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1. When I was seven years old, I would put my school book bag on both my shoulders and had it sit plumb in the middle of my back, as backpacks were made to do.在我七岁那年,我会用双肩背书包,让它处在我背部的正中央,感觉双肩包就应该这么背One morning, when it was so frigid outside you could barely muster getting out of bed, my older brother joined me at the bus stop, and told me I was wearing my backpack wrong. He grabbed it, tossed it over my right shoulder with both straps on the same side and said, “There, that better.”某天早晨,外面寒风萧瑟,冷到你根本不想起床,我的哥哥跟我一同在车站等车,他告诉我我的双肩包背错了他一把抓过来,将书包和两侧的背带甩至我的右肩,然后说:“看,这就好多了”Then he said, “Youre not pretty, so you have to try harder. OK?”然后他说:“你不漂亮,所以你要更加努力,明白吗?”I stayed smiling because even at a young age, I understood the importance of pretending to not have emotions. In my household, it was a matter of survival. But what he said crushed me.我的笑容凝固了,因为即便在青少年时期,我也知道假装不露声色的重要性在我家里,这是一种生存技能但是他说的让我感到崩塌. Soon thereafter, I started picking up on the signs one receives when they arent attractive. This was made more complicated because I had a lot of friends and people who, the most part, liked me. I was good at sports. I had various musical talents and up until life completely fell apart at home, I was a good student. I was also a fighter so people didnt dare make fun of me overtly, at least bee growth spurts kicked in and the playing field was still even.此后,我开始关注人们对于低颜值人的反应这可是比较浩大的工程,因为我有许多朋友和家人,他们大部分时候还是挺喜欢我的我擅长体育,具有各式的音乐天赋,而且直到我的家庭生活彻底离破碎前,我也是个好学生我同时也很好强,所以人们不太敢公然地开我玩笑至少,在发育高峰之前,生活还是比较公平的3. Mostly, I paid not being conventionally attractive by being ignored or not included in “moments”—the many moments attractive people experience.很多时候,我因为没有高颜值而被人忽略或无法经历“某些时刻”——那些具有高颜值的人所经历的时刻Many times, I walked into a room with all of my friends and witnessed them receiving compliments—everyone except me. It not that people look at you say, “My god, youre incredibly ugly. Tell me, how do you not kill yourself?” It how you can stand next to an attractive person and the people around you, even the unattractive ones themselves, will say, “Wow, your friend is pretty. Look at her, have you ever seen a girl so pretty?”不知多少次我和我朋友一起走进教室然后看着她们接受别人的赞美,除了我之外每个人都有也并非人们看着你说:“天哪,你真是丑啊,你为什么还活着呢?”,而是你站在美女或帅哥旁边,人们围着你,甚至毫不起眼的人他们都会说:“噢,你的朋友真漂亮看看她,还有谁能美过她呢?”. It took me being observant and honest to see I didnt belong. It took studying the aesthetics in photos taken by my friends and knowing something wasnt quite right. It a lack of pride you know would be there if you were just prettier, or sexier. It that you simply know that no matter what you do, sans literal plastic surgery, you will never belong to a certain club.我善于察言观色,而且很诚实,所以我知道我注定不合主流我仔细研究我朋友照片中的美学,然后发现某些东西并非是真理如果你仅仅是姿色更上一层或性感尤物,你却缺乏油然而生的自豪感你明白无论你怎改变,除非整形,你永远不会属于高颜值的团体But here is where I throw you a curve ball: my being unattractive hasnt stopped me from living the other side life. Most people never figure out how to navigate this world I live in. I will just tell you I rejected the rules of the beautiful, and learned how to make them work me.但是现在我给你一剂药方:我的不出众的相貌并不能阻止我拥有自己的生活许多人在处于和我一样的境地时都不知道如何掌控他们自己的方向我想告诉你的是:我打破了颜值定律并让他们变得有利于自己5. I decided I would shoot out of my league. I made friends and dated people I shouldnt be allowed to date. I stepped over the line. I surrounded myself with individuals who are more educated, prettier or smarter than me, even in the face of people saying, quite literally, “They are out of your league.”我决定扩展我的圈子,我和以前觉得不能交朋友的人交朋友,和以前觉得不能约的人约会我越过了那条线,周围全是比我更有学识、更漂亮的人,甚至人们告诉我,非常实事求是地说:“他们可不是你圈子里的人啊”I may not technically be the smartest or most beautiful person, but I run with those who are. I become by association, even a touch of such, even at a lower rank—beautiful. I buck the system.我也许不会是最聪明最漂亮的人,但是我和这些人一同奋斗,哪怕仅有一点点提升,哪怕仍然没那么漂亮,我踢爆了这个固有的规则6. To do so, yes, means you may be painfully aware of what you are and will never be. You will be defined by what you have the nerve to aim at being. In doing so, you will challenge and question what smart is. You will not be generic, or predictable. Attractive is only what we define it to be. Dont pigeonhole yourself so quickly. Live the life you want to live—even if you didnt win the genetic lottery.是的,这样做你也许会痛苦的发现自己的真相并再也不可能成为“漂亮”的人你前进的目标将定义你自己如此一来,你会挑战和质疑“聪慧”你将成为个例或非等闲之辈美丽仅仅是我们给的定义别那么快的给自己归类,即使你没有天赋,也要活出自己的精 1835

讲解Today’s key word is AloneAlone 孤独地,孤单的When you are alone, you are not with any other people.Here is an example:If you live alone, sometimes you have to learn, little by little, to cope with loneliness.如果你独居,那么有时你就需要一点一点的学会适应孤独But if you listen to this episode, you don’t need to be alone.大家应该都看过or听过一部电影,他其实没那么喜欢你,He is just not that into you,Yes, sometimes there is no other reason. He is just not that into you.那么,怎么才能避免尴尬,分辨一个男孩到底喜不喜欢你呢?Here are some signs:1.If a guy doesn’t talk to you first, he probably doesn’t like you. Girls, ladies, if you always have to call him, text him or wechat him first, it is not a good sign. If he is not trying to talk to you, I am sorry, he doesn’t like you. He may like you as a friend, but.If you finally got the courage to ask a guy out or ask him to do something. 然而这个男生特别礼貌的告诉你,我很忙,改天吧Sure, maybe he is actually busy at the moment.但如果问了几次他都很忙,I’m sorry he is just not that into you. Because if he really likes you, he will drop anything and everything to hang out with you. 3.Another sign is that he doesn’t like to touch you. 总是避免和你有自然的身体接触If he is keeping his distance, it is not a good sign. Come on! No guy wants to keep his distance from the girl he likes. If he does that, either he doesn’t like you or he is a gay..If he is calling you “man” “dude” or 兄弟,哥们之类的特别具有男子气质的别名You may aly be in his friend zone.So stop thinking about being his girlfriend you are now officially a bro-friend.5.If you like a guy and he likes you back, he will not flirt(调戏?) with other girls at least not in front of you. 如果你正跟他说话呢,他突然:OH 那个美女身材好好啊,Girl, he doesnt like you, he likes her. Finally, one important sign from the film ”He is just not that into you.”Have you ever stared at your phone during your first date with a guy? 跟某个心仪的男生见面后,回家后去厕所拿着手机,洗澡拿着手机,做饭拿着手机,看电视拿着手机,睡觉前,睡醒后都要先看手机,还自己给自己打电话,怕手机欠费在心里默默的给他找理由,他可能在忙,可能受伤住院了,可能不小心把你的号码丢了正在疯狂的找你的联系方式You tell yourself “he is totally going to call me” No, he is not! 56997

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