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重庆星宸医院纹眉多少钱重庆星辰整形医院整形怎么样Thousands ogle NZs topless paradeTopless porn stars pass a large crowd of onlookers during the 'Boobs on Bikes' parade of topless women down Queen Street to promote this weekend's Erotica Adult Expo in Auckland.A parade of 20 topless female porn stars on motorbikes brought the centre of Auckland to a standstill as crowds craned their necks for a glimpse in the noon of Aug 23.The "Boobs on Bikes" parade went ahead despite Auckland mayor Dick Hubbard labelling the promotion for an erotica show as "morally repugnant".The porn stars in studded knee-high boots, black leather pants and little else travelled in a convoy down the city's main thoroughfare Queen Street.A mostly male crowd wielding camera phones and cameras massed along the street as two armoured ex-military vehicles and motorbikes carrying 20 topless women and a few men drove by.Afuroreover the parade -- which has been held for the last several years in New Zealand's largest city -- brought out the biggest crowds ever for the spectacle.Parade organizer Steve Crow had applied to Hubbard's city council for a permit to hold the parade but was turned down at last. However, the spectacle could not be stopped because there is no law against women baring their breasts in public."The only way they could legally stop it would be to change the constitution of New Zealand and remove women's rights to bare their breasts in public," Crow said.8月23日中午,20名露点“色情女星”坐着托车在奥克兰市中心巡游,很多人前来围观,把奥克兰市中心堵的水泄不通。尽管奥克兰市市长迪克·哈巴德将这个为某“色情艺术展”所做的宣传活动评价为“道德败坏”,但 “坦胸托行”仍然进行的如火如荼。这些露点明星脚穿镶有饰钉的过膝长靴,下着黑色皮裤,上身,坐着托车沿着奥克兰市的中央大道“皇后街”巡游。当两辆原军用装甲车和托车载着20名露点女星和几个男人驶过大街,围在街道旁边的一群男人纷纷举起手机和摄像机拍照。过去几年,人们对这个在新西兰最大城市举行的游行一直很狂热。而今年的游行引来的围观者是这几年来最多的。之前,哈巴德领导的市议会没有批准游行组织者史蒂夫·克劳提出的游行申请,但游行还是照常举行了,因为没有法律规定女性不能在公共场合袒露上身。克劳说:“除非修改新西兰宪法,禁止女性在公共场所袒胸露怀,否则,市政府没有合法权力阻止我们举办这个游行。”Vocabulary:morally repugnant : 道德败坏furore: frenzy(狂热) /200808/46205重庆第十三医院专治 You thought Easter eggs don#39;t grow on trees? Check out Volker Kraft#39;s garden in eastern Germany, and think again.你认为复活节蛋不会长在树上?来看看德国东部福尔克尔#8226;克拉夫特家的花园,然后再想想吧。Kraft#39;s apple sapling sported just 18 eggs when he first decorated it for Easter in 1965. The number increased year by year; and by last year, the sturdy tree was festooned with 9,800 eggs, artfully decorated with everything from sequins to sea shells.克拉夫特在1965年开始在复活节装饰这棵苹果树,最开始上面只挂了18颗蛋。但是经过逐年累积,到去年为止,这棵强壮的果树上已经装饰了9800颗蛋,上面巧妙地装饰了各种饰物,从亮片到海贝壳应有尽有。This time, Kraft has reached 10,000 — and he says he#39;s stopping there.这次,克拉夫特家的这棵树上的蛋已经达到一万颗,而且他表示不会再继续挂了。;There will be no increase because I do not have storage capacity anymore,; the 76-year-old retiree says. ;I would have to sleep with the eggs otherwise.;这位76岁的退休老人说:“我不会再继续挂了,因为我没有精力了。