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Obama Nomination Acceptance to Make History奥巴马将创历史 率大党问鼎白宫  The climax of this week's Democratic National Convention in Denver, Colorado, will come Thursday when Senator Barack Obama of Illinois formally accepts his party's presidential nomination. Senator Obama will make history as the first African-American nominee of a major U.S. political party, and it just so happens that his speech will come on the 45th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King's famous speech on racial equality, given in Washington in 1963. 美国民主党这个星期在科罗拉多的丹佛举行的全国大会星期四将迎来高潮,届时,伊利诺伊参议员巴拉克·奥巴马将正式接受民主党总统候选人提名。作为第一位得到美国重要政党提名的非洲裔美国人,奥巴马将创造历史。非常巧合的是,他讲话的当天正值马丁·路德·金士1963年在华盛顿发表那篇有关种族平等的著名讲话45周年。Barack Obama's moment in the convention spotlight comes Thursday, when he will give his nomination acceptance speech before a crowd of 75,000 people at a football stadium here in Denver, and before millions of others watching in the ed States and around the world. 奥巴马在民主党大会令人眩目的一刻星期四到来,届时,他将在丹佛足球场面对7万5千人发表他接受提名的讲话,同时观看的还有美国以及世界各地的数百万观众。Pennsylvania delegate Ellen Connelly expects it will be the highlight of the week.  宾夕法尼亚州代表埃伦·康奈利期待这个时刻将是本周最耀眼的时刻。"It's like totally exciting. I am from Pennsylvania and we are so psyched [excited] to be able to run this campaign. We are very excited," she said. “这非常令人激动。我从宾夕法尼亚州来。我们非常激动,能够进行这样的选举。我们太激动了。”Many delegates, especially African-Americans, are aware that Obama's speech will come on the 45th anniversary of another famous speech that addressed the state of race relations in the ed States.  许多代表,特别是非洲裔美国人,非常清楚奥巴马讲话的时间正是有关美国种族关系的另一个著名演讲发表的45周年。"I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed - we hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal," King said in his 1963 address. 马丁·路德·金:“我梦想有一天,这个国家将会奋起,实现其立国信条的真谛:“我们认为这些真理不自明:人人生而平等。”Martin Luther King's address at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington offered the hope of a colorblind society and was a major turning point in the civil rights struggles of the 1960s. 马丁·路德·金1963年在华盛顿的林肯纪念堂前发表演讲,为民众勾勒了一个没有种族差别的社会, 这个讲话成为1960年代民权运动的转折点。Carmen Boudier, a delegate from Connecticut, says Barack Obama's political rise shows that Dr. King's dream is starting to become a reality. 康涅狄格州代表卡门·布迪耶说,奥巴马政治上的崛起显示马丁·路德·金士的梦想正开始成为现实。"Wherever he is, Doctor Martin Luther King is looking down on us and saying, the speech I made and with all the struggle in America, it has finally come to where there are some changes," she said. “不管他在哪里, 马丁·路德·金士一定会在天上看着我们。他在说,我的讲话,以及美国所经受的一切磨难,最终带来了现在的这些变化。”Even some delegates who came to the convention to support Senator Hillary Clinton are getting caught up in the history of Barack Obama's moment. 甚至那些来到大会持参议员希拉里·克林顿的代表也为奥巴马即将创造历史的这一刻感动。"I thought Hillary had all the credentials to be the lady to lead America. And it just didn't happen," said Domingo Lopes, a delegate from Florida. “我原来想凭希拉里的资历,她将成为女总统领导美国,但是,这一刻就是没有发生。”这是佛罗里达州代表多明戈·洛佩兹的话。