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郴州切包皮过长郴州哪个医院治疗男科更好Business Corporate crime Give a little whistle商业 公司犯罪 揭发The SEC offers a huge carrot to encourage whistle-blowers美国券交易委员会高额悬赏鼓励举报人;TOO many people remain silent in the face of fraud,; says Mary Schapiro, the chairman of Americas Securities amp; Exchange Commission (SEC). On May 25th she announced new rules to encourage corporate whistle-blowing. Inducements will include cash: 10-30% of fines of over m that result from tip-offs. The US Chamber of Commerce, a business lobby, calls it a ;bounty programme; that will reward ;amateur sleuths in search of a big payday;. It is threatening legal action to block it.;太多人在面对欺诈行为时选择了沉默。;美国券交易委员会(SEC)主席Mary Schapiro感叹道。5月25日,她公布了鼓励举报公司犯罪的新规定。举报的奖励将会包含现金:如果举报产生了100万美元以上的罚款,那么举报人可获得罚款金额的10-30%。企业游说组织美国商会将其称作;赏金计划;,奖励那些盼着一夜暴富的业余侦探。其威胁性会导致有人采取法律行动来阻止这一计划。The new rules were required by the Dodd-Frank act, Congresss response to the financial crisis, which was passed last year. They follow an earlier effort to encourage employees to speak up. After Enron, an energy firm, collapsed in a flurry of fraud, Congress passed the Sarbanes-Oxley act in 2002 which, among other things, protected whistle-blowers from retaliation.国会为应对金融危机在去年通过了多德佛兰克金融改革法案(Dodd-Frank act),这些新规定是应该法案的要求制定的。同时也延续了早就开始的鼓励公司员工站出来举报的做法。在能源公司安然(Enron)在连串的欺诈案件中轰然倒下之后,国会采取的善后措施中就包括通过了萨班-奥克利法案(Sarbanes-Oxley act)保护举报人免遭报复。Employees have never found it easy to squeal on employers. Perhaps the most celebrated of corporate whistle-blowers, Sherron Watkins, a former executive at Enron, never went public with her prediction that the company might be brought down by fraud. She reported her concerns internally, and was ignored.员工举报老板从来就不是件容易事。最著名的举报人,安然公司前高官Sherron Watkins,可能从没有将她对于公司会因诈骗倒闭的预测公布于众。她只是在公司内部提出了她的担忧,但是没有人理睬。When the SEC released draft rules in November, businesses fretted that the financial rewards would prompt insiders to go straight to the commission, bypassing their firms internal procedures—especially since that would reduce the risk of being victimised by the boss or branded a ;disgruntled employee;. The new rules try to correct this, for example by allowing a reward to be paid in some circumstances to whistle-blowers who only grumble internally.当券交易委员会在去年11月公布规定的草案时,公司担心金钱奖励会促使内部知情人越过内部程序直接向委员会举报,因为这样会降低被老板陷害或者被贴上;不满员工;标签的风险。新出台的规定试图改变这一状况,比如规定在一些情况下可以奖励只在内部举报没有外传的员工。The chance of making a fortune may encourage speculative whistle-blowing in the hope of winning the lottery. Ms Schapiros new Office of the Whistleblower may be deluged with useless tips. But even that might be better than the status quo.靠举报发财的机会也许会刺激一心想发财的投机式举报。Schapiro女士的新举报官可能会被无效的线索淹没。但是即使是这样也好过现状。 /201301/223705郴州市人民医院割包皮 As anyone whos had a toddler knows, theyre incredibly demanding creatures. Armed with an insatiable desire to eat and/or destroy just about everything in their path, these walking embodiments of unchecked ego can be a handful. Especially when they have colds. Theres nothing quite as trying as a toddler with a head cold, stuffed up nose, and ever present rivers of mucus flowing from each nostril.家里有刚学会走路的小孩子都知道他们需求量很大。贪求无厌地要吃东西或是破坏面前的任何物品,这些不受管束的“小东西”非常难控制。特别的当他们感冒的时候。当蹒跚走路的小孩患上伤风,鼻子不通,两个鼻孔就像河流一样流出粘液。Because most toddlers cant blow their own noses, the constant wiping and suctioning can be a chore. But runny noses serve a useful purpose. When we catch a cold, the virus stimulates membranes in the nose to produce clear mucus. When mucus streams out the nostrils or is propelled by a forceful blow, it carries germs from the nose and sinuses. When the bodys immune system starts to fight the cold virus, it turns the mucus white or yellow, which is the bodys way of letting you know its been infected.