否则我就得躺在鸡蛋上睡大觉了。”Kraft#39;s tree in the town of Saalfeld has become a tourist attraction, drawing thousands of people every year. Decorating trees with colored eggs at Easter is a tradition in Germany — though usually on a smaller scale.萨尔费尔德镇的这棵蛋树已经成为了旅游景点,每年吸引着数万人前来。在德国,复活节用蛋装饰树是一项风俗,但一般只在小部分地区流行。Kraft started with plastic eggs decades ago, but later switched to real eggs and enlisted his family#39;s help in blowing out the insides of the eggs and painting them.数十年前,克拉夫特开始用塑料蛋装饰这棵果树,但随后开始用真鸡蛋,并在家人的帮助下清空鸡蛋的蛋清和蛋黄,在鸡蛋壳上绘制图案。;You can now see here what develops after 47 years, when the tree grows, the wife blows the eggs and the children start painting,; he says.他说:“你可以看见47年后树变成什么样子,当树逐渐长大时,妻子清空鸡蛋,孩子们开始绘蛋。” /201204/176615重庆激光脱毛价格

重庆三峡中心医院有上班Your brain needs exercise just like a muscle. If you use it often and in the right ways, you will become a more skilled thinker and increase your ability to focus. But if you never use your brain, or abuse it with harmful chemicals, your ability to think and learn will deteriorate.大脑就像肌肉那样需要运动。如果你经常用正确的方法动脑,你就会成为一个思维更灵活的人,而且还能提高注意力。但如果你从不动脑,或者滥用有害的化学品伤害大脑,那么你的思考能力和学习能力就会退化。Here are 5 simple ways anyone can squeeze a bit more productivity out of the old gray matter.了解以下5个简单的方法,任何人都可以从长时间不用的大脑中挤出那么点儿创造力。1.Minimize Television Watching1.将看电视的时间减到最少This is a hard sell. People love vegetating in front of the television, myself included more often than I#39;d like. The problem is watching television doesn#39;t use your mental capacity OR allow it to recharge. It#39;s like having the energy sapped out of a muscle without the health benefits of exercise.这个需要强制执行。人们喜爱在电视机前虚度光阴,包括我自己在内,更多时候这并非我所愿。问题是,看电视并不会使用脑力或者给大脑充电。这就如同没有经过对健康有益的锻炼,就把肌肉中的能量消耗掉一样。Don#39;t you feel drained after a couple hours of TV? Your eyes are sore and tired from being focused on the light box for so long. You don#39;t even have the energy to a book.看了几个小时电视之后你不感到筋疲力尽吗?如此长时间地盯着灯箱,你的眼睛会又疼又累。你甚至没有精力再去读一本书了。When you feel like relaxing, try ing a book instead. If you#39;re too tired, listen to some music. When you#39;re with your friends or family, leave the tube off and have a conversation. All of these things use your mind more than television and allow you to relax.当你想放松一下时,试着去读一本书。当你太累了时,听听音乐。当你跟朋友或家人在一起时,关上电视跟他们说说话。所有这些事都比看电视让你更多地运用了大脑,并且能让你得到放松。2.Exercise2.运动I used to think that I#39;d learn more by not exercising and using the time to a book instead. But I realized that time spent exercising always leads to greater learning because it improves productivity during the time afterwards. Using your body clears your head and creates a wave of energy. Afterwards, you feel invigorated and can concentrate more easily.我过去认为,与其运动还不如用这些时间来读本书,这样能学到更多。但我后来意识到,花时间做运动总是让你学得更好,因为在运动之后,它提高了我的学习效率。用你的身体来理清思路,创造大量精力吧。运动过后,你会感觉精神焕发,更容易集中精力。