Lopes has seen more than his share of race discrimination in his 76 years, but the emotions take over when he thinks about the possibility of Senator Obama winning the White House in November. 在生命的76年中,洛佩兹看到了太多的种族歧视,但是,当他想到奥巴马可能在11月的选举中赢得白宫,他的激动难以自制。"I say it is about time. It is finally going to happen where the average African-American is seeing that the dream is becoming a reality," he said. 洛佩兹:“我想这差不多是时候了。这最终会发生的。一个非洲裔美国人正在让那个梦想变成现实。”Did he ever think this day would come? 马隆:“你想过这一天会到来吗?"Truthfully, no. Not in my lifetime. Not in my lifetime," he said. "It is going to be one of the greatest feelings I will ever have in my lifetime." 洛佩兹:“说真的,没有,不会在我活著的时候发生,不会的。这将是我一生中最重要的时刻。”Domingo Lopes says he has a little trouble getting around these days, given his age. But Lopes says nothing could keep him from attending Senator Obama's speech on Thursday. 洛佩兹说,因为年纪大了,他的行动有些不方便,但是,什么也不能阻挡他星期四出席奥巴马的演讲大会。200808/46851Pakistan's President Pervez Musharraf is calling for a "harmonious coalition" in the new national assembly, which is now dominated by opposition parties. Mr. Musharraf's plea for unity follows opposition calls for him to step down. 巴基斯坦总统穆沙拉夫呼吁在新的议会中成立“和谐联盟”。目前反对党派已经获得对新的国民议会的主导权。穆沙拉夫在反对党派要求他下台之后,发出了团结的呼吁。In his most extensive comments on the election since his party was soundly defeated, President Musharraf praised the gains of opposition parties, saying the results strengthened moderate forces in Pakistan.  在穆沙拉夫所属的政党在选举中惨败之后,他发表了他对这次选举的一次最冗长的。穆沙拉夫在中对反对党派在议会选举中的获胜表示赞扬。他说,选举结果使得巴基斯坦国内的温和势力增强。But while the president has issued several conciliatory statements calling for unity in the new government, opposition leaders and even members of his own party predict a coming political clash.  但是,就在穆沙拉夫发表呼吁新政府内谋求团结的和解性声明的同时,反对派的领导人预测政治冲突即将到来,甚至穆沙拉夫本人所属的党派的成员也做出这样的预测。Sheikh Rashid Ahmad is an ally of Mr. Musharraf who after winning election to parliament six times since 1985, suffered his first defeat on Monday. Speaking at a news conference in Islamabad, Rashid Ahmad suggested the incoming assembly's tenure could be the shortest in Pakistan's history. 拉希德.艾哈迈德是穆沙拉夫的盟友。自从1985年以来,艾哈迈德曾经6度赢得巴基斯坦国民议会的席位。但是他在这个星期一的国民议会选举中首次遭遇失败。艾哈迈德在伊斯兰堡举行的记者会上表示,即将来临的巴基斯坦新议会议员的任期可能是巴基斯坦历史上最短的任期。"I have said aly that President Musharraf wants to continue with this parliament.," said Ahmad. "But there are some people who don't want to do this. What will be the result? I don't know." 艾哈迈德说:“我已经说过穆沙拉夫要继续同这个议会合作。可是有些人不愿意这样作。最后会出现什么结果,我不知道。”Lawmakers could try to impeach the president, but Mr. Musharraf also has power to dismiss parliament. Either scenario would throw the country's politics back into turmoil.  议员们可能设法弹劾总统。反过来,穆沙拉夫也有权力解散议会。这两种情况中的任何一种情况发生都会使得巴基斯坦政治陷入混乱。Meanwhile, election observers raised concerns about the fairness of the vote. European Union observers said pro-Musharraf parties unfairly benefited during election campaigning.  与此同时,选举的观察人士就这次投票的公平性表达了他们的关切。欧盟的观察家表示,在选举前的竞选活动中亲穆沙拉夫的党派不公平地获得利益。American observers also had concerns about the bans of election rallies and the crackdown on the news media.  