因为大多数小孩都不能自己擤鼻涕,不断地擦拭和吸入可是件苦差事。但是流鼻涕也是有益处的。当我们感冒的时候,鼻子里的病毒刺激细胞膜产生清水。粘液流出鼻孔或是通过外力流出的同时会带出鼻子和鼻窦里的病菌。身体的免疫系统与感冒病毒抗击时,粘液呈黄色或白色,这就是你被病毒感染身体表现出的征兆。Unfortunately, theres no quick and easy way to dry up a toddlers runny nose. Although anti-histamines may stop the drainage, they can also clog up the nose and keep the mucus from draining away germs.可惜现在还没有一种简单快速的方法解决小孩流鼻涕。尽管抗组胺能够阻止流鼻水,但也可能阻塞鼻子,细菌粘液便无法排出。A runny nose can become a sign of a more serious infection such as sinusitis, an upper respiratory infection. But nasal discharge can continue for several days and even weeks without necessarily indicating sinusitis. Its best to let a doctor diagnose a respiratory infection rather than self-administer antibiotics on a hunch. Overusing antibiotics can create resistant strains of germs, which then require even stronger and more expensive antibiotics. So in the case of a long-running nose, its best to let each nose run its course.流鼻涕也可能是更严重的感染的迹象,如鼻窦炎,上呼吸道感染。但是,鼻涕持续数天甚至数周,就不一定是鼻窦炎。最好是求医诊断而不要凭预感自己给药抗生素之类的。过度使用抗生素会增强细菌的抵抗力,那样会导致患者需要药性更强,价格更贵的抗生素来医治。因此在长期流鼻涕的情况下,最好不管它。 /201303/229662郴州治疗淋病的方法

郴州做一回包皮手术多少钱Business Ethnic advertising One message, or many?商业 种族广告 要一个还是多个声音?The uses and limitations of ethnic ads种族广告的使用和限制IN THE television series ;Mad Men;, a 1960s adman makes a pitch to a television-maker whose sales are flat.电视剧《广告狂人》,描述了二十世纪六十年代的一个广告制作人向电视制作人推销其对付销售平淡的招数。;Among Negroes sales are actually growing,; he chirps.他很兴奋地提出;黑人的购买额确实在上升。;He proposes making ;integrated; ads that appeal to both black and white consumers.他建议制作;一体化;广告以吸引黑人和白人消费者。His idea bombs. This being the era of segregation, one of his listeners wonders if mixed-race ads are even legal.他的想法遭到狂轰烂炸。那时还处于种族隔离时期,其中一个在场人员甚至怀疑种族混合的广告是否合法。Such days are long gone. Americas minorities will eventually be a majority of the population: by 2045, according to the most recent census.今非昔比。根据最新的人口普查资料显示,至2045年,美国的少数族裔将最终在人数上成为主流大众。Advertisers have noticed.广告商知晓这趋势。Many now favour cross-cultural ads that emphasise what black, Hispanic and Asian-American consumers have in common.如今许多广告商热衷于拍跨文化的广告,强调黑人、西班牙人和亚裔美国人的消费共性。This approach is thought to work well with the young, who often listen to the same music, eat the same food and wear similar clothes regardless of their ethnic background.这一方法非常对年轻一代人的胃口,这些年轻人不管是何种族背景,他们通常听同一首歌,吃同一种食物和穿相似的衣。Ogilvy amp; Mather, a big ad agency, formed OgilvyCulture in 2010 as a unit specialising in cross-cultural marketing.广告业巨头奥美于2010年组建了奥美文化作为一个业务单元专门从事跨文化营销。;The ethnic ad model has not changed since the 1960s,; says Jeffrey Bowman, head of OgilvyCulture.奥美文化的部门主管杰弗瑞?鲍曼说;种族广告模式自从二十世纪六十年代以来一成不变。It was the census data that made Ogilvy change its model.正是人口调查资料让奥美改变了其营销模式。In 2010 Burger King stopped employing ethnic agencies such as LatinWorks, which specialised in the Hispanic market, to address its consumers as a whole rather than taking a segmented approach.2010年快餐连锁品牌汉堡王炒掉了如LatinWorks那些专攻西班牙市场,具有种族色的广告代理商。汉堡王将顾客视为一体而不再采取细分的方式。Yet some admen feel ethnicity remains relevant.但是有些广告人仍感到种族与广告还是有千丝万缕的关系。;Every ten years we go through a rethink of targeted versus one voice,; says McGhee Williams Osse, co-chief executive of Burrell, a Chicago-based agency specialising in the African-American market.