3.Read Challenging Books3.阅读有挑战性的书Many people like to popular suspense fiction, but generally these books aren#39;t mentally stimulating. If you want to improve your thinking and writing ability you should books that make you focus. Reading a classic novel can change your view of the world and will make you think in more precise, elegant English. Don#39;t be afraid to look up a word if you don#39;t know it, and don#39;t be afraid of dense passages. Take your time, re- when necessary, and you#39;ll soon grow accustomed to the author#39;s style.许多人喜欢看畅销的悬疑小说,但是通常这些书并不能开发智力。如果你想改善思维和写作能力,你应该读一读那些让你集中精力的书。阅读经典小说会改变你的世界观,会让你用更简洁、更优美的英语思维来思考。别担心,遇到不认识的生词就去查,也不要怕那些大段的文字。别着急慢慢来,必要的时候可以再读一次,这样你就会很快习惯作者的写作风格的。Once you get used to ing challenging books, I think you#39;ll find that you aren#39;t tempted to go back to page-turners. The challenge of learning new ideas is far more exciting than any tacky suspense-thriller.一旦你习惯了阅读具有挑战性的书,我想你会发现自己忍不住再回去翻看那些令人爱不释手的书。学习新思想所带来的挑战,比任何俗气的悬疑惊悚片要令人兴奋得多。4.Early to Bed, Early to Rise4.早睡早起Nothing makes it harder to concentrate than sleep deprivation. You#39;ll be most rejuvenated if you go to bed early and don#39;t sleep more than 8 hours. If you stay up late and compensate by sleeping late, you#39;ll wake up lethargic and have trouble focusing. In my experience the early morning hours are the most tranquil and productive. Waking up early gives you more productive hours and maximizes your mental acuity all day.没有什么比缺乏睡眠更难让人集中精力的了。如果你早点儿上床并且睡眠不超过8小时,你就能最大限度地恢复活力。如果你熬夜并通过睡懒觉来弥补,那么你起床的时候就会昏昏沉沉,很难集中精力。根据我的经验,清晨的几个小时是最安静、最富有成效的。早起让你拥有更多高效的时间,并且让你一整天保持最强的敏锐感。If you have the opportunity, take 10-20 minute naps when you are hit with a wave of drowsiness. Anything longer will make you lethargic, but a short nap will refresh you.如果有机会,困意袭来的时候小睡10到20分钟。再睡久一点就会让你感到昏昏沉沉了,但是小睡片刻会让你神清气爽。5.Take Time to Reflect5.花点时间反思Often our lives get so hectic that we become overwhelmed without even realizing it. It becomes difficult to concentrate because nagging thoughts keep interrupting. Spending some time alone in reflection gives you a chance organize your thoughts and prioritize your responsibilities. Afterwards, you#39;ll have a better understanding of what#39;s important and what isn#39;t. The unimportant stuff won#39;t bother you anymore and your mind will feel less encumbered.通常我们的生活太繁忙了,以至于我们被压得喘不过起来,甚至还意识不到这一点。全神贯注变得困难起来,因为总有无法摆脱的想法一直打断你。花些时间独自反思一下,会给你一个机会来调理思绪、按优先顺序安排自己的职责。随后,你将更好地了解到哪些事情重要、哪些不重要。不重要的事情将不会再烦扰你,你的大脑也会感觉负担没那么大了。I#39;m not saying you need to sit on the floor cross-legged and chant ;ommm;. Anything that allows a bit of prolonged solitude will do. One of my personal favorites is taking a solitary walk. Someone famous said, ;All the best ideas occur while walking。