美国观察家也对巴基斯坦当局禁止选举集会、压制新闻媒体表达关切。穆迪曾经担任过美国国会议员。他是这次巴基斯坦选举的观察员。"The pre-election situation made it extremely difficult but we think the Pakistani people showed they are absolutely determined to express themselves and we think on Election Day, they were able to do that," said Jim Moody, an election monitor and former U.S. congressman. 穆迪说:“选前的情况十分艰巨,但是我认为巴基斯坦人民展示了表达意愿的坚定决心。我认为他们在选举日做到了这一点。”U.S. Senator John Kerry, who spoke to reporters in New Delhi after visiting Islamabad earlier in the week, said despite problems before the polls, Mr. Musharraf had gracefully accepted his party's defeat in the vote. 美国参议员克里这个星期初访问了伊斯兰堡,他在新德里对记者说,尽管投票前出现问题,可是穆沙拉夫却心平气和地接受了他所属的党派在这次选举中失败的结果。"Imperfect as it was, it nevertheless produced a result that is credible and has held his government accountable," said Kerry. 克里说:“虽然这次选举有瑕疵,可是选举的结果是可信的。而且这次选举明巴基斯坦政府兑现了它的承诺。”Final results in the national assembly election are still not in. The Pakistan People's Party is in the lead with some 87 seats followed by Nawaz Sharif's Pakistan Muslim League with 66 seats. Mr. Musharraf's party is in third with 38 seats. Most of the remainder of the 268 contested seats are held by smaller parties or independent candidates.  巴基斯坦国民议会选举最后的结果还没有公布。国民议会一共有268个议席。目前结果显示,巴基斯坦人民党领先,获得大约87个议席。巴基斯坦穆斯林联盟(谢里夫派)位居第二,获得66个议席。穆沙拉夫的党派名列第三,获得38个议席。而剩下的议席由小党派和独立候选人获得。200802/27659Iraq War Anniversary Dominates US Election Campaign伊战成为美国总统竞选的中心议题The war in Iraq took center stage in the U.S. presidential election campaign Wednesday on the fifth anniversary of the start of the conflict.  星期三是伊拉克战争爆发五周年。在这一天,伊拉克战争成为美国总统竞选的中心议题。Democratic contender Barack Obama spoke about the war at a campaign event in North Carolina. 民主党的总统竞选人奥巴马在北卡罗来纳州举行的一次竞选活动中谈到了伊拉克战争。Obama renewed his pledge to withdraw most U.S. troops from Iraq within 16 months and took issue with a similar withdrawal plan put forward by his rival for the Democratic Party presidential nomination, Senator Hillary Clinton. 奥巴马再次保要在16个月内从伊拉克撤回大部分美军。他还反驳了他竞选总统候选人提名的对手克林顿参议员提出的一个类似的撤军计划。Obama said voters should trust him more than Clinton to bring the war to a close since he opposed it from the beginning, while Clinton initially supported it. 奥巴马说,选民应该更加信任他而不是克林顿能够结束这场战争,因为他从一开始就反对战争而克林顿则在最初持战争。"Here is the truth," he said. "Fighting a war without end will not force the Iraqis to take responsibility for their own future. And fighting in a war without end will not make the American people safer. So when I am commander in chief, I will set a new goal on day one, I will end this war." 奥巴马说:“事实是,打一场没有尽头的战争不会迫使伊拉克人为自己的未来负起责任。在一场没有尽头的战争里作战不会让美国人更安全。所以,如果我担任军队总司令的话,我会在第一天就设立一个新目标,我将结束这场战争。”During a visit to Detroit, Senator Clinton said the ed States cannot win an Iraqi civil war and that there was no military solution in Iraq. Clinton has promised to begin withdrawing U.S. troops from Iraq within 60 days of taking office. 克林顿参议员在访问底特律市时说,美国不可能赢得伊拉克内战。在伊拉克,军事手段不能解决问题。克林顿保她将在担任总统60天内开始从伊拉克撤军。