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金牛区中医医院生殖中心都江堰市儿童医院网上预约系统059 fine arts Words Painting artwork masterpiece sculpture calligraphy/-er artist drawing exhibition art gallery (self)-portrait abstract painting landscape sculpture statue art lover art critic arts page watercolors oils still life Art collector art aficionado a work(of art) exhibit Phrases Put on display Create a piece of Fund a gallery Hold an exhibition Have talent Appreciate art Look at an exhibit Collect artwork Beginner A: are you an art aficionado? B: not really. I like going to an art exhibition once or twice a year. I hardly know anything about art or sculpture. You are a true art lover, aren’t you? A; l love going to art galleries, particularly when one is holding an exhibition of abstract art. B: I never understand the meaning of those painting. They are too abstract for me. I didn’t pay much attention in art class at school. A: art isn’t for everyone. I’m going to an exhibition tomorrow at the national gallery. It’s an exhibition of greek and roman sculpture. B: I like sculpture, especially that form ancient rome or Greece. What time are you thinking of going? I’d love to go with you. A; I thought I’d have an early lunch and go immediately afterwards. Does that sound ok to you? Bus 51 goes directly there. B; that sounds fine. What time shall we meet at the bus stop? A; let’s meet at 12:30. it will probably take us there or four hours to see all of the exhibits. Intermediate A: the art critic from the daily chronicle doesn’t think much of the max oreo exhibition. He says that the artwork is uninspiring and old fashioned. B; really? I thought the exhibition showed that he had real talent. What did you think of it? A; I liked it. I didn’t think his works were masterpieces, but the certainly weren’t uninspiring , in my opinion. B: I don’t think I’ve ever a good review of an exhibition by that critic. He doesn’t seem to like anything. Which kinds of paintings do you prefer? A; I like landscapes and still life. You prefer abstract paintings, don’t you? B; yes, I do. I like painters who use rather than watercolors. The colors appear richer. What do you think? A: I agree. I prefer oils too. I collect landscapes, but I only have a small collection. You have a small collection of abstract art, don’t you? B; yes. Good artwork is very expensive nowadays. When I was in china, I bought some calligraphy by famous artists. You should come and see it sometime. A: that would be nice. Can you the characters? B; I know what the characters on the paintings mean. I think Chinese characters look very artistic. It’s said that the way they are written can give insight into the artist’s character. A: I think that’s true with any of the fine arts /200705/13718四川生殖医院治疗好不好 You have a special dispensation你们有特许豁免权Now, graduates, I am humbled to stand here with all of you毕业生们 今天我和你们一起 恭敬地站在这里As an honorary Morehouse man成为荣誉莫尔豪斯人I finally made it我终于做到了And as I do, I’m mindful of an old saying在这里 我想到了一句古老的话;you can always tell a Morehouse man你总可以跟莫尔豪斯人讲道理But you cant tell him much;但你没有多少可以告诉他And that makes my task a little more difficult, I suppose我想 这让我的任务显得有些棘手But I think it also reflects the sense of pride 不过这也反映了根植于学校传统中的自豪感Thats always been part of this schools tradition不过这也反映了根植于学校传统中的自豪感Benjamin mays, who served as the president of Morehouse for almost 30 years本杰明·梅斯 作为莫尔豪斯学院院长辛劳了近30年Understood that tradition better than anybody他比任何人都更清楚这一传统He said and I e ;it will not be sufficient for我援引他的话 他说 ;莫尔豪斯学院;Morehouse college, for any college, for that matter, to produce clever graduates或任何学院 培养的不能仅仅是聪明的毕业生But rather honest men还要是诚实的人Men who can be trusted in public and private life 在个人和公共生活中值得信赖的人Men who are sensitive to the wrongs, the sufferings, and the injustices of society对社会上错误 苦难和不公敏感的人And who are willing to accept responsibility for correcting those ills;愿意担负起责任 矫正这些病态的人201604/435615「美国习惯用语」第十二讲Follow your nose Pay through the nose 今天我们要讲两个由鼻子,也就是nose 这个字组成的俗语。