; I think he was on to something. Experiment to find the activity that works best for you.我并不是在说你需要盘腿坐在地板上,嘴上不停地吟唱经文。任何能让你稍微长时间独处的事情都可以。就我个人而言,我最喜欢做的就是独自散步。有个名人说过,;所有最棒的点子都是在散步时产生的。; 我认为他的观点非常有意思。尝试去发现对你最有效的一种活动。 /201207/190283重庆妇幼保健医院是私立还是公立的? After the split, you#39;re left with an abandoned attic#39;s worth of stuff: on your phone and hard drive, in your inbox. It#39;s stuff that used to matter, and still does. It#39;s stuff that hurts. It#39;s stuff you loved. What do you do with it?分手后,你身边多了一堆几乎能丢弃到阁楼的东西:手机上、电脑上、邮箱里,到处都是它们的身影。它们曾经是对你而言很重要的东西,现在依旧是。它们是能勾起你眼泪的东西,也是你曾爱过的东西。你该拿它们怎么办?It#39;s impossible to plow through a committed relationship in an industrialized nation without piling up an abundant digital record. You#39;ll have chat transcripts, tagged photos on Facebook, beautiful photos from a DSLR, email letters, Skype call screenshots, texts—so, so many texts. Your first instinct will be to throw it all away.在这个发达的工业化国家,一段认真的感情结束后必然会留下大量的数字记录。你们的聊天记录、Facebook上标着名字的合影、数码相机里的美丽合照、邮件往来、Skype网络电话的截图、手机短信……大量的手机短信。你的第一想法肯定是把它们全扔光、删光吧。That#39;s not a reflex to be ashamed of-just like you wouldn#39;t want to stare at a framed photo of your ex while you#39;re hurting, you don#39;t want to look at hundreds of messages and JPEGs detailing that person either. We#39;re all hypersensitive when it happens, and we#39;re living in an age of hyper-info. There are more grains of salt to catch in your heart wound than ever before. This isn#39;t easy-but let#39;s try.有这种想法不必羞愧。当你正在伤心的时候,不想看到那个前任的照片;抑或是不想看到跟ta之间的数百条短信、各种亲密照一样,这些都可以理解。分手后我们都会变得极度敏感,尤其身处这个充斥着过度信息的时代。对于我们来讲,心上的伤口会被洒更多的盐巴。这不是件容易事儿。但是让我们来试着应对吧。Wait等待Wait a month. Wait longer. Wait until you can look at his or her Facebook profile without feeling something bad in your chest, or the urge to throw your laptop. No good decision, in this century or any other, has ever been made in the fresh wake of a breakup. Please, please don#39;t throw your laptop.等一个月,或更久。直到你可以坦然直视ta的Facebook主页而不会感到阵阵心痛,或有种直接想扔了笔记本的冲动。从古到今,没有什么正确的决定是在刚分手的时候做出的。请千万遏制住那种冲动,别扔了笔记本。Photos照片Don#39;t delete these. Really, don#39;t. You#39;ll regret it if you do. Not because maybe someday you#39;ll get back together and be so glad you kept it all. You probably won#39;t. But these pictures aren#39;t just small monuments to a failed romance, they#39;re high-resolution instants from your life, recorded forever, unfading. It#39;s not just your ex#39;s smile that you miss and wish you could have back, it#39;s the way you were at a particular moment a shutter snapped and a digital sensor touched light. It#39;s your dog, your apartment, your haircut, your vacation, your job, your old bike-everything that was you for that moment, regardless of who you were dating and who you loved. This is matter you#39;ll want years and decades from now—don#39;t be rash and trash it.