专攻非洲裔市场,总部位于芝加哥的Burrell公司的联合行政长官 McGhee Williams Oss说 ;每隔十年,我们会重新考虑反对传播一个声音的广告;She argues that ethnic origin is the key to peoples identity, much more than education, income, religion, sex and sexual orientation.她认为种族血缘是人的身份认同的主要因素,比教育、收入、宗教、性和性取向等更重要。She would say that, of course.她是这样说的,千真万确。Maurice Lévy, the boss of Publicis Groupe, the French ad giant that owns 49% of Burrell, says that ethnic advertising makes sense for advertisers that are very big (and so can afford multiple ad campaigns), or very specialised.法国广告业巨头阳狮集团拥有Burrell49%的股票份额。阳狮的老板马千里说,种族广告对大公司(因能付得起多个广告活动)或专业型公司还是有商业意义的。A maker of cream for black skin, for example, will probably not bother marketing it to Asians.例如,为黑人制造的面霜就没有必要进军亚洲市场了。Nestlé, a huge food firm, aims some ads at Hispanics, Americas largest minority.食品巨擘雀巢公司针对美国最大的少数族裔西班牙裔制作了一些广告。It recruited four Hispanic mothers to blog on a new bilingual website, El Mejor Nido (The Best Nest), offering tips about parenting and healthy eating.它招聘了4名西班牙裔母亲在其新设双语版的 El Mejor Nido (雀巢最佳)网上写客,提供为人父母之道和健康饮食的小贴士。Hispanics are younger than other Americans, have more children and spend more on food, says Juan Motta,负责雀巢西班牙裔广告促销的美国加利福尼亚分部主管胡安?莫塔说,who heads the California-based unit running Nestlés Hispanic campaign in the ed States,西班牙裔人比其他美国人更年轻,育有更多小孩且更舍得在食品上花钱。which promotes both the firms Latin American brands, such as La Lechera and Abuelita, and the rest of its larder.该分部主要负责促销公司的两个拉丁美洲品牌如La Lechera 和Abuelita和其他的食品柜。McDonalds has been a pioneer of ethnic advertising since the 1960s.自从二十世纪六十年代,麦当劳一直是种族广告的先驱者。Minorities represent about 40% of its customers in America.在美国少数民族裔占其消费者总数的40%。Neil Golden, the firms American chief marketing officer, argues that other Americans often follow trends set by ethnic minorities.麦当劳主要负责美国市场首席营销官尼尔?戈登认为其他美国人常跟在少数族裔掀起的潮流后面。So he watches minorities for insights he can use in ads aimed at the general market.故他深入地了解少数族裔就可将其特色用于针对整个市场的广告中。In 2010 McDonalds learned that African-Americans liked sweeter, weaker caramel mocha, so it started offering such blends everywhere, with great success.2010年麦当劳得知非洲裔美国人喜欢更甜一点,咖啡味更淡一点的焦糖卡。A similar thing happened with its mango and pineapple smoothies, a big hit with Hispanics.故麦当劳开始到处提供这种混合物,结果一跑打响。它的芒果和凤梨冰沙也如法炮制,在西班牙裔人中大受欢迎。McDonalds featured the drinks in restaurants nationwide and they quickly overtook strawberry banana, the traditional favourite.麦当劳将此类饮品推广至遍布全国的门店,结果一夜之间便取代了传统畅销品草莓香蕉饮料。David Burgos, co-author of a book on marketing to the ;new majority;, says that in spite of the increasing importance of minority consumers, advertisers still put ethnic ads into a separate budget—which tends to be cut first when the economy goes sour.David Burgos和别人合写了一本针对;新生大众;营销的书。该书上说尽管少数族裔消费者的重要性日益俱增,广告商仍将种族广告单独预算——一旦经济不景气,首先便拿这块预算开刀。Only 7% of marketing dollars are spent on targeted ethnic campaigns, although nearly half of Americans belong to ethnic minorities.尽管少数族裔占了将近一半的美国人口,但只有7%的营销费用花在针对种族的广告活动上。He thinks ad-agency staff need to be more diverse.他认为广告机构应招聘各种族的工作人员以使营销更多样化。Getting the right ethnic perspective is tricky.在广告中从不同种族角度看问题这是非常高难度的工作。Hispanics are a varied lot.同为西班牙人却迥然不同。An ad that delights Cuban-Americans may irritate migrants from Venezuela.能让古巴裔美国人捧腹大笑的广告可能会让委内瑞拉移民暴跳如雷。Asians are hardly monolithic, either.亚洲人也很是众口难调。Even the wittiest Korean catchphrases will provoke only bafflement in Chinatown.即便是韩国的警言妙句也可能令唐人街的中国人迷惑不解。Saul Gitlin of Kang amp; Lee, an agency specialising in selling to Asian-Americans, argues that recent Chinese and Korean immigrants are best reached with communications in their mother tongue.