On another issue, Clinton also challenged Obama to agree to new Democratic primaries in Michigan and Florida. 在另外一个问题上,克林顿向奥巴马发难,要求奥巴马接受在密西根州和佛罗里达州举行新的民主党初选。"Today I am urging him to match those words with actions, to make sure the people of Michigan and Florida have a voice and a vote in this election," Clinton said. 克林顿说:“今天我呼吁他做到言行一致,确保密西根和佛罗里达的民众能够通过投票表达他们的心声。”Both states held primaries in January, but the Democratic National Committee refused to recognize the results and stripped both states of delegates to the national convention because the contests were held too early in violation of party rules. Officials in Florida say they do not plan to hold a new vote. 密西根和佛罗里达这两个州在1月份举行了初选。但是因为这两次选举过早举行,违反了党内规定,民主党全国委员会拒绝承认选举结果,还剥夺了这两个州的党代表参加全国代表大会的资格。佛罗里达官员说,他们不准备再举行新的投票。Senator Obama also took issue with the presumptive Republican Party presidential nominee, Senator John McCain. Obama said McCain and the Bush administration have failed to present a strategy on how fighting in Iraq makes the American people safer. 奥巴马参议员也反驳了可能得到共和党总统候选人提名的参议员麦凯恩。奥巴马说,麦凯恩和布什政府没有提出策略说明为什么在伊拉克作战会让美国人更加安全。McCain was in Israel Wednesday as part of a congressional delegation and said he wanted to affirm a deep relationship and commitment to the Jewish state. 麦凯恩星期三随美国国会代表团在以色列访问。他说,他希望巩固同以色列的深厚关系和对以色列的坚定承诺。Earlier in the week, McCain visited Iraq and talked about the progress of the U.S-led military surge strategy. 这个星期早些时候,麦凯恩到访伊拉克,并且谈论了美国领导的增兵战略所取得的进展。But McCain ran into some trouble on Tuesday in Jordan when he mistakenly said Sunni insurgents allied with al-Qaida were being trained in Iran, which has actually been accused of backing Shiite militias. McCain's mistake was quickly corrected by his Senate colleague, Joe Lieberman of Connecticut. 但是,麦凯恩星期二在约旦遇到尴尬。他错误地表示,与基地组织结盟的逊尼派暴乱分子在伊朗接受训练,但是实际上,伊朗被指责是持什叶派民兵。麦凯恩的参议院同僚、来自康涅狄克州的利伯曼马上纠正了麦凯恩的口误。"It has been reported in the media that al-Qaida is going back into Iran and receiving training and are coming back into Iraq from Iran," McCain said. "That is well known, and it is unfortunate. I am sorry, the Iranians are training extremists, not al-Qaida." 利伯曼说:“有媒体报导说,基地组织正回到伊朗接受训练,然后从伊朗返回伊拉克。大家都了解这个情况,这是个不幸的情况。很抱歉,伊朗人是在训练极端分子,不是在训练基地组织。”Analysts were quick to pounce on the gaff by McCain who has repeatedly emphasized his experience in national security affairs and said he would make Iraq a major issue in the presidential campaign. McCain has criticized both Clinton and Obama for favoring a troop pullout from Iraq. 分析人士很快就拿麦凯恩的失言大作文章。麦凯恩反复强调他在国家安全事务方面的经验。他说,他会让伊拉克成为总统竞选的主要议题。麦凯恩批评克林顿和奥巴马赞成从伊拉克撤军的立场。President Bush also warned about the consequences of a hasty withdrawal in his speech marking the anniversary of the start of the war. 布什总统在纪念伊拉克战争爆发五周年的讲话中也警告仓促撤军带来的后果。"If we were to allow our enemies to prevail in Iraq, the violence that is now declining would accelerate and Iraq could descend into chaos," he said. 布什说:“如果我们允许敌人在伊拉克得逞,正在减少的暴力活动会快速增加,伊拉克可能会陷入混乱。”McCain can afford the political luxury of traveling abroad since he has effectively secured the Republican nomination. 