别删了它们。真的别这样做,否则你会后悔的。并不是说以后你们还有复合的可能,到时候你就会庆幸没有删了它们,因为你们很可能不会复合了;而是因为这些照片不仅是一段失败恋情的纪念,同时也是你人生某些时刻的缩影和记录,它们是永久的不可磨灭的记忆。它们对你来讲,不仅仅装着你迷恋的前任恋人的微笑(你多么希望能让这笑容再次回到你身边),它是每一个快门声后对你人生的光影记录。它里面记录了你的、你的公寓、你的发型、你的假期、你的工作、你的老单车——所有你在那一刻的模样,而无论你在和谁约会,又在爱着谁。这是你会想要去珍惜一辈子的东西,不要因为一时冲动而把它们都删掉。Instead, vault it. Copy everything that#39;s too much to look at onto an external hard drive or some remote backup system, and then delete it from your machine. Put that hard drive in a sock drawer or under your bed. Give it to a friend. Place it where it won#39;t distract and won#39;t harm, but, when you#39;re y, can provide a vivid reminder of who you used to be. That#39;s incredibly powerful! Don#39;t destroy it on a whim.把它珍藏起来。把那些不忍看的东西复制到外接硬盘或移动储存设备上,然后把电脑里的都删了。把硬盘锁进装袜子的抽屉,或是塞到床下。交给朋友保存也行。总之,把它放在一个不会让你分心和伤心的地方,然后等你恢复过来的时候,它便能重放过去那个栩栩如生的你。这可棒极了!千万别冲动之下毁掉它。Playlists播放列表Yeah, toss these. All leftover playlists will do is smear heartbreaking meaning and nostalgia over songs you#39;d otherwise enjoy. Remember, you made this playlist explicitly for your ex-you tailored songs you both love in an order you thought might make them smile and miss you. And all those memories could swamp you based on nothing but this otherwise innocuous list of MP3s. So get rid of the list. Keep the songs though.没错,扔了它们。所有那些你们曾经喜欢过的歌曲,都会在下一次播放的时候,提醒你那些心碎的过往并唤起你的追忆之心来。记住,这些歌曲列表是你为前任专门设置的,它们是你俩都喜欢的歌,你曾为了让ta开心和想念你而特意排列了顺序。这些回忆能让你凭空悲伤,所以把这些播放列表删掉吧,但歌可以保留。Emails邮件Emails can be as banal and brief as any text message, but there are plenty of exceptions: long ones penned while abroad, or traveling, mail with attachments, breakup letters, I Miss You letters. Rather than sift through everything, archive it all. Do a search for his or her email, select all, and pack it away into a folder. Remember: this email is part of your life history. It includes details you won#39;t remember by the time you#39;re long over the breakup, and you#39;ll be grateful for them.电子邮件有时候就跟手机短信一样乏味而简洁,不过也有例外:比如出国或旅游时写的长邮件、带附件的邮件、以及分手信和思念信。与其筛遍所有邮件,不如全部归档。然后把和ta有关的邮件找出来,全选并放到一个专属文件夹。记住:邮件也是你的生活记录。它们包含了那些你在分手很久以后会忘记的细节,而到时候你会庆幸自己保留了它们。Texts手机短信Delete-this is just an invitation to wallow and/or leap back into ill-advised contact. Both are bad for you.删了吧。这些短信只会让你沉溺于悲伤或诱使你去联系那个不该再联系的人。无论怎样都对你没好处。Facebook tagsFacebook的圈人标记Again, an opportunity to wallow, a web browser shortcut to melancholy. And who wants a future prospect to see a bunch of pictures with your ex?这个也是诱使你沉溺于往事的坏东西,而且还是个浏览器的捷径。任何希望有个光明未来的人都不会想看到一堆自己和ex的合影的!There should be a pattern emerging here. It#39;s difficult, but you need to discern what baggage is going to be useful even after all the heavy, horrible, hurtful emotions wear off. What are the bytes that#39;ll have significance on their own, without the love connection? What stuff will remind you about your life in some broader sense than a relationship that occupied some months or years of it? What#39;ll be that GIF or TXT you wish to hell you hadn#39;t erased, because who knows what it might#39;ve reminded you of about the way you used to be?