专门针对亚洲裔美国人的广告公司Kang amp; Lee的Saul Gitlin认为和新一代的中国和韩国的移民用其母语沟通能收到最好的效果。They are generally ignored by advertisers, however, with the exception of financial firms.但是除了金融公司做到这一点外,广告商一般都置若罔闻。This is a mistake, he reckons: the median household income of Asian-Americans is some ,000 higher than that of non-Hispanic whites.广告商的做法大错特错,他推测:亚洲裔美国人的家庭收入中值比非西班牙裔白人还高10,000美元。Many modern Mad Men think digital media will allow them to know their audiences better, and feed them more precisely-tailored messages.许多现代的广告狂人认为数字媒体能让他们更加了解受众,从而更易提供量身定制的信息来满足他们的需求。This can be costly (see Schumpeter).这要付出很高的代价(请看熊彼得文)。But many consumers seem to like it.但是许多消费者看来很喜欢这样。When Latinas disagree with something the four mommy bloggers at El Mejor Nido have written, they can go to the El Mejor Nido Facebook page, and let loose.如果拉丁裔美国人不喜欢在 El Mejor Nido网站上4位母亲所写的客观点,他们可以移步至El Mejor Nido脸谱网,可在此畅所欲言。 /201211/210954郴州那家医院治疗必尿外科好 If you found yourself instantly transported to the freezing arctic, your first concern would be keeping warm. But what about the animals that make their homes on these vast fields of ice and snow? Do polar bears need to worry about freezing to death?如果你发现自己突然置身于天寒地冻的北极,你首先考虑的事情是保暖。但是在这片白茫茫的冰天雪地上兴建家园的动物们会怎么办呢?北极熊会担心被冻死吗?Actually, a polar bears biggest problem is keeping cool, not keeping warm. Thanks to its thick coat of fur, its tough hide, and a four inch layer of blubber, a polar bear is extremely well insulated. Indeed, if a resting polar bear is photographed with infra-red film—a kind of film which can measure the amount of heat escaping from a body–the polar bear wont even show up at all. That doesnt mean polar bears are as cold as the surrounding ice; their normal body temperature is about the same as ours.It simply means that polar bears retain their body heat very well. In fact, a polar bear can rest in a pit of icy snow, at temperatures as low as minus thirty-four degrees Fahrenheit, without needing to burn any extra fat for warmth!实际上,北极熊面对的最大问题不是保暖,而是保持冷静。在厚厚的毛发,坚硬的熊皮和厚约四英寸的脂肪层的保护下,北极熊能够极好地防止热量流失。事实上,如果用红外感热胶片(一种可以测量从体内流失的热量的胶片)拍摄一只休息中的北极熊,可能根本看不到它的存在。这并不说明北极熊像周围的冰雪一样冰冷,它们的正常体温跟人类一样。这只能说明北极熊可以很好地保存身体里的热量。北极熊可以躺在温度低到零下34度的雪坑里休息,而且不需要燃烧额外的脂肪来取暖。While this insulation is great for keeping warm, it can lead to some serious overheating. As a result, polar bears dont like to run after their prey. Chasing a seal at only four and a half miles an hour, a polar bears temperature climbs to a feverish hundred degrees. It may have to lie on its back with its feet in the air to cool down. Polar bears prefer to hunt by waiting near a hole in the ice, and letting dinner come to them. Its the best way to conserve energy, and keep cool, in the Arctic north.虽然与外界绝缘能保持体温,但也会导致体温严重升高。因此北极熊不喜欢追逐猎物。北极熊在追逐一只时速4.5英里的猎海豹时,身体会变得炙热,体温升高到100度。它不得不四脚朝天仰躺着使身体冷却下来。北极熊更喜欢守株待兔,它们在冰窟附近等着猎物上钩。在北极,这就是即能保持体力又能冷静下来的最佳方法。 原文译文属!201207/192939郴州市医院梅毒怎么治疗

郴州东方医院割包皮In theory, shaving ought to be simple: the razor cuts the hair. 理论上说,刮胡子应该很简单:剃须刀切断胡须。In practice, its not just a matter of razors and hair, theres also shaving cream to consider—foamy stuff that you smear around your hairs before shaving.实际上,这并不只关系到剃刀和胡须,也要考虑能产生泡沫的剃须膏,在刮胡子之前把它涂抹在胡须周围。How come? Is shaving cream really necessary and, if so, how does it work?为甚么?剃须膏真的有必要吗?如果有,它是如何作用的?While theres a wide variety of shaving foams available, some with perfumes or other chemicals for your skin,尽管市面上有琳琅满目的剃须膏可供选择,一些带有香水,一些带有护理肌肤的其它化学成分,theres one thing that they all have in common: Theyre all wet, and this wetness is the key to their function.