麦凯恩因为成功地确保了共和党提名,所以他有条件在国外进行政治旅行。But the Democratic battle between Clinton and Obama is expected to continue indefinitely, with the next major test coming in the Pennsylvania primary on April 22.  但是民主党内克林顿和奥巴马之间的竞争估计还要无限期延续下去。下一场重要决战将是4月22号在宾西法尼亚州的初选。200803/31332in broad daylight ———— 光天化日(非正式)英文释义 (INFORMAL) Clear and sufficient natural light in which everything is visible.例句 My aunts purse was stolen from her in broad daylight yesterday, not in some dark alley.我姑姑的钱包是昨天在光天化日之下被人偷走的,不是什么黑暗的巷子里。 /201606/446437Almost 3 in 5 people won’t plan a holiday budget this year don’t fall into this trap. 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US Aircraft Carrier Kitty Hawk Makes Last Port Call小鹰号航母停靠香港象征意义重大  The Kitty Hawk is making its first visit to Hong Kong since Beijing refused to let the U.S. aircraft carrier drop anchor in the city last year. It is the last port call here for America's oldest active warship before it will be decommissioned. 美国小鹰号航空母舰群访问香港,这是自从中国政府去年拒绝让小鹰号停靠香港后,该舰首次停靠香港。这是这艘仍在役的美国最老航空母舰在退役前的最后一次在亚洲港口停靠。Thousands of casually dressed sailors left the U.S. aircraft carrier Kitty Hawk on Monday, y for a few days of rest and recreation in Hong Kong. 美国小鹰号航空母舰战斗群的数以千的名水兵星期一换上便装,离开舰艇,准备在香港休息、几天。The last time the warship tried to enter the city, in November, the crew had to stay on board. Unexpectedly, Beijing refused to allow the Kitty Hawk to stop in Hong Kong, disappointing hundreds of relatives who had flown there to celebrate the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday with crew members. The move caused a diplomatic spat between the ed States and China.  小鹰号航空母舰群上一次来港是在去年11月,但是水兵们却没能上岸。中国政府出人意料地拒绝让小鹰号停靠香港,让等候在香港的几百名亲属非常失望,他们从美国飞到香港准备和水兵欢度美国的节日感恩节。北京的举动引发美国和中国之间的一次外交擦。Rear Admiral Richard Wren said on board the Kitty Hawk on Monday that Beijing never gave a satisfactory explanation for the incident. But he says things are back on track now.  海军少将理查德.雷恩星期一在小鹰号上说,北京方面对以上事件从未提出一个令人满意的解释。不过他说,现在情况已经回到正轨。"It's normal. I would say we are status quo," Admiral Wren said. "And I would think other than that one little hiccup with Kitty Hawk - if you look at the history of the past few years and then if you watch what happens in the next year - you know it's still in planning - I think you kind of go - well, it's just a little blip!" 雷恩少将说:“现在正常了。我认为,我们是保持现状。我认为,这是小鹰号遭遇的一个小插曲,如果你看看过去几年的历史,再观察一下明年计划中的行动,你就会说,这仅仅是一个小插曲。”Other U.S. war ships have aly visited Hong Kong this year, including the carrier the Nimitz and the command ship Blue Ridge. On average, 40 U.S. navy vessels make port call in Hong Kong each year, and the sailors spend millions of dollars in stores, hotels, restaurants and bars.  其他美国战舰今年已经访问香港,包括尼米兹航空母舰战斗群和蓝岭号两栖登陆指挥舰。每年平均有40艘美国军舰访问香港,美国的水手在香港商店、酒店、餐馆和酒吧花费数以百万计美元。The Kitty Hawk is on its normal spring cruise schedule. But Wren says the U.S. navy also is there to closely watch what is going on in the Taiwan Strait - in the crucial time before the inauguration of Taiwan's newly elected President Ma Ying-jeou on May 20.  