但要懂得区分。尽管这很难,但你需要分辨出那些在你消化掉沉重、恐惧和心碎感后,仍能带来作用的东西。哪些是抹去爱情痕迹后依旧意义重大的照片?哪些是能体现你生命印记而非仅仅记录你爱情长跑的照片?哪些是你删除以后必定会后悔的东西?无论是gif还是txt格式的东西,它们之中总有些能唤醒你对过去的记忆。Those things deserve backup. The rest was just noise all along.这些东西值得备份。其他的都只是浮云。 /201208/194150重庆第二附属医院是几甲

奉节县去除疤痕多少钱Worried your man may be straying? Here, with the help of relationship experts, we reveal the tell-tale signs. Your man is more likely to cheat if... Know the signs: Certain men are more likely to be unfaithful according to relationship experts   担心老公出轨?担心男友劈腿?如何才能正确判断?别请教爱情专家了,这里的12个“防范劈腿秘笈”可以手把手教你如何保护好你的爱情,进行最合理的“婚姻保卫战”。 1. You earn more than him   第一,挣得比他多。   It will dent his ego, but could also harm your shy;relationship if you are one of the 2.7?million British women who earn more than their man. A 2010 study suggested men who are shy;dependent on their female partners for income were five times more likely to cheat than those who contributed equally.   或许在当今的职场中,女人以能和男人“同工同酬”甚至比男人赚得多为荣,但是专家实男人其实害怕另一半比他们赚得多。这个理论会“殃及”英国270万事业比男人成功的女强人啊。数据统计,“吃软饭”的男人出轨机率是普通男人的5倍。   2. He works long hours   第二,他用在工作上的时间很长。   If your shy;partner works such long hous that he spends less than 10 per cent of his time with you, then there’s a one in ten chance that he (or you) will be unfaithful.   如果你的另一半用在工作上的时间太长,而放在你身上的时间还不到10%,那么你真的要小心了。专家说,他们出轨的机率占到10%。   3. You live together before getting shy;married   第三,未婚先同居   Many believe living together before getting hitched allows couples to get used to each other’s idiosyncrasies, paving the way for a smooth married life. But a Relate survey suggested those who live together but don’t marry are up to 40 per cent more likely to be unfaithful than those who tie the knot.   不管在电影《非诚勿扰2》中葛优以及舒淇表演的“试婚”还是别的什么,虽然有人说同居可以提前适应对方的生活习惯,看看能不能一辈子在一起。然而专家称,婚前同居男女中,有40%的男性对另一半不忠。   4. His father or brother has had an affair   第四,对方父亲或者兄弟有外遇行为   Scientists have shy;uncovered a genetic link to infidelity. Two years ago, a study at the Karolinska shy;Institute, in Stockholm, showed men who inherit a genetic variant that affects an important attachment shy;hormone called vasopressin, are more likely to have weaker relationships and marital problems, and less likely to be married.   不良的行为示范可以让你的另一半也变坏呢,科学家检测出“偷情基因”,实验中发现“共同享有”这种基因的男性更容易叛变。 /201101/123407 1. Your Money or Your Life, by Joe Dominguez and Vicki Robins.   关于理财的书籍,重点推荐这一本,你应该读一下。它了解大多数人的理财观念,并用简单有效的新方法改造你的生活。我的理财经就是从这本书习得的。  2. Slowing Down to the Speed of Life, by Richard Carlson and Joseph Bailey.  