但是这些剃须膏有一个相同点——湿润,这正是它们发挥功效的关键。Wet hair is much easier for a razor to cut than dry hair is, because water makes the proteins in your hair soften and expand.刮湿润的胡须通常要比刮干燥的胡须容易,因为湿度使胡须内的蛋白质软化扩张。While its possible to shave with a completely dry razor, you probably dont want to try it--its both painful and inefficient.虽然也可以用干燥的剃须刀刮胡子,但你可能不会去试,因为这样既疼痛又效率不高。The best way to use shaving cream is to apply it, then wait a couple minutes before shaving.使用剃须膏最好的方式就是将其敷在胡须上,等两分钟再刮。This is because, while wet hair is good for shaving, completely saturated hair is even better.这是因为除掉湿润的胡须很容易,那么除掉湿透的胡须则更容易了。It takes about two minutes for the hairs to soak all the way through.只需两分钟,水分就可以完全浸透胡须。This is a good reason to use shaving cream, instead of just wetting your face with water. The foaminess of the cream helps hold the water in place long enough to soak in.剃须膏产生的泡沫会长时锁住水分,使其浸透胡须。这就是为甚么要用剃须膏,而不是直接用水打湿胡须的原因。For an electric razor, of course, you shouldnt use shaving cream. Electric razors shear your hairs off, snipping them like tiny scissors.当然用电动剃须刀剃须的话,就不应该再用剃须膏了。电动剃须刀像小剪刀似的将胡须剪掉切碎。This works best on brittle hair thats pointing straight out, which is why electric shaving lotions contain alcohol to dry the hairs and make them stand straight. 它适用于脆性易断,直立向外生长的胡须,这就是为什么电动剃须香液里含有酒精——酒精使胡须干燥,并直立起来。201206/186705 Motional Induction电磁感应Last time, we talked about ;motional induction,; a phenomenon by which the ocean generates a magnetic field.上次,我们提到过动生电磁感应:海洋产生磁场的一种现象。It works like this: earth has its own magnetic field. The ocean has plenty of charged atoms in it, in the form of dissolved salt. These atoms are in motion because the ocean flows.地球有自己的磁场,海洋有无数溶解盐形式的带电原子,随着海洋运动而运动。Charged atoms moving through a magnetic field will induce an electric current. And an electric current will, in turn, create another magnetic field. The ocean should generate its own magnetic field.在磁场中运动的带电原子会引起电流,而电流反过来又回形成另一个磁场。这样海洋应该就形成了自己的磁场。You said should. How could we know this ;motional induction; is happening?你说“应该”,我们怎么知道这种动生电磁感应确有其事?Direct evidence came in 2003 from scientists working at the University of Washington and a research institute in Potsdam, Germany. These researchers used a magnetometer on board an orbiting satellite.直到2003年,华盛顿大学和德国波兹坦的某研究学院研究人员将磁力计放在轨道卫星上,实海洋的磁场真是存在。First, they figured out what the magnetic field of the planet should be. After subtracting this figure, they found there was still some leftover magnetic field.最初,磁力计上的数据让科学家以为是地球磁场作用的。而后,他们发现除去这个因素后,仍然有磁场存在。Next, the team made a computer model of what kind of magnetic field the ocean should generate through motional induction. Sure enough, their prediction matched the excess magnetic field measured by the satellite.研究人员又电脑模拟在动生电磁感应让海洋产生哪种磁场,当然,科学家的推论和卫星上测出的“另一个”磁场吻合。The satellite also found that magneticintensity over the oceans peaked every twelve and a half hours, but not over the land. Can you guess why?卫星还发现,海洋磁场每隔12个半小时就会出现高峰,但是地球磁场不受影响。你能猜到原因吗?Every twelve hours... Oh,I get it—tides!每隔12个半小时?我知道了!是潮汐。Exactly right! The tides rise and fall every twelve and half hours, just as that extra magnetic energy swells and diminishes. This is very strong evidence that motional induction is real... and the ocean has its own magnetism.完全正确!潮汐每隔12个半小时潮起潮落,正好和“另一个”磁场高低峰吻合。这正是磁场感应存在的真凭实据,海洋确实有自己独特的磁力。 /201210/202824郴州汝城县治疗性功能障碍哪家医院最好郴州市第一人民医院北院割包皮



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