鼻子是我们嗅觉和呼吸的工具,是人体的一个重要组成部份。大概也正因为如此,英语里许多常用的习惯用语都和nose这个字有联系。比如说,你到华盛顿来访问,要上白宫去参观,可是走在路上好像迷失了方向。于是,你就在马路上问人怎么去白宫。你得到的回答可能就是: 例句-1: "Turn left at the next corner and then follow your nose -- you can't miss it."这人说:“到前面的路口向左转,然后一直走就到了,你不会看不到的。” 很明显,这句句子里“follow your nose”的意思就是“一直走”。 Follow your nose还可以解释为利用嗅觉找到什么东西。例如: 例句-2: "You say you're looking for the French Bakery? Just walk two blocks north, turn left, and you can smell that wonderful smell of fresh b baking: just follow your nose and it will bring you right to the front door.”这人说:“你是说你在找那个法国面包店吗?往北走过两条街,然后向左转,你就会闻到那烤面包的香味。随着香味走就会把你带到那面包店的门口了。” “Follow your nose”在这句句子里着重的是嗅觉,而不是方向。 今天我们要讲的第二个常用的习惯用语是: Pay through the nose。 Pay就是付钱的意思。按字面上来解释,pay through the nose就是通过鼻子来付钱,这听起来似乎很痛苦。而实际上,pay through the nose的确切意思是付出比真正的价值高得多的钱,或者说付出的钱实在太多而感到心痛。我们来举个例子吧: 例句-3: "My brother Bob borrowed the money to open his restaurant five years ago when the interest rate was so high, so he's been paying through the nose ever since."这个人说:“我哥哥在五年前借钱开他那个饭馆的时候正好利率非常高。所以,他从那时起就一直在大笔大笔地还债。” 这样由于利息高而付许多钱来还债当然谁也不愿意。可是,也有人心甘情愿出高价来买那些他们认为值得买的东西。下面一个例子就可以说明这一点: 例句-4: "Life is funny. When the famous dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh was alive, nobody wanted to buy his pictures. But now rich people will pay through the nose for one, sometimes more than five million dollars."这句话的意思是:“人生实在是很有趣的。当那位有名的荷兰画家凡高还活着的时候,没有人要买他的画。可是,现在那些有钱人却愿意出高价买他的画,有时候一张画就要五百多万美元。”今天我们讲了两个和nose有关的常用词汇。第一个是 follow the nose。Follow the nose 可以指“一直走”,也可以解释为随着你闻到的味道去找什么东西,或什么地方。今天讲的第二个和nose有关的词汇是 to pay through the nose。To pay through the nose是付出很高价钱的意思。 /200601/2967龙泉驿区打胎多少钱

资阳市做无痛人流多少钱【中文这样说】他想建立一个甜蜜的家。【英文对比翻译】Chinese Style——He wants to establish a sweet home.American Style— He wants to establish a happy home. /200604/6387成都市生殖专科打胎有风险么? Eighty-one days ago, I stood in front of 10 Downing Street for the first time as Prime Minister, and I made a promise to the country.I said that the Government I lead will be driven not by the interests of a privileged few, but by the interests of ordinary, working-class families. People who have a job, but dont always have job security. People who own their own home, but worry about paying the mortgage. People who can just about manage, but worry about the cost of living and getting their kids into a good school. And this week, were going to show the country that we mean business.But first, today, were going to talk about Global Britain, our ambitious vision for Britain after Brexit. Because 100 days ago, that is what the country voted for. Were going to talk about Britain in which we are close friends, allies and trading partners with our European neighbours. But a Britain in which we pass our own laws and govern ourselves; in which we look beyond our continent and to the opportunities in the wider world; in which we win trade agreements with old friends and new partners; in which Britain is always the most passionate, most consistent, most convincing advocate for free trade; in which we play our full part in promoting peace and prosperity around the world.; and in which we – with our brilliant armed forces and intelligence services – protect our national interests, our national security, and the security of our allies.So today, were going to be hearing from David Davis, Priti Patel and Boris Johnson as we start to explain our plan for Brexit. And the country will see that the Conservative Party is united in our determination to deliver that plan.Because even now, some politicians – democratically-elected politicians – say that the referendum isnt valid, that we need to have a second vote.Others say they dont like the result, and