这本书的核心思想就是“活在当下”,其实是2500年前佛家就已经提出来的哲学。不过,这本书从心理学的角度探讨了这一哲学观念,阐释了我们的思想产生情绪的过程,以及该如何在躁乱之中保持震惊、将压力降到最低、做好父母角色、改善人际关系等等方面的指导内容。  3. Simplify Your Life, by Elaine St. James.  这本书是影响zenhabits哲学思想的书籍之一。十年前我开始读这本书起,我就开始了简化生活的尝试。虽然十年来经历起伏跌宕,我仍然对这本书充满热爱。好书易读,有很多值得学习的地方。  4. The Art of Happiness, by the Dalai Lama.  不知道Dalai Lama本人是否真的这样,但这本书的文字确实能让人感受到仁慈和幸福的力量。虽然整本书并没与更深层次的内容,我仍然将这本书视为对我们人生的一种提醒:慈悲地活着,我们的生命会更有意义。  5. Getting Things Done, by David Allen.  这本关于产出率的经典着作适合每个想更加高效有序工作的人去研读。GTD教会了我很多重要的技能:清空收件箱、在纸上写下要做的事情、一次只用心去处理一件事,等等等等。  6. The 4-Hour Workweek, by Timothy Ferriss.  这本书影响了许许多多人的生活,教我们将一切简化,将重心放在对我们生活和事业最重要的地方。不管你是名总裁,是名员工,还是家庭主妇、客写手,它的理念都能够应用到你的生活中去。你也许并不能适应每周四小时的工作时间,但是你能学会尝试用新的、聪明的方法去处理你的事务。  7. The War of Art, by Steven Pressfield.  对任何从事写作或创意工作的人来说,创作过程如同一场战斗。有时,甚至每天,我们都要强迫自己专心工作、想出创意、避免陷入拖沓和分心的深渊。这本书教你怎样以一个专业工作者的姿态战胜这些,非常值得一读。  8. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff, by Richard Carlson.  Carlson是Slowing Down to the Speed of Life的合着者,不过他更有名的着作是这一本。这本书是“别为小事担忧”系列的第一本。和副标题连在一起,你能读出更多意味:《别为小事担忧——所有的都是小事》。这本书教你透视所有事情,免除焦虑困扰。它也告诉你,要以欣赏的眼光看待周围事物,尤其是我们身边的人。  9. Running to Win, by George Sheehan.  这本书并非关于工作哲学,实际上是关于生活哲学的书。这本书探讨了关于将生活充实化的任何方法。Sheehan的文笔优美而激动人心,着有一系列不错的作品。这本书完成于他得了末期癌症时。  10. Upgrade Your Life, by Gina Trapani.  这本书教你把时常让你分心、把你俘虏的现代科技转换为你高效工作的工具。  11. The Essential Gandhi, by Louis Fischer.  不论你是否崇敬甘地本人,他的文字确实是非常深邃而影响广泛的。每次读这本书,我都会深受启发。  12. Manufacturing Consent, by Noam Chomsky and Edward Herman.  如果你还没有读过乔姆斯基的书,从这本开始吧。十年前我开始读的这本书,教给了我很多关于政治与舆论的东西。我也因为读这本书而对信息筛选更加严格。总之,我大力推荐大家读一些乔姆斯基的书,它们能使你从一个新的角度去看待事物。他是我们时代最着名的持不同政见者之一。  13. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, by Stephen Covey.  对想提高工作效率的人来说,这本是必读书籍。7个习惯包括操之在我、以终为始、要事第一、利人利己、知彼解己、集思广益、均衡发展。  14. Tao Te Ching, by Lao Tzu. 《道德经》  1500年前道家经典基础着作。它将教给你基本的东方哲学思想,以及人生一二。  15. Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, Robert Pirsig.  现代经典着作。Pirsig同他的儿子、朋友一起游走乡间,探索禅意精要。  16. The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, by Robin Sharma.  这是本能引发你对人生的思考的寓言故事。关于你的人生、你的目标、你的梦想,以及为了实现梦想你需要培养的日常习惯,这本书都会对你有所启发。不是说任何问题都能在这本书中找到,Sharma探索了很多有趣的主意,我相信每个人都会找到一些值得尝试的东西。  17. The Elements of Style, by Strunk and White.  英语写作者不可或缺的经典之作。这本书也不光适用于作家,对客写手以及任何需要写报告、邮件和其他网络文章的人都适用。简而言之,每个人都应该读它。18年前我刚开始记者生涯的时候第一次读了这本书,现在我每年都要读上一遍。它教你精确地运用语言,避免常见错误,使你的文字更加清晰有力。  18. Fever Pitch, by Nick Hornby.  与其他列表上的书籍有些不同,但我非常喜欢这本书,所以仍旧加了近来。这本书以自传的形式描写了作者对足球一生的狂热。这些散文各自描写某一赛事,引人入胜,非常有趣。  19. A People’s History of the ed States, by Howard Zinn.  这本书改变了很多人从课本上学来的历史观。Zinn讲述美国历史的角度极为特别,他描述的不是美国的富有与强大,而是生活在这片土地上无权无力的那群人。他讲述了黑人、女性、中国铁路劳工、穷人、工人等一切被权势压迫的群体的故事。他们是这个社会的少数力量,默默无言地生活着。  20. The Power of Less, by Leo Babauta.  这本书教你把注意力集中在最重要的事情上,有序、简洁地处理生活事物,从而提高工作效率。 /200910/86331重庆治疗腋臭重庆整容一般多少钱




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