chinese.Mid-autumn Day is widely known to every family and household in Chinese.应用:and all that 诸如此类的;beat all 压到一起,了不起;beyond all 首先,首要地4.You have to do something romantic for your girlfriend on Valentines Day.情人节那天你要为你的女朋友做些浪漫的事。好可说成:Valentines Day is the day that something romantic should be done for your girlfriend.On Valentines Day, you have to do prepare romantic things for your girlfriend.应用:romantic 浪漫的,多情的;不切实际的,空想的;例如:It is a romantic novel. 这是一部浪漫色的小说。5.March 8 is the International Womens Day.3月8日是国际妇女节。还可说成:International Womens Day is celebrated on March 8.People celebrate International Womens Day on March 8.6.Last Arbor Day I planted three fruit trees.去年的植树节我种了三棵果树。还可说成:Three fruit trees were planted by me on last Arbor Day.I have three fruit trees planted last Arbor Day.应用:plant除了做动词有“种植、播种,栽赃”的意思外,还可作名词“工厂,植物,庄稼”。例如:Plants need water and sunlight. 植物需要光照和水。 /201209/200500

  Situation 75情景 75Its up in the air.尚未确定。可能要20分钟或者更久。Im sorry but boarding has not yet started.我很抱歉还没有开始上船。What seems to be the prblem?大概是什么问题吗?Theres a mechanical problem.有个机件上的问题。When do you expect to start boarding?你预期能在什么时候开始上船?Its up in the air.It might take twenty minutes or evenlonger.尚未确定。可能要20分钟或者更久。Will you announce when youre y?当你们准备好时,请你宣布一下好吗Are you going to the ed States next week?你下礼拜将去美国吗?No.The plans have been changed.不,计划已经改了。I thought it was all set.我以为一切都定好了。So did I,but something came up.我原也以为这样,但是发生了一些事情。Any idea of when youll be going?知不知道你何时会去?No.Everythings up in the air.不知道。一切都没确定。I heard you and your family were going to Tainan.我听说你和你家人要去台南。We hope to.我们希望去。When are you going?你们什么时候去?We dont know.Our plans are all up in the air.不知道,我们的计划都尚未确定。Why?为什么?The weathers been bad.We havent been able to get a flight.天气一直不好。我们没有办法搭乘飞机。 /201208/194512

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