theyll challenge any attempt to leave the European Union through the courts.But come on. The referendum result was clear. It was legitimate. It was the biggest vote for change this country has ever known. Brexit means Brexit – and were going to make a success of it.Now, of course, we wouldnt have had a referendum at all had it not been for the Conservative Party, and had it not been for David Cameron. And I want to take a moment to pay tribute to David.I served in his Shadow Cabinet for nearly five years, and in his Cabinet for six more. I saw first-hand his commitment to public service, to social justice, and his deep love for our country. He led the rescue mission that brought confidence back to the British economy. He made sure that people on the lowest wages paid no income tax at all. And he won the right for two people who love one another – regardless of their sexuality – to marry. He has a legacy of which he and our whole Party can be proud. And to those who claim he was mistaken in calling the referendum, we know there is no finer accolade than to say David Cameron put his trust in the British people.And trust the people we will, because Britain is going to leave the European Union.Now, I know there is a lot of speculation about what that is going to mean, about the nature of our relationship with Europe in future, and about the terms on which British and European businesses will trade with one another. I understand that. And we will give clarity – as we did with farm payments and university funding – whenever possible and as quickly as possible.But we will not be able to give a running commentary or a blow-by-blow account of the negotiations. Because we all know that isnt how they work. History is littered with negotiations that failed when the interlocutors predicted the outcome in detail and in advance.201611/475306资阳市男科电话

四川九院挂号美国习惯用语-第50讲:to be swept off one's feetDon't let the grass grow under one's feet 今天我们再来讲两个和 foot 或 feet 有关的俗语。我们曾经讲过: to stand on one's own two feet,这是独立自主,依靠自己的意思。我们还讲过: to throw oneself at someone's feet,这是公开表示对某人的爱慕之情,或是拍马奉承、百般讨好某人。可是,被爱慕或讨好的对象往往会突然感到非常兴奋而不由自主地变得飘飘然起来。这种情景在英文里是这么说的: to be swept off one's feet。下面我们要举的一个例子就可以看出一个人在 throwing himself at someone's feet 以后所可能产生的后果: 例句-1: "Dick was so crazy about Jane that he threw himself at her feet. Jane was swept off her feet and they're getting married next Tuesday." 这句话的意思是:“迪克实在是爱简,他完全拜倒在她的石榴裙下。这一下使得简感到飘飘然,不由自主了。他们竟然决定下星期二就结婚。” 这种闪电式的结婚确实有点过于匆忙。下面一个例子就是一个人在劝他的朋友不要草率从事。这也说明 to be swept off one's feet 这个俗语不一定完全适用于被爱慕的人,也可以用在其他场合: 例句-2: "Hal, I know how anxious you are to get married and start a family. But don't let yourself get swept off your feet by a pretty face: think about what you are doing before you get caught." 他说:“海尔,我知道你是非常急于结婚成家。但是,你不要被一张漂亮的脸弄得昏昏然的。在问题还没有发生前,你得脑子清楚一些,明白自己到底在干什么。” 像结婚这样的事确实应该慎重考虑,不能操之过急。但是有的时候,我们处理事情也不能拖拖拉拉,浪费时间。这在英文里就是: Don't let the grass grow under one's feet。 Grass 是指草。 Don't let the grass grow under one's feet 从字面上来解释,这句话的意思是:不要让草在你脚底下长出来,实际上也就是说,你不要什么事也不干,浪费时间。我们来举一个例子吧: 例句-3: "Right now the house is a real bargain. Don't let the grass grow under your feet -- sign the agreement today before somebody grabs it." 这是一个房产经纪人在对一个买主说话。他说:“现在房产价格实在是非常便宜。你不要浪费时间,最好今天就签合同,免得给别人把这栋房子抢走。” Don't let the grass grow under your feet 是推销产品的人经常说的话。下面的例子是一个汽车商在对顾客说话: 例句-4: "I tell you, don't let the grass grow under you feet -- this is the last day of this sale and the price on this model goes up a thousand dollars tomorrow!" 他说:“我告诉你,今天是这次减价的最后一天。这种型号的车子,明天就要上涨一千美元。所以你不要犹豫不决,浪费时间。” 上面我们给大家介绍了两个和 foot 或者 feet 这个字有关的习惯用语。第一个是: to be swept off one's feet,这是指一个人由于一件使他兴奋的事而感到不由自主。今天我们讲的另一个习惯用语是: Don't let the grass grow under one's feet,这是劝人不要停止不前,浪费时间。 /200601/3005 锦江区第一人民医院治疗性功能障碍多少钱四川儿童医院好不好



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