小鹰号航母战斗群正在进行例行春季巡洋行动。不过雷恩说,目前正值台湾新的总统当选人马英九5月20号宣誓就职前的关键时期,美国海军还要在那里紧密观察台湾海峡的动向。Hong Kong is expected to be the last port call in Asia for the 47-year-old Kitty Hawk, America's oldest active warship. At the end of May, the ed States' last conventionally powered aircraft carrier will be replaced by the George Washington, a nuclear-powered carrier. Like the Kitty Hawk, its home base will be Yokosuka in Japan, the home of the ed States' Seventh Fleet. 小鹰号航母战斗群役年头长达47年,是美国仍在役的最老的战舰。预计香港是她在亚洲最后停靠的一个港口。美国的这一常规动力航母将在5月底退役,取代她的是核动力乔治.华盛顿号航母战斗。跟小鹰号一样,乔治.华盛顿号将驻扎在美国第七舰队的基地日本横须贺港。Wren says it is the first time that a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier will be deployed in Japan. 雷恩少将说,这将是核动力航母战斗群首次部署在日本。"We are determined to continue to support stability in this region so by bringing forward the most significant asset, the best asset that we can bring today and that's USS George Washington," he said. 他说:“我们决心继续持该地区的稳定,因此我们把今天我们所拥有的最有战斗力的战舰部署在这里,那就是乔治.华盛顿航空母舰战斗群。”The decision to base the George Washington in Japan raised some opposition among the Japanese public. The country, which is the only nation to have experienced a nuclear attack, when the U.S. dropped atomic bombs on it to end World War II, has a policy of opposing the use of nuclear weapons.The Kitty Hawk will be brought back to the ed States later this year where it will be deactivated. 小鹰号航母战斗群将于今年晚些时候回到美国, 在那里退役。200804/36951

Denise, could you gather everyone round in the meeting room please.丹尼斯,你能把大家叫到会议室吗,谢谢。Ill have to call you back Marge.我一会儿再打给你,玛吉。Could you all gather in the meeting room please, Paul has something important to say.大家请到会议室集合,保罗有重要的事要和大家说。What is it Denise? Is it about my fantastic sales figures again, huh?什么事啊,丹尼斯?是不是要表彰我出色的销售业绩?I doubt it Tom. It sounded urgent. Id better bring some tea.我表示怀疑,汤姆。听起来是件很紧急的事。我最好带杯茶进去。Thank you for joining me. Unfortunately, there has been an incident in the warehouse.谢谢大家过来。很不幸的是,我们的库房发生了一件小事故。Someone has been smoking and Im not happy, so I thought I would remind you of our health and safety procedures.有人在库房吸烟,我很不高兴,所以我想叫大家一起来再回顾一下我们的健康安全条例。Not this again!又来了!Your safety is our responsibility. But to keep safe we must follow some simple rules.大家的安全是我们的责任。但是要保安全,我们必须要遵守一些简单的规则。Denise, whats the first one?丹尼斯,第一条是什么?If you see a fire, raise the alarm – oh and call the fire service.如果发生火灾,要拉警报,噢,然后报警。Yeah, you love seeing those firemen, dont you, Denise!是啊,你很喜欢看到那些消防员,不是吗,丹尼斯!Tom. Maybe you could tell us the other rule?汤姆,你来说其他规定吧?Oh yeah right. If you hear the fire alarm, get out quick.好的。如果听到火警,要赶快离开。Not exactly Tom. No. I think we should walk calmly to our nearest fire exit, following the green signs, go outside and meet at the fire assembly point.不太准确,汤姆。我想应该保持冷静,然后走到最近的安全出口,跟着绿色标记到外面去,然后到火灾集合点集合。Yes, and I will take a register of who is here, using my red pen.是的,然后我会用我的红笔记下都有哪些人到了。 /201702/491070

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